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  1. Not trophy related but every year since 2017 The Elder Scrolls Online has gotten a new 12 player trial for groups to try and get the no death, hard mode and speed run requirement in one run of it, the term for this kind of achievement in the community is a "trifecta". In Elsweyr, Greymoor and Blackwood the trifecta trial titles have been: Godslayer, Dawnbringer and Planesbreaker respectively. Now High Isle is coming with an extremely difficult 12 player trial trifecta and they're calling it "Swashbuckler Supreme" because the theme of the trial is fighting pirates on ships... Recently they've been doing a lot of alliterations with their titles and achievements and it is utterly pathetic, Swashbuckler Supreme sounds like something a teacher would put as compliment because a 6 year old kid got a good score on their pirate quiz in History... The most recent dungeon pack now houses the most difficult trifecta for 4 player content and its title is "Coral Caretaker"... I'm not exactly someone who is currently big on trials yet because of their 12 player requirement and the in-game performance in trials can be quite terrible, however for people who do pursue these trifectas I feel sorry for them that the title is going to be the worst trifecta title ever while probably being the most difficult trifecta to date. 

  2. Yes it's gonna be a very grindy and difficult platinum, I'm surprised to see this in 2022, a lot worse than the PS3 Dungeon Defenders. What a terrible platinum name with "Platinum Defender" and the trophy list icon looks like something a kid would make as their first doodle of what they think a trophy should look like.
  3. I think this will be a very HARD platinum for some people
  4. Usually every 6 or so months they do events that will give ESO Plus for free for up to 1 week, in this case every DLC before the most recent game expansion becomes free to play and you can earn the trophies in them. Then the expansions (currently Morrowind, Summerset, Elsweyr, Greymoor, Blackwood and High Isle) themselves become permanently free for all ESO players 5 years after their release. Right now @VirtualNight or as I now like to call Virtual cheapskate is taking advantage of this method. So if you wanna 100% the game without paying money for the DLC, you can do that in about 20 years with this kind of patience.
  5. I think the device password generating thing isn't something to get worked up about so I don't want to jinx this but in the last year has Sony had any major controversies? I can't really think of anything that affects a big portion of the PlayStation community that they've done that is anti-consumer after trying to close the PSN store for PS3 and Vita but reverting the decision. Of course there are predatory microtransactions in GT7 with a big grind there, but aside from that is there anything else out there that makes them look bad this year?

    1. AihaLoveleaf


      Censorship - particularly in Martha is Dead - did cause a big stir back when the news was still fresh. The only other major event I can think of was the removal of payment options for the PS3 and Vita, which also caused a bit of a stir. I'm a bit more optimistic when it comes to the removal of account and payment options, though, and believe it creates the potential for legacy platforms to be maintained indefinitely, since those two critical areas of security will no longer have to be kept up to date.


      It's Sony we're talking about, though, so I'm sure they will provide us with all of the stupid that we're looking for soon enough.

    2. Sergen


      Ah yeah I forgot about censorship. The game's are already intended for an adult audience, if people are sensitive to it, they could put a disclaimer mentioning that the game contains certain scenes that people might find distressing and then the option to censor those themselves. Usually if a game is multi-platform then the PlayStation version is the worst version for performance and now for censorship. I've voiced my disdain for various people's activities on this website when they might use a lewd loli cover photo, but that's because I think that people probably shouldn't be subjected to that if they just wanna use a website to discuss trophies... However whatever a person does at their own discretion is none of my business and people should know what they're getting themselves into when they decide to pay money for something. 


      At least for the payment methods you can put PSN cards on your account, but they also come in increments, so something that costs $3 you'll have to put a $10 PSN card on your account to buy, but at least wallet balance is across the entire account so you could use the rest of that money for a future purchase. But they like that they've got people locked in financially with money they've loaded up onto their account and they don't refund wallet balance back to debit/credit cards or PayPal either. 

    3. Slava


      There was this story about the class-action lawsuit against PlayStation, but this is more about workers than consumers. And it wasn't as big as the Activision controversies, so many people didn't even hear about this.


      So yeah, I think the store closure was the biggest one in the recent years.

