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  1. I have no idea, haven't had a chance to try it. They did fix a bunch of cyberpsycho stuff it looks like, so possibly.
  2. Do you have a previous save? I had to use an old one where I was like 20+ levels lower and had to kill like 10 of them again. Didn't take that long, but definitely annoying. Fair warning, listen to Regina talk the whole time before killing the psycho, because that's what people theorize is breaking it. My only issue now is apparently they completely glitched out frequent flyer and it's my only one left, but whatever. I'll do it when they fix it.
  3. I don't believe so. In general there were very few, if any, ps3-to-ps4 games available.
  4. Nope, I tried earlier. Playing without patches shows all saves as corrupted.
  5. Not directly the trophy, but I can't get the all cyberpsychos trophy (at least without going back to a previous save) because the last cyberpycho for me is glitched out. Where the bodies hit the floor is the mission, and it won't let me complete it. Maddening. And they patched out the money glitch so I'll have to do it the stupidly long way.
  6. Title got me thinking they were remastering it, you bastards.
  7. Yeah just for everyone's clarification, trophies do auto-pop once you login.
  8. Dedicated servers are shut down. The connection of the host is the basis for the online now.
  9. Maquette Enjoyment: 6/10 Difficulty: Completely depends on your puzzle solving skills An interesting enough puzzler with beautiful music Pros: -Looks beautiful -Gorgeous music -The size-changing aspect to puzzle solving is pretty interesting -I didn't really pay attention to the story, but the parts I did see seemed nice. Cons: -I never like speed-run trophy since they bring out my anxiety, even if these ones aren't terrible (especially with speed-run strategies). -Although some might like the blindness the game provides by not really telling you anything or directly how to do something or where to go, I could've done with a little bit more guidance simply to know what the fuck I was suppose to be doing.
  10. #200 Persona 5 Strikers Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 4/10 A wonderful sequel to my favorite game of all time, with a few grievances letting it slip from being perfect. Pros: -Excellently told story with even more memorable characters and moments -Top-quality dialogue and voice acting -The new gameplay is a terrific mix of turn-based and real-time combat -Music is as perfect and stellar as it's always been, now with new songs and a few revamped ones. -The major villain and all of the smaller villains are brilliant -Although not all of the personas from the original made it through, there's still so many to get and so many of those are genuinely useful. Cons: -Although I don't know how they couldn't added them in, the lack of the silly mini-games and activities you could do in the original is missed here. -The confidant system is, like the mini-games/activities, missing as well and it's kind of weird having a modern Persona game without this. Though they did misplace it with the Bonding stuff, but it still didn't feel fully right. -The Eternal Bonds trophy is rough. I can the concept of the story since in a sense it makes you truly 100% the game (without counting difficulties), but the way you get through is a very tedious. It's a painstaking grind to level 99 bond and the best way to do it is through beating the game request/enemy repetitively. I genuinely don't know if the developers wanted you to grind this way or if they wanted you to keep playing the game over and over until you got it. It feels 100% identical to the All Skills trophy in Sekiro, in which you're just grinding for hours mindlessly. Even in the original Persona 5, which took me over 200 hours compared to Strikers which took me roughly 70, the trophies were all manageable. Even the getting-all-personas and all-confidants-maxed-in-one-run trophies were doable because you still had to actively play through the game and try. Eternal Bonds just seems so out of place because it takes so long and seems shoehorned in to make the platinum last longer. -I am absolutely furious they didn't put it my favorite Persona Girimehkala in the game and I feel pillaged because of it. I'll never fully recover, physically or emotionally. TL;DR: A near-perfect sequel that is bogged down by one trophy and its abandonment of a couple of franchise staples. If you can get over that, you'll have a brilliant time.
  11. The offers still open whenever you want/need it.
  12. If you need a stranger to talk and vent to, don't you dare hesitate to message me. Your pain now will be your strength later.
  13. Oh fuck yeah. How the hell didn't I hear about this til now
  14. Nothing is a waste of time if you like doing it.
  15. A World Worth Saving Finally, FINALLY finished the damn doomsday heist trophies (besides the 2 super hard ones I never wanna do). So glad to have that out of my life. As a side note, the GTA V is known for a shitty community in general but the GTA V community in the sessions area of this website are absolute twats. Nearly every person that I attempted to help me was abundantly rude, unhelpful, and genuinely bitchy. Glad to not have to deal with y'all anymore.