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  1. Right, I have seen also the other topic and the questions are indeed related. Yeah, but I didn't want to spoil too much reading guides or other answers. I may look on Gamefaqs when I'll think I am close to the ending.
  2. I have read that there are 4 trophies, one for each ending. Do I need 4 playthroughs? What does it happen after the ending? Is the game reloaded to before a "point of no return"? Or can I make save backups before the point of no return and then load them?
  3. Yep, killed both by dodging already. So basically I am facing the opponent (1v1), he leaps over me, the camera goes into the ground below me pointing at the ceiling to try to track him, then it loses him and I am left without lock and a terrible point of view. For the second point yes, I will try not to lock against groups, but I don't really like it. The best thing would be to have 2 different buttons for changing target and moving the camera, so I can keep focus on one opponent and still be aware of the surrounding enemies, but it is not possible (maybe on PC with a keyboard).
  4. Is it just me, or is the camera lock-on system pretty bad? * This was my major problem against the butterfly: when she was flying over me camera suddenly focused above me, then lock-on was lost and I had to manually search for her, * Against group of enemies if I lock I cannot move the camera a bit to look if other enemies are nearby because the lock will switch to the next enemy, * In small places could be awful: I currently am against the shadow dude with one arm and, again, when he jumps over the camera is a mess. Anybody feeling the same? (Btw, this is my first soulslike game, not sure if camera was even worse before)
  5. Since enemies respawn, I have the feeling that farming exp will be extremely easy, so losing exp would not be a problem. And for money you can always buy / sell item, I am pretty sure this won't be a problem as well. Like OP, I also feel that it is quite useless, beside being an indicator of how good / bad you perform. It will raise automatically just by not dying (at least mine is slowly going up after dropping at the beginning).
  6. Yes, you'd need 4583. I actually find less stressful gathering points with EX taunt than having to be extremely careful not to get hit. I remember once I died at Urizen because I didn't see the blue beam spamming from the ground, once the knight got me when I thought I was out of his reach, and once I accidentally grabbed a baphomet on the floor instead on air and got exposed during the buster I decided that the no-hit bonus was too stressful for me lol I used a lot Punch Line to keep one enemy "busy" (especially the baphomets), but sometimes also Ragtime. I think they are the best for HaH (and Gerbera for M3 boss to "dash"). I always found the lizards more dangerous and unpredictable than the behemot With full DT and some max-act you can obliterate it in the second pit, even at DMD, and its attacks are very predictable.
  7. Better play 4 first (also 3 would be best, but only 4 is ok). The game provides a recap of the past events, but you would probably not fully appreciate the game otherwise.
  8. Same, I never wanted to break any breaker because I thought it was a waste. How foolish I was lol Yes, just find a good spot where enemies are not on screen and will take long to reach you, so you have enough time to dance.
  9. I also ignored it for a while, then I saw a guy using it and I was like "oh wow" DT DB is still inferior to fully loaded Buster. IIRC (I also won't be home for a while) against an Empusa in the Void numbers were * 225 DB * 4-500 Buster * DT DB don't recall, but was still low * 4-5000 fully loaded Buster (!!!) * DT fully loaded Buster was the same I found this video and a fully loaded Buster deals an insane 9225. It is probably the second strongest move after Faust meteor.
  10. Yes, Buster is much stronger. Try it in the Void, a fully loaded Buster breaker (which will break afterwards) deals A LOT of damage. And even basic Buster breaker deals more than Devil Bringer.
  11. No video, sorry, but I did it with EX taunts. The video below shows the key idea of getting a lot of points with it. For M8 I did. * Use it on the first mandatory fight (2 berserk + 1 fury). It may be a bit hard to do a full EX taunt, but doesn't really matter. For the fury, just spam Ragtime ( * Use it again on the second mandatory fight (2 floating goats + 1 knight). Here it's really easy to do a full taunt if you move yourself to the left of the area. Goats will never attack you, because when they get close to you they will run away (lol). The knight never went close to me. * Then do the optional fight where the second collapsing floor is (behemot + empusa). Use the first phase of the fight (when the floor is collapsing) to build up style points and DT. You should reach at least SS style. When you fall down do a normal taunt while enemies spawn: Nero should put the hoodie on and you'll get SSS style. Destroy the behemot with DT. Clear the area. You should be all the time in SSS (SS at most) and get TONS of style points. * Againt, EX taunt on the third and final mandatory fight (3 goats + 1 jumping monster with mask). You may not be able to do a full EX taunt (because of the masked monster), but it's still ok. I followed this strategy on HaH and got 6200 points (so I was allowed to die twice and still get S).
  12. Without considering people with a lot of time / very skilled, 2 weeks is probably the average time a player needs to plat it. So it's normal that many plat it within the same time interval. This, or people found out how to cheat lol (Btw, it is lame to ask someone to get the platinum for you).
  13. Not sure if this is the right thread to ask, if not I apologize. I noticed that the % of achievers for the platinum on my PS4 (0.1%) does not match the one on PSNProfiles (1.26%). I would say it is because of syncing issues, but the difference seems quite large. I guess this happens with many games, but since I am new to trophies and this website, can someone explain me why?
  14. Not sure if you do "quit mission", but if you close the game ("close application") you will still get all bonuses.