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  1. I feel like clearly the answer is no, but the problem lies with old games that have online trophies that are unobtainable because of gone servers. Especially if it is a game that is really popular to have on your profile or it being a nice platinum. It is why you hear of people using CFW on Vita to platinum Super Meat Boy. It is a highly coveted platinum. Other than valuing legitimacy and pride in surpassing a tremendously difficult game, why wouldn't you do that? 😂 Now if someone late syncs some game like inFamous 2 and the dates say they did it a few months ago, it is believable, so he should be okay. However, a game like Black Ops 2 which has been the topic of controversy for ages because of Big Leagues, should definitely be questioned if they got the platinum in 2012 and late sync in 2020. It is just so highly unlikely. However, if you are really hellbent on taking the person off the leaderboard because you think of illegitimacy, then look at their profile. Cheaters can be successful in getting away, but like all other humans, they are subject to human error, and will mess up eventually. It really depends on the situation.
  2. I have seen two different physical copy cases for the Royal Edition. If both are bought new with the season pass code intact would they both still have Comrades? Or is there one that I should buy over the other because one excludes Comrades? Edit: Turns out the two covers I have seen are actually reversible. I'm surprised no one ever made a reply stating this. I should have just went to Google first lol problem solved.
  3. This trophy is actually surprisingly easy, even if you do not have the required gear. A friend and I recently did all the quests, and there was a strategy we used for the 3 highest rarity quests. For the 1st two, we played them like we normally would. When we got to the last 3, we would try to look for cliffs and spikes on the wall to push the opponent off of or into to get an easy instant kill, even if they had the buff which allows them to respawn unless executed. This is because I believe being pushed off a cliff or into spikes counts as an execution. If we ended up going into a fight where there was no spikes or cliff, along with the enemies having too good of a buff (regain health from landing attacks was impossible to counter at so low a level), we would simply restart the quest as it would be impossible for us to progress. It does take a little chance to happen, but patience really is the best thing to have when doing this. Using this push technique, we got through all the quests. My gear was only around the 20's rank. The character I used was Shugoki as I am pretty ok with him in multiplayer and the heavy cancel into grab move he has regenerates some health when successfully landed, but it would be best to use whoever you are best with.
  4. Never!!! Unless trophy sync stops working. Then I'll have no choice 😭 would be nice to see all games be backwards compatible, even those obscure games only few know about.
  5. Lmao I made sure I powerhoused through Festival of Blood for the UGC after seeing this thread. I need to hop back on infamous 2 to mop up the story mode trophies since I've really only done the UGC for 2. I can't wait to get me a copy of the first game and First Light because having 100% in the game series would be really satisfying 😎
  6. After looking that up, I actually found out you're right!! The PS3 version was cancelled due to development issues, but i found an article that said they released a PS3 version in Europe and Australia a few months after the original release. I've seen copies of the PS3 version before on the internet, but that explains why it is so insanely hard to find. Now I wish I kept my 360 all them years ago!!!
  7. I have missing timestamps so I don't know exactly, but I am approximating Call of Duty: Black Ops took me 7-8 years from 2012 to 2020 to get the 100%. It was mainly because I couldn't be bothered with buying the DLC all at once. I eventually said screw it and did it anyway, but it took all this time to do so. As for a game I do have timestamps for, it would be Uncharted 2 at 5 years, 10 months. I had too many games to play at the time (still got a massive backlog that will never be done) and the fact that I didn't want to waste money on DLC for a multiplayer that was dead and gonna be impossible to get those medal trophies legit. Then they made the DLC free when they announced the server shutdown alongside Uncharted 3. In the end, Uncharted 3 will have the longer completion time, and that is if I get around to it.
  8. THIS. LOOKS. FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously tho, I need them to put Big Willy Unleashed on PS4, but seems highly unlikely since it was only made for the Wii.
  9. You are absolutely right with both sentences. However, I can't help but feel as if games created in the past were not made under such conditions that you hear of today from companies like Naughty Dog or Treyarch. Maybe it is because now video games are much more grand and ambitious. Granted, most of these games end up being pretty great, but at the cost of a lot of people's health. I feel a line must be drawn somewhere between having quality games the size of the standard games we see today, and giving the developers the proper time to create the games without destroying their mental health.
  10. I think my eyes fell out trying to read all this lmao
  11. Lol my real life friends sometimes shame me for the lengths I go to with trophy hunting. What I find funny is that they also try using trophies as a way to get me to play a certain game with them. For example my real life friends have recently gotten into For Honor, and are telling me that the trophy list doesn't seem too hard and that I should give it a shot. If you see me playing For Honor sometime soon, now you will know why 😂 honestly there should be a larger incentive for getting trophies in order to make it more mainstream. That, or some popular YouTuber or streamer needs to really show interest in it for it to blow up.
  12. Only the person who released the information initially would face any charges. Us normal people who have ran across the information and are expressing it to other people on a forum like this can not have any action taken against us.That's just too many people to throw lawsuits at. As for what if it is a kid, well that does not stop the law from being enforced. No one is above or below the law in America. The releasing of private information (in this case, information about the story details of The Last of Us Part 2) that was protected under a nondisclosure agreement is obviously a breach of contract which gives the contract creator a legal standing to take legal action against the violators. Even if the person who released the confidential information was not under the NDA, they can still be charged with trespassing, copyright infringement, and theft. All three of those said crimes can have mild to severe punishment in court. I am pretty sure that anyone that would leak that kind of information would have already have a prior understanding of copyright, stealing, or breaking and entering. As terrible as The Last of Us Part 2's story details are, the person who released the confidential information must be held accountable in a court of law.
  13. While I am glad to have seen the leaks of the game, at the same time the leaker must be brought to court because he or she truly did commit a crime (and seeing how big and how people are reacting negatively to the leaks, a HUGE one at that in Sony and ND's eyes I"m sure) and must be brought to trial and sentenced to whatever punishment the judge sees fit. Given how people have reacted to the leaked information, I could see massive prison time for this person.
  14. 1,981 unearned trophies. However, exactly 71 trophies are unobtainable. 45 from Dead Star, which was a PS Plus game which had the servers shut down a couple months after it was given to everyone. 7 from Hitman: Absolution, which was entirely my fault because I chose to believe they would not shut down any time soon. 4 from Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, which was a game I played before my online account was made and before I ever knew anything about server shutdowns. (It is also the only game that I regret never being able to platinum. Same with Absolution, but to a lesser extent.) 6 from SoulCalibur: Lost Swords, which was free to play and I did not know that it was online only and paid it no mind. 9 from Spartacus Legends, which has the same reason as Lost Swords. (Thankfully I got all the trophies for Tekken Revolution because it too got shut down.) In order to lower my unearned trophies count, I try to not play any new games unless the amount of trophies the game has will add up to 2,000 unearned trophies or less. I also am trying to reduce the number of games that I put my money to because I have so many unfinished games and games that I have not started on yet. I also try to prioritize games with online trophies, specifically PS3 games with the potential to have server shutdowns.
  15. These games at first did not interest me in the slightest, but looking at the trophy list for Cities: Skylines, it seems like it would be worth getting 100% for. Especially since it has such an enormous trophy list. I guess I'll pick up Farming Simulator as well. Won't hurt in trying something new.