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  1. DEVILRYUJINE Sniper Elite 4 I just want to know who this idiot who wrote all this report - cheater squad are clowns <br /> <br /> U can level up with Fuhrer DLC 2000XP u dont need reloaded manual save u can do it with checkpoint ( when u shot in fuhrer xp show in same time reloading check point the will keep give u 2000xp and u dont need shot him again ( i dont care about this shit leaderboard or psnp ) i did all legitimately and i dont care about the rest<br /> <br /> Clowns Cheater
  2. DEVILRYUJINE Nioh At the beginning of the Nioh game there are 2 side quests Twilight that you can play. I played the game with my friend he is pro and max level ,until I scored the fastest time. There are 6 missions Twilight , 2 at the start of the game before I count for you a day and 2 every 24 hours. This means I have completed all the missions normally ( 2 days it’s enough for speedrun ) - I will not hide The game the wrong is from Team cheater and not from me - this site has become bad because of the clown cheater team - you are not even nioh players until you say every 24 hours this is stupidity of talk and stupidity and not reason
  3. you alright sniper Elite game its amazing i love this game too lol
  4. You can’t report profile private cuz there is a lot Player play with invisible account not public and there is Lot people don’t know what is PSNProfiles that is reason you can’t do anything only if the account is public and have some cheat games you can report good luck
  5. Kasumi Dead or alive / Ninja Gaiden
  6. If I understand you well you mean you went great new profile account psn and earn easy platinum of course it’s not cheat there is a lot game ( Platinum earn 1 min or 6 second ) you can earn in day 10 or 5 platinum there are a lot Japanese game easy earn platinum also US / NA / EU / AS / KO on psvita or PS3 or PS4
  7. I will read your post than I went great guide for sniper elite 4 with dlc full 100% I have all information and tips to fast why get platinum and easier
  8. What you needed exactly? You need use protocol vpn in your PS3 ? If you want do that I will give better advice for vpn when use Cable in PS3 go open the router and write the IP address for vpn if you don’t know how to use vpn ip there is a lot video in YouTube for example: like this Setup VPN on Router TP-link or any another router doesn’t matter just do like him Here setup VPN on PS3 doesn’t matter CFW/OFW or Original i hope i help you goodluck
  9. Only 1 game but sometime I’m get platinum and open new game but I never tested playing many then 1 in same time that make me tired
  10. I will upgrade my Account soon thx Sly
  11. Hello PSNProfile i just have glitch trophy with game SE4 first sorry for my bad English because I’m Japanese i played SE4 first on cadet when I’m beat all Dlc and collect the Collectablie everything fine yesterday im start Authentic Plus speedrun I Complete all mission just 1 mission left is first mission i beat the mission now all trophy pop only marksman I’m try repeat the mission not unlock must beat the game again ???? Please any one have any tips told me before I play the game again after 1 hr and 30 min maybe I’m replay the game on marksman Trophy Marksman Glitch with me :( Platinum Trophy 🏆After repeat the game on marksman speedrun sorry for post but this game confused me I’m play 4 day and sleep only 2 or 3 hr note : the game have 2 trophy glitch ( Trophy Mother knows best + Marksman ) 30% this problem happen the trophy mother her best when I do it not unlock after turn PS4 and turn on again when open the game he pop up I don’t know why that’s happen Regrads