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  1. What's up everyone, this game was surprisingly really fun! Easy platinum I just explain what's needed, happy hunting!
  2. And tits.
  3. What's up everyone here is a quick VN Platinum More content coming soon!
  4. TLoU 1 is one of my favourite games of all time but I don't really feel this was necessary tbh lol.
  5. Glad it worked mate! Awesome work and congrats on both!
  6. Thanks mate and ya I've heard the PS4 struggles a bit with dev menu
  7. Congrats mate
  8. For physical sadly
  9. My thoughts exactly ! Hope it proves useful mate!
  10. Glad you got it smashed out mate
  11. Hey guys! Here is a full quick guide for Subnautica using the dev menu I hope it proves useful! HAPPY HUNTING There is also a Japan stack but If you don't have a JP account I have a video on how to make one in no time at all for 2 easy platinums!
  12. New link for guide sorry guys!
  13. Hey guys, I made a full guide for the game using the developer console and I also did a quick video showing how to make a JP Playstation account so you can get the plat twice should you want to! I hope this helps you guys out and thanks as always for your time, happy hunting! And if you don't know how to make a JP account well here is this video for you!
  14. What's up guys thought I'd just share a video for those having issues with it popping their trophies. Follow the steps in the video and you get your easy plat!