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  1. Btw, any idea where i can get the Extra Concentrated trophy? For throwing the villager into his own box of oranges? And also how do i send earth up in a bubble for the hanging wonder trophy? EDIT: Nevermind, figured the orange one out, but still cant seem to do the other one. EDIT2: Looks like i got the other one to work as well.
  2. Thanks for the quick response.
  3. Btw, i noticed the game has some co-op trophies. Are these local co-op, or is there an option to do it with an online partner. And if it is local only, how tough it is to do with only 1 player and 2 controllers?
  4. is the dlc also coming to ps4?
  5. No problems here. On another note, forgot how awful the ps3 controller is for your hands.
  6. i see that elite unlocked for you. did you happen to check how close you were to 500k round score when it unlocked. I know your at 520k now.
  7. Looks like your round score is 460k, try to get that to 500k and see if it pops.
  8. thanks for the quick answer
  9. 1) Took maybe 5-7 hours without decent guides. If someone makes a decent guide then maybe 3-4 hours. 2) isle of siptah
  10. Heres also an image of the "completed" map. Only one location missing and theres a helpful arrow to point out its location.
  11. thank god
  12. can anyone confirm if this actually works with ps4?
  13. any missables in this? how about plat difficulty/time to plat?
  14. if the game gets all patched up what would you guys rate the plat difficulty then?
  15. 20 wins and 20 firsts is a different trophy