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  1. Hi, I have completed the main game and I am currently filling out all the report cards in School Mode. Is there a way to get Genocide Jill to show up here or is that only the case in the main game? Thanks
  2. What a shame, I was really looking forward to this..
  3. Killzone: Shadow Fall, which I did not enjoy that much and right after that AC IV: Black Flag, which also didn't do it for me and became the point where I did not play every entry in the series anymore.
  4. Since you can use your demo save for the final game when it comes out, does anyone know how that would work for trophies? If other titles have done something similar maybe?
  5. Oh! I just noticed "The Missing J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories" is on sale here. Then I can finally play the one Swery-game I am missing. Edit: Or not, because this game is not available in the german store 😠
  6. I can't find it on the list above. Is it within another sale or just missing here?
  7. I waited on the PS5 version, before playing the DLC.. Guess I will just play them with my PS4 version then, since my first playthrough was just last month and I don't wanna do it all gain so soon.
  8. I just started the game on PS Now, but could not find any of the DLC in the main menu. Does anyone know if these unlock later or are even included, like questioned above? Region EU for me.
  9. Extremely looking forward to this
  10. So if I buy the PS4 digital version, download it on my PS5 I can't play it with the second PS4 controller, only if I play it on PS4, right?
  11. I currently only own one PS5 controller, so can my friend use a PS4 controller as the second couch-coop player or not? Can anyone confirm, if this would work? Thanks
  12. Still wanted to buy a couple of Vita games, if they ever went on Sale and wanted to buy the Drakengard 3 DLC along with some other games like the older Ratchet & Clank games. If this is really true, they must make a huge Sale or just put everything from PS3 and Vita to PS Now, I don't care how.
  13. Persona 5 Strikers, because the grind for max. bond is too real for me
  14. Still no news about the release for this. :/ Maybe we get something at the Live SMT concert in two weeks, but since it is initially for a japanese audience, i doubt it. But some SMT V news would be much appreciated as well, so I'm just hoping here
  15. Ist there any way of buying this of the store? I bought the first one last year and now with the new store and all the changes no Danganronpa game is to be found in the store any more. :/