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  1. ^This Tropy list sounds like you're just thrown into a map without a goal and can skate around as long as you like. That concerns me as well..
  2. I could put it in my basket in the german PSN yesterday with no issues. Can you maybe find while searching for it via the store website?
  3. I just won the Summer lottery thing, where a ticket costs 5K an you win 50K (have to wait multiple weeks for the result), but did not get the trophy. Is it only obtainable through the weekly lottery?
  4. Is it possible to obtain this trophy, if I am playing with two characters (Fane & Sebille) only? Will I get the dialogue before entering the academy or do I have to have more recruited characters in my party? Thanks for any input
  5. Okay thanks a lot, I will try that. Did the Lucky Hit Stand at Golden Goose a couple of times, but only won twice with watching a video how to do it first. Made about 100K in an hour and a half with save scumming, but it is still really no fun losing all the time.
  6. Is there any real good way of doing this with the current patch or was everything that made it quicker patched out? Currently still doing the fortune teller color thing, but that is taking really long. Maybe the new dlc has some stuff to earn good tokens, but so far I only saw the same odds for every bet. Any idea would be appreciated
  7. Nice, will definitely try this out and then continue playing without worrying about trophies
  8. Spider-Man Such a great game and a really fun road to the platinum. I would do it again
  9. Okay, thanks a lot for the quick replies. So I still have to watch a lot, before attempting to understand this game. But for 9,99€ at the moment, I guess I will buy it before the sale is over.
  10. I finally started watching the anime, since it is now on Netflix and always had my eye on this game. How many seasons/episodes should I watch before playing this or rather, when in the anime is this taking place? Thanks
  11. PSN: Darkwing___Duck (3 underscores) Systems: PS3, PSVita, PS4 Blank requests: Just mentioning where you're from (PSNP) or who you are is fine
  12. Really thinking about My Hero One's Justice as I started watching the Anime, but don't know if it's worth it this close to the second game :/
  13. Oh okay, that explains it. So deleting my save it is Thanks for the quick reply
  14. Anyone else having issues unlocking the trophies? I paused and saved in between playing this and now have more than halve the levels complete (looking at the filled zeros), but still no trophies for completing 21 & 34 levels.
  15. Borderlands 2 Finding all those named Locations is such a drag, you don't want to commit yourself to that