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  1. Wait for the Sweet Thieves event to make a comeback and play it until you win five times in a row. It is easy and will take you a few hours at most, this game mode is very fun and you'll win a lot of fame while doing it. Even for hardcore veteran players this trophy is not easy and very luck dependant. As a newcomer you don't stand a chance.
  2. If we can get directly the full fledged experience with the DLC and updates included, I'm not against another one year delay between the release on PC/Switch/Xbox release and on PlayStation.
  3. There are two trophy lists for FFXIV, the PS3/4 list hasn't seen any additions in now 9 years and only covers 2.0 contents and nothing released after. It will most likely stay that way until the PS4 client is no longer supported. The PS5 list covers the entire game and it's extensions, and now gets regular additions with every major update. So yes, you'll need one of those fancy white PS5 things to unlock new trophies for the game.
  4. Wait until you've finished the game and fully upgraded Kat, those will then be much more easier and manageable.
  5. If by "old method" you think of quitting a game while you are loosing to avoid breaking the win streak, then no, it's been patched long, long ago. So has been the costom games one. Getting it while playing Sweet Thieves or timeouting during low gravity Hex-a-gone still works, but we don't know when those games will be back and if the will before the update for the next season potentially block the old client to connect to the servers.
  6. The first one (the dark descent) is scary as hell. More than the very effective jumpscares, the devs managed to creat an ongoing tension all along the game, tricking you to think you are in danger while in fact you are safe and dropping a monster on you when you think you are safe. As an horror game it is very effective, I've played quite a few of those and this is the only time I've closed the game because I could not endure it. The second game (Justine) is more about solving puzzle under time pressure than avoiding monsters who can kill you in one blow, so if you can manage to think clearly while time is running out, you'll be fine. The third one (a machine for pig) was developed by another team who didn't understand why the first game was so effective. You'll find cheap jumpscares here and you will most likely quickly realise than most of the time the monsters can't get to you and that you are not really in danger. Destroying all tension with it. To conclude, the first game will probably be a nightmare for you, the second and the third ones should be more manageable, but if you're as much a scared cat as you say, I don't think you'll have a great time either.
  7. Contact support. The can consult your stats and unlock your trophies if the see that the requirements are met.
  8. Mediatonic is so behind their schedule on nearly everything, stretching seasons ever longer each time and recycling even more content for the shop, that I wouldn't expect them to patch the old client even one more time.
  9. It doesn't matter. Even if the old client has been retired yesterday and cannot be used anymore to play the game, you can still unlock trophies by playing on the game on the new one (or on PC) and then launch the old one to autopop them. So just continue to play, wait for the elements you need to appears in the shop, equip them and then log onto the old client to get your missing trophy. You're fine, you'll get your trophy.
  10. I have no idea of when the old launcher will become useless, but if I had to guess I'd say at 8AM on Monday, right when the current featured event will be over. It is probably the most effective way to handle the switch.
  11. Squad/Duo wins do count towards the trophy as long as you are the one crossing the line first. Proof if needed :
  12. It is.
  13. -There will be an epic costume and a rare emote from the 30th of April to the 4th of May. After that we don't know but keep you expectations low for those last featured items of the old launcher so that you won't be disappointed. -Yes you currently can, but after the 9th of May the old client most likely won't be able to log onto the game servers and download your player data. -You can't contact the devs directly, you have to go through the game support.
  14. You need 22 900 points to reach level 40 during the current season.
  15. According to the official site Sweet Thieves will be back between may the 4th and the 8th, a last time before this trophy list will become definitely unavailable.