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  1. Is it still working and I want to know if people still boost this before I turn on my 2nd PS3 and upload the trophy list.
  2. Battlefield: Bad Company Platinum 0.76% This doesn't require much skill, but patience and dedication. The trophy list was ridiculous... 10,002 kills and the tedious online awards.. as an example the 5 kills in 2 seconds or something like that.. I got that legit only once when the game just came out and there was a lot of people. Now the only way is to boost it. Edit: I got the Platinum for this game on 3 different accounts. That's when I knew I needed to get a life lol. Playing video games is ok but when you do B:BC 3 times.. yeah.. *enter Michael Jordan gif of him saying Stop it, get some help*
  3. Not for the PS4, but for the PS5 Bayonetta Want to play this on the PS3 but lags like hell... So I stopped playing it.. Lollipop Chainsaw It was an eh game, but it was funny and just mindless fun. And the costumes you can buy... PlayStation Home To us die hard fans of PH.. We want this back.. But with realistic features. This would be a big hit if it the avatars looked like yourself.
  4. Mod nation racers can go to hell. Damn rubberband AI...
  5. I'm getting frustrated with this damn trophy.. Anyone have a YouTube video where they go into detail? I've tried going straight along the middle, but the building keeps falling on me..
  6. Are you supposed to only one of the three challenges? Or are you supposed to do all 3 for each chapter? Score Challenge Timed Challenge Medal Challenge
  7. Just follow a YouTube guide. Don't restart the game, you're just missing something.
  8. Will be playing my PS3 until they either stop supporting online or they shut down all game servers. THEY NEED TO STOP MAKING ONLINE TROPHIES UNLESS THEYRE WILLING TO HAVE AN ACTIVE SERVER ON FOREVER..
  9. All on-line trophies. If you're not going to keep the servers on-line forever then just dont.. People have lives and dont have enough time to grind for on-line trophies. Others get a PS3 or a PS4 a lil late and cant play games cause you cant 100% them. I got a vita for the first time last year and certain games cant be 100%.
  10. Wanted to know people's opinions on what they do when getting a new game. Do you prioritize the on-line trophies first? Do you go for on-line trophies right away and when finished enjoy the singleplayer. Or Do you do the on-line trophies first and then after you just put it back on your shelf. Or Do you go for the on-line trophies and once you are done, you sell the game on Ebay/Craigslist/Amazon etc.. (So the resale value is still good and buy the game later when it's dirt cheap to finish the campaign and the rest of the trophies) then you buy a new game and do the same thing all over again?
  11. Lol wish you posted this when I got my PS Vita last year. Actually had to learn this puzzle. But used the take a picture of a numerical board.
  12. On this account, nothing. Cause I took precautions and made sure whatever I added to my trophy list has easy-medium difficulty for on-line trophies. So I dont worry about not being able to 100% the game. On my former primary account. ●The Last of Us (I finally had free time and put it on my list thinking that they wouldn't shut down the servers. Cause it hasn't even hit the 10 year mark. After I did... A week later they announced they were going to shut them down.. And I wasnt skillful enough to complete all the on-line trophies.. ●Uncharted 2 ●Uncharted 3 ●Lost Planet 2** (It'll be fun he said.. Yeah, right.. I got even more pissed at the fact that the leaderboards got hacked..) ●Killzone 2 ●Killzone 3 ●Fat Princess ●Street Fighter 4 ●White Knight Chronicles (ARE THE DEVELOPERS NUTS?) ●NHL 10 ●Ghostbusters ●Portal 2 (Love the game, but didnt finish the on-line trophies cause there was on-line) (STOP F***ING ADDING ON-LINE TROPHIES IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO SUPPORT THEM IN THE FUTURE AND MAKE IT NOT AVAILABLE TO LATE STARTERS... OH AND ANOTHER THING.. STOP DOING ON-LINE LEADERBOARD TROPHIES... AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT...)
  13. That's the good thing about trophies. It helps kill time by keeping you busy.
  14. Will be using this in the future when I can play this on a PS5. Hopefully.
  15. If I hear fap fap fap when I'm playing and I see someone's character not moving.. I'm leaving that damn game.