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  1. It looks like they are adding a new difficulty and discovery tour I read. As for new trophies, they didn't specify. I would not mind new trophies for the discovery mode though. I am hoping no new difficulty trophies (I suck as is at the combat haha). The update looks like it will drop 9/7 (tomorrow at the time of writing this). We will see. As far as a difficulty trophy, the AC games have never had that sort of thing, mainline games that is, so probably not, but you never know! EDIT: River raids will be included as well and we didn't see any new trophies for the first map pack. Discovery tour isn't until later this Fall I read some more.
  2. This may seem odd to make a whole forum post over but I have a question. I get on PSNProfiles usually once daily to check for new trophy lists and guides and the sort. When I look at other people's profiles that are recommended, some of them I have come across say country rank 0 and world rank 0. Why does it say this? For example, zaxaxis's profile popped up and showed nothing in the leaderboards. Again, I know this a very odd question but now that I have come across this sort of thing a few times now, I could not help but wonder what it meant. Thanks for any reply!
  3. Yes, I'm sorry I was talking about the profiles that cycle through on the home page. Interesting though, thanks for the info!