  6. With piracy the burden of proof should be on the person reporting the trophies to prove that the game was pirated. There's what's called "reasonable doubt" where if something can possibly happen then the person should be innocent. In this case every vita game or DLC can be acquired regardless of region by using the account swap trick, PS3, PS4 and PS5 games or DLC can be game shared to other people and team accounts are allowed so game sharing should obviously be allowed. However this website probably doesn't want to actively promote or truly write a statement in the rules saying much about piracy, it could get them in trouble with Sony or game publishers if they go too deep into it. People won't know someone is a pirate for certain unless the person admits it, which is why I say that the trophy time stamps should be the only thing to truly go by.
  7. If trophies were only locally available on your console rather than being something you could sync to the PSN servers for people to view publicly I bet they'd be hunted a lot less. I guess part of the concern of trophies is people being worried about what other people think when they look at the trophy list, I mean you're not exactly hunting every collectible on an open world game when the trophy only wants you to get half of those collectibles. 

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    2. Sergen


      @AihaLoveleaf why are you avoiding Ubisoft? I can just guess that because they milk Assassin's Creed a lot and have too many games for that franchise... I've recently done Far Cry 3 and it was great fun so I'll do more games for that series and it doesn't look as milked as AC at least hahaha. I guess my example could have been a bit better, some people might like to go ahead and get every open world collectible if there's a reward beyond a trophy like a cosmetic or XP or money for the game. However I guess we wouldn't see people boosting the max rank of a 10 year old multiplayer game if trophies weren't publicly visible on their PSN account haha. 

    3. AihaLoveleaf


      @Sergen I've witnessed too many horror stories at this point. Within the Assassin's Creed series alone, I've read accounts of multiple users encountering glitched trophies and save file corruptions. If I remember correctly, players ran into problems that couldn't be resolved even with cloud saves, and were forced to start from the beginning.


      There's also the issue with some of the newer games turning into DLC traps. I've seen what people are going through right now with Valhalla, and I can't say I want a part in it.


      I'll admit to being one of those "shameful" players that will pass on a game if the trophy experience is particularly terrible (not terrible as in difficult, but terrible for reasons described earlier). I may be taking an L and missing out on a very good franchise or two by not playing Ubisoft games, but my backlog is deep and interesting enough right now that I can afford the loss.



      However I guess we wouldn't see people boosting the max rank of a 10 year old multiplayer game if trophies weren't publicly visible on their PSN account haha. 

      This is a great example. No way I would bother grinding to max rank in museum-old fighting games, for example. No point letting my turbo controller run for 12 hours online in a dead game unless there is a trophy to show for the effort.

    4. MidnightDragon


      Obviously, but there wouldn’t be much point having it if that was the case. :P 

  8. They should add a trophy witness protection program where people who have information that could lead to more people being flagged on the website for cheating can become informants to give themselves more leniency towards the flagged games on their account. Then they're forced to make a new PSN ID to leave their old life behind and try to live on the leaderboards without getting in trouble. 

    1. AK-1138


      And then they get whacked while mowing the lawn in their old age by some up-and-coming hunters. The Circle of Life continues.

    2. charxsetsuna


      Why does this sound like it could be a reference to something that happened on this website.

  9. After yesterday's thread where that has since been deleted regarding proof of purchase for games that are delisted, I feel like the PSNP rules now need a new rule added to the list: 


    The rule would be as follows...


    • Unlocking Trophies on a Delisted Game/DLC - You can't be flagged for starting and earning trophies on a game or DLC pack that has been removed from the PlayStation Store, as long as the time stamps for the game appear legitimate. 

    And considering this dispute happened: 


    I think its fair to add that bullet point. I'd appreciate any mod or @BlindMango to add it to the thread. :). I'd rather post this on my profile instead of making it a thread in the feedback section. 

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    2. nestamar5


      What if you bought the game from the store, but didn't start playing until after it was delisted?

    3. BlindMango


      That seems like a no-brainer, and I'm kind of surprised that wasn't there already lol - This one has been added! :) 

    4. Sergen


      Thanks for adding it! However I think I'd take out the "as long as your account was created before the DLC was delisted" part because a lot of people on this website create a new PSN account and might have old DLC and games from a previous account to play. Most DLC or delisted games are downloadable and playable on a different account to the purchasing account. 

