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  1. I just started the game on PS Now, but could not find any of the DLC in the main menu. Does anyone know if these unlock later or are even included, like questioned above? Region EU for me.
  2. Extremely looking forward to this
  3. So if I buy the PS4 digital version, download it on my PS5 I can't play it with the second PS4 controller, only if I play it on PS4, right?
  4. I currently only own one PS5 controller, so can my friend use a PS4 controller as the second couch-coop player or not? Can anyone confirm, if this would work? Thanks
  5. Still wanted to buy a couple of Vita games, if they ever went on Sale and wanted to buy the Drakengard 3 DLC along with some other games like the older Ratchet & Clank games. If this is really true, they must make a huge Sale or just put everything from PS3 and Vita to PS Now, I don't care how.
  6. Persona 5 Strikers, because the grind for max. bond is too real for me
  7. Still no news about the release for this. :/ Maybe we get something at the Live SMT concert in two weeks, but since it is initially for a japanese audience, i doubt it. But some SMT V news would be much appreciated as well, so I'm just hoping here
  8. Ist there any way of buying this of the store? I bought the first one last year and now with the new store and all the changes no Danganronpa game is to be found in the store any more. :/
  9. This is bugging me as well :/
  10. Does anyone know if it will again have equip load for your items along with weapons & armor?
  11. Seems to be an easy list, if you look at the completion percentage, but I still only see them in japanese, so no idea what I have to do. So how is everyone enjoying the game?
  12. Nice, thanks. 😁 Wanted to start this game today and this will definitely come in hand, if I find myself struggling with money.
  13. Wow, these are beyond great. Thanks a lot for them
  14. Shin Megami Tensei is my favorite franchise and Nocturne my favorite game of all time (even got my whole right arm tatooed with artwork from it), so I'm am ultimately hyped for this and SMT V. I do hope they release Remasters of Digital Devil Saga and Devil Summoner as well, heck do a Devil Survivor Remaster for the Switch along with a sequel, while you're at it. Also I wouldn't mind replaying Persona 1-3/4 again on PS4 and/or Switch, so give me all you got Atlus. 😎
  15. I could put it in my basket in the german PSN yesterday with no issues. Can you maybe find while searching for it via the store website?