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  1. My dad doesn't talk to me anymore
  2. Spider-Man Remastered (PS5) Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 2/10 Still one of my favorites, but after playing Miles Morales I was rudely reminded how repetitive a lot of the side stuff is. Pros: -Well told story -Wonderfully beautiful open world -Web-swinging and traversal are nearly perfect and constantly enjoyable -Combat is very fun, even if it gets a bit samey doing all of the side stuff -Characters are so great to watch and listen to, especially with the heartbreaking descent of Dr. Octavius. -So many awesome suits -Straightforward trophies -I actually like Peter's new look, even if I don't fully know why they changed it. I never bothered really looking it up. Cons: -A bunch side stuff gets extremely repetitive or just isn't super fun. Most missions boil down to: swing to area to fight/chase guys, now swing to other area. -The crime-grind (as I'm calling it apparently) at the end of the game where you have to complete 5 crimes in 4 categories in every single district (except Central Park) is by far the most grindy thing you have to do, and is really tedious. I completely understand why these crimes are here, and in the early-to-mid game they're fun distraction, but doing basically 20 per district is too many. TL;DR: A vast majority of the game is extremely enjoyable, if you ignore the cons.
  3. Spider-Man: Miles Morales Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 3/10 A hell of a launch title. Pros: -Absolutely gorgeous, world and characters included -Tremendously told story -Combat is still very fun, and the new powers are awesome -Collectibles are actually fun to collect, which is a rarity in open world games -Trophies are all straightforward and fun to do Cons: -The story itself is quite short for a $50 or $70, even if I consider its quality high, but I understand they had to hike the price up to make up for their losses on making the consoles as cheap as possible. -Some of the side missions are a bit blah Overall, had a absolute blast and it was such a good game to have as a launch title. Adored the first game, and I adored this one. Cannot wait for a full sequel.
  4. Astro's Playroom Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 2/10 And so it begins. The most fun I've had with a PlayStation platformer in a long time. Pros: - Looks gorgeous - Incredibly responsive and fun platforming - Collectibles are extremely fun to find and get - Adorable Easter Eggs everywhere - Brilliant introduction to the PS5 - Everything about it in brilliant Cons: Literally nothing
  5. Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 8/10 I'm awful at this game so I can't give a fair and objective review, but that's not gonna stop me from giving my opinion. It's also my last PS4-only platinum, so a hell of a way to end an era. Pros: - Absolutely gorgeous - World design is generally intricate - Environmental story, while not as interesting to me as Souls or Bloodborne, is still second to none. - Most boss fights are a spectacle, and most bosses are completely learnable. - Extremely complex, reflex-based combat that, in all truth, I'm awful at so I can't give an objective opinion. Just watch a pro on YouTube and you'll see how good it actually is. - Fountainhead Palace might be my favorite location in any souls game, even if it's for visuals alone. Cons: (This looks more complainy that it is; these are all minor gripes) - Too many mini-bosses. I get mini-bosses are fun in these types of games, but a lot of them are rehashes/reskins of other ones. This is mainly a con because of the ones that block your story path, but most you can run passed or ignore so generally they're not intrusive. Outside of getting prayer beads, there's not much use. - A couple of bosses, as is tradition with From Software, are either boring or uninspired. The Folding Screen Monkeys is a cool gimmick/puzzle boss at first, but on replays or NG+ they're tedious. The rematch with the Guardian Ape in the cave with its partner is possibly another attempt at them rehashing Ornstein and Smough and it once again doesn't work. Although both of these fights are easy and I understand the lore reasons for having them, I found them a bit unneeded. I also think the Blazing Bull, while a fun boss to watch and was featured in the gameplay trailers, wasn't that great. - The Acquire All Skills trophy. The only trophy you have to grind for, and it's a hell of a grind. Killing the same couple of enemies repeatedly and seeing your exp grow slightly was unnessacary. They could've made a lot of the skills cheaper to get, especially because most people won't even use a majority of these since by the time you get them all you've mastered the game. - The Chained Ogre at the beginning of the game. A very minor gripe, but I genuinely see him at a badly designed enemy solely because he shouldn't one of your first main challenges. You barely fight anything like him for the rest of the game, so putting him this early, in which you're still learning everything, is the equivalent of teaching a vegan hot to properly cook a steak. You're learning something you'll never really need to know. He's obviously pretty easy once you learn how to do everything, but it's an unneeded learning curve. (He's also the reason I quit playing back when the game launched, so there's a bias). TL;DR: Great game, some bullshit. This describes every From Software game.
