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  1. Anyone got tips to share for Amped trophy? so stressful to get this trophy
  2. Finally after 4 days I got Gold for Senna Stage 4 with time 1:07.079 I use DS3 with Automatic Transmission, TCS 1, ABS 6, and Control Sensitivity 2. Just for sharing.
  3. Ps4 trophy and Ps5 trophy is separate? It is recommended to buy ps4 version while waiting for ps5?
  4. I'm new player and right now i'm in chapter 3. From beginning I choose Expert Difficulty until now. It is worth to keep playing in Expert Difficulty or recommended to play in normal mode only rather than Hard/Expert
  5. It seems that in the second dream/inn i cannot access area that have red chest at the top. I saw mushroom at the side but cannot use spell to growth it. Please help
  6. hello. how how do you do it
  7. Please help how can i get bonus episode like the icon, house built on sand, and landslide. I play hitman that i got from psplus and now realized cannot complete 100% trophy because of bonus episode.