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  1. I think poison is more of a status ailment. Debuffs are the moves that lower the enemies stats/speed/abilities in some way. That upgrade would be useful if you're going for a hard mode run, otherwise it's not incredibly necessary.
  2. Because it glitched out for me, so I had to start a whole new playthrough fresh.
  3. I'm thrilled there's nothing I want.
  4. It was actually my first Hitman game, so I had a weird intro to the series. I get why people shit on it. It was more story based, the levels are definitely smaller and more linear, and the game became more stealth-based then assassination based. But the game is really fun in the parts where you're in a small level in which you have to assassinate someone. The game is a bit boring when you're simply traversing and stealthing around.
  5. Yeah we're screwed.
  6. Small update. Got all of the other trophies, tried deleting the save data and it still didn't work. Guess I'm fucked.
  7. Deathly Hallows Part 2 Enjoyment: 3/10 Difficulty: 6/10 This game sucks. I know movie tie-in games are usually rough, but Jesus. The gameplay is nothing more than wave-to-wave survival gameplay. Each "action" section is nonsense and turns into "protect person opening doors/doing a spell". The bosses are literally all the same but with different characters. The harder difficulties are also atrociously hard. You die incredible easily and have to sit behind a wall for what feels like 55 years to heal. No thoughts of originality were put into anything. Every movie plot-point was drawn out and became shit. The gameplay is tedious, the collectibles are pointless, the challenges are fucking meaningless, and the game looks terrible. The single redeeming quality of the game, and this is of no result of the makers/EA, is that it's Harry Potter. Take away the Harry Potter skin and it's one of the worst games I've ever played.
  8. Yes that was my plan. Once I get the 100 wins and 25 hours in a group I'm gonna try it. If that doesn't work then I'm frankly fucked til they decide to fix it.
  9. I'm not sure the exact date or patch version, but it was pretty when I started playing in July. It's checked off in the in-game menu but never got the trophy. It's the only one glitched out for me. I think something messed up in my account or something because I got the Thrifty trophy without actually doing what is needed (at least I don't remember doing it) and I got it randomly mid match. Honestly was probably some insanely acute technical issue that glitched it all out. I know nothing about coding though so that could be bullshit.
  10. Is there a fix to have Gunsmith pop when it's glitched? It's the only one that has fucked up for me and refuses to pop. Not even sure what to do.
  11. Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Genuinely one of my favorites ever. South Park is legendary for being stupid and ridiculous and they didn't dial anything back. Everything about the game is so damn fun. The only minor thing I don't love is that the combat is a little too involved. Almost every move has some sort of quick time event and is a bit unnecessary. Other than that, the game is perfect. The story is over the top and wonderful, the combat is quite fun (besides my complaints), and the world is obviously iconic and a pleasure to explore. So many Easter eggs, references, and nods to the show's history/lore. Every moment is enjoyable, and that's all you can ask from a licensed game
  12. Best trolling I've seen is in Slime Climb where someone blocks the way at the part where you jump on the two cylinder things that lead into one cylinder thing, and basically pushes everyone off and makes it nearly impossible to get past. It's aggressively aggravating when it happens to you but still pretty funny.
  13. A lot of the trophies are bugged. I still can't unlock gunsmith no matter what I try. As far as your trophy issue goes, either use a separate one you haven't used/won yet or unlock another character use that. I had to win with like 9 or 10 characters to get the trophy.
  14. I wish you both the best.
  15. You should see someone about that.