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  1. In some cases spamming Ultra Rare trophy games is no better than being someone who spams Ratalaika platinums. Some of the UR games people are on that same difficulty level, they are just a boost or mundane grind that a lot of the average people who boot up those games don't want to bother doing. The only difference here is that Ratalaika spammers will move from game to game padding up their platinum trophy stat whereas UR trophy hunters often stay confined to the same game for extended periods to pad up their "Ultra Rare" trophy stat. Most UR games aren't difficult so it's not impressive whatsoever for me to see a profile that is 90% boosting shitty games for a stat that won't exist forever. I of course have partaken in this activity, myself with UR trophies, so I speak from the perspective that it was tiresome and ruined gaming for me at the time, thinking of the next garbage game I could do to play for rarity. Someone might say "now look at him doing ESO for the 2nd time" but regarding ESO I've played it for over 4000 hours without the trophy incentive, so moving onto the superior PS5 version required me to start the 2nd list and of course I wasn't gonna leave it incomplete. 


    At the end of the day, I'm not shitting on anyone's choice of trophy hunting games, in-fact the reason I make this status update is because I see plenty of UR trophy hunters shit on Ratalaika spammers for getting a shit ton of easy plats, you're no better spamming a shit ton of easy games that just so happen to have a lot of UR trophies either. 

    1. grimydawg___


      Now what lmao.

    2. kevao97


      lucid statement, I agree 🙂I say this in the position of someone who has done binary domain challenges twice, and far cry 2 simultaneously... In Space We Brawl was one of the most mentally draining things I've ever done, and there's still the ps4 version to finish... behavior which is no different from the criticism of EZPZ spammers, just different motivations

  2. I now have 100% in every DLC pack for The Elder Scrolls Online on PS5!!! I made DLC my priority because whenever I work on a game I always like to have 100% on the trophy list when I get the platinum. I'd guess it took me over 250 hours to 100% all the DLC and this was with every advantage I had available to myself, I have nearly 2100 champion points, characters already leveled up with all the important skill lines and morphs maxed out and I had enough skill points to setup any kind of build I wanted. 


    I've mixed up my build options this time. Firstly I started off with the dungeon trophies, in the past these were a big struggle for me because the group DPS was crap and we weren't the highest level. This time however I did most boss fights with ease and without any group member dying or at the very least we barely needed to restart an entire boss fight because people in the group would always stay alive long enough to see it to the end. Some feats I accomplished this time were being able to get the "Fungi Free" trophy without a single fungi mushroom spawning, although this trophy was renowned for being difficult due to those mushrooms covering a lot of ground. Cooling Your Heels this time around was okay for me too, I knew the optimal way to get across the map, initially I wanted to try a carry method where I'd stay behind in the dungeon and let the rest of my group 3 player it without me, fortunately that method didn't work so you do have to actually traverse across the entire map until the very end without touching lava. Other dungeon trophies were brainless and only required a Veteran difficulty clear, something I did a lot of times without the trophy incentive. 


    This run of the trophies has been my redemption arc, because when I first played the game on PS4 in 2019, I skipped the dialogue for quests to get through them as quickly as possible, this was due to doing the game with a group of players who were also making that progress, I thought that playing the quests as intended would make me fall behind if they were levelling up and grinding gear without me. Now as the only person working on the trophies and being independently responsible for my progress I am glad to be able to take my time with it, as far as questing went I didn't skip any of the zone stories in the DLC and asked further questions to the NPCs and tried to immerse myself in this wonderful world. I can say that a lot of the plots of these zone stories are excellent, you get to see many different types of lore and no two DLC zones feel the same. The DLC exploration of the open world was more vast and impressive than 2011's Skyrim, yet a lot of trophy hunters like to miss out on this experience due to being afraid of the trophies for ESO. You're doing yourself a disservice if you call yourself an Elder Scrolls fan without trying to experience this in some way. 


