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  1. I didn't know that! Wow that would be great if PSNProfiles could at least implement some kind of system like that. I might have to check that website out now.
  2. I am not sure if other people have posted any proposals on how to make the leveling system a bit more fair and standardized so I thought I would give my opinions here. I agree with the general sentiment that these changes to the trophy system do not actually address the issues that trophy hunters deal with and in fact exacerbates the quick and easy platinum strategy. I am of the camp that your level should be reflective of skill and dedication rather than just cheap tactics. I thought about how to improve the system and the best proposal I can come up with is to normalize the points based on percent completion. Obviously it is difficult to adjust points based on a theoretical difficulty of how hard a platinum is to earn but one thought is to modify the points based on the percentage of people who have earned that trophy. Under the previous point system: Bronze = 15 points Silver = 30 points Gold = 90 points Platinum = 180 points However if we divide the points by the percentage earned we might be able to standardize it a bit more. For example if we take the bronze trophy in Tetra's escape for World 1, that has a 98% completion rate (I'm using PSN profiles completion rate for this example). If we divide the bronze trophy point value with the completion percentage the adjusted bronze trophy would still be worth 15 points. However, compare that to the bronze trophy in Dark Souls remastered for the Covenant: Way of White trophy which has an 84% completion rate. This trophy would now be worth 18 points. I tried doing this exercise for Dark Souls and Tetra's Escape since both of them come out to exactly 1230 points and the adjusted points based on completion were as follows: Tetra's Escape: 1230 (originial) --> 1300 (adjusted) Dark Souls Remastered: 1230 (orignial) --> 2990 (adjusted) I would love to see some kind of system like this be implemented. This system can also adjust over time so if a trophy becomes more common its point value goes down and vice versa. I think that this system would be a much better way of incentivizing trophy hunters to actually chase after games that are challenging and have the PSN level be far more reflective of skill. Would love to hear your thoughts
  3. OH MY GOD! I finally got it!!!!!!!!!!!! This was easily one of the hardest trophies I ever had to earn but easily the most satisfying. I am now only 50 gold stars away from getting that beautiful platinum trophy!!
  4. Holy shit! I know this is not the end of the journey but I can't believe I got the gold star in G.O.A.T.!!! That took me so many tries and rage inducing moments but I finally finished it. If all goes well I only have 2 more songs to gold star and I will finally get the infamous Bodhisattva trophy.
  5. Hi Trophy Hunters, I recently saw the great reviews that have come out for Spelunky 2 and while I know most people have yet to get their hands on this game I am curious if this game is a good jumping on point for me or if I need to play the original to get a handle on the mechanics? I really want to get into another rogue like after beating and loving dead cells and I keep hearing about spelunky so I'm excited to try this game. Any thoughts you all have would be great. Thanks!
  6. So as of right now I finished the campaign and I only have 4 more songs to Gold Star: Overtime G.O.A.T Adrenaline Highway to Oblivion This will probably be the hardest part however as I hear that both G.O.A.T and Highway to Oblivion are the hardest songs to Gold Star. So far my experience has been awesome except for one really frustrating issue. I understand that the Move controllers use the Playstation Camera to detect its position but the game sometimes requires notes that overlap or are very close to each other. This has caused me to have the game glitch out and miss notes because my Move controllers come to close together. I try my best to adjust and I know that it is not the game's fault but it is frustrating nonetheless. The other issue is having me worried however. When I go to my song list I see that I have the Gold Star for 29 songs. However, when I check the trophy tab in the game it says I only have the Gold Stars for 28 songs. I don't know if anyone else has run into this issue but I really am worried I will get the Gold Star for all songs and the trophy won't pop. I will give an update but if anyone else ran into this issue please let me know.
  7. I recently bought Audica and I am absolutely loving it. Initially it felt like such a step down from Beat Saber but now that I have made it to the Expert levels I actually think that the complexity of the mechanics and how well they implemented it makes it a contender to be the best VR rhythm game on PS4. I also am starting my gold star run and I only finished 16 songs. Surprisingly the hardest song for me to get the gold star in so far was "Decode Me". Getting the platinum in this game may be one of my most accomplished gaming moments ever!
  8. I really want to play Control but I heard that they are going to release an updated/enhanced version of the game for PS5 so i might wait until I get a PS5 and get it then. I'm sure by that point there will be a GOTY edition I can get
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. While I don't mind going for an easy platinum I want the games to be fun first. I initially set a hard rule that I would not go for any game that has a platinum completion above 50% but then I would miss out on legitimately great games like Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go so I am taking it on a case by case basis. I will definitely look at these games and if any of them sound appealing I will add it to the list! Appreciate the suggestions! I didn't realize PvZ was a platinum on the Vita. I love that game so it will be fun to go back and get the plat for that. I am starting Uncharted right now and I will definitely add Xcom to my list. I am having an itch to do some visual novel games so I may not get to your suggestions for a while but I appreciate it nonetheless!
  10. Hey trophy hunters. Time for another update. Check out my original thread for more details on my thoughts on the games I finished. In short I got the platinum in 3 more games: Axiom Verge Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Oddworld: New N' Tasty I also added my platinum screenshots for fun. Next up is Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight, and Danganronpa
  11. So I downloaded the Iron Man VR Demo and I was very excited to play it in the hopes of not only getting a sense of how the game would play but also to unlock one of the skins for the main game. Unfortunately I was only able to play for about 10 minutes before getting really bad motion sickness that lasted for several hours. This was surprising to me because I normally don't get sick with VR games. I have played Beat Saber and the Playroom and also tried some smaller VR games when the Samsung VR first came out. I want to get the main game but not if it will be like this. Did anyone else experience the same motion sickness that I did and if so did anyone find ways to mitigate that?
  12. Yeah you are right. I just checked the list and couldn't find a month that was this similar in genre. Again this is assuming the rumor is true.
  13. Haha that's ok. I feel like they have done similar genres before. I would argue that May's PS + games were from similar genres, that being sim games. Obviously Skylines and Farming Sim are different but still fall under the larger umbrella. I guess it depends on how you define the genres which nowadays is even more ambiguous. Everything is an Action-Adventure Open-World RPG lolz
  14. #56: Axiom Verge - Great Metroidvania game with some amazing art style and visuals.
  15. I can't tell if you are being serious or sarcastic haha. I hope it's the latter