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  1. Currently watching Code Geass even tho I have had the ending spoiled for me... 😭
  2. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I HAD A WHOLE CART FULL OF ITEMS I WAS GONNA BUY FOR LIKE $150 Side note: I'd still buy everything you'd want soon, the store closures are, after all, inevitable.
  3. Hate to sorta necropost, but does the online still work? I would like to snatch this up before store closure but the 2 online trophies (that I know of) have not been earned since Sept. 2020. I would say it is because of less and less people playing it for trophies are on it, but it has been half a year since anyone has earned the 2 trophies. Does anyone have the info?
  4. Really?? Why was that???
  5. As someone who has achieved the platinum to Fortnite and 100% to Battlefield Hardline, how would you guys think I would find getting the platinum to this game? I'm reading people saying it is long and horribly boring, but I am no stranger to sinking 1,000 hours into one game (Fortnite) and performing very monotonous repetition (Battlefield Hardline). I'm interested in going for it as I've never played a Far Cry game and I think it would be nice to achieve what I believe is one of the most infamous platinum trophies out there.
  6. I'd say keep the guide rating, because I personally believe they know what they're talking about (most of the time). However, we should also have an open poll where you can vote the difficulty from 1 to 10. In the end, neither are reliable as your skill could be much better/worse than the guide writers, while polls can be skewed by people who think My Name is Mayo is 10/10 because they broke their finger while playing it along with others who think Fall Guys is a 1/10 because team modes, Hex-a-Gone trials and glitches helped them obtain Infallible.
  7. I fully expect this game to have a difficult platinum. Bring on the challenge! ...if not, then hey! Easy platinum!! I've always wanted to play Ghosts 'N Goblins ever since I played Marvel VS Capcom 3.
  8. Oh... yeah, after reading a lot of that in that forum it is safe to say this game is unfortunately not for me 😂I'm not scared of tough games but man that is a lot! Since both games are made by the same company, I'd throw them in the same category. Mad respect for being so high on the trophy leaderboard for PS3 Zen Pinball 2!! You'll get that 100% eventually 😎
  9. I am planning on buying this and all DLC before the store closure, but due to an insanely low completion percentage, I am hesitant. Does anyone have experience, or knowledge they can pass down?
  10. Slowly taking features away I see...
  11. Ahh ok, so how many hours would you say exactly? About 500? 700? 1,000? and how long does each match take?
  12. Is it grindy? Hard? Terrible? Unobtainable? I doubt the last one, but I figured there would be more people who would not only have the platinum, but actually own the game, as this is a licensed Lord of the Rings game. I want to pick this up now, seems kinda interesting...
  13. So I just loaded up Jetpack Joyride, and once I opened the stash I got the "Purchase Successful" message along with my 250K and my 2X multiplier!!!!! I feel so relieved that I received this, and I feel very fortunate. However, I would still recommend buying these microtransactions for this version of the game at your own risk as it has a high chance of taking your money out of your wallet while not giving you what you paid for.
  14. Nice! I would like to get one myself, but only because it would be extra space for my PS4 games. I have such an endlessly expanding backlog and it would be nice to download new PS4 games I start on the PS5 instead of deleting a game I haven't made any progress on in awhile. ATM I have 3 Call of Duty games, along with Hitman 1 & 2 with ALL their DLC installed on my Black Ops 3 PS4 (1TB) and it is basically full 😂 tho I am excited to play games like Miles Morales, Demon's Souls, Astro's Playroom, Sackboy, along with other games that are also on the system currently.
  15. The in-game store. This version was delisted along with the DLC on the PS3 store. I assume this is the reason why what happened to me happened. Yeah ik the packs in the PSN store only go to the updated version, which is why I went into the in-game store for the packs on the OG version. You would think that if the OG version does not have microtransactions anymore then the in-game store wouldn't allow itself to stay up and running as if everything is available. It is unfortunate for me but oh well. Thankfully I do not care to stack this game anymore as it pains my eyes playing this game for more than an hour lol