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  1. The save glitch seems to have been fixed in a already deployed patch. Played it this evening, really great game and easy platinum. All trophies are easily doable without a guide, just by wandering and finding how to unlock them by yourself. Well, except maybe the plants one if you can't find the final one or two like me -___-. The boat race isn't that hard after you realise you must stop accelerating in order to pass tight turns. It took me 4 tries to get it right, everybody should be able to do it. Highly recommended, chill gaming (and plating) at its best.
  2. Some people seems to have unlocked the glitched trophies, both on the western and Japanese version. Has the game been patched or are those just hackers hacking their way through the leaderboards?
  3. Use Volv, and abuse the jump and air projectiles strategy. It has quite an knockback and should maintain your opponent at bay. Don't forget to hit square or triangle twice to get the second hit. Most of the time the AI shouldn't know how to deal with it For survival mode keep your full magic circuit bar for when you get under half your life bar. Wait for the next match (your replenish bar should be back to full) and activate heat mode as soon as the next match starts to start healing while spamming projectiles so that the opponent don't gets too close. This should help you last enough to win the 20th fight, the threshold for S rank.
  4. Try doing them with Volv, just spamming his air projectiles. Jump, then qcf+A or B depending of where your opponent is. The knockback of this technique is enormous and will push the AI in the corner. Rinse and repeat and you should clear all those modes in a few tries.
  5. Still haven't got this one but I think you need to complete everything in the single player menu. So Story mode (only one difficulty ?) and getting an S rank in all difficulties in Score Attack, Time Attack, Survival and Missions. If you're struggling with combos, you can slow down the game to 50 or even 30% speed in the pause menu, they will still count as valid. And Volv is a great character to get an S rank everywhere in hard difficulty. Just spam his air projectiles and you'll be (mostly) safe. No skills required.
  6. Nope. OG 360 release normal/hard modes were renamed easy and normal for the PC release because, well, they weren't that hard to begin with. Difficulty stayed the same. In all, it's an accessible platinum but finishing the original game in nightmare and finishing the DLCs in one go without dying can be frustrating at times. For nightmare mode (unlocked only after finishing the game once), you have to chose your fights, you don't have enough ammo to defeat every enemies. Makes for a nice challenge after the breeze that normal mode is, but a few moments and bosses can be tricky and even frustrating. Prepare to die a few time against those. Also I would advise against doing the collectibles during nightmare. You'll need at least two runs for the platinum but if you are new to the game three is probably advised (bind run in easy/normal, collectibles in easy and nightmare) Finishing the DLC without dying or loading the game can be frustrating as there is a few cheap deaths here and there. Do it on easy and don't try to do it the first time you're going through, you'll most likely die at least one time and void the trophy.
  7. There's a legendary pattern and a legendary upper costume part in the shop today for 10 kuddos each to celebrate the first anniversary of the game.
  8. On base PS4 loadings were so bad that if you were rushing through Kashyyyk the game would freeze a good dozen seconds to load the next chunk of the map. It was THAT bad. Also stable 60fps mode is well worth playing it on PS5 if you can.
  9. Same with The Last of Us part II, accessibility options can make the grounded/permadeath runs a joke. Still no big deal, just play as you see it fit and don't worry how other people plays.
  10. Those videos do a good job explaining (most) of what happen up to Strive. But understand that this is a fighting game story/lore and that most of it is made up as each new episode comes out, so there's a lot of elements that makes little sense in insight and lots of retcons here and there in order to fit the new storyline in the existing canon. You don't primary play fighting games for their narratives, they're just excuses to give the characters reasons to fights each others. But if you like overly complex storylines and lore deeper than the Mariana trench, boy, you're there for a treat. That said, Strive is indeed the best game to start the series. Gameplay has been streamlined, there's a huge player base online for the moment and the platinum is quite attainable for a fighting game with only a few quick and easy online trophies. The true last boss of the arcade mode will test your skills, but there are ways around him.
  11. Finally downloaded the full game, turns out I'm in the same situation as XpanderFX. On the dashboard the game is clearly marked as the full game (Jeu Complet means full game in French) but in the game if I try to load my endgame save from my last playthrough, it says that this is only the trial version and that I should buy the full game to access it OK, but then again if I try to buy it on the PS Store, it says that I already got the full game. So there was indeed a glitch with the licence management for this game, but this time instead of benefiting the player it locked them out of being able to buy the game... Not a problem for me, as I still have my physical copy, but it might have caused inconveniences to those who don't. I'll contact Sony support to se what they can do about this. Well, that's all for this story, sorry to have wasted everyone's time with it.
  12. Unfortunately I already have the platinum. I bought and played a physical copy of the game last year.
  13. OK, so this is indeed the trial version, I just finished the first chapter and got kicked to the main menu after a short trailer. BUT, if I select the "download the full game" option, I'm redirect to the PSN where the game appears as bought. So it seems that PS4 owners can indeed get the game with their PS+ subscription. I'm downloading the rest of the game and will update accordingly in a few hours.
  14. Yep it says trial version, but I have no way to buy the full game anywhere. And I checked my US account, which don't have a PS+ subscription, and can confirm that I can buy the full game there.
  15. OK, I may be wrong on this one, but as far as I know, it's just the PS5 version that was supposed to be included in the PS+ games this month, right? But after adding the PS5 version to my game library, I was also able to add the PS4 version for free and I have now no option to buy the game, whether on the PS4 store or the webstore. I'm currently downloading the game to check if its not just the demo version, but this will take a few hours as I only have a DSL line. And as I already stated, I can't seems to be able to buy the full game anymore and on the dashboard my PS4 is stating that I'm downloading the full game indeed. So did I missed something (highly plausible) or is there a glitch in the licence management system of the PSN that allows people who added the PS5 version to their library to add the original PS4 game for free? But if someone would take the time to try to reproduce this, we may have a way for PS+ members without PS5 to play the game.