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  1. yeah i never used the knife strat.. didnt like it at all. i used syg-12 for the first four. then just starter pistol/wolfsbane for the last four.
  2. rules are rules no exceptions.. its unfortunate that hackers and unobtainable trophies are a thing but they are. i wasnt in to trophy hunting back when bo2 was released i would have loved to add it to my cod 100% list.
  3. The problem was some were so much rarer than others. running through biome 1 for 15hrs just to see a room ive never seen before.. Thats a problem. if they all had the same chance of showing or if there was a higher chance of a collectible showing up based on if you needed it.
  4. Ill try this tonight
  5. Yes. Scoutlog 9 is my last collectible to get in the game
  6. Youre missing 2. Im at 94% in biome 1
  7. ive been going for about 7 hours since patch and nothing.. im getting fed up lol
  8. Yeah pretty standard resident evil list. Cant wait.
  9. was this a brand new run? because you didnt discover the that perk device yet.
  10. i platinumed crash 4 faster than its taking to find just scoutlog 9.
  11. keep closing and reloading the game. thats how i got the card trackers to show.
  12. you have one more scout log at 88? im at 94% you must need 2?
  13. yep the complete all house sequences bugged. did all them. got the item. did act 3 and got that trophy but not the house one. fml. edit: rookie mistake didnt backup my save before doing last house sequence
  14. nemesis had a quarter health left. crashed. fml.
  15. I will 100% not be supporting their next game. The prices for the season passes even at 50% off were absolutely overpriced for the amount of content and it was a 4/10 game at best. Ill be buying the next season pass just for the sake of the 100% i guess they got me there.