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  1. Well the eu version is not bugged, dont know about the NA, but i would thinks its not bugged, since some people have the 100%.
  2. I've been waiting for phantom doctrine to hit a sale for like 2 years now, it has been on sale once at least on the eu side i think. Some underrated games: Dandara, Epic Dumpster Bear, the flame in the flood, slime-san, ruiner, shadow of the beast, chasm and mummy demastered (killer soundtrack, pretty decent game). Those are just some examples.
  3. I actually platted the EU version and have to say its not that hard. The only "hard" part is getting the speerun done in time as the time for that can be a bit tight, but nothing impossible if you follow a speedrun video on youtube. I would rate this game a 5/10. Also using the ingame cheats dont void trophies so you can use those as well. If you plan to 100% then i'd go for a 6/10 as the new area is tougher thant any of the base game areas and the new boss also is pretty tough, but nothing impossible here.
  4. So the trophy for completing the game on legacy of baal unlocked when completing the shadows of amn. I was under the impression that i had to do throne of baal as well.All that time wasted on grinding good weapons just to fight ravager. Is it supposed to work like this? EDIT: guess i should have read the guide better.
  5. Restarted the dlc and quickly ran through it and this time i was greeted by balthazar at the keeps gates and didn't go in there at all the first time visiting the city. I must have missed this encounter in my first playthrough, so i continued on with the game and this time he was in his throne room normally. So keep this in mind when going for the difficulty trophy, DONT go to the keep when first visiting the city or you will brick your save.
  6. So i was playing through the throne of Baal normally and after having killed the fourth baalspawn i got the mission to go back to Amkethran to deal with Balthazar. However when i got his chambers, he is nowhere to be found. All there is are 4 non hostile monks. I tried fighting my way in there through the monks in the city and using the key i got from them, and using the Saemon Havarian's route but both ended with same result. I have done all the trials thus far (4) in the pocket dimension. The earliest save i have available to me is right after talking with Balthazar for the first time, and even here he is not sitting in his throne. Is my save bricked or am i missing something? This happen to anyone else?
  7. same here, tried updating last night with no luck, and still its not updating.
  8. yes
  9. 80% off seems like a decent deal to me. Thanks for the quick response though.
  10. Whats the current state of the games trophies? Are some of them still buggy af? What about the game in general. Lots of crashing still? I ask because the game + all the dlc is having a pretty decent sale right now.
  11. Thanks for the response, i guess ill skip this for now.
  12. 1 and hopefully 0 after the 18th
  13. The patch i mentioned will be dropping on the 18th on all platforms, hopefully fixes the trophy!
  14. Is this trophy obtainable in patch 1.0 with the debug menu? I have done it 3 times now, with skipping straight to last area without leveling up once with unlimited hp and twice without. All times i have used the feathers to level up damage, but that doesn't count does it? Or do you need to run through all of the game? EDIT: nevermind did it again this time killing some of the bosses along the way and then skipping to end and it somehow unlocked.
  15. From thehunter reddit info on an upcoming patch, which is now on beta on the PC: Game Improvements and Bug Fixes: New Features: TruRacs for Water Buffalo Introduction of Animal Scoring 2.0 Overhaul of Black Bear and Grizzly Bear animations Bug Fixes Fixed issue with rare fur variations of Ibex changing to common after game restart Fixed issue where some settings’ values were reset upon starting the game Fixed issue with brain shot was not being registered on some Ibex Fixed issue with Shady Dealings achievement being unobtainable Fixed issue where animals could not pathfind through narrow spaces Fixed issue with pathfinding that resulted in animals not reacting to player Fixed issue with Iberian Mouflon’s rare fur variations being too common Fixed issue where Ibex and Mouflon could not flee up very steep slopes Fixed issue with Ibex sometimes getting stuck on rocks Fixed issue where animals could be lured in very soon after being spooked Fixed issue where animals were occasionally tilted and would stand on their heads Fixed issue with mission area outline taking too long to show on the map Fixed issue where player could spend cash on a non-stackable item many times Fixed issue with rangefinder showing too small distance when used from a treestand Fixed issue where it was sometimes not possible to exit treestands Fixed issue with Zeroing range being active when perk was not active Fixed issue where Track Knowledge would always reveal the exact weight of animal Fixed issue where Mårtensson 6.5mm could not be mounted in the trophy lodge Fixed issue where player character did not grip the .30-06 Eckers correctly Fixed issue with wrong message about multiplayer competition Fixed issue where having .410 birdshot loaded would show pistol ammo icon Fixed issue with Instructions from Vista España being accessible right from the start Fixed issue where breaking on ATV with a controller would toggle aiming Various crash fixes Looks like they are going to fix this trophy finally