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  1. Just to confirm what others said. Completely logging out worked fine. I was able to play online even if the secondary account doesn't have PS+ (main account, which was signed off, has). Thanks again!
  2. Oh, I see! I have read about adaptive difficulty, but never really paid attention to it. (Doesn't make much sense especially when there are so many difficulty you can choose from, imho. But whatever :D)
  3. I am not sure I fully understand your question. Did you practice Standard to prepare yourself for Inferno? It makes no sense, because there are too many differences. Main are: - Enemies, item, and typewriter placement is different. You get more Lickers, Hunters, Pale Heads, and Parasites. - The main entrance to the donut place in the first area is locked and you need to use the stairs. - Brad does not drop the police card. - Everything is faster (zombies, Nemesis, rolling head). If you want to practice for Inferno, play on Nightmare. Enemies, items, etc... on Nightmare and Inferno are the same. Tbh, to me Standard felt like Assisted, because there are very few challenging enemies (for example, only 2 Lickers). Inferno is... something else. You should watch to some No Bonus / No Damage / S-Rank non YT to get an idea of what you have to do to get S-Rank without bonus item (no damage comes "naturally" because you most likely die in one hit :D).
  4. I was switching user, so my main was still logged in. I tried disconnecting and it seems to work. What I did first was: - Hold home button, go to "power" and then switch user. - Launch PES from my secondary account. - Close game. - Switch user again (back to main). - Synch trophies. - PES appears as 0% on main. Now instead of switching user I disconnected my main before launching PES, and PES does not appear in my trophy list. However, I cannot find any player for online matches, which makes me think if I can play online at all if my main (with PS+) is disconnected. I tried with my main, and I was able to find an opponent. I'll try again tomorrow. Thanks anyway, because at least PES does not appear on my main anymore!
  5. One more thing. I bought the game (PES 2020) with my main account (this one). Never started it. Then I created a second account and logged in my PS4. I started PES with my second account. However, PES now appears on my main account, both here on psnprofiles and profile. Is it normal? Is it because it's installed on my PS4? Or did I have to buy it with the second account? Luckily it's still 0% so I removed it, but I want to be sure that when I play with my second account no trophy pops for my main. Thanks again.
  6. Same, even though this thread reports that devs said that they'll stick to the story. Given Part 1, and that one of them (don't remember who) said he would have changed much more (even already back in the original game) ... my expectations are quite low.
  7. This. Subquests are boring as hell, and gameplay becomes repetitive very quickly. Hard mode was such a chore for me to complete, not because it is actually hard but because it adds basically nothing except few fights (which could just have been added as post-game content). No real sidequests and too much filler ruined this game for me (like the part with robot arms with Aerith). But hey, they had to stretch it out to make a "full" game out of a portion of the original... And it's a pity, because I really like how characters were "ported" to the new gen, their expressions, their dialogues... I am more or less fine with story changes as well, but I have a terrible feeling that the story is going shit just like KH.
  8. Great, thanks a lot.
  9. I want to play some games online with friends, but I don't want to unlock any trophy, because these would be games I am not going to plat and I want all plat games on my profile (yes, that's a bit of OCD). What's the best way to handle this? Can I "disable trophies"? Should I make a second account? What if some games require PS+? Would I be able to still play them even with the second account? Thanks, I am very new to playing online
  10. You mentioned "the compass". If you press L2 a mini-map will pop-up instead of the compass. Doesn't fix the marker thing you talked about, but for me this was a big improvement, since the compass is awful. (Maybe you already knew, but I discovered only in chapter 14 :D)
  11. I'd rate it a 4. Did pull-ups and 7-star simulator both on my second attempt. In hard mode, most of bosses required 1-2 attempts. Got the limit special accessory only in chapter 17. Hardest thing was staying motivated. Damn, this was a very boring plat.
  12. Thanks, I just did chapter 14 with all sidequests and it worked (didn't want to do all sidequests again on hard mode, better to use hard mode to get the dress that does not require any sidequest). It took 1h30min, what a waste of time for a boring trophy (at least I got a third Prayer materia).
  13. I did all quests in my first playthrough, but I missed the letter. I have read that I need to redo all of them even with chapter select or the letter won't show up. Can anyone confirm this? Considering I will have to redo chapter 9 and 14 for all dresses + all chapters on hard, what would be the fastest way to get this trophy (minimize number of chapter replays)? Thanks!
  14. Depends on which difficulty you play. At critical, I am finding Yozora much much harder than MF, and there is no cheesy way to beat it. At least it is a fair boss, unlike MF who could kill you no matter what depending on how he was chaining attacks.
  15. Hi all, I also need someone to get multiplayer trophies. I started a session here but I see that the boosting session is usually quite empty...