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  1. I would get the series X. I have old Xbox games that they can't or won't renew the license for.
  2. So I looked up the list and map location on Google and found out some don't match or are for the mobile version... Does anybody have the map locations for MW Vita?
  3. As long as they don't add new mp trophies to TLOU 2 and still keep the plan to make it a stand alone game will be awsome.
  4. You should drop all sports games if you're going for trophies.
  5. Wow... I wish all fighting game trophy lists were like this. But with a Platinum. It's like they don't want you to think about trophies at all while playing this game. They just want you to play other people and try to build up your skill level or just have fun.
  6. For some reason UK players have a better time connecting to the NFS servers. Can anyone in the U.S. confirm this? I've been trying to connect to Undercover and it doesn't connect at all.
  7. NFS Shift servers are working now. Anyone know if NFS MW servers are also working?
  8. If you have the money to burn then yes. Good luck on memory cards.. I bought my 64GB memory card for $70 brand new on eBay 2 years ago. I wanted to buy another one this year... Yeah.. the prices have gone up so high.. I'm just deleting and installing games. Will buy another one when they announce they're permanently shutting down the vita servers.
  9. You're lucky then. I reside in Southern California, U.S. Find Match "Connecting to EA Nation.." Clicked Accept Goes back to the Menu screen.
  10. I would be cautious.. online activity was dead before the announcement. And right now the servers are down.
  11. I still can't connect to the servers..
  12. Wait, so are the servers up?
  13. This is the only one I know. But they do show you if you aced it or not.
  14. It's basically Playstation's version of Second Life the game.
  15. Irony is.. A lot of the people who earned it used that exploit where you quit before you get ranked and just try again. So either way, that trophy will be unfair no matter what.