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  1. I don't think he minds considering he's responsible for flagging around 5000 people on this website by manually reporting them himself hahahaha.
  2. I'm sure @MMDE said to PM him if anyone has any games on their list with suspicious timestamps that you can't report, since he can report them. The person who made this dispute has a fully hidden trophy list but I'm going to assume they did the classic Spec Ops within seconds trophy hack for Modern Warfare 2 and I feel that anyone who has already hidden the game/their entire trophy list should have their dispute thread closed.
  3. I wasn't sure if the question was regarding PS3/PS4 transfers. However, it's good to know that it works for PS3 versions. However, for the OP, I recommend not getting the Ultimate Edition on PS3 if you want to get the trophies, because on the vanilla version you can delete the game patch, which makes AI opponents easier to defeat on PS3, thus making The Max and Impossible Battle in Battle Mode a lot easier, I heard you can just spam , with Hawkgirl with the unpatched PS3 version to do most battles much easier on the game. Of course, if you want to enjoy the game, get the Ultimate Edition but by looking at your trophies, you seem to care quite a lot about getting plats.
  4. I was thinking you wanted to share a save resigner with the "edit" in the title. However, no there's not a save transfer between versions, the Ultimate Edition is pretty much like a GOTY edition, all DLC is included but saves will not be compatible with each other.
  5. Considering he's saying he offers a legit trophy shop, I wouldn't hold it against him that he does that, if people are willing to pay for it then they're the ones who should be held accountable, not the sellers. In answer to the question, it's alright to have a blank user and sync trophies to your PSN account, as long as the timestamps aren't in an impossible order. If you were to create a user on a console that never connected to the internet and earned trophies then you would get "missing timestamp" and that cannot be replaced.
  6. Your premium membership shows up on your PSN profile, just be patient and it should show up on your forum profile soon, I don't think a premium membership goes through instantly, I'd probably have waited longer before making a thread.
  7. I see what's wrong with the Injustice. But when you're not here to dispute but rather admit that you were in the wrong and that you'll hide it, there's no reason to make a dispute thread. A dispute thread is for whoever feels that they're innocent to provide an argument that helps themselves get unflagged for the game, because that hasn't happened here, you just need to do what you said in your opening post.
  8. I never tried the vita version, I won't invest money in a product that is broken like that game, just to try to prove to trophy hunters that it may be "possible". Now I'm thinking the trophy for doing all missions on Normal speed for that game MIGHT be possible, but with a PS TV and the best luck in the world and a ton of skill, however I doubt any trophy hunter will legitimately do it or prove they did it. The first person I saw with NGS2+ platinum, I found that their Street Fighter IV was also hacked so I managed to report that and get them flagged, luckily they never decided to hide it to remain in the NGS2+ platinum club, this was before vita reporting was available. If I took advantage of every glitch on Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and attempted a platinum run again, I'd be able to get the plat in either less than 2 days or a take a bit more than 2 days, 2 days, 9 hours was a time I got when I decided to not cheat any element of the game, since I wanted my first platinum speed run to be a fully clean one. I wouldn't want to consider spending as much time as I have tried learning NGS2 to attempt getting the platinum for NGS2+, it's not worth it in my opinion.
  9. Rarity isn't often equal to difficulty. The fact that Crash 1 is the first in the series means that people would rather do them all in order, some people could have done Crash 1, started Crash 2 and got bored and decided they'll leave it until later, but I've also heard the games all sync at 0% automatically regardless of which one you start, so everyone who started Crash 1 on disc will also have Crash 2 and 3 at 0% on their trophy list and some of them probably didn't bother to delete the 0%. Also, by not playing it you never know if something might come along that makes people think Crash 2 is harder than Crash 1.
  10. I've never been a victim of a modded lobby before, but personally I'd have liked some form of security if a game I play does end up having this issue and I'm caught up in it. I never want to have to hide trophies or lose out on having a platinum because of an issue that wasn't my fault, I can sympathise with people that it happens to. By flagging people for things that happen in these games, you're essentially telling them to stop playing multiplayer games, since every game has a risk of this happening. I know it's not our site, however where would the website be without any of us? Many of us got a premium membership, we contribute to the discussion on the forums, we visit very often. Without any of the people who take this website seriously and support it, the website very likely wouldn't be here, that is why I believe it is in the best interests to support what the majority of your members believe in, even if it's not something that you personally agree with.
