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  1. Got the Prestige Lev one 15 mins before we got taken offline... just in case!! 🤣
  2. Hey - you can delete 0% games in the trophy view (on PS4 at least), then sync and they are gone :-). Use option button when on the game in trophy view and should bring up Delete as an option.
  3. hi everyone! I’m between 2 games, daily challenges for Rayman Legends - am sucking at them mostly so this is me playing the ‘long game’ in hopes servers remain up for 2020!! Then other game is Monster Hunter World - 6 monsters away from all the crowns and I can see myself to the platinum. Save file is just over 130 hours so feeling the crown events massively helped recently (still up if anyone needs regular monsters).
  4. Hey - from what I can see it seems doable, I just started so if times work out ping me on PSN - Arophous. I’m just doing storyline at the moment but looking for strike partners. lastly yes PvP can be boosted in private from what I know!
  5. Down to 800, once + expires in next few days I will be going SP mode for a while, had a pretty good MP run during this brief sub to PS+ with Battlefront 2 platted, Uncharted 4, Doom (base game), Trackmania MP trophy’s done. Got 1 MP left on Monster Hunter World that should be possible before it expires taking me to 799 ;-)