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  1. Well it’s been a busy time both gaming and RL but I’m pretty satisfied the direction I’ve been going!! Managed to be 1 platinum away from 40, so can rest easy that will come naturally before the end of the year, most likely with Horizon Forbidden West which has taken me ages to settle into the storyline properly, I think side questing hurt my desire for main quest so I’ve been making a beeline this week and pretty sure I’m nearing the last couple of main quests - not spoiling but it’s actually a really good lore expansion on first game. I’m inching that completion % up, simply had to many games appear on my lap from gifts and was keen to peek at them. Should be able complete those this year though so I’m sure 85% still more than reachable! I’m probably going to park most of the games I had intended to complete, RDR2 and GTA V would probably be much nicer on PS5 with the loading times. Still think Oct will be my resident evil binge month 🧟‍♂️. So replace those with Last of us 2 & Elden Ring!
  2. Man… this change to PS+ and getting Extra is so tempting to ruin my completion, purposeful just doing Abzu because I know it’s a short game 😅. Hoping to mix an Extra title in every couple of games…
  3. Well I’m a bit of a broken record this week just passed, managed to make some more progress in Final Fantaay XIV, sub ran out today so in 17-18 days I will start my first sub and see if I can 2/3 🏆 left for the platinum, then use the rest of the time to continue the main quest ones in the expansions. Went on holiday for long weekend just gone so really got very little time for anything else. I did start my side project of going back through Monster Hunter World in order to get to Iceborn with some of my weapon skill muscle memory in tact. I carted twice on low rank Barroth… so guess the only way is up! This weeks plan is primarily to focus on the main story for Horizon Forbidden West, I was doing all sorts of side content and meant I was leaving story progression going on too long - should have plenty of hours this week to try and wrap up the main quest and begin the push towards platinum, will be number 40 which is one of my 2022 goals 🤞. Have a good one! Started: 75.09% Last week: 77.45% Current: 77.70% New games started: None Milestone: none
  4. the best I can think of is ‘how long to beat’ website, people add times for simple playthrough or completion times. It’s crowd sourced so take with a pinch of salt but it probably closest thing available.
  5. My take is this, make a list of the absolute gem games you want to play, then drop everything else in the ‘pile of meh’, organise that first list of gems into some kind of sequence your most excited to play - install the first title, turn off the lights (unless it’s scary and you’re as wimpy as I am) and get lost in gaming! And breaks / taking your time are all part of the healthy balance to this hobby!
  6. Have mainly been focussed on Final fantasy XIV with a little bit of Horizon Forbidden West mixed in. Managed to get to the end of 2.0 main questline and complete all the gathering/crafting 🏆 this past week - not the most difficult of activities, hardest was buying crystal shards where I had gaps. So my 30 day sub for FFXIV is up soon, like 8 days left, I will try and get to the first expansion this week, then probably park the game and go fully back to getting Horizon done for platinum 40 before coming back and tackling an expansion or 2. Want to get high enough level to solo the coils trophy which sounds possible. Everything else is just a grind now! have a good week everyone! Started: 75.09% Last week: 76.55% Current: 77.45% New games started: None Milestone: none
  7. Been a couple of weeks since last update, in that time I managed to complete Horizon Zero Dawn 100% and begun Horizon Forbidden West. The first game had so much tight polish and I'm already feeling that there was too many mechanics put into Forbidden West causing me to tone down difficulty in order to just focus on the storyline. Since the update with NG+ / Ultra Hard difficulty came out, I'm probably going to park the DLC for the future and come back, especially as I will certainly be Horizoned out by the time I get there. I also caved and picked up Final Fantasy XIV which had the complete edition on sale. Having already played quite a bit on the free trial I decided I would go for it and make this my ongoing game after deciding Destiny 2 was just not giving me the same 'fun' anymore. Knocked out 37% of the trophys in that first week or so, around level 45 so nearing the end of the original campaign. Plan with this game is to get through as much of the main story questline and get most of the crafting trophys completed before the 30 day subscription finishes. Can see why everyone says it's an RPG first and an MMO second. I will use the sub time to consider taking breaks as I'm conscious the main storyline to the latest expansion is some considerable # hours, see how hooked I get 😉. Also as simple as the mechanic is, I don't think the 1k fishing trophy will be hard - I could chill to fishing in games all day long... possibly my strangest gaming fetish. I have also had Beyond Two Souls installed and ready to replay with a second controller for the platinum, might get started on this, I want it to be plat 39 and knock one of my annual goals of completing some of my incomplete PS+ titles. Hope everyone is having a rad week ✌️ Started: 75.09% Last week: -% (I was too afraid to look after hitting 78%) Current: 76.55% New games started: Horizon Forbidden West & Final Fantasy XIV (PS4) Milestone: none
