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  1. Thanks, reading here and there I had the same feeling and decided to skip it. First game without 100% trophies but whatever, don't want to waste days on it.
  2. How long would it take to get all the trophies for the DLC? And if I follow this method, will I have then the Comrades standalone game within my games (so will have to get all trophies also there?) Sorry if this was already asked / answered.
  3. It was a thing until when I played it. Since then, there have been a couple of updates, so maybe this was fixed (but I don't think so). Yes, it's very cheesy, especially with V. With Nero the homing rocket is very weak, would take ages to kill enemies. And I think you can't do the meteor+camera with Dante, because you have to use the lock button to summon it, so the camera will lock the enemy.
  4. Alright, thanks for the info!
  5. I am about to start the game and I read that there are collectibles. If I collect some during my 1st run, will they carry over for my 2nd run (same scenario)?
  6. Using super chars: * V: whatever, just spam Nightmare and power-up Griffon and Shadow. You can also use camera manipulation so that enemies won't attack you, but it doesn't really matter. * Dante: spam stinger in DT, for the first 60 lv enemies are weak and die soon. Then you can also spam SDT. * Nero: you have infinite EX charges, so attacks are powered-up. Keep enemies in the air and use the R1+back+forward+attack, it's really powerful. Punch Line can help keeping enemies at bay, but you can also use Buster for more damage or Ragtime. You can also quit the BP at any time (after you clear a level), exit the game and backup the save. If you die, you can restore it, so you don't have to start over. It doesn't work only for the last 4 lv, where you fight 4 bosses in a row without rest. It just takes time, it's not hard at all. Regarding enemies: * For Furies you can literally spam whatever attack you want and you'll eventually hit them. With Dante SDT it's no trouble at all, same for V, while for Nero (if you don't have Ragtime) just spam regular attacks and you'll stop them (use camera manipulation to have only 1 at the time attacking you). * For Urizen do as I wrote above. Don't jump over Nightmare, because if you get hit you'll lose DT and have to wait for it to be restored. (For the same reason, don't use V's crane attack which uses DT). * For Nero vs Vergil use Punch Line when he is in the air after an attack. You will stun-lock him in the air and can juggle him for a loooong time (use also the gun). It's a very easy strategy (for Dante and V, again, spam SDT and Nightmare).
  7. I did the same and went for NG++. I think it's the best option if you are fast reaching endgame in NG++.
  8. 1. I put a few notes in the description (I am the player :D) to make it faster. It can be easily done in 140 seconds (my best is 135, and another used said he did it in 130). 2. I am also curious about that strategy and will probably try it out even though I already maxed everything, just for curiosity Also, in NG++ the gunners on the bridge (fighting against the red samurais) give a considerable amount of exp (441 each I think), while in NG only 21. This is weird and is not the +40/50% you mentioned, I am not sure why their scaling is different. Anyway, this makes the method even more efficient (at least in NG++, probably also in NG+ but I didn't reach that point in my NG+). Btw, 5 hours for a speedrun seem way too much. 3 hours should suffice even dying a couple of times at bosses (skipping all enemies and mini-bosses).
  9. Wow that's a lot of dedication I also wanted to fit a curve to predict how many exp I would have needed, but I just went for blind grinding lol Anyway, I did a speedrun on NG+ to Shura then I went for NG++ and farmed there (I needed Shura for the trophy anyway, and this way I also had the scroll given by Isshin for the Shura ending, which is not required for any trophy but still cool). I also kinda did a speedrun for NG++ (killed all bosses and did all things for all ending, but I didn't kill any optional mini-boss). Reading how much time people spent farming on NG+, I think it was a good decision. However, if you already are in NG+ past Shura (so "good ending" endgame) maybe it's not worth to do a NG++. Btw: * For the first farming method, it's better if you do a full run as in It gives more exp/hour (in the description it says how to improve it). * Alternatively there is the antichamber you mentioned (super simple) * Rr the "long antichamer" described here But read the comments because as in the video the run is not very efficient. It is very efficient (maybe as much or more the outskirts method) if you didn't kill the chained ogre.
  10. Use camera manipulation. Go in a corner and have the camera frame only you and not any enemy, then start the EX taunt (to boost rank and also build DT, I believe it is faster than reading the book) and spam attacks with Griffon and Shadow. Works for everything except for bosses, but if you get enough skill points (thanks to the EX taunt) you will be able to afford 2 deaths.
  11. No run is good in NG. Even in NG+ you'll need several hours (some people spent days). If you are confident in killing bosses, do a speedrun in NG++ to save time. The grinding is strong for this achievement.
  12. Oh yeah, that ninja with that AWFUL camera. (It's in Ashina Reservoir btw, in the same well you were trapped at the beginning of the game). You can use the same strategy I suggested for Lady Butterfly based on dodging. The fan is great, I would say the best tool for me. You can find in the fort in the Sunken Valley, where you are supposed to go there later in the game. This is out you get it (you'll have to defeat a mini-boss, but it's one of the easiest in the game). Anyway, also the Ashina Elite is optional, it is possible to reach the rooftops without going through his chamber. Good luck!
  13. They drop beads it you didn't kill them in NG, otherwise they drop money. Similarly, if you have already collected them, instead of gourd seeds you'll find Jizo statues.
  14. Yes, don't give up! The Lady Butterfly you can dodge -> 1 attack -> dodge -> 1 attack -> ... It's a cheesy way but should work. Otherwise do it later, when you will be able to bring her posture down normally. The purple ninja is not mandatory. Is it the one in the secret passage next to the river? (I think it's the only one you can fight at that time) You can skip it and just enter the building. For the Ashina Elite you must learn perfect parries, since you take damage with normal ones. Do you have the fan prosthetic arm? It's great for that fight, since you won't take any damage if you parry with it.
  15. Guardian Ape and Sword Saint. Ape was the first big boss you fight and was a very nice change from humans (with the exception of the bull), and at the headless part was like "wtf!". At first I was dying quite often but I wasn't getting pissed, still enjoyed the fight. Sword Saint has a great setting, it's long and you basically have to use everything you learned during the game.