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  1. Street Fighter X Tekken: Platinum #145 Difficulty: 6/10 Time Taken: 50-60 hours Yet another fighting game to add to my collection and it is a crossover game with the Street Fighter and Tekken franchises made to play as a 2D fighter. The game was more frustrating that I expected it to be, mission mode is incredibly cheap and the only somewhat difficult thing in the entire game. It took me a few hours to complete mission 19 which puts you up against Ogre and Akuma back to back and gives them maximum meter, Ogre became simple to deal with and I would normally just beat him with Balrog's Super Art because it would charge up and armor through his moves when he came close to me, then hit him for a decent amount of damage. Akuma in mission 19 however was incredibly frustrating, I used Zangief against him and got incredibly good RNG when I fought him, as I was able to spam him with the lariat while keeping him in a corner, but in this mission he also tends to spam his super move and he gets insanely fast health regeneration when you get his health down to about 25%. You need to keep Akuma at bay when his health is regenerating because it stops eventually, but to add insult to injury you can't win by time out so if the 99 seconds are up against him then you fail the mission. Another difficult mission to deal with was mission 20 because it makes you fight 19 opponents in a row and you only restore about 20% of your health between fights, I used Zangief and Hugo for this mission and normally grabbed opponents with one of their special throws which would do a lot of damage, but some opponents became ruthless and wouldn't leave me any opportunity to grab them. Aside from mission mode, the game is an absurd grind requiring you to do most special moves over 300 times, but luckily there was a method I found that allows you to turbo most of the grind trophies, but it was somewhat boring observing this grind and not doing too many of some specific moves. Unfortunately none of the grind based trophy counters go up in mission mode, which is a shame because I probably performed hundreds of special moves during that mode so it would have helped if they counted... Aside from the grindy move based trophies, the online is simple to self boost and I was able to AFK grind 500 matches played with 2 turbo controllers while using Ken and assigning X to the heavy kick. I'm glad this is over and eventually I'll probably try out the vita version, but it's no rush at the moment and I need a break from this game after the grind I endured. At least on vita they lowered the requirements for the grind based trophies. You don't even have to do half of the trials on this game, so I can't give an opinion as to how they would compare to Super Street Fighter IV when it comes to difficulty as I barely bothered to do more than 10 trials for most characters and their first 10 trials were often very simple to do. Arcade mode only requires 5 runs but I did 7 due to not wanting to bother with rival fights while doing the hardest difficulty runs, either way it was a lot better than dealing with the other SF games in terms of arcade mode grinding.
  2. You can tell when a trophy list is synced late because the list would appear above their most recent trophies, so if someone synced a trophy list that had trophies earned in 2017 for the first time today, their trophies from 2017 would appear at the top of the list and above the ones they've earned in 2020.
  3. I support the idea of needing to provide evidence if there is a very late sync for trophies. I'd say that there were risky games in the past where people commonly left it unsynced until they could guarantee their platinum. An example would be Fight Night Round 4, back in 2014 a lot of people got the belt trophies for it, but some of those people also didn't sync the trophies one by one, they instead earned a belt trophy without syncing it but waited a few months for the other belts that they could be helped with because they would rather not commit the game to their list and risk never being able to platinum it when it was a toxic environment to be involved in. I can provide evidence for anything that I sync late myself and my concern is solely whether people say "you synced this after the 3 month grace period so we can't accept this evidence and you're staying flagged".
  4. It should be handled on a case by case basis. I am rather concerned that they could disregard evidence that proves trophies were earned legit but the person decided to sync them late... It's optional whether you want to sync your trophies on PS3 and similar to just hiding your trophy list, does someone get flagged if they have hidden their entire trophy list for a few years but return to the website and have a lot more platinums than before they were hidden? If I late sync I will also be providing evidence to go with it and if the game is still obtainable then people have the option to provide evidence themselves and my concern is the cheater removal team deciding not to consider the evidence and rather to keep the flag on your profile simply because you decided to sync later. A website shouldn't be able to dictate your decision to not want to sync your trophies, if the trophies are proven to be earned through legitimate means then no amount of time that the trophies weren't synced should be considered. I believe that late syncing for things that can't be proven anymore, such as syncing a game that has had its servers shutdown years after they were shut could be acceptable flags for late syncing, like if someone were to randomly sync the online trophies for Homefront to their profile today and claim they did the trophies years ago without any evidence to support their claim then I think the flag would stick but if they synced Homefront today and showed their online stats for the game from that time period to support their claim then I think the flag should be lifted.
  5. After yesterday I'm thankful to have an Elgato Game Capture HD, because there's been a big debate about late syncing trophies being flaggable. Any games I intend to sync late, I will also record video footage of earning the trophies that were synced late from now on. If for some reason I get flagged and the flag sticks after video footage proves that the trophies were earned legit, I will remove myself from this website and remove any helpful information I've ever provided to the community such as guides or threads that I made with information for a game. I can't say I'd be happy to be involved in a community that creates rules on the fly and tries to find new ways to flag people. I always feel like if your trophies are legit, you shouldn't be worried but the website also seems to be taking an approach where doing a legit method for a game can still result in a flag because of the unwritten rules of the website. If people comply with the rules that are officially listed, unwritten rules that are created to keep more people flagged shouldn't be taken into consideration.

