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  1. It's a little hard to swallow but I guess no one else is giving a hoot and flocking over to this thread. Alas, I will canary on....
  2. I'm currently at level 19 with 11% ha ha so far away to level 20. I'm praying i can make it to that level before ps4 hits. Happy cake day to your ps3!! you should take a pic of your ps3 with a party hat on!
  3. Tekken Characters Easy: Hworang is definitely an easy one to master, his kicking style makes it easy for someone to pull off a combo without trying that hard Bryan Fury is another one due to his brutishness,some of his combos can take off half of a heath bar. Hard: Xiaoyu: I just don't get it Raven: again,i just can't connect his moves at all x 100
  4. 6587484511784
  5. ain't that major Free Realms Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Street Fighter 4 Street Fighter X Tekken Flower Aliens Vs Predator
  6. bn nbn bgvtt v what is skool mean??
  7. I buy games that appeal to me and if they have an easy trophy list,well thats a win-win in my book. ha ha same here,neighbor across the street had a garage sale and it he was asking it for 3.00,no case or anything but totally worth it.
  8. Jimmy john's (sandwich place in case others from another country don't know) Italian night club with a bag o' bbq chips with a monster assault to chase it down. otherwise if beer counts then a pint of blue moon
  9. not currently but I really would like to. I just need to get a PVR (amazon had a few good deals from what I saw..) I would start out with a few trophy vids I technically did a few trophy vids and put them on youtube but the quality isn't great at all.
  10. Bioshock
  11. I'll still be around the ps3 network, still have a few plats I wanna get and I know its gonna take me more then a couple of months. That and I kinda want to wait until my cake day to nab a ps4.
  12. ^^ Tomb raider without a doubt... I must buy this game soon.
  13.   Dead Nation Metal Gear Solid 2 Metal Gear Solid 3 Darksiders Silent Hill Downpour Batman: Arkham Asylum TEKKEN 6 Trine 2 METAL GEAR SOLID 4 The Walking Dead Quite a common list.... I gotta say i'm jelly at your peace walker plat lol
  14. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for me,I bought this one in hopes that it would be as awesome as the first one. Not the case here,but since I have the co-op mission almost done with I should just run though it and grab the plat..
  15. If i may toss my hat in the ring,I had PS plus but me moving to a new apartment had me broke for awhile thus can not pay for it.Some exciting titles they have on there now.It's worth a shot...