  6. Watch Dogs: Legion Enjoyment: 3/10 Difficulty: 2/10 I really liked the first Watch Dogs and loved Watch Dogs 2. I have no idea what happened with this shit. I'll do a pros/cons list instead of a novel for hopeful brevity. Pros: - The hacking, which feels lacking compared to the previous two, is still relatively entertaining in small bits - I remember enjoying at least 2 side missions because they did something slightly different than literally every other mission, but it's not too much of a pro because I can't even remember what I did in them; just that I remember them being slightly different - The trophies involving specific recruits, such as the Bee person, are fun - I never have to play it again Alright buckle up Cons: - Genuinely every single main mission plays out the exact same: 1. Stealth your way (or just use the drone that the construction worker has to speed-run over 50% of missions) into a random area on the map (which you'll more than likely visit many more times in copy-and-paste missions later). 2. Hack a terminal/computer/person/whatever, which is often guarded by a fucking lock you have to find the key for or unlock somewhere else. 3. Leave. That's about the gist every main mission in the game, and a majority of the mandatory side missions for the platinum. - I know licensed music is expensive to put into a game, but the music on the radio is mostly uninspired. There's maybe 3-4 stations (One rock/screamo, one classical, one pop, and I think one is like a talk radio situation). I remember enjoying many songs from the first two games, but I ended up either turning the music off immediately or lowering the volume when driving. I didn't expect them to be able to, or even want to, put in some actually known songs, but Jesus. - So fucking buggy. I usually forgive games for crashing a couple times during a playthrough and/or having the occasional glitch, especially open world games, but the game crashed possibly 12 times from start to finish. It's not like I was doing anything crazy in the screen causing it to break, I usually was just driving or walking around. I had a perma-black screen in one of the final missions and couldn't move passed it until I quit out twice until it let me move on. It showed my character randomly tripping over stuff when I wasn't even close to any object. I would try to steal cars and the person whose car it was would exit the car at the speed of frozen molasses. - The concept of "Play as anyone and everyone" is extremely interesting and definitely the selling point of the game, but almost every single npc you can recruit is useless unless in an extremely specific scenarios. You can use the construction worker for every single mission, except the missions they make you use someone else, and be perfectly suited. As stated earlier, his drone lets you bypass most stuff (if it's an outside area) and his nail gun is silent so it's perfect for stealth. Outside of the ones needed for trophies, you don't need anyone else. A couple of the people you recruit after liberating areas (or whatever they call it in this game) are fun to use, but again useless. There's one that can throw bees at enemies, which is fun. but they kill them pretty slowly making it pointless, and a professional hitman (which I don't even think I got from liberating, but still liked him) who has a cool stealth takedown and a silenced pistol. - The story is aggressively generic, if not terrible, and is made thousands of times worse by not having a main character to even try to relate to. The characters who are real characters, like Bagley and Sabine, are still generic. Sabine is the standard I'm angry and want revenge type, and Bagley is the standard kind of comedy relief and sassy type. Both get old quick. There's actually a side mission after the main story that attempts to add a bit of juice to Bagley's character and they flush it away pretty quick. The story even ends on a twist clearly for the sake of a twist in an artificial attempt to make the story seem interesting, in the same way using hot sauce as lubricant makes sex exciting. - Absolutely horrendous collectibles. Not only are these glitching for tons of people, but they're basically untrackable without doing it yourself (ignoring some minor tracking in UPlay or whatever the shitbags call it now, because that runs at a dead snail's pace and I refuse to acknowledge it as legitimately useful). The audio logs are boring as they are in every single game, and the relics are pointless. The spending of $100,000 Watch Dogs dollars (if you count this as a collectible) is tedious, and also clearly made just for a trophy since buying that many clothes is, again, pointless. Unlock all skills, which involves going around the entire map collecting tech points (some you get from the story and other missions) and every one you collect is worth only fucking 10 (you need what feels like 14 quintillion) made me want to actually pass away painfully. 20 parcel deliveries: time-consuming and, say it with me, pointless. Every darts and drink location: kill me. And the paste up locations, which there are 47 and don't mark themselves off on the map when you do them so you if you miss you have to redo them until you find the one you missed like me, was the video game equivalent of getting your prostate checked by your own mother. I'm sorry for the minor breakdown in the last bullet point. TL;DR: Game's ass. One of the most painfully boring, arguably terrible, AAA games I've ever played.
