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  1. okaey, thanks for the answers.
  2. Hopefully no awful trophies like the last 2 DLC.
  3. how tough would you guys say the plat is out of 10?
  4. Or the trophy difficulty in general? The game is currently in sale at psn for 0.99 euros.
  5. Those going for the plat beware! The game crashed on me once and corrupted my save data. Thankfully i had a backup close to where i was previously. The game crashed when playing in the main campaings arcade. So just a PSA for everyone, i don't really know how common this issue is, but seeing as the game has so many levels to complete etc. better to be safe than sorry. So it might be a good idea to backup your save once in a while while going for the plat.
  6. 2012: 14, The Walking Dead (49.68%) / RAGE (4.39%) 2013: 16, Soul Calibur 2 HD (25.44%) / GTA 5 PS3 (1.88%) 2014: 15, Wolf among us (40.73%) / MGS 4 (4.44%) 2015: 32, Tales from the borderlands (53.71%) / Mortal Kombat X (1.95%) 2016: 28, Sound Shapes (28.48%) / Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (2.75%) 2017: 45, Dying reborn (89.72%) / Pillars of eternity (2.49%) 2018: 54, Perils of Baking (78.78%) / The flame in the Flood (1.95%) 2019 thus far: 61, Drowning (96.84%) / Thehunter: Call of the WIld (1.37%)
  7. where can i see these stats easily on my profile?
  8. Just platted it. Took 2 days of play sessions, maybe 12 hours in total. Difficultywise i would rate this a 5/10 hardest part was the speedrun.
  9. is the class one citizen trophy still bugged just went to the council after completing the card and no trophy... edit: nevermind, died to the laser grid in council and when reloaded game class one popped.
  10. Thanks for the answer man, will be picking this up then.
  11. Game has been out for a while and still no achievers. Is it hard as f, or is the plat bugged?
  12. How tough the games might be difficulty wise with the legacy of baal difficulty? Has anyone completed them on the pc?
  13. I had the same issue, went to the area where guardians first spawn and it got discovered even though i had already been to that area twice.
  14. Thanks man! It was the same one for me also, what an awful location.
  15. I have painted the whole map blue. Since there are no guides out yet, does anyone have any tips to any easily missed locations?