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  1. If anyone else is down for this madness let me know - I don’t know where the journey will take me but always up for teaming up! Just got D3 play yesterday and after the bounties grind realise that was like training wheels for this release 🤣
  2. I think Destiny 1 or 2 for me, both required a time investment but 1 was such a dream game I barely noticed… 2 was probably longer as I went for an in game achievement which made me play a little excessively for a month. Can’t praise the devs enough for the experiences though!!
  3. Zelda OOT (N64) Final Fantasy 9 Metal Gear Solid 2 Goldeneye 64 Halo
  4. wow, congrats, that's some speedy trophy hunting since starting GTS!! I'm making this my October challenge to get pole/wins, has made me think if I ever get a PS5+GT7 I would like to get a wheel :-D. I will also take away the advice that its not worth rage quitting, you need to races anyway 😉
  5. Feel like I can come out of the hole that was triumph trophy in Destiny 2 for the 100% and get back to tackling some single player titles, I did pre-order Diablo 2 so naturally got the D3 included edition. So probably focussing on finishing last half of Dark Souls 2 and getting a good chunk into Diablo 3 this next week. Happy hunting all!!
  6. Fall Guys: 17% -> 31%, a few buggy trophys by the looks of it, hope devs fix in next patch. Dark Soups 2: 10% -> 10%, played a tiny bit but trophies are a little sparse at the stage I’m at. Persona 5: 27% -> 30%, finished the 3rd palace and just finished Summer holidays in game. Nier Automata: 8% -> 8% Resident Evil HD: 6% -> 6% Borderlands GOTY: 12% -> 12% Think this week will be more focussed on Dark Souls 2 so I can continue to remain somewhat good at the combat!
  7. Still Tastes Good Rise of the Tomb Raider Didn't plan it but happy it worked out 🤗
  8. Good shout, I will switch those out for the Summer backlog challenge, need to see DLC for Horizon as it is apparently great! Edit: Went and knocked Wolf TNO out, think Horizon might as need don’t have old save file.
  9. Good chance for me to refocus this Summer - hopefully be able to knock these off the list with some focus!! Fall Guys - glutton for punishment I really want to aim for this over the Summer as got it whilst infallible was possible via custom games, it’s such a silly game. (17%) Dark Souls 2 - got Souls trilogy for birthday earlier this year and already played 1 (& platted recently) & 2, so basically just going direct for the platinum on this one. (10%) Persona 5 - I have been playing this for who knows how long by now. Got P5R but won’t play until I get this one completed!! (27%) Nier Automata (8%) Resident Evil HD - always something better to consider so going to try and crack it this Summer. (6%) Borderlands GOTY. (12%)
  10. Don’t see this one posted clearly enough but the new expansion triumph (Beyond Light - ‘Splintered’ title) doesn’t unlock the DLC triumph trophy. Have to say it was a cool journey with Europa but going to have a Destiny 2 break for a season before coming back to attempt Dredgen title for the trophy.
  11. Looks like you already decided with that sweet Fall Guys 100%, congrats! A profiles a profile, whether it’s a hundred 1% completed titles or a hundred platinum complete titles or a hundred 100% completed titles. All that really matters is that you have fun or that the activity you’re doing is towards something you feel is a goal, that way when obstacles appear in your way, you can take steps towards defeating them, which is what gaming is really all about!! The journey is where we get true value (things we experience - emotions, people we meet, getting better at something), the destination just sums it up for us. Although my profile is tiny I was also thinking about restart a couple of years ago - on reflection now I’m glad I didn’t, instead my journey has seen some epic ness (totally personal opinion of my experience) in gaming that even if they aren’t 100% titles, allow me to recall those experiences.
  12. I was considering the same thing over a year ago because I knew I had some very long/MP titles which would be harder to dedicate time to. Now I’m really glad I stuck with it, joined the backlog challenge and just spent time playing vs. deciding. Since then I have what I think are some v cool 100%’s which took me out of my gaming comfort zone for the better (playing with PSNP people has been great)!! In terms of a system I use to make continuous progress, I tend to have 3 games available at any time: - Play something through blind which has low %, this is Persona 5 at the moment - Play a MP title I have not achieved everything for, for now that’s 1 final trophy away on Destiny 2 - Play something towards a platinum/100%, this is Dark Souls right now If I am not feeling things I do switch up which title sits on those 3 categorises and it does allow me to start new games, I straight up stuck Dark Souls in plat category as I had played it years ago on Xbox. Hope you enjoy whatever journey taken though, that’s what it’s really about :-)
  13. Going slower than I had imagined but had to play Little Nightmares due to an itch I got (got 100%) and start Dark Souls Remastered - got trilogy for birthday. The great news is a lot of my time has been based in Destiny 2, grinding out the collection and triumph DLC trophys, happy to say the last trophy is in sight with very little playtime needed, just a few weeks of repeating the same hour activity - such a great feeling to no all the actual challenging barriers for a trophy are done. Partly my fault - I decided the Splintered title in D2 would be my seal trophy from the current expansion. One of the toughest parts is solo content gated by level/weapons and ability - luck was on my side though and got it done in the 24 hour window I had this week and before end of season inevitably raises the bar again. Has been an epic ride but one made harder for us trophy hunters due to removed/ changed content. Hopefully be able to speed up some single player title trophys for next few weeks!
  14. Got 1 trophy left in Final Fantasy VII Remake as of tonight, just 2 more levels on hard mode to complete! Also weekend just gone managed to get some easy GTA V director mode trophy’s done. Sitting @ 64.19% so now made +1% since started 😁, albeit I have been snowed with work so not been able to get on as much. Plan for rest of week/weekend: - Finish FFVII Remake - Get 2nd palace done in P5 - Continue storyline in GTA V
  15. Been picking through Hard mode on FFVII Remake (on chapter 10) whilst also playing bit of Destiny 2 (got 1 raid trophy, 2 more left for 100%). Decided to switch up a little and throw GTA V and Persona 5 into the mix to increase trophy completion as I have yet to properly play through either. Hopefully get some extra trophies this week across those titles!! @ 63.75%