  7. As an ignorant America, is this sale gonna hit the US store? Haven't even looked at the list yet, just wondering.
  8. Haha yes absolutely. I might go for the actually platinum. Any advice on beating the father owl in hirata palace on new game plus for the first time? I never got to him in new game so I have to do it then, and I'm terrified cause I know I'll struggle hard. Any cheese strats or anything?
  9. Any word on a release date? Or maybe I missed it
  10. I just beat Sekiro and never felt more like a god.
  11. Yeah sorry, I'm an idiot. The only fix I know of for fixing trophies attached to the in game tracking is resetting the tracking but transferring your account over to an epic account. Bad news is you'll have to redo the 25 hours. You can try contacting Hi-Rez on reddit but they usually don't acknowledge trophy issues.
  12. Try other characters. That seems to work for most people. Scorch and someone else are glitchy apparently.
  13. Final Fantasy XIII-2 Enjoyment: 5/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Definitely my least favorite of the trilogy by some distance, but definitely the easiest to platinum. I don't feel like writing a novel that no one will really read, so I'll do a quick list. Pros: - Music is wonderful as always - Battle system is still great (So glad they brought the staggering system into the FF 7 remake) - No missable trophies Cons: - Overcomplicated story, as is tradition with Final Fantasy, made more complicated with time travel - Jumping between areas is unbelievably tedious and makes the world feel very disjointed - Constant loading screens - Most of the areas are exceedingly boring - All of the original playable characters (besides Hope) played almost no role besides being in very miniscule parts of the game that often were simple cameos. This would be fine if the new characters were interesting, but I didn't think Noel, Serah (I know she's not new, but she's new to being playable), or Caius were. I get people love Caius as a tragic villain, but just because he's a sad character doesn't automatically make him interesting or relatable. - All side quests equated to one of two things: Go grab/find the thing, or go kill the thing. This makes the 160 fragments you have to collecting feel artificial because they almost certainly added these side quests as a complaint that the original Final Fantasy XIII had basically none (ignoring the 'missions' that were just hunts). Adding to that, some fragments are either found laying around, can be bought in shops, or in a slot machine you have to do something specific to get. I don't know why they felt 160 was their magic number, but it feels like padding to a game they knew was short. As someone who adores the first and third games in the trilogy, I don't know why this one didn't click for me. I clearly have more cons than pros, but the pros were so good to me that's what balances my enjoyment.
  14. Interesting, cause I've only heard of this problem for people with first person games. I get this problem when it comes to falling in games, especially when it shows screen shaking and everything. I just try to close my eyes, but it still doesn't always help. As others have said, there's no real cure-all. What's the exact thing that makes you feel sick? The general motion?
  15. Try to see if other trophies will pop when they're supposed to, if so maybe it was just an isolated incident. If you're having trophy problems in general, there might be an issue with your account. I had an issue a year or two ago where trophies were completely glitched for my entire account, including story ones and unmissable ones. It's possible to fix it, it's actually an easy fix as long as you have PS+, but it's better to test it now.