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  1. Yeah, too bad we can't get any XP from it. I think there's only one giant snake, though
  2. If it's the sniper trophy you're missing, then using any sniper weapon and killing an enemy will be good enough to get the trophy to pop out
  3. You can actually get her stuck to the very right part of the cliff/rocks just before you walk on the bridge (from the entrance). Once you get her first life, you can then do a deathblow from the branch for the second life and then the good ol' fireworks + 3 hits for the third
  4. No worries, you'll def get past it. You can try deflecting its attack from when it charges straight at you. Fills up a good bit of its posture, and you can sneak in a hit or two during that time if you've got good distance. I remember using fireworks on it which caused it to charge and hit the wall and ended up posture breaking it lol (during the last half of its 2nd life)
  5. If you need tips on collectibles or a companion in grinding for em, let me know!
  6. I loved the umbrella for Sword Saint Isshin last two lives! Arguably the easier endgame boss in terms of cheese. Isshin in Shura might need a bit more skill and wit to kill 😅
  7. Same. Not sure what else was patched since 1.04. Good thing I don't need to really face her now
  8. Yeah, it seems to be the next best thing to do once you've gotten tried of waiting for new content as well as repeating the missions and strongholds over and over
  9. Went against her in version 1.04 and it doesn't seem like you can get her stuck in the area past the bridge anymore as she spawns samurai ghosts and those tiny undead villagers which keeps you from getting near her. Haven't tried luring her to the water mill idol though
  10. The common Ashina soldiers are about 430+. The giants are probably over 1000 and that ninja on the right cliffside in Mibu Village should give about 1800 exp in NG++
  11. A lifesaver! Just got mine too 🎉
  12. Does this mean grinding to a total of say, 10 skill points and then backing up the save, get other skill points and then reload the backup til you get all needed skills for the trophy? I don't get the part for putting all points in STR with the mask though. Tia
  13. Thanks for the comments guys! I was able to continue with this bit in the storyline. Turns out I just left the game alone for a day, and the Divine Child had great news for more harvest when I visited her again 😆
  14. I'm in the middle of doing the Purification ending (about to fight Owl at Hirata) and I thought to try and get the frozen dragon tears for the Return while I'm at it. So when I come to visit the Divine Child for more rice, she says it's not available to be harvested now. Tried resting and traveling to another idol and still the same. Also tried giving her the holy chapter infested to see what would happen and still none. Questions: would defeating Owl fix the rice drought and have I fudged up the Return ending by giving the holy chapter infested earlier than I should? Tia
  15. Tried a fix I saw in the FB group about making a new EA account using another PSN but unfortunately that didn't work too since the trophies pop up on the dummy PSN even if I already reverted back to my main one and played the game there