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  1. I’ve finished all Marcus’ missions. Just have Circle of Duty and Crawmerax. I loaded up my game and checked my missions - and the Crawmerax mission is still there so I guess I have to host in order to get the credit towards the Completionist trophy which sucks. I need to find a lvl 69 player to help (carry!) me because the adds kick my ass too fast!
  2. So I killed Crawmerax today with another player - I turned in the mission during the game. Then we continued as they needed other coop trophies etc Will killing Crawmerax in someone else’s game count towards the missions in my playthroughs? Or do I have to be host to be able to turn in the mission to be able to get the Completionist trophy? EDIT: I have to host to complete missions for Completionist. Damn
  3. Lvl 52 Lilith at the moment of writing. I think I must have killed over 1000 claptraps trying to get the various collectables to drop. I’ve spent at least 10 hours farming Minac and 100+ runs at the dump spawn location. I don’t have a good enough SMG to farm Minac to the fullest - I need a bigger magazine to really get the most of of farming. I only need the pizza now, I maybe have around 5 and not seen one for at least the last 4/5 hours of farming. I definitely have enough fish and panties. Other than farming Minac with a better gun - any tips to get more pizza drops faster?
  4. There is a lot of conflicting information on the Winter Soldier trophy so just wanted to write down my settings for people in case you are struggling like I have for the past few days! I unlocked the trophy using the settings below. Car is down to personal choice but obviously speed is a pretty big factor. Quick Race 5 laps (I thought to be safe but I quit after trophy popped) Date - 01/12/2021 Time - 13:00 Time progression - Off Season - WINTER (cannot stress this enough) Weather - SNOW I used a rolling start just to be moving as the clock starts MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THE SETTINGS When you get on track there should be snow in the air and track will be looking wet - however I didn’t really notice a lack of grip compared to a fully dry track. I posted a 6:28 in the Audi R18 e-tron with a far from perfect lap - but kept all the wheels on track and at most had 2 wheels over the white lines on the edge of the track. I pulled my hair out for a few days attempting this trophy using the Season “Snow” and in Free Practice. Turns out a waste of my time (but now I’m fairly impressed for the 7:56 I did manage in full snow/ice rink mode!)
  5. Hi Just want to check that the Admin Tools are still working in 2021 so this can be an easy platinum? best to know before I start playing and sink 50 hours into the game! TIA 😀
  6. I guess these “hidden” places are so well hidden that they can’t be found?
  7. Hey, I’ve Just sent a request 😀