    Playing this version of the game has given me a reason to try out other builds, this time I've adopted using the Necromancer class, a class that didn't exist when I initially started my journey on PS4, now I've gotten the opportunity to use it to its full potential and see how strong it can be for taking on all the Veteran dungeons in the game. My other play style was mainly for the open world, I've been using a Nightblade due to their ability to turn invisible, the invisibility saved me a lot of times when I could spam it to get past enemies without fighting them because ESO is a game that halts progression if you're stuck in combat with enemies so it's better to avoid unnecessary fights. Some of the world boss fights are tough to solo, but for the most part people who are in the same zone as you will be there and willing to help you take those bosses down, however when I was soloing these bosses it sure helped to use a Companion, an ally that you can now pick up in Blackwood that assists with various tasks you need to perform. My companion is Bastian Hallix who I've turned into a decent tank, he can stand there and take the attention of a world boss away from me, allowing me to kill it with ease because he's a distraction. As for dungeon content the companion dies to every single mechanic that is meant to 1 hit kill an unaware group so it's not recommended to take him into those, there's no substitute for a real human who knows their role. 


    As far as the platinum is concerned, I've earned Master Fisher and Emperor so the two daunting tasks are done in that regard. I think I can platinum the game in 2-3 weeks from now, most of what I need is quests in the base game zones, I'll continue this story and see what the world has to offer from now on. 


    A huge thank you to @VirtualNight and @Darkette who were incredibly helpful with most of the Veteran dungeon content, without them it would have made my decision to start the game on PS5 a lot more difficult because going into it as a damage dealer on your own is a recipe for disaster. A damage dealer's dungeon queue is terrible, sometimes you wait over an hour for a group and then the group can still turn out horrendously and get nothing done with you. 


    The most difficult trophy in the entire game now in my opinion is Vateshran Hollows Conqueror for completing that arena on Veteran. Too many things kill you in 1-2 hits there and you get overwhelmed easily if your damage isn't high enough, even with a Pale Order Ring which healed me for 20% of my damage done it was still very tight to complete it, at least with a Necromancer instead of Templar. 


    I'll have more to say when I do have the platinum. 

  3. One of the only forum changes in the last 5 years has been the fact that you must now be signed into your forum account on this website in order to view dispute threads. I guess that lessens the likelihood of trophy hunters shit talking various people that end up making a dispute when they've got to be signed in to view the thread, a lot of people would rather incognito view a dispute thread without being shown as a recent visitor of it. 

    1. Dreggit


      you can technically still view a thread without needing to visit it, just in limited capacity

  4. A few people remained loyal and pushy towards the owners of in order to see them change from their retro 2005 forum look to something more modern. Now the site overhaul has been around for months, maybe even a whole year and it looks absolutely dreadful, much worse than the previous look to the point that I rarely go on that website at all anymore. Trophy guides don't have the trophy image anymore, the text is all over the place, sometimes the information about a specific trophy is under the wrong trophy. 


    Their forum was already dying a long time ago with hardly any activity on the threads, I think that PSNP has it beat in every way now and a lot of the members that used to use PST use this website instead to talk to the trophy community. It used to be renowned as the best place to view trophy guides and the most competitive place to publish a trophy guide, I'm sure 6 years ago if Red Dead Redemption 2 was released there'd have been over 5 people writing their own full trophy guide for it hoping theirs is the chosen one, now however nobody on their website was interested in writing a guide independently so they had to ask the whole community to chip in for a collaborative effort in writing the guide.


    Trophy websites overall aren't here for the long haul, I've seen many of them go down and die completely. So while everything is looking up for PSNP, eventually it might have the same fate as all the other trophy websites that came before it. 


    1. kindajustin


      PST site overhaul went live last November. I remember finding the No Man's Sky guide on that site really confusing which pushed me to look for other sites. Two weeks later I made an account here lol.

