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  1. Does this mean the Overwatch 1 (PS4) trophies are still obtainable?
  2. See title, did the plat get easier since there are now bot games available?
  3. Got this trophy during the french GP in my team mode (race #12 I believe).
  4. Thanks, 250 hours seems pretty doable to be honest! Combine it with Netflix or a podcast and it might even be fun.
  5. After having my 6th hardcore character die im considering starting this route. Are the steps in the first post still accurate & is duping possible on ps5?
  6. So fairly new to the game, at this time I believe my biggest challenge (not most time consuming) will be achieving gold rank. After reaching operator rank 50 I went to ranked, lost most of my placement matches (which were on a insane level compared to quick match) ended up in Bronze 2, won another match and was in Bronze 1. What can I expect in achieving gold in terms in difficulty and amount of matches? Also, if someone is within my ELO (i think 2000?) feel free to DM me to play together.
  7. How long will it be available? I will be at work and out for dinner until like 10pm
  8. Looks really good, so I can basically start new game and play along with your videos, amazing!
  9. How should I read this? Does it mean the once in bold are for the trophy?
  10. Thanks I will just continue and hope I get all 3 endings then, if not NG+ or perhaps a new character.
  11. While trying to avoid spoilers I read you can abuse the save system to acquire all 3 endings using savegame "exploits". So story wise I just killed Godfrey the first elden lord, also Radahn is dead. But now I read that some endings require certain dialogue choices of which I did not know, I have no idea what options i picked. Did I now lock myself out of certain endings? How much harder is NG+ in Elden Ring, i found NG+ NG++ and NG+++ doable in Bloodborne and DS3 but in Demon's Souls i found it way harder. Trying to determine a path to platinum for myself
  12. LOL I actually got the trophy on the 28th of october (2021) I alreayd have it, lol!
  13. I actually did it this week, it worked! Also cheated the accuracy trophy
  14. Are you playing online or offline? Just wondering. I also have the game on PC and thinking finding Baal groups there will be easier
  15. Yeah, was the worst place for my summonmancer indeed, created a new one immediately lvl 17 now