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  1. And tits.
  2. What's up everyone here is a quick VN Platinum More content coming soon!
  3. TLoU 1 is one of my favourite games of all time but I don't really feel this was necessary tbh lol.
  4. Glad it worked mate! Awesome work and congrats on both!
  5. Thanks mate and ya I've heard the PS4 struggles a bit with dev menu
  6. Congrats mate
  7. My thoughts exactly ! Hope it proves useful mate!
  8. Glad you got it smashed out mate
  9. Hey guys! Here is a full quick guide for Subnautica using the dev menu I hope it proves useful! HAPPY HUNTING There is also a Japan stack but If you don't have a JP account I have a video on how to make one in no time at all for 2 easy platinums!
  10. New link for guide sorry guys!
  11. Hey guys, I made a full guide for the game using the developer console and I also did a quick video showing how to make a JP Playstation account so you can get the plat twice should you want to! I hope this helps you guys out and thanks as always for your time, happy hunting! And if you don't know how to make a JP account well here is this video for you!
  12. What's up guys thought I'd just share a video for those having issues with it popping their trophies. Follow the steps in the video and you get your easy plat!
  13. This happened to me too but I swear my PS5 does some dodgy shit lol I recently made a South Park Stick of Truth all in one guide and my plat at the end of the video pops before the last trophy but on the site it shows it popped last so looks normal. But my Tony Hawk is also 0 seconds lol..