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  1. No, but a long and grindy one. You must 100% the game and get the highest rating in all kind of deliveries.
  2. I just finished the game and can certify that the current version has no option to upload the save on the cloud in order to transfer it to a PS5. This Zango guy seems a pretty dedicated gamer and I see no reason he would spoil his account by cheating with a game he already plated, but this his highly suspicious to say the least.
  3. Nope, it's not an interpolation problem, the cutscenes are rendered in real time, but a shutter speed one. They doubled the framerate but did not adjusted the (virtual) camera shutter speed so that the motion blur looks similar to what it was at 30fps. And thus the cutscenes looks less cinematographic and more "videogamey", which, depending on your tastes, can be seen as a regression.
  4. No, sorry, I posted without really thinking about it. You need to be in a player party to win it. It doesn't matter if you're playing the main show of the squad show (or even a limited one), but you need to have grouped with other player in order to earn it.
  5. -Yes. -Yes. -No, but you can unlock it while playing squad mode in solo (without being in a party).
  6. Yes, you can get it in squads, but you need to come in first to get it to count for your trophy progress.
  7. The free trial doesn't pop trophies, you'll get those you'll have unlock retroactively after you switch to paid subscription. So there's no downside to download the trial and make your own opinion by simply playing the game.
  8. The game is still in my game library. I'm currently downloading it. Guess I got lucky? Didn't played it (yet), but it has the reputation of being a huge kusoge, a bad musou far from the standards of the rest of the series. You'd probably better play the two other games available on PS4, but then this on was free so you might as well try it and see if it fits your tastes.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, it's added to my library 🙂 But what's up with those games seemingly free by mistake on the EU store? Not that I'm complaining 😆, but a few months ago it was Necrodancer that was given free for a few hours without notice or anything from the publisher or Sony...
  10. Of the game. Make a save before planting the seeds, save in another file, less with the time zone and come back to see the results. If it's not as expected, just change back the time zone, reload the originale save file and start over. It took me 4 attempts, something like 15 minutes of planting, saving and reloading, to get my lunar tear once I had pink and peach seeds.
  11. Only during the (formerly) DLC part. You have to play most of the game with Brother Nier. But as someone who used to think that Dad Nier was a better MC, I must admit that story-wise Brother Nier makes way much sense.
  12. Without saying too much, it's the remake of an atypical JRPG that likes to subvert player expectations about the genre. Which made it a cult classic. While still showing traces of its roots as an early PS3 title, the remake improves on nearly aspect of the game, especially the combat system, and adds new story parts to expand the narrative. It is without a doubt the definitive version of the game and the one to play from now on. Now, if you don't know anything about the NieR franchise and , you'd probably better start with its sequel, NieR: Automata, which is arguably a better game by all aspects. The two game are mostly unrelated, story wise, so you can start by whichever you want without problem.
  13. Kickstarter stretch goal, there should be at least three more levels from R-type II, Delta and Final to come. I guess they will be given free to backers while general customers will have to buy them.
  14. EU version has Japanese voices and texte. So this is probably like most Squix games, the same SKU all around the world.
  15. PvP is not that played, especially this late into an update life cycle. Wait for the 13th, the release of the 5.5 update and the beginning of a new PvP season. You should have no problem finding a game for the trophy then 🙂