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  1. But mine was detailed lol Eh, anyways I'm done with this thread. Going back to play Mercernary.
  2. Kinue Hayase — 'Masamune-kun's Revenge' (Age: 42) Biscuit Krueger - 'Hunter X Hunter' (Age: 57) Kanata Izumi — Lucky Star (Age: NA, but the character is married and has a child) Tsukuyomi Komoe- A Certain Magical Index (Age: NA, but her character is a teacher) Hagu - Honey and Clover (Age: 18) To me this game is just ANIME LOGIC! Its based in an academy and not a high school (For some reason on Wikipedia it says high school, but Gal Guns main site and other sources list it as an academy), nor do they list the age or year of birth of the characters, only what year they are in. Theyre either 1st year, 2nd year or 3rd year. So we're supposed to assume they're all of legal age and are just in an academy and the definition of academy is a high school or college in which special subjects or skills are taught. So we're supposed to assume its a college academy, but they left it vague for people to use their imaginations. I would say censor the game if they were specific and said if it was a senior high school/senior high school academy (which the age is 14/15 - 18yrs old) or if they listed the ages of the characters and they were underage. Cause if they're censoring the game based on the characters looks.. then yeah.. lol
  3. So I'm guessing you would have a problem with dead or alive too right?
  4. Did you even watch the movie? Or you did and just only remember that part and didn't understand the movie? And I'm a big Natalie portman fan and the first movie I saw her in was The Professional in 1998 on VHS when I was 11 years old cause a friends parents had a video rental store. And i became a bigger fan cause of Star Wars Phantom Menace and Where the Heart is. And my comment was towards censorship in general. Not just for Gal Gun, which I should have been more clear about, but I did post my opinions on a similar thread. When I was a kid I got a Genesis instead of the SNES cause they censored my favorite game during that time which was Mortal Kombat. I am an adult, don't tell me what I can or can't play.. If I find it offensive, then I won't buy it. But don't take away my right to choose.. And the only games I have that have any sexual undertone is Dead or Alive 5 Plus (Vita), Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 (Switch) , Lollipop Chainsaw and Bayonetta.
  5. Sigh.. Whats the point of having an ESRB anymore.. All I know is Nintendo is getting my money.
  6. Yeah, I know. I'm just saying for people who were going to buy it, but took too long or was waiting for a sale, but it never came and it got delisted. Do you know if they had DLC content and if yes, was that also delisted?
  7. This is why I will never want to go digital.
  8. Really... I can understand if its cause you have a few games where the servers went offline and you can never 100% it. I would say stay on your current account and complete the games one by one. And your first Platinum. I would understand if it was Hannah Montana or My Name is Mayo 1 or 2. But its not..
  9. You can't buy it by itself...
  10. Goddamn is that how it is now? I remember when I was boosting long time ago, we would all try to get into an empty server. Whoever entered a blank server would notify everybody and we would all join, 5 vs 5. Do the 5 kills in 2 seconds patch and then everyone picks an enemy teammate and do the mine kill boost. One person lays down a land mine and the other person kills the guy who dropped the land mine. Then kills himself by shooting the land mine. Do this over and over and if there's a random.. Everyone just leaves and 1 designated person stays in the server till the random gives up.
  11. This is what i saw on my friends trophy list
  12. Lol those die hard Bad Company fans also probably think we are mentally ill basement dwellers who are tainting the game by trophy hunting instead of playing. What makes me laugh is that EA still can't figure out why Bad Company and Bad Company 2 have so many die hard fans. I still play it from time to time, but I lost my touch.. When I was decent at the game I got like 33-35 kills 10-12 deaths per match. Now playing against the die hards and not many players online... its like 5 kils 17 deaths.
  13. Checking out my friends trophy list and noticed Batman Arkham Origins is a shared trophy list with the Vita...?
  14. Checking out my friends trophy list and noticed Batman Arkham Origins is a shared trophy list with the Vita...?