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  1. I really hope this is patched in the next update I’ve gone back and done a few differently got it to 12/16 and dunno what else to do I’m not going to do all 16 again no way.
  2. If you have good gear and a partner who can hold their own its really easy hell i killed almost every enemy myself even on mastery 3 is the survival ending part for every mission while my friend just sat in the shade with the bomb and made sure to get me if downed.
  3. So i died from an explosion trying to clear a base now i'm stuck in a loop of spawning and dying istantly people say the fix is to have a co-op partner so they can revive you if anyone can help so i don't have to start the whole game again thanks to this amazing bug i'd appreciate it should only take a minute also wanted to post this as a warning to other's if this happens to them.
  4. i swear these auto pops will be the death of me half the first set of legends trophies didnt pop for me not even the complete one story mission let alone all missions and get everyone to level 20 when all my classes are at least 21 any tips on how to fix this stupid shit i dont mind re doing the PVP trophies that takes like an hour but no clue how to unlock get everyone to 20 when im pass it.
  5. yeah my ps4 verson trophys have gone from 100% to under so i assume i should get all the new trophies on the pS4 version then install the PS5 version for auto pop is what it looked like to me
  6. Anyone got a estimate for DLC completion time?
  7. Not touching this DLC till the guide is out to get it done as fast as possible it looks and sounds awful.
  8. The game looks like shit and runs even worse I couldn’t even finish the first mission it’s crashed twice already on my PS4 pro for some reason I tired turning the ps4 resolution down to 1080p and it worked I think only had time to run around for 5 minutes before I had to stop anyway I have never had a issue like this ever this is something I feel like a pc would do not a console what a joke.
  9. Hello friends started working on the plat for this and as stated by others list seem real simple and can be done with no guide having said that has anyone got any information on the bonus salvage containers? things like how many on a mission location tips were they normally can be found and so on only trophy I feel needs a little info unless I’ve missed something in game like a tracker.
  10. I’ll take another look today and also get my eyes checked thanks guys! 😁
  11. I’m interested in picking this up after I finish with saints row but all I’ve seen on here is how many bugs can ruin a play through are these problems fixed yet? I don’t really wanna get close to the end and have a save vanish like others.
  12. Hello friends I remember in the PS3 version there was a perk you could buy that showed collectables on the phone map am I blind or was it removed in the remaster? I can’t seem to find it I have level 40 respect and and on the PS3 version I believe you only needed 20.