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  1. I wonder if any PS5 server shutdown will happen or be announced at a time where the PS5 is still difficult for people to order, my guess would be that Destruction All Stars will likely be the first server shutdown of a non-sports game on the PS5. Otherwise NBA 2K21 is guaranteed to shut on December 31st, 2022.

    1. StrickenBiged


      Why the guys who developed Blur and Project Gotham Racing, didn't lean more into their background is beyond me. 


      Is it officially part of the Destruction Derby franchise? I *think* Sony has the rights to that, don't they? If I'm right, then why the bloody hell didn't they make more of that when the game came out, it'd have done much better for its marketing...

    2. AihaLoveleaf


      Didn't realize how quickly these NBA 2K games go offline. Judging by how long it took people to plat NBA 2K19 you basically have to no-life the game from release and hope you make it in time. Crazy.

  2. Final Fantasy XIV is getting a much more insane trophy list on PS5 compared to what it was on PS4 and it even has DLC trophies on that list. Makes me wonder if The Elder Scrolls Online could end up changing the way it does trophies for its PS5 release in June.


    Here's the list for anyone curious:

  3. I see now, I guess in general the dwindling player base could well be caused by the shitty situation surrounding getting a PS5. Of course this game was a reward to people who own a PS5 and they needed something that would make PS5 owners satisfied in the line-up. However, I guess it's also unfortunate that not everyone could get a PS5 at the same time to play the game, I have a PS5 so it's not affecting me but surely this was a game that people playing the PS5 lottery were looking forward to playing once they got their hands on a console.
  4. Now if Sony didn't require people to own a PS5 to claim PS5 PS+ games maybe this game would have come back to life. Unfortunately due to that decision, people missed the ability to play this game in its prime because they spent a lot of time trying to get their hands on a PS5 without any success. I'll probably never play this game, but it's unfortunate for anyone who liked the look of it to have missed out due to being unable to get a PS5. This is what happens when they make games like this into PS5 exclusives before the PS5 became more widely available.
  5. It was shambolic to see that this platinum was unobtainable from November 2020 to April 2021, but it is great news to see that it got fixed in the end. If I ever want to play this game I do want it to be on the PS5, hopefully another trophy hasn't broken in this patch... For now PS5 trophies can't be cheated at all because CFW on the console doesn't exist and you can only copy your save file to the PS+ cloud, so someone couldn't force an impossible trophy to unlock on PS5 by cheating it, it's gonna be a few years until anyone does that. For now, anyone who earns a PS5 trophy is legitimate on that console, so to those who are questioning others who earned the trophies, know that the person you're questioning did find a legit way to earn the trophy.
  6. The PS4 was showcased in February 2013 and pre-orders were available at that time and I pre-ordered mine in July 2013 for the November 2013 release date and I got it on release with no issues. The PS5 got showcased in September 2020 for a November 2020 release and your pre-order window was a few minutes late at night at major retailers with every retailer's website crashing due to high traffic. Now it is April 2021 and people still have to go through the same shit that people who were trying to pre-order it in September 2020 were going through, but this time it's to order the limited stock from a retailer, I've been reliving this a bit myself because one of my friends now wants a PS5 but the stock has been extremely difficult to get, I've been a 2nd set of eyes to try and make sure they get their console the next time they're available. I find it sad that it's like this because I'm sure in April 2014 after the November 2013 release date of the PS4 you could walk into a store and see a PS4 on the shelves and go ahead and buy it. The PS5 distribution has been handled pretty terribly and nobody knows when a console will be possible to buy without refreshing the page hundreds of times and needing to add it into your cart within 3 seconds.


    I'm glad I secured my own console because although I don't care about the currently available exclusives or games on the console, it's better to have secured the console before one of those games comes out in-case it's tough to get the console by the time those games come around, aside from that I'll be improving my Elder Scrolls Online experience on June 8th with the enhanced edition. I'll give a big shout out to @StrickenBiged who managed to get a code for the BT shop's PS5 listing and he posted it onto this website to help a fellow member secure their console, there's no doubt in my mind that someone else who already has a PS5 would have decided to use the code to buy a 2nd PS5 and scalp the console on ebay to make a profit so it's a very selfless action to post the code so someone who desires a PS5 can get one. I hope it gets to @Cleggworth in one piece because he's the guy who claimed the code and has tried to order the console.

