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  1. Update: I found a psn code that works, on the first step. Except when I hit the "use it" button, it says promotion is not available anymore. I guess it's because of the expiration date... My only hope is a code from a complete edition, which came out later, which means it could not be expired yet. Theoretically those codes can be used on 2 unique ps3 platforms, so if anyone could send me their VIP pass code, I would appreciate it. Otherwise I will just have to give up on it.
  2. Hello. I own Dirt 3 Complete Edition. I've gotten all trophies except the online ones and my pass has expired. I've been doing an extensive google search and managed to find 9 unique psn codes, none of which worked. As you may know, the game, dlc and VIP pass included have been delisted from the psn store... So yeah, I'm quite desperate. Any psn store where it would still be available to buy? Contacting Sony or Codemasters? Would a sealed game's VIP code still work by now? I expect only negative answers, but who knows. Thanks.
  3. Nice... or just plain crazy. I dont know. And yes I've done many hours of HA boosting. That's how I unlocked my previous treasure months ago, the strange relic, which I've never seen drop again ever since. It seems to me that players who started playing this game recently get their treasures quicker than those who have started years ago. Maybe it's just a coincidence.
  4. I've been down to my last treasure for months.... More than 500 coop arena played, at the very least a hundred since I've unlocked my previous treasure. Even though I love the game, I'm starting to question my insanity. The treasure is Bronze Wish / Mani Jewel Thogchag.
  5. I started the challenge and noticed it was glitched just 30 mins before the time limit. Now its done. 😃 Thanks guys for the switching character tip, I would have failed otherwise.