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  1. Normally I don't pre-order games because it just isn't a preference, but I pre-ordered the physical Nintendo Switch versions of Shantae and Shantae: Risky's Revenge on the Limited Run Games website. I never played it when it originally came out, and the first game isn't on PS4 while the second through fifth games are, and I like playing games in order. So I decided I'm gonna try and get all 5 games on the Switch before I play them on PS4. It honestly looks fun, and it's something me and my mom can play together since she is the one with the Switch.
  2. The only Tekken character I could see making it would be Heihachi. It makes perfect sense since they duked it out in the Tekken 7 story mode. It could also be Kazuya for the same reason, but less so. Still, I'd rather it be a Street Fighter character over a guest character, even though I love Tekken more
  3. I hope that last spot is either Elena or Crimson Viper 😭 Dudley wouldn't be a bad option either
  4. YOOO this is amazing!!! Queen Nai is already my main character, so doing this should be easy. Time for me to round up 3 others to do this then...
  5. Honestly it will be whether or not you enjoy the game enough to continue playing it for the platinum. I almost always get matched against better players and it becomes frustrating when you constantly lose, and especially on a game mode like Breach where matches can take 20 minutes and is already favored towards one team.
  6. I've recently finished the anime, and now I plan on reading the Bleach manga! I ordered all 3 box sets, but only the 3rd one has came in. I can't wait to read it... 😎
  7. So, I have created myself a method to tackling my backlog and increasing my completion rate. It goes like this... Say I have 2,000 unearned trophies and 110 games played. I have a lot of games I've bought over the last year that I have not even started on, with the biggest one being Catherine: Full Body mainly because I bought the hearts desire premium edition. I can't wait to start it, but I also don't want to add more unearned trophies to my backlog. So what I would do is keep my unearned trophy number under 2,000, and if I want to start a new game, I will have to earn enough trophies to where when I start that new game, my unearned trophy count will not go past 2,000. Catherine: Full Body has 56 trophies in it, so I would earn trophies in other games until I hit 1,944 and then I would start Catherine: Full Body. Sounds like if you only do that, then you would be increasing your games played while not making any progress on your backlog, right? Well, the second part is after I have played ten new games (making my games played count rise to 120 then), I will drop my unearned trophy count to 1,900 and then keep it there. Continue this pattern of maintaining your unearned trophy count and lowering it by 100 every 10 new games you play and eventually you will hit 0!!!!! That is, if you do not have unobtainable trophies on your account like me *sigh* The only flaw I can see in this is if you just give up on trying to maintain your unearned trophy count because you just don't feel like playing your old games. There's also an exploit in the increasing your played games count by just playing super easy stackable games until you hit that 10th game played, but if you do that then you probably won't be able to function on any other game that requires true effort 😂 If anyone has thoughts on what I've said please let me know!! I'm pretty interested in knowing what others think of this. I'm probably not the first person to come up with this idea, but I haven't seen anyone say anything related to what I've said either.
  8. Really the only CoDs that I have seen people autopop trophies are World at War and Black Ops 2. It should still be safe to play Black Ops 1 online.
  9. This literally just happened to me a minute ago. I had the tail the ENITRE round, and it got yanked in the last 2 seconds. I wasn't on a streak though, but I still screamed NOOOOOOOOO pretty loudly 😂
  10. Mortal Kombat 9 Platinum Trophy Honestly I shouldn't even have it. I only got the online trophies the day they announced the server closure. I would have been screwed had it actually gone down that day.
  11. More than 7 but less than 20. My highest streak is 2 wins and I don't think some of my wins registered because I got a disconnection error. I'd hate that to happen on my 5th win in a row...
  12. I feel the best strategy for enjoying this game is to play casually and earn all the trophies (excluding Infallible). Then, when you have done that and have achieved some form of skill at the game along with good knowledge about each game, then you can try for the 5 wins in a row. Honestly the main roadblock for everyone once they hit this stage is the team games, which is already making people give up. I'm not giving up, however, and I will get my Infallible trophy eventually...
  13. I think it's safe to say that Fall Ball is the worst 😭 but team games are not bad!! I think the problem is with the team games is when we lose because we were on a team, it gives us something to blame. All the team games are really truly random, and I feel they take as much skill and luck to do as the others
  14. Hopefully I can catch up finishing UFC 2 and UFC 3 within the next few months! I have stalled on UFC 2 for so long now. It's time I get it done.
  15. I just lost 2 to 10 on Fall Ball, and it was such a painful feeling...