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  1. My dumbass thought the trophy was eating all the tails of the lizards and not just having to kill them. I'm certain I ate all of the tails but I vaguely remembering at least not killing 1 of the lizards and just shooting the tail off. I rode around the map and no lizards were popping up (lizard detection thing is activated). Do they even show up again or should I just do another playthrough and slog through it again?
  2. Yes the gun store and barber shop were two good ones, too. Diamonds in the rough.
  3. Yeah, stealth with costumes in that game is pointless since it seems everyone's an enforcer. The shooting was always made much tighter than it should've, which I can only assume they did to get more people to like it/get into it. (This worked on me since it was my first hitman game and I stayed on board). Especially compared to the rebooted games in recent years, the game really doesn't hold up. Which is mostly a shame because the very few levels that are actual 'hitman' levels, like towards the beginning with the sushi level and the strip club level, were pretty fun. It's the rest of the levels that are a bore, at least to me.
  4. No problem, best of luck.
  5. Gotta replay all the chapters leading up to it.
  6. Yeah tried to get a few of the miscellaneous trophies for funsies and they just won't pop. Oh well.
  7. 1. Uncharted 4 (Looks and plays the best) 2. Uncharted 2 (Best set/level design, and best story imo) 3. Lost Legacy (Same as 4 but not as interesting) 4. Uncharted 3 (still great, but just seemed off compared to 2) 5. Uncharted 1 (Definitely hasn't aged wonderfully, but still solid. No one likes the other ones so who cares.
  8. I guess technically the earliest one you can get is either visiting all of the places in Seattle. Unless you can upgrade a weapon or unlock a skill before that. There's no automatic story ones until you beat the story I believe.
  9. Q-Force please. One day I'll get into Squishy.
  11. Just wanted y'all to know that I'm completely addicted to the game and am glad I paid for it after the free week. Thought it looked awesome at the reveal, but got scared cause it's EA. Y'all nailed it.
  12. Any idea if it's like the others trophies and it pops after doing just 1 of the challenges/requirements?
  13. Anybody know if the All 30 Challenges trophy is unlocked in any easy/quick way with a different save? I don't mind popping the rest gradually but I really don't want to do them.
  14. Cyberpunk 2077 Enjoyment: 9/10 (10/10 without the glitches) Difficulty: 3/10 The most hyped game of the year has one of the most notorious launches ever, and that's such a shame because it's a banger. Pros: All of these assume you're on the latest patch -Absolutely stunning and beautiful city/world. It genuinely feels alive. -Main story is unique and well-told. I liked how, unlike how RPGs where the main story is some version of 'save the world', this story was all about saving yourself. It reflects the city's personality perfectly. -Side stories/gigs are top notch. They're both interesting and fun to get through. -The gunplay is also fantastic. Every gun feels right, and the unique futuristic twists on certain guns is fun as well. I can't speak too much on the stealth portion of gameplay because I rarely did it. -The characters are wonderfully varied; even the ones where you only see them in calls. They have their own personality and likenesses. -You can give yourself a massive penis that serves no purpose. Cons: -Yes, obviously, the glitches. I won't really elaborate because we all know by now. Frequent flyer glitched for me and couldn't get the plat for weeks, along with one of the cyberpsycho missions being glitched out and I couldn't finish it. Had to go back to a previous save file where I was 20+ levels lower just to redo 10 or so of the psychos just for the trophy. While those two were relatively major, and the game crashed a bunch, most of the minor stuff was forgivable. -Driving feels slightly off to me, at least in a car, as it feels very slippery. I had to use a bike for a majority of the game. -Honestly, not much else. If it weren't for the glitches, I enjoyed mostly everything else about the game. TL;DR: The to-be swan song of the generation glitches its way onto consoles and, despite the quality of everything else, it's a shame the stigma of that will stay with the game and company longer than anything else.
  15. Would be nice to have any impressions, but literally no place near me has the fucking game for some reason. Even amazon delayed it. Weird.