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  1. Easiest way to grind Brave Battle is spend the orbs you get from quests, logins, events or straight up buying orbs. you only get 1 free battle every 2 hours and can only hold up to 5 free tickets so getting 250 wins without using orbs will take an extremely long time, at least compared to using the orbs.
  2. The 3D era of Mortal Kombat games, especially Deception and Shaolin Monks. I would play the absolute HELL out of Deception if it was released, as my 16 year old PS2 copy of the game finally died from the scratches it had got over the years. Would also like to see all the older Fallout and Elder Scrolls games on PSN (especially Morrowind) and the first Diablo
  3. It all depends on how many Ultra Rares I have. The more I have than you, the less cool yours looks. The more you have than me, the more cool yours looks. Better keep up 😀
  4. Trap Assassin is fun so far, you throw up 7 lightning sentries, run away from your problems and let the sentries do the killing. Got Lightning Sentry and Death Sentry maxed out and at level 55 I one to two shot enemies on Act 3 Nightmare difficulty. I will have to play more characters tho, especially Paladin since he is the one I hear the best things about.
  5. I spent 50 minutes a few days ago trying to beat Duriel with my Assassin. I got him below 25% health just from entering the room, landing maybe 1 hit and dying, but then when I returned for like the idk how many times, his health bar reset to full!! At this point I am trying to over level myself as best I can and put all points into health. Maybe the shadow clone ability will help too. But seriously, FUCK this boss fight. In all my time playing Diablo 3, I never would have thought I would get so frustrated and angry over Diablo 2. It is definitely harder than D3, which does not bother me, but at least D3 never had this terrible of a level design. Maybe Belial's boss fight? But with his area AT LEAST YOU CAN FUCKING DODGE EVERYTHING HE DOES! Once I get around to playing the Paladin, he is definitely who I will be using for my Hardcore playthrough. I hope when D4 comes around they nerf Duriel into the FUCKING GROUND. lol I do see now why he is the lord of pain LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  6. This. I almost never backup my saves (and honestly I shouldn't have to, because I expect games to be not be broken upon release), but when the chapter 7 trophy glitched on me (as well as Perfect Harmony before I earned it after restarting the game), not only have I stopped playing this game, but I now make sure all my games have their data backed up through the online storage on the off-chance something like this happens again. What pisses me off even more is how common this version of the game's platinum is. (At the time of me writing this) it sits at 24.16% on PSNProfiles, 5.2% on PSN, is the most earned PS3 platinum trophy on PSNProfiles, AND is in the top 10 most earned platinum trophies of all time on this same website. How did more people not experience this???? What are the chances????? How does this glitch occur, or is it completely random?????? Maybe if I was personally invested in the series I would have no problem replaying up to that point, but I'm just not into the series really, so here's to Assassin's Creed 2 remaining on my backlog until the eventual closure of the PS3 online connection 🍻
  7. I found the best way to farm souls in the newest patch is to use the tree glitch at the Firelink Shrine to get to the roof early to grab the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring and farm the two Silver Knights in Anor Londo. Its also a bonus that they drop Proof of a Concord Kept for the covenant. Once you learn to counter both Knight's movesets, you will go through levels quickly.
  8. I'm conflicted. I am excited (A 4TH STACK LET'S GOOOOOOO), but I doubt they're fixing any of the remaining bugs that carried over into Special Edition. It would be really great if they did though, that would certainly make it worth the purchase. Oh well. its already worth it to me since I would love nothing more than yet another Skyrim platinum on my profile. I sure did recently buy a VR headset along with Skyrim VR. Time to get prepared!! WHERE THE FUCK IS MY REMASTER OF FALLOUT NEW VEGAS?????????
  9. Yes, they are important. Something that is an optional hobby that gives one enjoyment like gaming should not limit its difficulty to appease everyone. Some games need to be insanely hard, while others need to be extremely easy. If one finds a game too hard, then they should go find something else that has a more preferable difficulty. People should not be complaining about games being too hard or too easy. If you do not like the difficulty of the game you are playing, then adjust the difficulty if you can or stop playing. You can still experience the story and the lore of Dark Souls and what it is about by watching a playthrough of it on YouTube and enjoy what the developers have to offer. Every form of entertainment has a wide variety of options within it. When it comes to music, If you find radio music to be too generic or ear-friendly, then turn on Death Grips for a more musically complex listen. Likewise, if Death Grips is too abrasive, sounds like a bunch of nonsense and overall is just pain to the ear, then play Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and have a much safer listen. TL;DR/moral of the story: we each like different things. Find what you really enjoy and do it. Like to enjoy getting ultra rare platinum trophies? Go for it. The trophies are too hard? Forget them, and play something else.
  10. Interesting... My guy downloaded the Silent Killer DLC to unlock the LAW, but when he used it himself it did not grant him the trophy. There has to be something more to these 2 trophies as they are very similarly glitched.
  11. Was this person able to get the trophy eventually? If so, how was he able to do it? This problem is happening with someone I know, and not only this trophy, but also the Air Ace trophy as well.
  12. Good to know! Just started today and am looking forward to getting it all complete. I will use this info to obtain my 100% 😎
  13. As stated above, what HAS to be done in Public Match, and what can be done in Private Match?
  14. Definitely gotta get that My Name Is Mayo 2 and Mr. Massagy platinum. Your list will forever look incomplete without them 😎
  15. That is crazy. I never knew or cared about the game yet seeing them do this makes me panic for other EA games I have on my list. Time to REALLY get to stepping with the older ones. Seriously, fuck EA. ...Electronic Assholes