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  1. Saw this post and was like... "WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?" I was hoping they would bring it over to the PS4 cause they made a decent amount of money off of it.
  2. I saw a mint condition copy at a gamestop and bought it. But hesitant to pop it in cause I'm trying to go for a 100% on this account. Was wondering how hard this game is to platinum for a noob like me? How big of a noob am I? I couldn't do any of the Batman Arkham Asylum Combat Challenges. I had to ask a friend to do those for me..
  3. Had mine since late 2007. So it's around 12 years old.
  4. I LOVED this game on the PS3 till I completed all the singleplayer trophies and started on the MP trophies and found out almost all of the MP trophies are glitched.. You had to complete all the stages in 1 go... without losing on any stage or you have to start all over again... And also if anyone's connection would freeze everyone else.. Then they turned off the servers for the PS3 version.. And the X360 was still running and it was easier to obtain a 100%... Yeah, will be holding off on this till I found out how the online is.. With the amount of time I spent on trying to get the MP trophies.. I Platinumed Battlefied Bad Company TWICE on 2 different accounts.. That's how bad the MP was for that damn game..
  5. I have 2 ps3's but going to borrow 2 from friends so total of 4. Will be trying to get all mp trophies. but a noob at this game, so need an experienced booster. Add me anaheim_ducks
  6. You still boosting this game?