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  1. Nah I know what you mean, after playing the game 5 times last thing you want to do is watch it more lmao The text guide is in the description of the video itself!
  2. Awesome job mate smashed it out! I swear that sucks when that happens, hope you smash the plat out! Appreciate your time mate !
  3. What's up guys, so I've made a trophy guide for a handful of misc trophies and also the collectibles and these are all in chronological order from when they happen! I hope it helps, the speedrun is definitely the Plat blocker with this game but follow the video in description and keep at it!
  4. Hope it helps you mate!
  5. Hope it proves useful mate!
  6. I am currently working on a quick guide for all trophies to easily snag them all. Just taking a bit of work.
  7. Mate you'll smash it out! I hope the guide proves useful and you can add another shiny Platinum to the collection!
  8. What's up Hunters of the pixelated metals, as some of you know we have got our PS+ games for the month and with that comes a very simple and laid back platinum to collect. It's for the game Erica, the game will take you 7-8 hours depending on how you go with it. I do have a few tips when starting out what to do and what not to do. It's full commentary and edited for YOUR convenience, we are hunting trophies we don't have time to waste! I've got it setup where it will only take 5 playthroughs and if videos aren't your thing I have a link to the written guide in the description! I hope this guide helps you all and as always thanks for the support!
  9. I've heard most had to wait about 2m before it popped, have you waited?
  10. If you guys ever have any questions too feel free to ask! Only big mess up is premiere took my build from the end game (50 headshots w/ bow trophy) and put that as the build at the start too, so just be wary that the build you want to use is in the Description/Pinned comment of the video. I've had a few give me feedback and say they got the platinum with it so I think nothing was missed! Either way if you use it I hope it proves useful for you! Thanks Atoya for the shoutout legend!
  11. Ah sick, just made it to wave 10 and a lion got stuck on the gate and I can't proceed he was legit glitched out not even moving..
  12. Wow well that sure is some ass cancer if I ever did see it. 15 waves just to get to wave 13 and be taken out by a guy with a spear...
  13. So literally kicks and I only have to get to wave 5 for all 3 trophies to pop if I'm playing as Murmillo? (it's still patch 1.02)
  14. I am late to this but any tips for tournament, I get to like wave 4 as Murmillo then get absolutely butt fucked.
  15. I mean I could try shareplay just couldn't guarantee it would work for time sensitive trophy like that. Last time I tried was for Crash Trilogy someone was struggling with time trials but it lagged so bad so I could try.