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    2. Schnitzelface


      Does anybody remember the 2011 PSN outage? Nobody could sync for three weeks. Ban them! Quarter them! Make them listen to Trump speeches 24/7. No punishment is too cruel for those dirty, filthy cheat0rz!11

    3. B1rvine


      @Sergen, the debate (for me) is more about improving standards and having a higher integrity leaderboard overall going forward, not so much about late syncs. The "late sync" issue is more or less a side topic of my general concerns. CFW usage has always been against PSNP's rules, and generally everywhere. As you know, CFW users can edit existing timestamps and turn them into earlier "legit looking" times after they've been caught. Since there's no parameters defined in the rules about CFW, anybody can just claim they forgot to sync their original timestamps on a second console, and "late synced", while in actuality they CFW'd their times, and it's entirely "possible" either scenario is what happened. I'm arguing two issues. Closing loop holes, but also improving integrity overall.


      Second, you previously started (?) (were involved) in the debate and argued to "on the fly" change the rules to allow "GoneSpy" as legitimate, when it was previously deemed illegitimate as defined by "using external software." Rules should be malleable from time to time, if it's deemed beneficial. 


      Finally, in regards to your concerns about RDR's guide, using modded lobbies has never been acceptable. The guides were written a long time ago, and it wasn't really understood then that various "glitches" were actually hacks. Nobody will be flagged for these instances, but at the same time, we don't want to inconsistencies or to promote "hacker-friendly" options as acceptable, unless there's some extreme benefit, such as Gonespy.


    4. MMDE


      @B1rvine double syncs due to self-boosting with two consoles shouldn't be an issue. Yes, the trophies may sync out of order then, but the correct time should be on PSN within short. If PSNP caches the bad times, it's more of a tricky case, but you can usually tell the difference tbh, there's usually ways. If you're completely in doubt, it should favor the disputer.

  6. I noticed that today the Red Dead Redemption trophy guide on this website has been edited to remove the glitched public lobby method from it. Here's a web archive proving that the method was previously in the published trophy guide for the game:


    I'm putting that here to prove that the website previously endorsed such methods, so when flags come for using that method, anyone can show that this website had enough approval for the method to allow the guide to be published with the information.

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    2. Neputyunu


      There was a fast way to do that damn triplets trophy?! ...Oh god, wish I had known that before I did it legit.

    3. MMDE


      The flags are not coming.