  5. No point suggesting anything to this website. You'll never see another quality of life feature added, all suggestions fall on deaf ears. The only implementations that will come in the future are those that are necessary for the future financial success of the website, otherwise features that might enhance the tracking experience for members that aren't going to aid in any financial benefit to the website won't be looked into by the site owner. What you see is what you'll always get, there's nothing else to it so unfortunately you'll have to stick to always doing the research on other websites regarding finding out whether a trophy is unobtainable or not.
  6. I respect someone more for playing the game for fun for 10 freaking hours compared to hearing that an entitled trophy hunter has tried to boost the game for 10 freaking hours.
  7. Boosting, debug menus and glitches for trophies are what I like to call forms of "acceptable cheating" because you are knowingly cheating when you employ one of these methods to earn a trophy, but there are no consequences on a trophy website when you earn trophies using one of those methods. This is not me being a gate keeper or shitting on anyone for doing these methods, I haven't used a debug menu for trophies but I've boosted and used glitches that make the game easier, I am just aware that those things weren't intended by the game and I exploited them to get through the game quicker.


    I do however find it funny when someone who uses a debug menu to auto-unlock an entire platinum without playing the game properly is also an elitist who tries to tell people that what they've done is "cheating". The people who cheated FUEL and SOCOM with a save file in 2010 probably had the same mindset as people who used a debug menu for Jak II platinum on PS4, thinking that what they were doing would get them quick and easy trophies when no trophy website was punishing them for doing it. Maybe some day a new trophy website will surface and decide it's worth flagging people for using the debug menus for some of these games to earn the trophies within seconds.

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    2. AJ_Radio


      Anyone who started trophy hunting years ago and does the hobby on a regular basis has done some form of "acceptable cheating".


      I consider using the Orb exploit in Jak II and Jak 3 to be "acceptable cheating", and people have known about it for about a decade now.


      I'm sure everybody who posted on this status update has done some form of exploit, boosting or using glitches to get trophies. I know for a fact that @Sergen himself has done it multiple times with various games on his account.

    3. VirtualNight


      I doubt any future trophy website will ever go that elitist regarding what is allowed and what not, even if it does then it will never be popular. And pretty much anybody who gets mad at things like exploits or debug menu is just a dickhead; I'd say it's wrong to use glitches/exploits in multiplayer modes where you ruin people's fun (things like going inside walls to kill people from there and such), but if they do not disturb another human's gameplay then I don't see what is the problem. I don't think I will ever use a debug menu since I still want to play what I play, but I don't care at all if someone else uses it.


      This forum used to have a massive dickhead, an idiot playing the "advocate of legitimatecy" or some bullshit like that, hopefully he got banned for that and nobody who knows him could like him.

    4. AJ_Radio


      I'm curious to know who that was.

  8. Anyone who has taken their time to help trophy hunters for free with trophies after already earning the trophy themselves deserves some respect. However trophy hunters like to twist the motives of this person and say "that guy is only doing it to get a higher reputation to fuel his ego". Whether or not that's the case, the fact of the matter is that the person decided to use up their free time to help trophy hunters with trophies, by all means if they want to get a better reputation in the community I'd say they deserve that much. The trophy community isn't worth much respect to begin with when people feel entitled to such free help and send you hateful messages for refusing them. It's because of this that I have gone from one of those people who used to boot up games for strangers to see them get the trophy for free to being someone who leaves their conversation the moment they try to get that out of me. 



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sergen


      Yes I've been on the receiving end of those comments many times myself when I was helping people with the team missions on Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. 

    3. kindajustin


      That's actually pretty funny because in any other real world scenario, the people saying that sort of thing just sound like a jackass.

      Doctors who help people for free are almost always doing it for reputation/experience, and I've never heard them catch shit for that sort of thing.

    4. AJ_Radio


      I spent five entire hours after I earned the last trophy in Red Dead Redemption 1 to help other people with Advanced Co-op missions. That is a living fact.


      I have one more PS3 game I'm going to boost (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood), then it's on to PS4. Sadly, I haven't had much luck with Brotherhood.

  9. When you think trophy guides on this website and their origins, you'd think that the first guides would be Uncharted, God of War, GTA IV, but nope... Brace yourself because the first ever published guide on this website was the Rapala Bro Bass Fishing - 'True Legend' Guide!!! To think some dead fishing game that hardly any of you have played is what started the guide system for this website, talk about humble beginnings. 