    1. PostalDudeRus



    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Who cares. i got mine day 1.  Plus theres a virus around, idk if you've been aware. Plus theres a component apparently that isnt easy to get that is in the ps5 itself. So whether you couod


      whether you could get it day 1 or not, there isnt a strong lineup of games anyways. 

    3. StrickenBiged


      Thanks for the shoutout. I agree that the launch could have been handled better, particularly by retailers. Covid-19, a global chip shortage affecting numerous industries, and humongous demand (the PS5 has already outsold the all-time sales of the Vita, Dreamcast and WiiU) meant that it was always going to be hard to get. 


      It's hard to think what Sony should or could have done though that couldn't just be gamed. Like requiring a valid PSN account when making the pre-order, but then people would just make numerous PSN accounts. Requiring the PSN account to be a certain age, but then you're just going to piss off newer fans... 


      The retailers are getting better though, and there are resources available to track stock. I used every working day for months. Eventually I caught a break and it alerted me to pre-order stock with, who were asking for people to email a particular email address to reserve a console. The page inviting people to email in was live for all of about 3 minutes. I sent my email as quick as I could and a week later they emailed me back to say that they had one for me, was I still interested? I said yes, I set up an account, a customer rep put the console bundle in my basket, and I checked out no problem.


      As you note, BT are doing a "register your interest" system too. Currys is doing a lottery system. If people know where to look, stock can be found. 


      Clarification: ... already outsold the all-time sales of the Vita, Dreamcast and WiiU in the UK.

  7. The only thing keeping me on PlayStation at the moment is The Elder Scrolls Online because all my progress is on PSN for that game. If it ever gets cross save then I'd gladly move my account over to PC or even Xbox and continue playing there. It'll sure hurt to have to renew PS+ to keep playing the game but it's whatever. I would say a lot of PlayStation gamers hate Sony for their recent decisions but as long as they keep the networks running on legacy consoles for the foreseeable future it's not the end of the world. 

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    2. Crispy_Oglop


      People will get over it in time. How they managed the shut down is questionable. It's less about keeping an antique alive and more about making sure the games that were available on it are accessed through current generation platform tech.

    3. Sergen


      Actually I'm more upset with the fact that Sony did this behind the backs of vita devs. Surely they knew the store was going to be shut before they sold Lillymo games their vita dev kit but they still went through with it anyway. Aside from that the PS3 and vita are having major issues with installing patches for games and allowing people to download their digital content off their download lists. It's concerning that these things are happening now because some day they might be permanent issues that Sony sweeps under the rug and never decides to fix. 

    4. starcrunch061


      I think that, at Sony, often the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. I'm not trying to shill for them; what they did to small Vita devs is embarrassing, and should be a lesson to other indie devs to deal carefully with Sony in the future.


      But I wouldn't be surprised if the department that sold the Vita kits to Lillymo was just as clueless as the rest of us that the store was shutting down. I just feel like Sony is fairly disorganized at the top, and often succeeds in spite of itself.

  8. At least on this website is a gaming session with an experienced player who is offering help to others: hopefully it's not shady business and the help is genuine, maybe it's worth checking that out.
  9. Sony is such a sensitive topic on this website that even your April Fools joke will be removed within minutes so people don't create a shit storm and bombard a thread with negative opinions about the company. Someone made a topic stating that Sony was gonna stop supporting trophies on PS3 and vita in January 2022, but it was an intentional April Fools prank, I found it funny but I guess a lot of people on this website would be rubbed the wrong way by it.

    1. kingdrake2


      it was a bad one imo. first they take away our games. if they tried to pull that stunt it would be the grinch stealing christmas all over again.

    2. Sergen


      To be fair, whenever Sony decides to pull this stunt, they won't be generous enough to give us a 9 month in advance warning, going by what they've done with the stores we'll be lucky if it's even half that time whenever they announce it.

