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  1. Little late posting last weeks update, work and running 10k every other day for last 2 weeks has taken up some gaming headspace in my evenings! Not a huge amount of progress but I didn’t go backwards so I’ll take it! Just playing Borderlands 2 and Final Fantasy XII TZA at the moment, FF kicked my ass fairly early so I’ve decided to restart and go a little more methodically through enemy zones and perhaps even speed boost grind a little early on. Borderlands 2 I’m just going from side quest to side quest and following story in between, don’t have great guns yet, level 13. Hoping to get some quality time in this half of the week!! ::: Week 4 2023 ::: Original Starting 81% Starting week 3 83.3% Current PGC: 83.34% +0.04% Have a good one all!!
  2. Wasn’t at home much this week just gone, did however successfully fit a kitchen with my old man, left him once it was just some plumbing to do, ended up pretty neat & wouldn’t think twice about taking time off to do ours next time. Once I got back Thurs I continued booting up Modern Warfare 2018 and specifically the Spec Ops missions, by the late afternoon I had managed to find randoms and complete them all!! Got super lucky on the crates mission that a lvl 1000 juggernaut equipped dude turned up. With that done I was able to free up near 200GB of disc space. Final Fantasy XII TZA - having never played originally I’m not using a guide, just going to enjoy the ride right now. Not very far, just getting out of some dungeons and getting a little used to the Gambit system. Snagged a single trophy with bit of time I had this weekend. Plan for this week is going to be likely continuing with FFXII and possibly getting some more time on Borderlands 2 where I am just playing through the main story still. ::: Week 3 2023 ::: Original Starting 81% Starting week 3 83.26% Current PGC: 83.30% +0.04% Have a good week all!!
  3. Seems I got the hang of Modern Warfare 2018 playing this week the campaign on veteran and blind, went back last couple of days and did trophy cleanup earning my 52nd platinum 🥳. Tight gunplay, still like a good FPS after all these years they never get boring… This week i’m away until Wed helping fit a kitchen so have to find some tv to watch instead. Once I return I would like to try and get that final DLC trophy before uninstalling this behemoth of a game, 160~ GB for campaign and spec ops packs! Already got one mission done with randoms yesterday. Then need to think what to play next… Final Fantasy XII is calling me, think I’m ready for something less ‘twitchy’ with a deeper story and I never got to playthrough this when originally released. Might pair with Borderlands 2 which I’m feeling excited to get back to again! ::: Week 0 2023 ::: Starting: 81% Goal: 90% Milestones: none ::: Week 1 2023 ::: Starting: 81% Current PGC: 82% +1% Milestones: none ::: Week 2 2023 ::: Starting: 82% Current PGC: 83.26% +1.26% Milestones: none Have a good week all, good to see early year progress!
  4. Ok, playing a little too much F1 22 last week of evenings and this weekend, bagged my 51st Platinum as a result though. Racing and MP does take its toll so I have a rather easy couple of weeks now battling the Modern Warfare 2018 campaign on Veteran, about half way through already, has been a lesson in hanging back and not looking at flashbacks I throw 🤣. ::: Week 0 2023 ::: Starting: 81% Goal: 90% Milestones: none ::: Week 1 2023 ::: Starting: 81% Current PGC: 82% +1% Milestones: none Have a fab week everyone!!
  5. Totally back into this year, fell over in Dec hard after a bunch of completions from the backlog and starting Final Fantasy XII which I wasn’t quite ready to play yet, F1 22 and Modern Warfare 2018. Goal for this year is 90% completion Starting % was around 81% at week start. My current go to games are F1 22 and Modern Warfare 2018 which I got for xmas so naturally had to give them a go!! Managed to get all but 1 final MP trophy in F1 22, so will probably shift to get Modern Warfare campaign done on Veteran blind first. Planning on not getting any new games this year as a personal challenge, have plenty not started anyway so it’s not loss, I’m probably good for a few years. Some loose goals I have for this year is: - 90% completion overall - Get another Final Fantasy title done - Get another Resident Evil title done - Try and finish to credits all the titles I haven’t finish a playthrough of so far (Witcher 3, FFXII TZA, Borderlands 2, KH CoM, Diablo 2 R, Trackmania, Ni no kuni remastered, Darksiders 2) - Start no more than a new title per Quarter of the year 4/4 remaining Have a good week all & HNY! ::: Week 1 2023 ::: Starting: 81% Goal: 90% Milestones:
  6. A bit of slow progress last couple of weeks, my fault for getting carried away with Season and Event stuff in Destiny 2, managed to get the event title ‘Ghost Writer’ whilst it was around but did eat into playtime considerably. Alongside I managed to spend a bunch of evenings and mornings on Persona 5, which I finally finish a playthrough of!!! What a great JRPG - it’s a slog due to not being action packed so just be prepared to spend near 100 hours if you read everything to get the true ending. I swear I though it was over and I had like 20 hours more 😅. I’ve decided to park the game for a future platinum, want to get Final Fantasy X done before it and need a long break before returning. So where next? I’ve decided Bloodborne will be my 50th plat, so going to shoot for Borderlands 2 now and expect Final Fantasy XIV to be either 48 or 49 depending on how quick Borderlands 2 is. Hoping I may actually reach 85% by end of the year if I can focus a little now. Have a good week all! Started: 75.09% Last time: 82.69% Current: 82.96% New games started: none Milestones: finished an actual playthrough of Persona 5 🎉 , started in 2019.
