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  1. Thanks for the response
  2. Do you need PSVR or can it be platinumed without a PSVR. I don't have one, that's why I'm asking
  3. Hi man, this game is easy to boost. The lobby's are never anywhere near full. The only hard trophy is the m40 sniper as the sniper can only be found in gold crates, which drop in the final circle or in black crates which are all around the place.
  4. How long would the take to platinum take with just boosting?
  5. How long would the level 50 with a class take and the level 10 with each?
  6. Yea I mean it seems like a long grind but theres a trophy for playing for 100 hours anyway so I would hope that you get it by the time you hit 100 hours.
  7. Can you get all the trophies with only 1 or 2 games or do you need all the games?
  8. With a new manhunt started, Can someone explain how this trophy is done.
  9. How hard is it to get a game these days. Is it worth starting this game?
  10. It shouldn't affect the trophy since the MP is the ingame currency and doesn't require real money.
  11. Yea Started playing today and my only fault for this game is the fact it only has one map. Its a fun game and the trophy list isn't bad
  12. Can you play this game without a vr headset?
  13. Thanks I much prefer team deathmatch to battle royal so if I start it, would much rather do that. Thanks for the response!
  14. Was thinking about starting this game. Can you upgrade the gauntlets in Clash (the team deathmatch mode) or is it only in the battle royal mode
  15. I got it recently and the more annoying trophy was the super boss wave. It is so random to get a boss wave and depends highly on luck. Otherwise I think the 100% is easy and just takes some time. The game dies down around midnight every day which was weird, you will need to boost with one other for the dlc because for the most of the time the gnome bomb is a dead gamemode.