    4. Platisfaction
  7. You'll have to do better than that, post the reason for the flag. "Save Wizard" is also a program used to resign save files on PS4 so I wonder if it's a coincidence that your ID also has those words included.
  8. This isn't the same case as you, in your case a screenshot was shown where you changed your time stamps to look legitimate with an earlier date after you were caught using a save file. This is a case where the trophies were synced a few months after hore earned the online trophies for the game, but other than that I don't think the time stamps on the list itself are suspicious. But we'll wait and see what the verdict might be, there should be ways to prove that the trophies are earned legitimately on this list through in-game stats or testimony from boosting partners if there were any.
  9. A game like this likely stores your online stats to the servers, so I'd say if you provide evidence with in-game stats then you can have your flag lifted. But syncing late isn't against the rules of the website, I've had plenty of games that I played online on PS3 that I didn't want to commit to my list immediately. If this doesn't get lifted then this site can't be a trusted source of tracking trophies when simply making the decision to not sync your trophies is frowned upon. I do believe you haven't cheated this game but I recommend showing some screenshots and whatnot to get out of this predicament.
  10. The game brought out the worst in people and even in this thread there’s a debate about the belts. Unfortunately due to the limited number of times the belt holders ever helped people when the servers were up, I do find it hard to believe they had a change of heart for the person in this dispute. What I’ll say is that the rarity demonstrates the toxicity of the trophy community when you give them the control and allow them to decide who they help with the trophies. It’s not a platinum I’m proud of and it’s a 0.12% platinum because of the belts and without them it would easily be a 12% platinum.
  11. Naughty Bear: Platinum #144 Difficulty: 5/10 Time Taken: Approximately 40 hours A special thanks goes to @Darkette and @Danny_Johansen who did the online trophies with me back in December, we had a decent time playing this laggy mess and talking on the mic while doing so. I can say that the game plays significantly better in the single player compared to the online... I did most of this game without syncing it to my trophy list due to what I'd heard about glitches that could happen, it does often lag and it froze on me over 10 times, but luckily I didn't lose too many good runs over the freezes. This isn't the worst game I've played, that title still goes to PS All Stars Battle Royale. The game is extremely repetitive, but I actually prefer that due to the fact that it'd be kind of annoying to be hunting this game's trophies and need to learn new methods to get a platinum cup. The game re-uses the same 4 areas in pretty much every episode with the only difference being that the lighting sometimes changes, it was incredibly lazy game design, especially for a game that originally costed full price at retail to purchase. I played this game with the gold edition, which includes all the DLC, the DLC on the PSN Store is delisted so the only way to get the DLC now is through the gold edition. With the gold edition, in order to get the "Full Wardrobe" trophy, you must get a gold cup in the first 4 challenges in the DLC as well as get every gold cup in the base game. I initially played this game like an idiot, beating bears up with a baseball bat and killing them with an ultra kill when they had been weakened, but I quickly realized that bear traps were my best friend. For most of the challenges I would lure the enemies into a bear trap, wait for another bear to try to free them and either scare the bear trying to free them or kill them from behind, if a lot of other bears also witness this then you get a 100x multiplier and a lot of points. Aside from that, the maps have a freeze power-up that keeps your multiplier at 100x for a while, during this you can get a ton of points from smashing all the objects on the map and going inside a closet to peek out with your boo move. You need to get 28 platinum cups in the game and I've seen conflicting posts about whether DLC cups count towards the "Nutter" trophy, I did all my 28 platinum cups naturally during the base game episodes, I rarely had to re-run levels due to my score being too low and would normally pause the game and restart the episode if my score was bad or if I failed a challenge. The only challenges I can recall being difficult in this game were the Episode 4 Top Hat challenge and the Episode 10 Untouchable challenge. The Top Hat challenges give all the bears on the map a ray gun that can normally kill you in 3 hits, but you can often dodge their shots by running around, but when you use the trap method I was using, it leaves you open to being shot quite easily, so you need to try to stealthily place your traps in order to not be killed on sight. Untouchable challenges require you to never be hit, but luckily there are only 3 of them in the entire game, the episode 10 untouchable challenge was particularly difficult due to the vampire bears running very fast behind me, which would normally get me hit by them when I was trying to place a trap. I saw plenty of guides mentioning how the 250million point trophy comes naturally while you are working on the trophies, but that isn't true and if you add up all the minimum platinum scores on the game you'd see that is the case. Maybe some people take multiple attempts and go through with completing a level that is below platinum every time, I restarted a level if it wasn't going to be platinum, with the exception of top hat challenges which I only aimed for gold in. I'd say this game would deserve around a 9/10 difficulty rating if getting a platinum cup in every episode's challenges was required, 28 cups is very lenient as it allows you to skip getting a platinum cup in any top hat challenge. I will also mention that the developers of this game designed the trophy list terribly, considering the DLC trophies that require gold cups in episode 9 and 10 require your score to remain gold and if you get a platinum cup then you glitch your trophy out. I never overdid it in any DLC challenge and always got gold when I completed them, but I sure could have used those extra points toward the 250million trophy if I wasn't restricted for those trophies. Aside from getting platinum and gold cups, the rest of the list is basic miscellaneous trophies that require you to perform kills on specific enemies or complete a challenge in a specific way, the most annoying misc trophy was in the Episode 10 DLC, the one for using the BBQ on the Vampiricorn 3 times, he rarely wanted to repair the BBQ for me to perform the ultra kill on him, it took a lot of waiting around until he decided to fix it for me to perform 3 ultra kills on him. I will add a final note mentioning that the PSNProfiles guide for this game is rather lackluster regarding information about getting platinum cups. The guide writer has given the game a "4/10" difficulty rating without earning the most difficult trophies on the game, which is always a negative sign and the description for the platinum cup trophy indicates a lack of knowledge on how to accumulate score. I would recommend TrueAchievements solutions for advice with trophies on this game.
  12. Until you provide evidence showing that you can 0 star a successful mission, a cheater removal team member is going to assume you have cheated. I've earned this platinum 4 times and never been able to get 0 stars in any mission, why would you even rig the missions like that anyway? You got 0 stars on 140 missions, so tell me which missions I could get 0 stars in and I'll gladly record video footage to show it is possible.
  13. I see you've edited the dispute... You can't get 0 stars in any S.T.A.R. Lab mission, the first star you get is always the star for completing the mission, the next 2 stars are optional objectives and required for the "World's Finest" trophy. If someone were to intentionally complete the missions with the minimum requirements they'd still get 240 stars in the mode, meaning that your trophy unlocked 140 missions late and somehow at your very last mission. I doubt this game has such severely glitched trophies that your trophy won't unlock in 140 missions but then conveniently unlocks on the final mission you need for the mode.
  14. Whoever reported this and mentioned Metahuman and Feel the Burn! being suspicious isn't very well educated on this game... The trophies really only unlock if you go back to the character select screen after you've done all the moves in practice mode... On both my PS4 stacks I did both of the trophies at the same time. But how do you explain the fact that 100 stars in S.T.A.R. Lab mode unlocked at the same time as completing all the missions? There are 240 different missions in that mode and you earn 1 star by default in each mission, meaning that even if you only 1 starred missions along the way you'd still get 100 stars naturally. It's strange it decided to glitch your 100 star trophy up until you did all 240 missions, then it fixed itself in the very last mission.
  15. I always find that interacting with someone who is stopping your boost will likely result in them being more motivated to come and screw up your boost. At least if you find them again you'll be able to get more easy kills on them