  10. It looks like the DLC that is necessary for 100% on the trophy list is part of the Velvet GOTY edition for this game. Based on the description on the store it says that it has the "Pirates of the Flying Fortress" and the multiplayer packs. I actually managed to find a retail copy of this version for £3.50 at Cex. In your case, ebay USA has the retail version of it for $15: so don't feed Sony with your money for this one when you can get a cheaper copy from ebay .
  11. The day has finally come for ZOS to actually upgrade this game to the next generation of consoles! This might mean that the game will also get a stack for the trophy list with no trophy list cap and hopefully those trophies will also autopop because the game will allow you to use your existing PS4 characters on the PS5 upgrade version. More of the generic info about all that crap to do with game performance is here for anyone interested: To any of you who have the plat/100%, make sure you actually have the characters that fulfilled the in-game achievement still, I'm sure that's how the autopopping will work if it has a stack for the trophy list, by tracking your trophies done through in-game achievements earned on the character. Every trophy on the game has an achievement that also unlocks. Of course the most important thing to those of you who don't want to look at the linked article is that the upgrade is available for "free" to anyone who bought the PS4 version previously, this also applies to the retail version of the game if you have a PS5 with a disc drive, no additional purchase required to get this upgrade for the PS5.
  12. Microsoft: buys massive game studios for billions of dollars to try and enhance their studio and increase their resources.


    Sony: steals money from indie studios who bought vita dev kits.

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    2. Masamune


      Honestly I'll be surprised if Sony doesn't get sued over pulling that crap. <_< At the very least, developers should have a years warning before getting the rug pulled from underneath them like that. :facepalm:

    3. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Microsoft: still have a lot to prove and make up for after the absolute joke that was the Xbox One from start to finish and it's rubbish business practices and game design logic that it still continues to this day


      Sony: continue the cycle of falling a bit from grace at the start of a new generation after reigning supreme in the previous one

    4. MidnightDragon


      If you have such a problem with it, vote with your wallet. Posting status updates every few hours complaining about it isn’t going to help.

  13. It looks like a lot of game developers have built in video game preservation for their PS3 games. Quite a lot of what I've been looking to get before the store shutdown has a disc copy of the game that includes all the DLC, we're kinda fortunate that at least on the PS3 most games are retail and they didn't start pushing digital content too much. Most of the digital games on the PS3 are short 100% games that I have no interest in, of course I can imagine that any complete editions on PS3 where the DLC is on the disc will skyrocket in price because that's gonna be the only way to get the DLC after July 2nd if you didn't previously buy it.

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      I'm personally not upset if Store gets closed, but Sony is trying really hard to get asshole of the year award. Selling development kit when you plan to shutdown store is very low.  

    3. kingdrake2


      i'm doubtful anyone can top that award this year. it's even worse than what EA has done.

    4. MidnightDragon


      I do wonder if Sony will be in the most hated company in America list for 2022, though.

      2021 or 2022*

  14. Starblood Arena and Drawn to Death had a bigger notice for their server shutdowns than the PSN Store shutdown for PS3 and vita, that shows how little Sony respects their previous console generation.

    1. enaysoft


      I wished they'd announced it as early as when they took down being able to buy off the PC store.

      I mean 2-3 months to save up enough money to buy all the games you need in advance, who on earth has all that money right now?


      Especially with constant sales for over a year during Covid on PS4, most of us already have huge backlogs in games already...

  15. Microsoft: 1 year announcement for the server shutdown of Halo games that have already been remastered for Xbox One.

    Sony: 3 month announcement for entire PSN store shutdown on the PS3.

    1. charxsetsuna


      Yeah a years warning would have been nice, if not for us but also for the vita devs.

    2. B1rvine


      Isn't it August 27th? That would be a 5 month notice, not a 3 month notice. It's unfortunate for sure, but an acceptable notice to me. 


      Anyway, any recommendations that are digital only titles I may have missed? Someone should probably start a thread with these.

    3. Sergen


      The vita notice is going to be August 27th, on PS3 you have until July 2nd. Most of what I've looked into buying for myself tends to not have DLC or the DLC is on the game disc and fortunately for PS3 most games are physical without requiring the DLC to get trophies.