  10. I guess if it's going to be their next game then that means it's getting multiplayer on it at launch most likely, unlike the Legends mode that got added later to Ghost of Tsushima. However developers have been known to change their mind about things and there's still a lot more they could give to expand upon the current Legends mode. If 2.18 is the last patch then I'd say there's hardly any end game for people to work on there, but I'm thinking from an MMO perspective here where people continue to progress through the game hoping they can keep up to date with the meta and be ready for the next expansion.
  11. Sucker Punch is looking for people to work on a multiplayer game/mode to be a mission designer, considering Ghost of Tsushima is their most popular game now this could mean that they're planning an expansion for the Legends mode: If this does lead to an expansion of Legends mode that means the mode will be getting more trophies, but I don't personally mind that as I did quite enjoy the legends mode, in-fact the lack of content was the downside considering there are only so many chapters and survival arenas to play in. It's probably not a coincidence that they put the Legends mode on PS+ shortly before doing this job listing, they probably hoped adding it to PS+ would grow the player base to get more people wanting to buy the expansion they have planned. Hopefully it's not too expensive.
  12. I guess the purpose would be for PSNP+ members to get to see a fair representation of a completion rate on a profile by seeing the adjusted completion rate. With trophies that were never possible to earn, I mean trophies that are on games that were released with unobtainable trophies and never got patched, or unreleased DLC packs, situations where the person cannot be to blame for playing the game and not getting the trophies on time because there was never a time to do it. I would use the feature yes, it'd be nice to get to see people with the 100% they deserve on Burn Zombie Burn for instance with this website's UI. On PSNTL they automatically adjust completion rates and give people 100% for a game that they've earned all possible trophies on as long as the game includes trophies that were never possible for anyone to earn at any point in time. They created a list of this back when the feature was implemented but now it's outdated because more games have been released with trophies that nobody has ever been able to earn: https://(URL not allowed)/forums/forum/general-information/announcements-and-information/26109-impossible-trophies
  13. Hi, I don't know if this has been suggested before however, because you've recently documented all unobtainable trophies for games to add them to PSNP+, I wonder if this suggestion could go through. My suggestion is "adjusted completion rate", PSNTL has this as an official site feature, so with this feature what could be done is making trophies that nobody has ever had the opportunity to earn not count towards your completion rate e.g. Zombie Sushi DLC from Burn Zombie Burn, Borderlands GOTY JP Claptrap DLC and many more. Maybe even the option to completely hide those trophies from the list to view it as a 100% list without them would also be good, with the adjusted completion rate I'm thinking that it could be something you enable on PSNP+, kind of like when you view a guide and want to remove earned trophies from it. I'm sure similarly to how you've done unobtainable trophies, people would be able to let you know which trophies have never been possible for anyone to earn on PSN, if that's not already documented by the unobtainable trophies feature. Or maybe someone could click on "report unobtainable trophies" and let you know that the trophies have never been possible to earn.
  14. For the first time in the last 4 years I've ran out of rep to give by reaching the daily limit of 25 points given to other people. That's sad because I love to spread the love to people's posts that I agree with. All thanks to that stupid thread by a guy who wants people to prove they bought their games in order to maintain their leaderboard rank. 

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    2. MercilessWaffle


      I didn't even look at that thread beyond the initial OP. Just shook my head and thought to myself "big brain moment right here" and closed the tab.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Should be at least 50 a day

    4. zizimonster
  15. Whenever I go for trophies, I'm always the one to use the cheapest methods that remain within the boundaries of the game, because I don't care about spending extra time on trophies if that's my reason for playing the game. So I've done Skyrim by being able to 1 shot every enemy and be invincible with the fortify restoration glitch, boosted nearly every multiplayer game on my account and pause exploited fighting game trophies... If I care about the game, I only usually start caring after the trophies are done, no method is "too cheap" as long as it still complies with the leaderboard rules of this website.


    For Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 I got carried with the co-op missions the first time I did them by twirling with Rachel, a move that exploits using infinite invincibility frames, however after I did the game I kept playing it after the platinum and did all those missions hundreds of times without any exploit. On The Elder Scrolls Online I threw together a basic build that would be barely enough for the trophies to get them done without considering which buffs my group might need from me, now I play an end game build and I'm pursuing difficult dungeon content. But when I went for the trophies, I wanted the easiest method because I feel like the nerves of a trophy are an added barrier that would concern me when it comes to trying to do them the "hard way", it's not like the game stops being playable after you've done the trophies if you feel like redeeming yourself and not doing exploits after you get the platinum. 

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    2. zizimonster




      is the way!

    3. charxsetsuna


      If the game allows it, I see nothing wrong with it.

      I mean with a game I'm currently playing(pac-man) the only way I can see me getting the plat is a cloud save exploit which is on the trophy guide on this website.


      And with fighting games, I default to cheese tactics for most things.😂

    4. AK-1138


      I made up my mind early on after getting repeatedly screwed out of a trophy or two due to bad programming (or the PS3 being its usual broken trashy self... or both), any time-saving method is fair game. I won't use them indiscriminately, but the consideration will always be there.


      You can't hunt by anyone else's standards, anyway. There'll always be someone who will try and move the goalposts of what they consider to be an achievement, and force it on others. You're the only one who should decide the parameters of your own sense of accomplishment in life. Like a wise Scottish alien girl from space once said: