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  1. PS4 trophies auto sync and there's nothing you can do about it, I think the trophies even sync before the trophy notification comes up since I've even pulled out the ethernet cable the moment a trophy has unlocked. If you're a completionist on PS4 you just need to immediately try to finish the game you're working on if it has online.
  2. People who earned the trophy have already confirmed that animals that are only in Guarma aren't required for the trophy. Unless you like seeing Guarma post-game there's no reason to do this. But I commend you for showing people how to do it, as you had good intentions in mind when you made this thread.
  3. It went down on "OnLive" which was a cloud gaming service that is no-longer running. The game is still up on PS3.
  4. None of my non-ultra rare platinums are "hard" but some of them take a while to platinum. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls comes to mind for a game that takes quite a lot of time to platinum that isn't rare at all. Plenty of these games I hear about that are lengthy that don't have an ultra rare platinum are games that I would say isn't worth it solely for trophies, since Destiny 1 looks like it takes a very long time to do, but the rarity of the platinum doesn't make it worthwhile. I will say there's probably more ultra rare platinums that surprise me that they're ultra rare compared to platinums that aren't ultra rare that should be ultra rare.
  5. I have the special edition, but I've not really looked into what that includes in regards to bonuses you get for your character.
  6. Can anyone confirm that everyone who plays these missions with the replay option has 3 Snake Oils in their inventory during the missions? As I'm thinking that was part of the Outlaw Survival Kit content, considering that it provides some survival equipment and having that installed likely makes the game think you kept the kit. A bunch of people have been asking in this thread if doing the missions with the replay option is doable and yes it is, I did 99% of my gold medals with a replay. The trophy is very doable, 70/107 missions gives you a lot of leeway for golds. You also end up getting used to what you have to do, as around 80% of those golds have a requirement of 70-90% accuracy, 5-20 headshots and they don't allow you to use any health items. The most frustrating thing about the missions in my opinion wasn't the requirements, it was the fact that a lot of missions have long horse riding sequences that you have to play through before the actual shooting happens, while the horse riding was good for the conversations characters had in my first run of missions, it got annoying to have to re-do that part of a mission over missing something out in a run for the gold medal. I still think it's quite shitty how your character is at level 3 and you get a garbage horse with the replay option, but I preferred doing the missions with a replay over re-doing every mission on the game with the "New Game" option. I also had 100% accuracy without taking any damage during a run of the mission, but still failed to get the "Kill all wolves without taking damage" requirement done in the mission. What I noticed is that if I used the pistol on the first 3 wolves, one of them ran away after I killed the other two, maybe you have to kill all the wolves without one of them running away. I did decide to not do that mission as there were plenty of golds that were less stressful than it.
  7. You could have approached this better, as your introduction to the website could result in a warning point from the mods because you're naming and shaming people for how they chose to play the game. I do recommend removing his name before it comes to that, I'd have no problem with you complaining about people rage quitting and making a thread about it. It's when you decide to tell people that there's only one way people should be earning trophies and other ways should make them consider "quitting trophy hunting". You could just say "it's annoying that people rage quit this game when I am trying to get the 530,000 BP trophy, the game should have had penalties in place for people who rage quit, it's making my trophy take a lot longer". This would be a post that people likely wouldn't be offended by, as it's not targeting a person or slating a community for their decision to grind a trophy in a particular way.
  8. The best way to show you don't care is to not make a dispute about the flag if you can't actually dispute the reason given for the flag.
  9. Regardless of the method used to acquire the trophies, you aren't in a position to say to people "Please consider quitting fighting games or even trophy hunting all together" simply because they quit your match. I will agree that it is a dick move for someone to quit your lobby if it doesn't give you any XP or remove XP from them. Naming and shaming a guy for quitting matches with you is something this website wouldn't want and they're a trophy hunter so what would you expect? I'm just saying that if they end up getting the trophy by only fighting easy people and quitting on the tough opponents and you get it without quitting a single match, the trophy is going to be the same on both of your profiles, so telling them to "quit trophy hunting" over a method they used to earn the trophy is uncalled for. That's also the whole point of why trophies don't define gaming skill, because the journey from point A to point B might be different, but point B will always be the same. People are just going to assume you boosted the trophy anyway because there's no special tag to say otherwise. The game is popular enough for you to have opponents stay for entire matches that you can win in.
