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  1. its hard because the patience required for some of the trophies, i wouldnt say theres anything actually difficult. But playing 5 weeks for one trophy before i got it (the albino wolf) and founding out later that the spawns were bugged in my game and it wasnt possible to get at the time are things that makes this kinda annoying. But to my knowledge the game should be fine now. Also any trophy relating to getting a diamondwill take you some time, but i wouldn't call them hard seeing how you can always back up your saves before trying for the animal on your map. Its just mostly time consuming to a big degree.
  2. the ride never ends
  3. i see, its a no go then.
  4. So d2 resurrected has the feature to import save files from the original d2: This got me thinking. Theres this program/mod called hero editor for the original diablo 2 that lets you fiddle around with single player characters ( give them levels, items etc.). If anyone here has a copy of the original game you could try to make a character with the program that is like 1xp away from level 99, then import that save to resurrected on pc and then access that save through cross progression on the ps4/ps5. Then just kill couple of enemies on hell and you should get to level 99. I wonder if this would work, but i don't have the game on pc so cant test it. Or is this considered cheating or what ever?
  5. thanks. is it any good?
  6. are there any missables?
  7. Is it safe to assume that the one who has it is some kind of dev or some tester or something?
  8. if you die in the boss room, dont quit out and you will also get the quest when the boss is killed.
  9. Any guides out for this yet?
  10. you can also die in a loading screen between level transitions.
  11. ahh, that'll do it then, thanks for the response.
  12. only 1 dlc trophy unlocked, are they glitched or has no one done any of the other ones yet?
  13. does the pc import work for the ps4 version?
  14. just cheked single player, and no players8 command