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  1. I have completed 5 solo challenges after sending them to my alternate account and I had my main keep the higher score than my alt so it counts as a win, but so far no trophy has shown up. I am going to continue to do these challenges until I get this trophy or unless someone knows a solution.
  2. Well, I hate to be the person who has to inform of this, but the Driveclub DLC has been removed from the US PSN store as of November 1st. I missed out on all the Bikes DLC as well as the two car DLC packs that go under the Bikes list.
  3. Dang, so you're telling me my quest to 100% every PS Hits game is over before it could really even begin? That stinks. Oh well. I will still pick up the game eventually because you never know, but I hope this feature comes back by the time I can have my own copy of the game.
  4. I also am currently downloading the free trial of this game. The size is a good 50 GB and I am really looking forward to trying it out. I love Mortal Kombat and am really looking forward to getting the platinum to this game, but I would hate to be flagged because my trophies get auto popped from playing this trial. Only time will tell though.
  5. You are right about the server closure date, but when I checked the online trophies, the person is still listed as the most recent player. Maybe the recent achievers lists refresh at a certain hour? Time for me to sign! Lol there is little to no chance of this ever happening, though it would be nice if it did. That would be one less game in my list of "unobtainable" platinum trophies that I could finish. I am trying so hard to break my habit of procrastinating with online trophies, because it clearly has screwed me over a bunch of times. Maybe if there was a way to get the Better Business Bureau involved since they claimed this would only be temporary if I remember correctly.
  6. I have seen that someone has earned the platinum for Absolution recently, which means they have also earned the online trophies. The problem is, all of their online trophies were earned on the 1st of September 2019. The online servers were closed over a year ago. I even tried logging in to contracts myself as of now and am only getting a message saying the servers are not available. Has a workaround been discovered? or is this game now susceptible to mods? I am not really the person to start accusing people before gathering enough facts, so does anyone else have an idea?
  7. The games had amazing stories, and I enjoyed UC2 multiplayer, but UC3 was a nightmare. Maybe it was just the treasures that ruined it for me lol
  8. I know I am late to updating this post I guess since I believe everyone knows that an update has came out that fixed Gorod Krovi, but I am just confirming for any future viewers here that it now works. I just completed the main quest solo for the second time and have earned my trophy for doing so with no difficulties whatsoever. I am extremely happy and relieved it is fixed and now will finish my journey to getting the 100% by obtaining the Personal Decorator trophy good luck to anyone who sees this in the future and is about to attempt the quest.
  9. I have seen this earlier and was going to make my own post about it. I am so excited! I was able to do this solo and having it crash on me was such a let-down. I really hope that with this new update it does not break anything else, whether it be campaign, multiplayer, or zombies related. This is really my favorite CoD period and one of my favorite video games period with so much time invested in it and being able to get it 100% will not only be one of my most satisfying accomplishments, but also probably one of my rarest platinum trophies when I obtain it. Oh, and the extra space when I delete it off my system will also be great, as I have so many unfinished games that are not even downloaded because I had to make space for others lol
  10. This might be a random question but if you buy Bikes standalone is it it's own separate application on the home screen that says Driveclub Bikes? Or do you still access it through the Driveclub application on home screen? Just curious because you can buy either Bikes as standalone or as expansion and I am sure there is nothing different content-wise, but it was something I was wondering.
  11. It mainly stems from WW2 being a disappointment to me when I bought it and went back to Black Ops 3, and then with Black Ops 4 they took everything I personally loved about the game and just threw it out the window. Only reason I play it is because my best friend loves it, which that is fine but once I get 100% for it I will definitely be forgetting about that game lol I also personally think Black Ops 3 is one of the best in the series (other than supply drops but at least it is nowhere near as terrible as BO4 IMO) but that is a topic for another time lol
  12. I refuse to touch it. If it is anything like Black Ops 4 (which I believe it will), then I will never touch a new Call of Duty ever again. Sucks to say but it is true. I really did love Black Ops 3, Ghosts and Modern Warfare 2.
  13. All I can think of is it is what it is. I would like some way to have the game on my list again because a lot of trophies in that game I did earn legit and I was 13 when I got hacked because I did not know the random (who my best friend swears that it was TheRelaxingEnd) was hacking on zombies. We were just trying to do the TranZit easter egg for the trophy and were trying to find randoms to help us do it. I also at the time did not know that you could delete your profile to prevent hacked trophies from popping up when you sync your account so I was screwed and had to sync my trophies. The even more frustrating thing is I got Big Leagues legit back in 2014. I do feel there should be some type of system where you can re-lock single trophies on your account once to remedy this. I also believe that while multiplayer trophies are not fun and enjoyable in any aspect that in the end it is a trophy that people can earn legitimate and hacking trophies because they are no longer obtainable by legitimate ways pretty much voids all effort that someone put into the trophy and even the platinum and 100% itself. Was getting Big Leagues hard? Absolutely not. I think I spent more time getting the Platinum to My Name Is Mayo than I did putting time and effort into Big Leagues. But just because it is or was an easy trophy to earn does NOT make it ok to hack or have someone hack you just because you missed the opportunity to get the trophy. I would even say the same for NBA 2K17. Just because the trophy is bugged to where no one EVER can earn it because the developers that made the game failed to create a 100% working game because all they care about is how much money you spent on microtransactions does not mean you should try to go out of your way to fix a problem using your own solution. You are not the creator of the game. It is the same with taking the law into your own hands. Even if you do take the law into your own hands, you were never given authority to do so, so now you are considered a criminal as well. Likewise, if you are not a developer at Treyarch studios who can fix this for everyone, and you hack a trophy just to complete your list and satisfy yourself, then have the satisfaction of doing so. You are still going to be considered a cheater and life will move on. Playing games online whether it be Call of Duty, GTA, 2K, or whatever you like playing online just is not fun anymore for me anyways so I will be trying to cut down on how many online games I will be playing in the future so that way I will no longer have to deal with hackers like in Black Ops 2 or servers closing like Hitman Absolution and Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe.
  14. I was literally typing this when you replied lmao you beat me to it
  15. Opinions on this game along with the previous games that have reached this milestone and future games to do it? My personal opinion is the campaign was a great finale to the story and the multiplayer was insanely more enjoyable than MW2 (or MWTube as I have heard others call it lol) however the Spec Ops did not live up to MW2's Spec Ops missions for me. Not that they were bad, just MW2 was better in that aspect. All in all I think this was a solid entry in the Call of Duty series and would rather take another MW3 than the gambling simulator that is Black Ops 4.