  7. Nice to reminisce a little!! PC - dad ran computer shop so naturally here is where I was introduced to games, most memorable were Duke Nukem the original, managed to get to the final boss once but then got owned and never went back, was a few weeks solid effort. Command & Conquer Red Alert, use to play at my mates who had 2 computers so we got on one each and an epic battle ensued! Finally Day of the Tentacle, remember that being a 16ish box of floppy discs to install, box was dope! My kid brain really struggled to play this one effectively. PC has featured most of my life, more recently (2010s) StarCraft 2 which was epic and Dead Space trilogy! Gameboy - Colour - good old gran, knowing how to win hearts, she got me a colour after they came out and Pokémon Crystal, was obsessed, playing under covers at night time. Tetris, DKong and Mario Land were were my go to games, still got them somewhere in a box w OG gameboy. N64 - think we got one xmas it came out, remember eventually managing to complete 007 mode in Goldeneye and the MP matches we would have huddled round the tv! Zelda OOT was the first game I ever brought myself, gold cartridge and fell in love, first time I actually put down after the bit where time travel happens as I was too distraught! PS1 - my sister got this with Rayman, such a difficult game and spent many an hour as the music was awesome. The FFIX came out and I got again as a present for birthday, no life’s this weekends and after school, was eye opening how epic, like books!! Finally went back and got 7, 8 but it was Resi 2 that stole my heart on PS and love for horror to this day, me and mate got right to the end without enough ammo in 1 day on Leon and had no memory card… epic. Xbox - what can I say, Morrowind & Halo… DS/DSLite - whilst Pokemon inevitably took time I spent way more on Trauma Centre - Under the knife & Animal Crossing Wild World. Even my wife remembers the theme tune for Wild world!! Xbox 360 - Oddly whilst I did continue my Elder Scrolls and Halo obsession it was actually Final Fantasy XI which stole all my time here and during early uni days. Absolutely epic! New 3DS - After I originally lost my DSLite I decided to get the new 3DS as a way to game on the go and not need to be tied to the living room tv. Zelda featured heavily (not the trio one though), and Kid Icarus Uprising, the latter of which had so much content!! PS4 - todays main console I play, there have been many great titles but I think top tier go to Destiny, Monster Hunter World and Gran Turismo Sport. I could just play those 3 and be pretty content for a generation. I’m pondering next move, controversial but it may be to PC… I have loved console and handhelds but everything seems to be available on PC lately, plus I do miss turn based strategy and rts games like StarCraft. I have missed all of Total Warhammer series and I know I would love it!
  8. At the age of 14 or so in front of my best mates at one of their houses I was playing Silent Hill 2 and a jump scare made me literally scream… suffice to say as a 35 year old bloke I still get reminded by them about this experience.
