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  1. Thanks man! Yeah it was a wild ride but we got there in the end.
  2. 8/10 but you need to pray to rngesus. everything else is doable apart from the daredevil run and 3 star related to that mode.
  3. yikes, thanks for the info.
  4. Thought i would ask here, since some people have unlocked the ghost trophy in the latest dlc. There wouldn't happen to be an extra albino wolf in anyones game? I've been hunting the bastard for close to 7 weeks now with no luck. A friend got the trophy by killing the wolf in someone elses multiplayer game, so i thought i would ask if any of you guys might have an extra one in your server? EDIT: Nevermind just got it after 2 months of looking.
  5. did they ever fix this?
  6. The distance related trophies should be fixed now. Patch notes of the newest patch: Hello Hunters, We are very pleased to announce that next week, August 20th, we'll be releasing Tru-PATCH on all platforms. Until then you can get an early look at the patch notes below. NOTE: Tru-RAC Roe Deer were initially set to be included in this update, but based on player feedback we will work on them further. You can expect to see them appear later in the year. Game Improvements Population reset of all animals on all reserves Reset of animal need zones Reset of Leaderboards Reset of Hunting Log Consecutive Harvest bonus no longer affects score (but does affect XP and money in the same way as before) Increased limit of deployable tents per map from 8 to 16 The loadout when starting a new game has been updated to include more items (these items have no level requirement anymore and some are available for free for returning players) Updated story missions in Medved Taiga to use waypoints Equipment is no longer holstered when exiting ATV Various updates to existing missions where sometimes there would be no animals in the mission area or the required scoring didn’t match shown objective Improvements to path-finding for all animals on all reserves Added new, clearer descriptions for blood splatter Various improvements to first person and animal animations Various localization improvements Updated the Antler Rattler description to include affected species Shotgun Overhaul Shotgun hits now group up and display all pellets that hit the target Hitlist displays how many pellets hit the target in brackets Pellets now move with deviations in velocity Damage and integrity has been reworked on all shotguns Integrity is now reduced per shot, no longer per pellet Bug Fixes Fixed issue with multiplayer clients being unable to hunt Geese We continue our work here as host migration can still cause issues Backpack no longer makes noise when standing still Fixed missing legacy Moose racks Fixed issue where the camera would flip when changing stance We continue our work here as it might still occur after shooting Fixed issue that resulted in small stepped movement of iron sights Fixed issue with the Hunting Log being reset after the game was restarted Improved an issue where players lose map data (e.g. claimed outposts) Once you re-discover these locations, they should be saved properly now. We will continue to work on this issue Fixed weird looks of the eyes of Wolves when aggressive Noise indicator now correctly displays noise when deploying portable structures Virant Klasika now uses the correct visual effects Wolf eyes should no longer glow when harvest is highlighted Fixed issue with big bulges on the side of animals due to breathing Fixed issue with The Mile, The Scandinavian Mile, etc. achievements Fixed issue where player would sometimes examine a clue under a downed animal instead of harvesting the animal, even though “Harvest” prompt was shown Fixed issue with shotguns having wrong zeroing order Fixed issue where some waterfowl blinds would change colors when entered Fixed issue with Quickdraw perk not working with lever-action rifles Fixed issue with Keen Eyes skill sometimes not working properly Fixed issue with Both Eyes Open not working with 20GA semi-auto shotgun Fixed issue where toggling aim would mute footstep sounds and break animation Fixed various issues with aim cancelling Aiming with weapons or optics holstered is no longer possible Fixed issue with thumb clipping through rifles when exiting aim while prone without scope Resetting animals in reserves might be helpuf in getting the ghost trophy and parque fernando diamonds.
  7. Nice one, yeah ive been doing multiplayer games and single, but right now im finishing the story of dlc 3.
  8. Okay, thanks for the info. I was super pissed when i thought it had glitched on me after all this time. Btw how goes the hunt? My totals after two weeks: egg white: 6 red brown: 15 melanistic: 5 also 2 leucistic caribou and 3 piebald. And after getting fed up with hunting wolves all day i started the third dlc and after couple of hours of playing it i shot a albino water buffalo...
  9. a mission or the trophy? The last mission thus far was the harvest a fleeing animal.
  10. Does someone know how many missions there are for Vicente Vargas in DLC #3? If there are only 5 then that trophy is bugged.
  11. So, how long have you been hunting the albino anyways?

  12. By the way, doe's anyone know wether or not you can earn trophies in multiplayer?
  13. Yeah im also at 300k and level 60. Thought also that finding one super rare thing first would be easier than the 7 diamonds, but looking for the wolf for 8 days and no luck.
  14. How many diamonds have you found on the 3rd dlc btw?
  15. Im currently going for the albino gray wolf as well. Do you know any good spots for finding wolves? When i started the dlc they were always at the lakeshore of the burned forest, but not anymore. Also does someone know if melanistic is less rare than albino or equal rarity? I have found 3 melanistic wolves and no albinos. Also 3 egg whites.