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  1. This. I almost never backup my saves (and honestly I shouldn't have to, because I expect games to be not be broken upon release), but when the chapter 7 trophy glitched on me (as well as Perfect Harmony before I earned it after restarting the game), not only have I stopped playing this game, but I now make sure all my games have their data backed up through the online storage on the off-chance something like this happens again. What pisses me off even more is how common this version of the game's platinum is. (At the time of me writing this) it sits at 24.16% on PSNProfiles, 5.2% on PSN, is the most earned PS3 platinum trophy on PSNProfiles, AND is in the top 10 most earned platinum trophies of all time on this same website. How did more people not experience this???? What are the chances????? How does this glitch occur, or is it completely random?????? Maybe if I was personally invested in the series I would have no problem replaying up to that point, but I'm just not into the series really, so here's to Assassin's Creed 2 remaining on my backlog until the eventual closure of the PS3 online connection 🍻
  2. I found the best way to farm souls in the newest patch is to use the tree glitch at the Firelink Shrine to get to the roof early to grab the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring and farm the two Silver Knights in Anor Londo. Its also a bonus that they drop Proof of a Concord Kept for the covenant. Once you learn to counter both Knight's movesets, you will go through levels quickly.
  3. I'm conflicted. I am excited (A 4TH STACK LET'S GOOOOOOO), but I doubt they're fixing any of the remaining bugs that carried over into Special Edition. It would be really great if they did though, that would certainly make it worth the purchase. Oh well. its already worth it to me since I would love nothing more than yet another Skyrim platinum on my profile. I sure did recently buy a VR headset along with Skyrim VR. Time to get prepared!! WHERE THE FUCK IS MY REMASTER OF FALLOUT NEW VEGAS?????????
  4. Yes, they are important. Something that is an optional hobby that gives one enjoyment like gaming should not limit its difficulty to appease everyone. Some games need to be insanely hard, while others need to be extremely easy. If one finds a game too hard, then they should go find something else that has a more preferable difficulty. People should not be complaining about games being too hard or too easy. If you do not like the difficulty of the game you are playing, then adjust the difficulty if you can or stop playing. You can still experience the story and the lore of Dark Souls and what it is about by watching a playthrough of it on YouTube and enjoy what the developers have to offer. Every form of entertainment has a wide variety of options within it. When it comes to music, If you find radio music to be too generic or ear-friendly, then turn on Death Grips for a more musically complex listen. Likewise, if Death Grips is too abrasive, sounds like a bunch of nonsense and overall is just pain to the ear, then play Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and have a much safer listen. TL;DR/moral of the story: we each like different things. Find what you really enjoy and do it. Like to enjoy getting ultra rare platinum trophies? Go for it. The trophies are too hard? Forget them, and play something else.
  5. Interesting... My guy downloaded the Silent Killer DLC to unlock the LAW, but when he used it himself it did not grant him the trophy. There has to be something more to these 2 trophies as they are very similarly glitched.
  6. Was this person able to get the trophy eventually? If so, how was he able to do it? This problem is happening with someone I know, and not only this trophy, but also the Air Ace trophy as well.
  7. Good to know! Just started today and am looking forward to getting it all complete. I will use this info to obtain my 100% 😎
  8. As stated above, what HAS to be done in Public Match, and what can be done in Private Match?
  9. Definitely gotta get that My Name Is Mayo 2 and Mr. Massagy platinum. Your list will forever look incomplete without them 😎
  10. That is crazy. I never knew or cared about the game yet seeing them do this makes me panic for other EA games I have on my list. Time to REALLY get to stepping with the older ones. Seriously, fuck EA. ...Electronic Assholes
  11. Welcome to the Internet lol
  12. You're right. The whole game doesn't fit on one disc. Hell, it took 3 discs for the original game back on PS1. But it was all completely physical, meaning on disc and was the complete experience the game had to offer. Selling games with codes for expansions instead of putting it on disc is not a consumer friendly marketing tactic. If you let a friend borrow your copy, they will be playing an inferior version of the game because they do not have access to what you have (which is the complete and superior version of the game) because the DLC code only works once. If you decide you no longer want the game anymore but you used the code, when you return it to your local game store (probably GameStop), they will only be giving you back a partial refund because you are missing half the copy because the code is used already. Even if you did not use the code, they probably won't care, as they will still slap a preowned sticker on it while telling the next buyer that code probably won't work. This all builds onto the scariest yet valid point: if you lose access to your online account BY ANY MEANS, whether you forgot your password or email and forgot your email's password, you get your account stolen by a hacker, or your account is suspended or banned for a period of time or indefinitely, you lose the privilege to download what you have paid for! And NO, you WON'T be getting it back if you make a new account. You will have to buy it again, along with everything else you bought that was digital on that account. Better hope nothing you owned was delisted, or it is out of your reach forever! These are all supporting facts to the number one reason why people like me want their DLC on disc if it is offered along with a physical copy of the base game: you do not own your digital content. Whenever you buy digital content, you are not buying the ability to own it, you are buying a license to use it. And much like your driver's license if you are arrested for DUI, your license can be revoked. This cannot happen if the DLC is on disc, as you physically have it yourself. It matters because maybe 20, 30, 40 years from now games like The Last of Us Remastered, The Witcher 3, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Mortal Kombat 2011, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas will all be playable in their most complete forms because their DLC is on the disc while games like Fallout 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Marvel's Spider-Man, Mortal Kombat X, and many more will only have their base version playable because Sony decides to close their online stores, making buying these extra content packs inaccessible. To add icing to the cake, if your CMOS battery dies in your PS4, it won't even play the discs regardless if your copy has DLC or not!!! This is why DLC on disc is important; so when in the future people have to emulate the game because the console they wish to play it on is no longer possible and when the physical copies of the games become scarce, people will still have a way to play the most complete version of their favorite game. People always shrug off things like this but people fail to realize that video games can be an art form, and must be preserved much like it's counterparts being music, film, illustrations and books. Games like The Last of Us according to a lot of people help prove this point. But if we allow companies to potentially ruin our favorite games all because they want as much money to come in as possible, then we will continue to have low quality, minimal effort games pushed out to us with no choice but to accept it, which will hurt the medium horribly for a time to come, maybe forever. Do not accept what they are doing with this DLC, at all.
  13. The jumping personally was not terrible at all. Unless that is your primary way to evade attacks. Then you are messing up. Try rolling instead.
  14. Lol sounds like they turned the game off afterwards and went to give their super hot wife some pleasure 👀 ...seriously, griefing is not cool. That guy is seriously an asshole.
  15. I finally got it. When I returned it was moved to the right of the nether portal. I finally did it, and secured the platinum and 100% as well 😎