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  1. so much more satisfaction looking back and thinking wow that was a hard game but i completed it. Sure in the moment i was stressed AF but man those were some good memories. i have a bunch of games that i feel that way about. i love getting plats and some 100% completion but i dont think i could ever go to this extreme exploiting.
  2. how do you know it was made to mock trophy hunters? proof? im a big fan of 7/8 difficulty game, but i guess what i consider 7/8 is not what others consider that. if you want easy plats go play the freebie 2 hour games. there are millions of them. but i do agree it is luck based. i would love to plat wolfenstein new colossus, but ive never complained about the trophy requirements i just simply am not going to play it. the only thing i would agree on about trophy changes is if a trophy is no longer obtainable like black ops 2 big league due to them removing that part of the game.
  3. what? lol i started the game in 2012, and wasnt in to trophy hunting then. but every game going forward at minimum i want to be able to atleast get the plat. and for games i really enjoy i go for 100% im not aiming for 100% on all games. Edit: im done going back and forth with you, i was just simply saying it would be nice to get the platinum that is all.
  4. i never said i started this game? do you see it on my list?
  5. So why add more to my list that i cant obtain? If i can avoid it i will.
  6. its such a shame nobody has done anything to remove or whitelist this trophy.. Im a completionist and i would love to 100% this game.
  7. .
  8. it was co-op, but ive had game crashes solo not in survival mode tho havent played much solo.
  9. game crashed on boss 9. nice....
  10. this is what happens when you raise entitled spoiled brats that think "if i dont get it or it doesnt go my way it should be changed to make me feel better"
  11. Now that ive seen this i dont wanna play it anymore
  12. i enjoyed the story. but what i hate is review bombing/cancel culture/rewrite the story mobbing.
  13. Super meat boy
  14. Since announcing Call of duty WWII as free game of the month for june, all dlc for WWII and black ops 3 have gone on sale 60%, im currrently playing WWII and black ops 3 is on my backlog ill be picking this up now while its on sale.
  15. checked again today, its now on sale in the NA store 60%