    1. starcrunch061


      In (some) regards to that, I think that people here enjoy writing guides for random shit, and while the guides won't win any year-end rewards, it's generally more rewarding than posting a guide on other sites.


      For example, I've had a strange urge to write a guide for Sengoku Musou 3-Z, a Warriors game that wasn't released in the US, and is on the PS3. I doubt anyone would care, but the guide writing mechanics here are so easy, and I love the game. 

  10. It's official now. The battlegrounds search says "Deathmatch Only" on it and the in-game Triple Threat achievement wasn't changed at all so at least until November it's not going to be possible for new people to earn this trophy. @HuntingFever it is worth adding this to your thread on!
  11. Not a single trophy will auto-unlock. The trophy becomes locked forever on the character if it has earned the achievement, you will need more than 1 character in order to stack the trophies, the trophies on the game only unlock when the achievement notification shows up in-game.
  12. Remember that if you use a trophy website for its intended purpose: posting about trophies you've earned in great detail then someone's probably gonna link your post to a trophy hunting discord server to try and get people to call you a bragger or show off. There's no winning in the trophy community so be yourself and forget what anyone else says. 

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    2. Danny_Johansen


      You don't have to post it either. Just by earning a trophy they will discuss in great details on how you have a superiority complex.

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. AJ_Radio


      Avoid Discord. Mostly trolls and griefers invest that place.

  13. Don't worry about hackers because if it has been a while since you reached rank 50 then they won't be able to make your trophies look cheated when they randomly unlock rank 100 for you. However you don't have "Run Like The Wind" so that might be a problem if they give you a bounty and you survive it.
  14. I will put this out there that I'm perfectly fine with how a person might want to express themselves to me, if your hobby or form of expression is legal in the western world then I have no qualms with it. You can be LGBTQ+, any race, any religion, however I'd appreciate that if you want to talk to me you don't make it political because you've only met me on a trophy website so that kind of discussion isn't really relevant to me. I've met many bigots in trophy hunting, the kinds of people who will bash a certain religion, hate on gay or trans people and all in all act toxic about aspects of a person that they likely can't control. I don't consider your form of expression relevant to your gaming activity. However, I do find it kind of awkward if a trophy hunter I've never met decides to open up about something very personal to them because I don't know the person and feel like I'm walking on eggshells if I decide to chime in on something and say the wrong thing. 


    I see various people say they don't feel accepted in this community and there are downers here that ruin it for the shy and reserved people. I will say to those people that I accept you and I wouldn't want to make anyone feel not welcome if they're just trying to get by and discuss something they're enjoying. 


    Sometimes I've made troll comments, nobody is perfect however that to me was all in good fun and I take none of it personally so I hope you didn't take it personally either if you knew me in the past. I will say that I rightfully rubbed many people the wrong way and some of the mods of the website have talked to me privately to say "I was so close to giving you a warning point for this" after the incident had passed. However now I get on well with most people here and it's good to use my profile to post random shit sometimes just to vent or give people obscure facts about the hobbies you all signed up for on this website. 


    Right now I have a clean record of no warning points, which is a huge miracle because if I'm being honest some people who were less controversial than my past self have even been banned from this website. I guess I got good RNG with the mods that had to respond to any reports against my posts on this website. 

  15. Definitely not an easy trophy, if you're trying it as a new player for the first time then you'll get absolutely steam rolled by all the try-hards that play Battlegrounds. This is an MMO where your build really counts a lot in terms of getting trophies. As of now the mode is random and can take hours to appear for even 1 attempt at the trophy, when I was new I took around 5 attempts to get the trophy in the mode and that was back when I could specifically look for the mode. Last month I needed to get either Crazy King or Deathmatch to show up in Battlegrounds for the opportunity to get the 3k score trophy on PS5, it took me 7 hours of trying to get the mode to spawn before I could get it. Your stats in every match you play if you try to rush it will genuinely be 0 kills, 10 deaths, you'll feel like you're doing nothing to anyone because you won't know how the game works at all.