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  1. I'll have my guide up the 17th! Shoutout to them for the code, if you guys like some laid back games that get your blood flowing through the brain pick up some POWGI games!
  2. This is what I like to hear, appreciate your time guys!
  3. Thanks buddy Thought it might be useful for others who wanted it in a convenient order!
  4. What's up Clan! I have a short one today, an episode of Short But Sweet to be exact, this is for the trophy hunters in the Clan. This Platinum can be achieve anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. It's a rhythm type game, your first attempt will more than likely be around 1-2 hours and should you decide to go for the other stacks (EU released today) then you will nail it much faster 2nd time around. Just a short one today but none the less I hope you guys enjoy and I'll see you in the next one, love peace and chicken grease.
  5. That's so awesome though that you finally got it man, huge CONGRATS! Bet that's a relief
  6. Ya just checked mine as well and it says the same thing, maybe delayed for other regions? I live in AU but my acc is US. (Moved here from America.)
  7. Wow really? Hmm maybe the patch was a possible fix... curious if they did either way congrats mate! What a pain that has been for you
  8. Awesome mate so happy to hear that congrats and great job!
  9. Glad you got it fixed sorry mate barely saw this message Thanks for your time and using my guide! Hope the rest is smooth sailing for you
  10. This is it Clan! The final planet, we clear this of it's collectibles and the platinum is basically ours for the taking. That being said you'll love Ilum because it's barely 10m long and I've even got a nice end phrase for you this time in the video! You guys have earned the right to say that through this collectible grind! Anyways I want to thank all the new faces in the Clan, people taking the time to leave feedback, criticism or even just some straight up fantastic comments. You guys are the realest and I hope you continue to journey with me through these Trophy Guides and even Reviews/Impressions videos COMING SOON! Here it is guys ILUM all in one collectible guides run, enjoy and most importantly congrats! 🏆🏆 Glad to have you guys in the Clan.
  11. Too kind! Just working to improve, I wish I had more free time I hate being so slack. It'll make a difference with getting early keys. Working with THQNordic for some. Despite being ridiculed for it possibly, I am so hyped for Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated lmfao, NOSTALGIA
  12. When you enjoyed the game, made guides for it and see there is 2 platinum stacks so you decide want to do it ALL over again... lol Anyone else double dipping? Borrowing from a mate though, don't want to buy it twice. B
  13. Thanks pal, thankfully finished with 3 hours left to sleep before work lol Just hoping I gave it the care I'd like!
  14. Still awaiting news from team members on the dev team. I hope something comes along. I spent about 6 hours last night trying to test other methods but nothing is 100% still
  15. Hey Clan I got my guide up for Dathomir (Ilum will be finished tonight and uploaded! which will conclude my collectibles guides!) This is all one continuous run so it ensures you can't get lost and can get all the collectibles for the trophies! Any questions as always feel free to ask me it's been great seeing new faces in the Clan. I appreciate your guys time.