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  1. Win every game. It's really not that hard, did everything first try myself.
  2. What made it better is, after getting it i found out that the respawns were glitched and only the same animals were spawning back on your own map. Finally tried some multiplayer for a couple of days and found it kinda quickly.
  3. 14 hours is nothing, albino wolf took me 5 weeks of minimun 8 hours per day. When i started the game in 2019 two of the main game trophies the marathon & the ultramarathon were bugged and had been bugged for a while. Had to get me a physical copy from the local library just to play the game unpatched an pop those two trophies. In the end it took them 1-1.5 years to fix those two trophies i think, so i wouldn't think too highly of their "top priority" tech support answers.
  4. What do you guys think, will this be getting a DLC for PSVR2 when that launches, or will PSVR2 have some separate thing like the playroom VR for ps4? Kinda hesitant to start this if they do decide to go the Concrete Genie route.
  5. Thanks for the response, i added you on psn. I was planning to do the gta 4 plat as my 450th milestone plat, and i am currtenly at 441 plats, so it might take some time yet to get to the gta. But if you want i can get the game probably by next weeks wednesday and i could do the online portion without going for the plat yet to get it out of the way, Also if you have to have the disc in your ps3 and its not downloadable from the disc, then how can you play the dlc or the main game with the same account? or do you have to switch the disks when you want to do a certain part of the online and wanted is done with a different disk?
  6. and if you only have EFLC can you still do the happines island level grind?
  7. I was thinking, if i get two ps3's to boost some of the online stuff (AWP and Wanted with the happines island thing) does the second player need the main game, or is it enough to just have the episodes from liberty city dlc disc? I read somwhere that you can play online with that too and both dlc is needed for the happines island DM. And also is the DLC on the complete edition/episodes from liberty city like the ones you install to your ps3 or do you play them only from the disc? So could i get 1 complete edition for my main account and 1 base game and use the complete edition to install the DLC to the secondary accounts ps3? @ProfBambam55 I thought that i would add you since you seem to be the golden god of this game.
  8. Has this actually happened to anyone here? Was thinking about getting this game but kinda worried about this happening. And also is it only the rank related trophies? After you get them are you safe?
  9. i really hope we get MGS 1 with a plat, but its doubtful because i think konami hates making money
  10. MGS 2-4 Alpha Protocol Deus ex human revolution also alice can be bought in the ps3 store, no need to get a physical copy.
  11. Couple of questions: How long does it take for you to get the two team charms when starting a fresh save? Does the us account need to have ps+, or is this game free to play without online subscription? Does this method only use one console? Thats the impression i got from your text. Can i get this trophy to work with a ps4 and a ps5 and two EU accounts? In the EU version is it impossible to just match with another person from the US ( a boosting session for example), or does it sometimes work? And also is it enough if the other player has the charms equipped and the trophy pops for you too or do you also need to equip them? Thanks in advance!
  12. well i asked them about it on twitter and actually got a response: @beholdstudios What happened to the ps4 version of chroma squad? Delisted from the playstation store? Also will you ever fix the broken trophies of the eu version? response: its happening a change of stores from bandai to behold studios and we hope can get it online as soon as possible. and yes, we have plans to release some fixes seeing how its theorized that bandai was blocking the updates from going through changing the publishers might help in this matter.
  13. im guessing this was never fixed? If i make an alt us account and buy the game there should it work then? I have the game bought in my eu account, does that somehow interfere with the us version? EDIT: also was the game removed from the store completely? cant find it anymore in the us store or the EU store?
  14. Any way to see level history for trophies earned apart from the increments of 10? Meaning i just got to level 666, and i would like to see what trophy got me there but in my profile it only shows 650, 660 etc. Is this even an option on this site?