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  1. Most Valuable Combatant and Triple Threat are trophies in the Morrowind DLC update and they can be earned without owning any DLC because the Battlegrounds game mode was added in that patch and is available to everyone. I couldn't recommend anything more than the ESO+ subscription, you get everything except Summerset and Elsweyr with it and the craft bag helps massively with inventory management, I don't know where I'd be without it.
  2. The funny thing is, it has happened officially on a PS4 game with online now 😐:
  3. I've played The Elder Scrolls Online for over 200 hours and no game that I have worked on for trophies has ever been this way for me personally... I am nowhere near attaining 100% on the trophy list, but I have not felt at all like I have spent that much time on the game as there's still so much to learn. A lot of activities that haven't directly benefited trophies have taken up my time, as I have leveled up 2 characters to level 50, one Sorcerer and one Templar. Currently the Templar is my main character, as nothing on the game has posed much difficulty thus far, but my sorcerer is basically the back-up in-case any solo aspects of this game prove to be too much for a Templar.


    I've done everything that requires Cyrodiil, but that's the only zone I have completed everything for, but it is the largest zone with the most skyshards, caves and dark anchors and it's the place where the dreaded Emperor trophy must be earned. I've sold all my Perfect Roe that I acquired from fishing to random people in the game and made over 100,000 doing that, it's an item you have a 1% chance of acquiring from filleting the fish you catch, the amount people are willing to pay for this item truly shows how much the community hates the boredom that comes with fishing.


    I've been grinding killing zombies in locations where a lot of them can spawn as this is good for the gear they drop that can be sold or deconstructed at the various crafting stations, it is also good for getting some XP. Early on while working on this game I avoided getting above level 50 until I was done with Cyrodiil so I could stay in Kyne which is the below level 50 server and the most dead server on the game, meaning there's less risk going to most places on the map. After doing everything in Cyrodiil I am glad I have the opportunity to use the Crown Jubilee Cake, which grants 100% extra XP.


    I have amassed over 3000 of each bait type for fishing, I just haven't been fishing with it yet because the XP for my champion levels is more important, I'm champion 235 at the moment but hope to increase that in the near future as those champion points help out with the difficult aspects of the game.


    It's a great game that many people have avoided out of fear for the trophies, but I'm personally not worried about what lies ahead as I will remain persistent and finish it some day, it is an incredibly popular game so a server shutdown is out of the question for the time being. 99% of the community I've encountered has been friendly with little toxicity from people around me, I look forward to how the journey can continue.

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    2. re_panos


      How difficult and time consuming was it to become the Emperor while under 50 level? From all the digging around I have done, it seems like an immensely time consuming trophy. One guy in particular slept 2 hours a day, while grinding the rest of the 22 hours.

    3. Spaz


      200 hours is nothing. 


      I poured 8000 - 10000 hours into Runescape and around 1000 - 2000 hours into World of Warcraft. 


      200 hours, while long by platinum trophy standards, is rather short because of how the MMO genre is designed.

    4. Paul


      You will succeed in your trophy endeavors. Keep up the good work! 

