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  1. Glad the guide was useful buddy! Huge congrats! 🎮🏆🥳 More guides coming soon, just awaiting my new rig and just moved house.
  2. Which is good for me because then I can offer it on a service lmaooo.
  3. Legend mate, appreciate the shoutout! I wish my guide was made later when my equipment was upgraded but I hope it's still helping. If there are certain ones you're stuck on I can try and provide additional tips You got this man!
  4. Of course buddy, sorry for the late reply and congrats!!
  5. If you have the US version I can assist with it
  6. This sounds like wanting to make a new account but with A LOT of extra steps.
  7. Local play
  8. Someone commented on my video they had to restart the game for it to work. So it sounds like it may be a bit dodgy.
  9. Fellow Tasmanian! It is possible they'd patch it but hopefully not since it's a community feature. However I agree, get them done while you can!
  10. What's up hunters, I've got a quick video that will help you hit 10 Million points on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2. I've also added a quick tip at the end for the Multiplayer trophies! I hope it helps, sorry for the lack of content after my Cuphead guide. I do have some projects in the work but I've been really sick and it's been making me lag hardcore. Hope you're all well & happy hunting!
  11. It's fine if you don't get kudos or xp. If you do you were too slow.
  12. I hope it helps buddy 😌
  13. Like a boss man! CONGRATS!! 🎮🏆🥳
  14. Can thank @arcanehornet_ for that one he did amazing with the load outs on what to choose etc. It can make the difference knowing what weapons to use & even when to use supers.
  15. Hope it helps mate