  11. Now the issue is with what seems like joining a modded lobby and having the trophies unlock automatically. Unfortunately that won't get you unflagged, you will need to hide this game from your trophy list to have a chance of being allowed back onto the leaderboards.
  12. I'll just leave my honest opinion of this. I don't think Injustice was hacked on his trophy list because you can still get very close to level 100 with the grind method. He could have used the method but done it with a turbo controller or got bored while trying it without one, but anyway... He could have just stopped shortly before level 100, of course it's hard to know how much XP you're gonna get but I can say I've also stopped grinding games prematurely thinking I'd be done, or thinking "the rest of the game will be enough for me to finish off that grind". You don't exactly need to stick around to get level 100. Flagging is for impossible timestamps and it's not impossible to get close to level 100 and get it 27 minutes after 200 online matches, considering the fast XP method gives around 2million XP in 30 minutes, it's not impossible for him to have done that method for a short time while being close to level 100. Some people aren't looking into the fact that you can grind games and leave, it's not like you need to do the whole grind in one sitting, people sometimes don't have the time to do that.
  13. @zzJACKEDBEASTzz (or people like him) is a reason why I did try to propose the idea of not letting people who hadn't played the game comment on disputes. But anyway, I know you can prepare it to a degree, but because the dispute said something about "taking turns with each other" with his brother, I wanted to see exactly what method was used. That's a completely wrong boosting method unless this guy learned a new way to grind to level 100 by taking turns boosting. I know you can prepare getting close, maybe a few matches away but still, it'll be interesting to know exactly how it was done.
  14. Yeah, I think WipEout HD can be lifted, nothing really seems out of the ordinary there, but I'd wait for what he has to say about Injustice.
  15. I say instead of implementing a system that removes the report options for the games, the flagging team should simply be aware of these games and avoid flagging any people who are victims of modded trophies in game lobbies. Remember, this website tries to emulate what Sony's Terms and Conditions prohibit, the T's & C's don't say anything along the lines of "avoid modded lobbies that unlock your trophies, you have a chance of being banned for participating in them", now of course you can say "some people do hack the games, they'll just blame it on this", so what? If they intend to hack trophies on their profile, they'll probably make a mistake down the line on a non-whitelisted game and get caught. If Sony and any game developers for games that this happens to don't care that it happens, PSNP shouldn't take the responsibility of trying to punish the people who are the victims. Not everyone is thinking instinctively "Omg, I need to delete these trophies, I'll be flagged on PSNP if I don't", people would instinctively think to look at their trophies and sometimes they're in Online mode, or the game will sync when they try to view the trophy list from the XMB. I do believe instead of manually implementing a white-list to the games, the games should just be disputable or the reports should be ignored if the trophy unlocks are similar to cases of auto-popped trophies in modded lobbies. I believe the reason for not implementing your white-list is likely a thought process of "we flagged way too many people for this already, it's going to be impossible to undo all the flags", but I believe if a white-list in the form of ignoring reports of the nature or allowing people to dispute the flags in the dispute threads should allow for previously flagged people who care about having the game on their to list dispute it. People's excuse tends to often be "Well... it'll take away from people who did it all legit", none of you people say that about games that have glitches discovered after people already spent a long time grinding before the glitches. It's perfectly fine to join a trophy world on Minecraft where someone else has done all the work to prepare you for a fast platinum, but it's not okay to join a lobby on a popular online game and have trophies unlocked for you when your intention wasn't to join and have that happen to you. A majority of members who checked out this thread left a vote that would support the white-listing of these games, I do feel that it would be beneficial to support what the majority of members indicated interest in. I can understand that it would take time and effort to implement a white-list manually, so the dispute idea is what I personally would like to propose and be ignored for.