  4. Why would you leave the online that was finished for a game unsynced for that long?
  5. One of my friends who had the trophy before me was helping me with some of it, but that alone wouldn't be enough... The amount of people in my group both times I attempted a push in my successful week was around 12 people, I got added by a French guy who was helping people for a long time with the trophy and they contributed about 5 people to my push. The majority of the help you're gonna get as a new person to the game will be from people who are actively playing as your alliance in the week you attempt the trophy.
  6. I do find it kind of funny how you're complaining about this, yet you've done the NRS games that are much easier than their prequel. You still have time to love the grind by playing Injustice: Gods Among Us and Mortal Kombat 9, if you want your grind fix from NRS games. I can tell you that MKX was complete pleasure in comparison to both of those.
  7. This discussion is irrelevant to the thread. It's gonna take me longer to do Killzone 3 than it took me to do Killzone 2, since I've not bothered to get back to that game yet. Gran Turismo 5 only unlocks trophies after you return to the main menu, he could have continued doing licenses in one sitting then gone back to the main menu when he didn't need to do much in the S License... The dispute is for Borderlands 2 on PS4, sure it's fine to look at his list because it's public but bringing this shit up as an excuse to keep him flagged is trying to look for any excuse to keep him flagged. The rest of his list looks clean so far, if he hacked other games that don't have modded lobbies I wouldn't be here trying to help.
  8. I started PVP as soon as I got level 10, but did some Battlegrounds matches for AP in the week prior, to get enough AP to buy all the stuff you need for the war.
  9. In my successful week, I got it the day after reset, on reset day I played it for around 15 hours and got a good enough head start to sleep on, then on the next day it took about 10 hours to end up pushing for the title. In the week that I failed, I didn't play too much because it was clear to me that my alliance was dead, so I was mainly watching YouTube videos and watching the map in-case people started to give a fuck. I'll say that surprisingly the game improved my sleeping pattern, since you need to wake up in the morning to play exactly when the leaderboards reset and you need to wake up in the morning to hopefully have people online and helping. Normally if an Emperor doesn't happen by Tuesday the following week, it is unlikely that a push will happen in your alliance, so you might as well relax and wait for the next reset. I had to change my alliance to a different one because I lost hope in the first alliance I picked due to them being inactive, but currently they're very active and have had full domination of the map a couple of times since I got the trophy.
  10. The fact that flagged members are referred to as "cheaters removed" means that is what this website will label him as. I don't recommend him to hide the game yet, wait for someone in the flagging team to leave their verdict first.
  11. The way you can get AP on the game while the server is purely dead is to buy door and wall repair kits from a siege merchant that is at your alliance's gate (indicated by the icon on the map) and go to every keep that your alliance controls, then repair the doors and walls there. If your alliance has no keeps taken, which was the case in my successful week then you'll have to type "Lfg" into the zone chat on the game and see if anyone wants you to join their group. I also stalked the map a lot to see if anything was going down, if it was then I traveled to that spot to try to help my alliance. There's a good chance that if you play more than everyone else, it won't be the same people who help you take resources while the server is dead, so you can get a lead on people. The thing you have to watch out for is whether people in your alliance are good enough to solo resources, if they are then you need to locate them quickly and follow them to the next resource they're going to take. My friend who got the trophy a week after me was being destroyed on the AP leaderboard, but because it was a below level 50 server, the #1 person ended up leveling out of the server, which put my friend at #1 and then they just had to wait for the next push. If you are comfortably ahead in AP, that'd be the time to try to get a group together to take all the 6 inner keeps. A few of the people who helped me were people intent on getting the trophy but because I had such a big head start, they had no choice but to help me, because their friends who also wanted the trophy wouldn't want the score gap to increase too much. I let someone catch me up after I got the trophy and he was the next in my alliance to get emperor, so it's good to have people like that on board in your alliance, but since a lot of alliances have people who take the game seriously, it's recommended not to tell people that your only intention is to get the trophy.
  12. I feel like that has no relevancy to the dispute, trophy hunting on PSN isn't the only way people could make friends on the platform. I got helped by a big group of people on The Elder Scrolls Online with my Emperor push, hardly any of those people had a single platinum to their name, but I trusted their help and got the trophy in the end.
  13. People have been given the benefit of the doubt on GTA V, where simply deleting your user on the PS3 won't delete the trophies from your account, since any time you load up GTA V again you'd auto-unlock those trophies due to the stats being tied to the servers. PS4 trophies syncing automatically prevented him from even having the opportunity to delete anything. I am not only thinking about the things that skin_it_up has said today, I'm thinking about the things people can say in the future. This dispute is the beginning of PS4 modded lobbies, the decision today decides if the clueless and innocent people who search for a lobby on Borderlands 2 will be flagged for this, not only him. The flagging has to be consistent and any method deemed worthy of a flag has to apply to everyone who has the situation occur to them. His honestly in admitting that his friend helped him will likely be his downfall, but if his friend can host a lobby like that privately, I'm sure he can also do it publicly.
  14. A key factor here is that he's a victim of a PS4 lobby, where the trophies synced automatically. The link to reverse the trophies is irrelevant because of that, meaning that the rule was written specifically with PS3 in mind.
  15. While I don't agree with all that he has said here in the thread, the dispute is public to get opinions from members of this website, he has a right to his own opinion although we don't share the same opinion. I'd prefer this to simply be resolved and I've left plenty of my arguments regarding why he should be unflagged and given the benefit of the doubt.