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  1. any news on trophies?
  2. So when i buy the game, it will give me an option to choose the version to download on the ps5?
  3. btw, the game in the store has both ps4 and ps5 versions in the same purchase. Does this mean that it shares a trophy list, or does both versions have their own stack? Can i play the ps4 version on the ps5? Asking cause i don't own a ps5 yet, but will propably play d2 on ps5 too when i eventually get it.
  4. i have the exact same issue
  5. PSN is currently having issues with everything so it might be caused by that.
  6. Yeah, i also have the physical disc with digital dlc and not set my ps4 as primary. Just scrolled to rocket league (digital) and there the lock icon was. Kinda wierd that you cant play a dlc for a physical game...
  7. I was doing a run in the DLC, and quit out to back up my save and progress in the DLC, (which i had done prevoiusly many times with no issues). When i had backed up the save and went back to my game, there was no option to start the DLC from the main menu. Weird i thought, and clicked continue to see if that would have done the job. My game loaded up and to my suprise the statue to the DLC was gone. Also Hadern is nowhere to be found. PSN store shows the DLC as purchased and installed. Has this happened to anyone else too? EDIT: and suddenly it seems to work again, dont know what the hell that was about.
  8. yeah, just had the idea to check and looks like they are having issues right now. That must have been the issue then.
  9. I dont know if they have patched it, thats why im asking before i update my game EDIT: I updated the game and everything seems to be working the same still.
  10. mostly anything related to completing the no shell and obsidian form runs, things like using multiple items from your inventory you normally can have used once (like the bells).
  11. does the new patch 1.11 fix any of the exploits related to dlc, or is it safe to update the game?
  12. Currently for sale at 1.99 euros, some people do have the plat but the sample size for this game is kinda limited. Can anyone who has the plat give me an estimate on the difficulty of this game?
  13. looks like someone already has the no lifer trophy on the ps5 version
  14. i hate this "lets make the DLC trophies hard as fuck"- shit, just have the main games difficulty at the same level as DLC. If its all hard then thats fine.
  15. any news on trophies?
  16. this unlocked some of the choice related trophies, but not the ending trophies. Also i started a new game to work towards the other merchant and evil ending, and after giving the oksae to the other merchant i didn't get that trophy either. So i think if you use the dev room it will disable trophies on your saves. EDIT: got the dev room to work with trophies too, but had to go to a more previous location than the final three colored ones (for each alignment). Also got the other merchant choice trophy to work but had to restart my ps4 and when i got back to the game, it popped in the menus.
  17. Btw, any idea where i can get the Extra Concentrated trophy? For throwing the villager into his own box of oranges? And also how do i send earth up in a bubble for the hanging wonder trophy? EDIT: Nevermind, figured the orange one out, but still cant seem to do the other one. EDIT2: Looks like i got the other one to work as well.
  18. Or the trophy difficulty in general? The game is currently in sale at psn for 0.99 euros.
  19. Thanks for the quick response.
  20. Btw, i noticed the game has some co-op trophies. Are these local co-op, or is there an option to do it with an online partner. And if it is local only, how tough it is to do with only 1 player and 2 controllers?
  21. is the dlc also coming to ps4?
  22. No problems here. On another note, forgot how awful the ps3 controller is for your hands.
  23. The guide states that the elite trophy can be a bit finicky, when did you people get this trophy? battlefield tracker says im at 570k right now, some said it took them 800k, any tips?
  24. i see that elite unlocked for you. did you happen to check how close you were to 500k round score when it unlocked. I know your at 520k now.
  25. Looks like your round score is 460k, try to get that to 500k and see if it pops.