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  1. You mentioned "the compass". If you press L2 a mini-map will pop-up instead of the compass. Doesn't fix the marker thing you talked about, but for me this was a big improvement, since the compass is awful. (Maybe you already knew, but I discovered only in chapter 14 :D)
  2. I'd rate it a 4. Did pull-ups and 7-star simulator both on my second attempt. In hard mode, most of bosses required 1-2 attempts. Got the limit special accessory only in chapter 17. Hardest thing was staying motivated. Damn, this was a very boring plat.
  3. Thanks, I just did chapter 14 with all sidequests and it worked (didn't want to do all sidequests again on hard mode, better to use hard mode to get the dress that does not require any sidequest). It took 1h30min, what a waste of time for a boring trophy (at least I got a third Prayer materia).
  4. I did all quests in my first playthrough, but I missed the letter. I have read that I need to redo all of them even with chapter select or the letter won't show up. Can anyone confirm this? Considering I will have to redo chapter 9 and 14 for all dresses + all chapters on hard, what would be the fastest way to get this trophy (minimize number of chapter replays)? Thanks!
  5. Depends on which difficulty you play. At critical, I am finding Yozora much much harder than MF, and there is no cheesy way to beat it. At least it is a fair boss, unlike MF who could kill you no matter what depending on how he was chaining attacks.
  6. Hi all, I also need someone to get multiplayer trophies. I started a session here but I see that the boosting session is usually quite empty...
  7. FYI, you have to S-rank them again.
  8. Nice, thanks! I saw a screenshot of a fight with Data Vanitas and I was immediately "ffs not again"
  9. I apologise if this has already been asked. How long to fully beat the DLC? All trophies and whatnot, at critical difficulty (and with characters at lv 99). Is there an additional difficulty? And how hard are the superbosses compared to the (infamous) BBS ones? Thanks!
  10. AFAIK, the difficulty for VR missions is fixed to Hard for Easy / Normal / Hard, and to Rev for Very Hard / Rev (so basically you play on Easy, but VR mission difficulty will be Hard). My question is: if I S-rank it on Easy, will the rank be saved for my Normal and Hard playthrough? Or will I have to S-rank them again? Thanks!
  11. Hi all, I recently complete this run and wanted to share it here. It was quite fun and a bit challenging (I failed my first attempt when I played kinda blindly). Hope this will help someone! (The description has a mini-guide, the top comment has a more detailed guide with timestamps.)
  12. Thanks, reading here and there I had the same feeling and decided to skip it. First game without 100% trophies but whatever, don't want to waste days on it.
  13. How long would it take to get all the trophies for the DLC? And if I follow this method, will I have then the Comrades standalone game within my games (so will have to get all trophies also there?) Sorry if this was already asked / answered.
  14. It was a thing until when I played it. Since then, there have been a couple of updates, so maybe this was fixed (but I don't think so). Yes, it's very cheesy, especially with V. With Nero the homing rocket is very weak, would take ages to kill enemies. And I think you can't do the meteor+camera with Dante, because you have to use the lock button to summon it, so the camera will lock the enemy.
  15. Alright, thanks for the info!