  8. Nice, I know what I’m doing when I arrive home from abroad tonight… thanks @SiC for keeping this one updated!!
  9. Even ET did not destroy our favourite medium... just made it grow up a little ;-) . I do think like music then tv/film (albeit film is still going through this change), it was inevitable another non physical medium such as gaming was going to go more in this direction. Companies tend to do whats in their pockets best interest and i'm sure we will see that play out with Sony holding back titles which they know they can get quick influx of buyers before ever considering adding it to a service. I want to be a more conscious gamer but marketing, hype, offers and such will always play some part in me deciding how/when to get a game. It's not like buying a car/house/island, though I get why some treasure their collections, so long as it brings them joy why justify. I do harken for days of day 1 physical, no day 1 downloads, well QA'd games... but things change, we adapt and I would say just see what you enjoy, drop stuff you don't agree with, do more of what you do enjoy! If anything I would say games becoming absolute juggernaut time sinks has become a bigger problem, think that has more to do with my age/job/family than anything :-).
  10. Managed to earn a plat in Horizon Zero Dawn this week as well as playthrough and complete the Frozen Wilds, was a nice bit of DLC. That’s pretty much taken my soul focus all week then was away all weekend so didn’t get chance to do much more. Did add a nice chunk of % to my completion though!! This week is trying to get NG+ on Ultra Hard done, I’m nearing the metal ring mission so probably nearing half way point of this playthrough. Had to redo one fight half dozen times but so far hasn’t been that punishing, almost want to replay on Ultra from start… maybe a future project!! If I do finish it, I will probably switch to getting my playthrough for The last of us part 2 done and dabble some more in Elden Ring before I loose my muscle memory!! Have a good week everyone ✌️ Started: 75.09% Last week: 76.68% Current: 78.00% +1.32 New games started: none Milestone: none
  11. Inched up last week but was away for most of the week so barely got any time to game. A friend help me snag another trophy on Diablo 2, which will be a 2023 project to complete. Also continued to play Last of us pt 2, which gives out trophys rather sparingly. Finally my wife got me Horizon Forbidden West so I’m attempting to go back through Horizon Zero Dawn before I commit to playing it through as I forgot a lot of story. Also had a good night on Elden Ring soloing a bunch of bosses I struggled with in my first character. This week will be continuing with Horizon ZD and playthrough of Last of us 2, and playthrough of Elden Ring. Hope to at least have Last of us 2 played through once this week. Have a good one!! Started: 75.09% Last week: 76.4% Current: 76.68% +0.28 New games started: none Milestone: none
  12. Whelp I sabotaged myself the end of this week… however a strong week mostly by managing to power through the absolute grind of the DLCs in Borderlands GOTY, managed to get both the platinum and the 100%!! Did think I was going to struggle with the underdome ones but it was more struggling to have time to get them than any crashing. Other than that I did spend more time exploring Limgrave in Elden Ring where I am most certainly just having my ass handed to me by various bosses… I’m totally planning to finish a playthrough first before going after plat so expecting this to be on my list all year at this rate. Finally I did pickup Last of Us pt 2 recently and couldn’t wait any longer as the follow up to one of my favourite games, started tonight but given my history of Naught Dog games expect I will have the first playthrough done fairly quickly. So after sabotaging myself for completion this week I’m planning to move between LoU2, Elden Ring and a possible chance at the final trophy for GT7 if any cars come along soon. I’m also planning to spend this month getting Beyond Two Souls platinum… been putting it off but going to use to support the trophys for mental health 2 event. Finally I have been jumping in/out of Persona 5, nearing the end of the 5th palace I think so may pop something there this week coming. Have a nice week everyone! Started: 75.09% Last week: 77.15% Current: 76.4% -0.75 New games started: 1 - last of us pt2 Milestone: plat and a 100% 🥳
  13. I’m in, does Beyond Two Souls count, got half the 🏆 still to earn such as 2 player mode.
  14. Ok, I managed to get this without crashing during and after in last 2 challenges - specifically I played all other content and had Siren at 68 with some decent legendary weapons (shotgun and fire rifle). Using level 6 corrosive and using the co-op trick to have host be my second profile. I didn’t do anything more than aim to kill most enemies with either my fire shield which seemed to glitch a lot setting them on fire and my l1 ability which was set to acid. Did crash on the first one as I loaded back to the underdome but luckily didn’t damage save or stop the finish all 3 trophy from popping. Doesn’t stop it being a long slog though - Gl to those who go for it!! I also paused between rounds a few times with no impacts for multiple hours.
  15. A slow start to the week but I changed gears after spending the first half grinding GT7 for those legendary cars and the final trophy, just waiting for them and casually playing now. My main game has actually been getting Borderlands GOTY done, got 1 🏆 left in main game for platinum and done with 2/4 DLCs. Have to say the Claptrap one is an obnoxious grind!!! Going to tackle general Knox this week and see about Moxx DLC if time. This bumped my completion the most since starting this year so def glad I changed direction for a bit!! I have parked Elden Ring until I’m done with Borderlands, want to be distraction free to continue through. Started: 75.09% Last week: 75.84% Current: 77.15% +1.31 New games started: none Milestone: none