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  1. You can leave it till you've done everything else, it's what i did but i was concentrating on doing other stuff ingame at the time
  2. What everyone else said, it's really not that difficult and when it comes to the online side of things there's only 1 which people might have found "hard" and that's the Such Great Heights If a region gets too hard you can move to another and it doesn't reset your progress either.
  3. Got it lads! Apparently i missed "Uses of Gunpowder" on Claire's playthrough, i've picked it up before but i might not have read it all the way through until now. Either way thanks for the help guys!
  4. That guide is awesome dude very helpful, i've just finished my 1st playthrough with Leon and got every single file on his normal run, gonna start 2nd tomorrow so i can get the missing 4 then start on Claire but so far so good i believe!
  5. I did, i even found wrote them all down in my phone and went through 1-58 in order on all my saves i do have all 58....just don't wanna pop for me lmao. I'll play through again, i enjoy RE2 so i don't mind the hassle, plus i've played it that many times i know where everything is 😂.
  6. Trophy glitched on me 😂😭, I've checked every walkthrough for the named files to make sure i wasn't missing any and i do have all 58 and i have read them all. However it says i only have 57/58......Has this trophy glitched on me or am i safe to play through all 4 campaigns again to get them all again and hope it pops?
  7. Not that hard really, with the right gear and abilities it's quite easy. Whilst you can go for whatever i'd recommend using a Longsword and Chakrams and go for a Might/Sorcery build and it'll give you a decent mix of physical attacks and magical attacks/buffs. It's what i used and i very rarely died (Sorcery gave me a juicy shield around myself). Never be afraid to use your Reckoning mode either it makes almost every fight a cakewalk but if you're close to a boss fight then i'd probably save it unless you absolutely have to use it to save yourself. I'll also point out that whilst i never crafted anything for myself and brought everything i needed from vendors crafting can make you exceptionally overpowered.
  8. I can only see 1 and thats for not using any hints, 20% plat rate looks promising though. I've picked up this game for my collection and will get round to it at some point...if you havent decided to play it by the time i finish it ill come back and let you know about anymore
  9. I've just started the new stuff and only completed it 1 time so i couldn't really say, i think it would probably be safer to just do the last 3 quests on the character you currently have, especially since i have a feeling that not a lot of people when be playing this mode enough to give a proper answer 😂
  10. It's not just online missions it's also the level of you're Siege commanders as well, finish the game first then go around grabbing all the high level Captain ect, you can spend 500 Tiriam to level them up 5 times but they can't go over your level, remember you will be attacking and the other player can't control their army so if you have good Captains and are good at the game yourself it should be a cakewalk and shouldn't take too long. I did one siege the other day against a friend and when i continued playing the game (im level 24 now) my rank is about 450, and i've only done 1 Siege.
  11. Oh damn, nice one cheers dude!
  12. Anyone have any idea if the Vs Mode trophies can be boosted?
  13. Smashing, cheers guys
  14. For those that already have this/did it on previous FIFA' i need to A rank all of these or will getting a passing grade work fine also? Thanks
  15. I got it sorted on the day of release, just had to wait till the game offically came out. I have seen people run into problems with dlc, glad you could get it sorted