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  1. If anything they have mentioned they are nerfing nightmare, so this "new difficulty" could be the current nightmare and nightmare will be scaled down closer to veteran.
  2. where does it say the new difficulty will be harder than nightmare? it could be between veteran and nightmare.
  3. im disappointed in the list, i always enjoyed cods challenging trophy lists.
  4. I played all the gta's when i was a kid. I cant wait to relive my childhood *current midlife crisis*
  5. This will be a 50% off purchase
  6. Stuffed turtle quarantine zone is used to farm diaster relief packages can be completed in 30seconds and you have 1 person pick up each package. A group that was farming invited me and i got the trophy in like 2mins 30seconds
  7. i joined a mission with 1 other player and 2 bots, the other player left and i finished the mission. and it counted.
  8. I agree with 90% of what youre saying but the reason why aliens fireteam was so low was because the devs decided to upgrade everyones guns to max level and the trophy tracker wasnt counting that.they tried to fix one trophy and messed up 3 other trophies in the process as well. On topic: once people unlock the better cards, start working better as a team and put together a good deck i believe it will be easier.
  9. someone has the intel and plat trophies on ps4.
  10. i really liked the game. its just to bad it has a short sighted vision with no post game content or grind.
  11. finally got the plat. the 30 weapons to 4 stars popped. hopefully intel bug was fixed on ps4 version.
  12. it worked just got all my personal friends trophy. mine was bugged from when they upgraded everyones weapons to 4 stars. finally plat.
  13. yeah nothing pisses me off more than being surrounded and unable to sprint while im dead in 3seconds. enemies come in from every direction randomly. so annoying.
  14. "We have heard the reports of people encountering players who mod the game to cheat and negatively affect the experience of those they play with. Modifying the game or your character file in any way is currently not supported or encouraged by Cold Iron Studios. We will be patching the game to stop some ways players are modifying it and negatively affecting other players' experiences. As we do this, we cannot guarantee that any save files or characters of those who have modified their game will continue to function or be recoverable after the fact." yeah dont expect trophy fixes for a while.
  15. From cold iron devs "Hello folks! I wanted to bring you an update regarding our next patch. To confirm, we won’t have another patch this week, nor next week, but we're still working on the other known issues, and hope to have them resolved as soon as possible. Remember you can review our #known-issues channel for a list of the most prominent and common issues that we’re aware of and actively working on, including the date it was last updated."
  16. The checkpoints are really generous thankfully lol.
  17. I said this after the first couple days of play that this game is a prime candidate for ps plus game of the month. I wouldnt be surprised to see it early next year.
  18. its from the creators of left 4 dead, so i guess you could say its a successor. im looking forward to this game. and difficulty trophies? hell yeah.
  19. I was dissapointed until i got to the bottom and saw "beat the game on master difficulty" i havent been following this game too much but hopefully this difficulty provides a good challenge
  20. It is bugged. Wether they gave us all 4 star weapon upgrades or not. If you have 30 weapons at 4 stars it should unlock.
  21. logged in after todays patch and 30 weapons trophy did not pop. im reading their discord and looks like people are reporting that many of the bugs that were suppose to be fixed in 9/15 patch are still not fixed.
  22. My thoughts too.
  23. who u?😄
  24. the game is fun because it is simple, you shoot and blow up aliens. if you're looking for an in-depth story or amazing mechanics this isnt the game for you. You have classes with two main abilities and one passive, i liked this alot because some games have too many abilities and it becomes overwhelming. the only thing that was confusing for the first 5 minutes was the perk grid, but this doesnt take long to figure out. this game has 4 campaigns with 3 missions in each. the objective is pretty much the same throughout, and you some new enemy types as you progress through the cvampaign if you find fun, good and chill people to play with the harder difficulties are fun.\ Edit: after you beat the campaign on the hardest difficulty thats pretty much it for end game until they add more content.
  25. curious as to why you did 27-29 back to back? i ran 28-29