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  1. For the most part they are very doable but i gotta say Bike physics are really annoying as they are very random. For challenge #8 (Outrider) i recommend going for fastest time possible.
  2. They dropped the difficulty related trophies. I guess it’s a new trend for some games. Gow 2018, Assassin’s creed Origins or Odyssey could easily be ultra rare platinums if they had hardest mode trophies on the main list. Or even Days gone, Spiderman and Horizon which they added hardest mode trophy as a dlc list. I’m hyped for this game and i can’t wait for it. I really enjoyed Trine 2.
  3. It's not like Sony has the best security on their devices. Just check out reddit posts about accounts getting hijacked. My old account with maximum security and over 200 plats got hacked because Sony's Chat agent decided to reset my account without asking any real security question from the hacker (It's a thing, for real). You can actually do that just like the new way of getting banned, People use your id to curse in Sony's Live chat support. Even hakoom made an ig post about it. Now on to the topic To be honest That still doesn't make any sense. So by that logic Ubisoft,Ea,Activision..... Should Charge another 60$ (Aside from mindfucking 150$ for complete edition) because they are keeping their Multiplayer severs up and running for 10 years if not more. Right ? How about Sony Increase the price of PS5 and instead remove Multiplayer paywall ? They take a big chunk of revenue from developers (30 %. Tbh there is an ongoing battle between epic games and steam on pc for that matter) So they should be able to handle it. I don't live in Us or Eu so Ps plus is very expensive (Almost 3/4 of a Normal office job salary). That's insane and i know my situation doesn't mean jack shit in other countries but still it's a huge paywall for me. I hope things get better as the only way for me to play games in my country is through consoles cause they are a lot cheaper than pc parts.