  10. I say trophies don't define gaming skill, you said in your post that there's no point getting trophies if you cheese them. I say that the trophies are the same regardless of the way the trophies are earned. It's a fault in the game design if it doesn't penalise people for rage quitting, making a thread about it isn't going to help you, in-fact it might even make people intentionally look for your lobbies to troll you. I also mentioned my list being better than yours because of your elitist attitude towards people who work on trophies, you have 1 good platinum in your list and the rest is mediocre, you aren't in a position to say to people that they should basically do trophies the "hard way" when you haven't put your profile through much.
  11. I don't like to really like to flaunt myself for trophies that often, but if you compare my list to yours, I think many people's opinion would be in favour of mine. Super Meat Boy is a bad example of that, because while I've not done the game, I've seen plenty of people do it and they can quit to the world map before they die by pausing the game and choosing that option, which allows them to cheat death in that level. I doubt many of the trophy hunters who do that game do it as it was intended by doing every level back to back without a single quit in-between. If you look at all the best players of Dragon Ball FighterZ, the game you've made a thread about, you'd see that they don't have the platinum for that game, but if you 1v1 them in an online match, they'd utterly demolish you even if you end up getting the platinum. Nobody is a better gamer because of the trophies they get, in-fact most of the "great trophy hunters" that I've played games with have been worse than the people who have a visibly worse trophy list than them.
  12. Regardless of whether someone boosts or does the trophy legit, the trophy will appear the same on every profile that has it. There won't be a special tag next to your 530,000 BP trophy to say "no boosting". Your thread will likely be deleted as it is naming and shaming but you're on a trophy website so people will look for the easiest way to do the trophies. Trophies don't define gaming skill, you don't need to become a pro at a game to get the trophies for the game.
  13. I think you've likely convinced yourself that what you did wasn't the use of a save file because of how long ago it was. But any trophy achiever for Real World Winner after June 4th, 2009 was someone who used a save file to unlock the trophy. There have been thousands of people flagged for the same thing, you're in the majority for it. I think because you likely did the rest of the trophies legit, you've forgot that when that trophy stopped you, you had to resort to using a save. If it's your only case of using a save, you might not know that what you were doing also fell into that category. This is the issue with this website flagging things people have done before the website even existed, if you ask anyone to explain various misc trophies for games they did 8 years ago, plenty of people would forget how they did it. But the proof is there from hundreds of people at the time telling us that the trophy/achievement was impossible, nobody ever posted their solution for it except the solution you would have used which was to copy a downloaded save to your game to earn the trophy.
  14. There's proof in forum posts from the time it happened, as a flagged member it's your duty to prove that the trophy could be earned without a save file after the date that people explained it as being impossible. If you do that, you'll actually rescue thousands of people from their flag, but the first result that comes up when you search for help with the trophy from close to the time you got the trophy is this video: and the video shows people how to use a save file to earn the trophy rather than showing you how to do it legit. People wouldn't have needed to use the save if the trophy was possible back then, because if you could have done the other trophies legit, you could have also gotten Real World Winner legit. Unfortunately every case of save file use, regardless of the trophy difficulty has to be flagged because the rules have to remain consistent for every game that people get flagged for. I sympathise with you for not being able to get the trophy and resorting to using a save and I'm sure other people would too, you're rather making yourself look bad by lying about it. Only the biggest elitist jerks blame people for using a save file before this website existed and their opinions aren't worth respecting when they judge people. It's more admirable for you to just admit it and move on.
  15. FIFA 09 currently costs 50p here, get your copy of the game and try to connect to the servers and see what happens. The interactive league servers were shut down in June 2009, while I can completely understand why people would have used a save file to unlock the trophy because of how long ago it happened and the fact that no website was trying to flag people for it at the time. Unfortunately what you did for the trophy does breach the rules of PSNProfiles so you are flagged here, you could always hide that game to get back on the leaderboards, otherwise don't hide it and don't worry about people's opinions of your trophy list if they see you flagged. Most trophy hunters weren't hunting trophies back when people were using a save for Real World Winner and I'm sure a lot of them would have done the same as you if they were a victim of the trophy back then while this website didn't exist.