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  1. Im so excited. Beyond words
  2. i really enoyed the first one as well. very excited
  3. i found act 5 harder than act 6. i struggled on the third map but i think it was because i had two shitty cards the 60hp one and the enhanced worm bombers.. brutal.
  4. ps5 and god of war bundle definitely helped with the sales, not trying to be negative but just pointing this out. im still super happy for sony & santa monica
  5. I was already buying this but hell yes im even more excited now. Difficulty trophy = day 1 buy
  6. i play all games regardless of difficulty. the main point some people are making is that a trophy list has to be accessible for a game to be accessible which is not the case... trophies are an optional system and dont hinder a persons experience to the game. its always the extreme examples. i never said i wanted 300hr 10/10 platinums.
  7. We are going around in circles and youre just contradicting yourself.. reread all your messages
  8. Then dont grind trophies? Dont like the hard difficulty then turn it down? I can counter every one of your points with the opposite and Point out anywhere that i didnt want accessibility. Making an optional system such as trophies has nothing to do with a game being accessible.
  9. Trophy hunters are not the masses. And alot more people avoid hard games than easy ones. These are facts.
  10. my main point of this still stands. i agree a game should be accessible, but. trophies are an optional system and dont hinder a players experiences one bit. the only reason why they make trophies easier is because they impact game sales from a niche community like this one. and the goal of any company is to maximize profits no matter if its 1% or 20%.
  11. You realize this arguement works both ways right? And there are way more easy lists than hard trophy lists. People actively avoid a game because of a hard list and its silly. I never avoid easy lists. Trophy hunting is getting sad that people cry to devs on twitter over a hard trophy. Why does an optional system like trophies have to be accessible?
  12. This comment hurts my brain. A game can be accessible while having hard trophies. Trophies are optional believe it or not.. and have no effect on a persons gaming experience
  13. Where in my comment did i say something was wrong with it or i was telling people not to purchase it? Edit: trophy list is dissapointing tho
  14. The skyrim and gta v treatment. Every playstation from ps5 to ps10 will have a remaster
  15. Yup. Exact reason why i held off on this game. Zombie army 4 ptsd.