  9. Been a little more than a week since last update but I’ve had some time to up completion at my best % this year!! Continued on with Resident Evil 2 earning the platinum and then getting the dlc done for 100%, the final stage was no joke, really good though, if Elden Ring hadn’t been on this years playlist I reckon Resi 2 would have taken the best game I played spot. After that I spent a few days off gaming pondering and decided to start up Little Nightmares 2, took the hit in completion but knew it was a) easier than the original and b] equally short!! Suffice to say, got that one done within a few dedicated sittings since last week. This also brings me up to 47 plats, have to think about what I want 50 to be, it might have to be Bloodborne… I got so close originally but after 1 ending decided to move on. So what am I playing now? Borderlands 2 where I’m now on errands from sanctuary. I’m also contemplating giving Witcher 3 a 3rd shot, I wasn’t originally in the right headspace for an epic but after a couple of shorter games since Elden Ring I think it might be time… Hope everyone is having/has a great week! Started: 75.09% Last time: 81.43% Current: 82.69% New games started: no comment... Milestones: 2 shiny plats
  10. Not had much gaming time but what little I had went into continuing to finish the DLC for Resi 2 Remake, I have to say whilst the DLC was a little frustrating it was a great addition to the game. The DLC has you take on 4 different scenarios similar to the 4th survivor run, with characters you likely encountered during the Leon/Claire playthrough. Without a guide there are akin to a rogue like experience where you die/repeat the scenario to learn what is coming/how to deal with them. The final scenario is the killer one, it absolutely nailed the feeling of being trapped in a room with zombies at every door and you fighting to survive, for 12 or so minutes you have to focus (luckily you can pause for breath/decision making), decisions mean life or death (what gun you use, how much health you leave untreated, where you shoot, where you position yourself). Whilst objectively I don't feel it is quite as epic as the original back when I played as a kid, Resi 2 Remake is a great re-imagining of the game. No excuse now, time to get on and do some Shooty McShootersons in Borderlands 2 🤖 - Elden Ring - 15% -> 27% -> 50% -> - The Evil Within - 16% - Borderlands 2 - 1% -> 2% -> 5% - Darksiders 2 - 5% - Resident Evil 2 - 0% -> 13% -> 22% -> -> 100%
  11. Last week was good despite finding only the odd few hours to play, when I did I focussed almost exclusively on Resi 2 and just managed to get the platinum trophy done, just leaves 2 DLC trophy to look into over the next evening or two. Probably get Little Nightmares 2 done first and think about which of the 3 games below to complete next, Borderlands 2 or Darksiders 2 are the most likely candidates. Have a good week all! - Elden Ring - 15% -> 27% -> 50% -> - The Evil Within - 16% - Borderlands 2 - 1% -> 2% -> 5% - Darksiders 2 - 5% - Resident Evil 2 - 0% -> 13% -> 22% ->
  12. Whelp, been away a little from this thread but I'm back... let's see, I got the Platinum in Elden Ring and totally in awe of just how good that game was on PS4 - I had to spend a few days decompressing and watching other videos on peoples playthroughs to see how they tackled things and I certainly felt I had a harder time than them... does also make me want to go restart/complete Bloodborne (Watchdog stumped me to rage quit originally), start Sekiro and Dark Souls 3 both of which I own but not yet played. Since last update I also started both Resi 2 Remake and Borderlands 2, the former of which I am through 1 of the playthroughs down, so currently hovering around 33% complete. Borderlands has taken a backseat to finishing the story for Destiny 2 season 18, I don't know why but I cannot escape this game, its simply too enjoyable once you committed time to get a good selection of weapons/mods and a nice clan to play casually with. I also have been working towards the Final Fantasy XIV platinum for PS4, i'm estimating it will take me until beginning of Dec for the time gated leves trophy... I'm planning to have at least completed Heavensward main quest in that time, again no trophys but just interesting story. If I can knock out Resi 2, Borderlands 2, FFXIV and Little Nightmares 2 (going to start this week as part of Spooktober) by the end of the year then I should have a pretty good year end completion close to my original goal. Great event and has led to me actually enjoying most games a lot more once I went off the main path for their trophys, has probably been my most hunty year to date! Started: 75.09% Last time: 82.52% Current: 81.43% New games started: no comment... Milestones: Elden Ring platinum whoop!
  13. Managed a little progress after marvelling in the glory of Elden Ring! Also hit my 2,500 trophy with a Resi 2 for shooting a dog out of mid air, wild. I’m going to continue flipping between Resi and Borderlands 2 this week, my wife laughed at how much I’m jumping from Resident Evil 2 - does have a lot of jump scares 😅 and I’ve been wearing headphones with lighting low at night, spooky 👻! Have a great week everyone! - Elden Ring - 15% -> 27% -> 50% -> - The Evil Within - 16% - Borderlands 2 - 1% -> 2% -> 5% - Darksiders 2 - 5% - Resident Evil 2 - 0% -> 13% -> 22%
  14. 1 game down, 4 to go! Elden Ring is mine mhwahahahahahahaha - i think i went mad with frenzied flame try to get the Melania trophy. Topped off the game around 89 hours and used the backup to get the 3 endings, considering a challenge run of some kind in the future, maybe after any DLC comes out. My take on the game is that it's still tough as hell, maybe because i played mostly on 1.06 patch, there is also plenty of bosses / secrets I never got around to for the future. Overall this now features in my top 5 games of all time, can't wait to replay on PS5 😁. Going to take a day to decompress and then think about which title I go after next, leaning heavily on Resi 2 Remake to continue Leon playthrough. - Elden Ring - 15% -> 27% -> 50% -> - The Evil Within - 16% - Borderlands 2 - 1% -> 2% - Darksiders 2 - 5% - Resident Evil 2 - 0% -> 13%
  15. was Maliketh - took me probably 5 hours of attempts before I caved and tried summons, found a friendly pair who helped me finally beat him! He is no joke as a melee build. You don’t have to defeat every boss but I would say you got to fight the hardest in the game for those endings. I found coming back to them periodically during progress helped and I had more levels. I’m on the final stretch now!