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  1. Using an alt because you're afraid to reveal yourself, it's really funny how people can only leave their opinion about me when hiding behind a fake name, use your real ID, I don't bite. If it was so simple when I got the trophy, why were me and Potent_Delusions the only people who got the trophy? This game has people who played it for over 10,000 hours and literally spent thousands of dollars on Shark Cards and people also played it hours before me and him even started it and none of those people have the trophy, heck I know plenty of trophy hunters who have over 500-1000 hours on the game, they still didn't do it. The game isn't exactly a hardcore shooter, you have a chance to recover almost all the time... Heck, when I originally did the heists in the past, I didn't even know about the clothing or the snacks and did every setup and finale without them and even then I wasn't really dying much. I won't be playing the game again until a new trophy DLC comes out, so you won't be seeing me upload any video of a Criminal Mastermind run, I don't have to prove myself to a fake account. Most of the setups and finales are simple, it's really only Act 3's finale that can be really annoying but if you have someone who is decent at the hacking mini-game and you don't sprint through the tunnels, it isn't an issue. By having the snack menu up all the time in gun fights and staying near the CEO, you'll lose a lot less health than you think.
  2. Congrats for being the #1 to 100% GTA V (PS4), Sergen! i knew you would make it :) 

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      Congratulations! :yay: 

  3. I changed it to reflect what I did then, do you also get the health regen bonuses by being near a VIP or MC Leader? Maybe that would be better overall as well.
  4. I've now got 100% for the game again and I assume I'm first in the world to retain 100% for this particular DLC: this post will act as an FAQ to people who have any questions about the trophies in this DLC. I'm only answering questions in regards to trophies, but not about money you get paid and so on. I also won't be making a trophy guide for this game, because any method you could employ today might also be patched later by Rockstar. Question: How much money did you use to host heists? Answer: $2,250,000 ($1,000,000 to be a CEO and $1,250,000 for the Paleto Bay Facility) to do Criminal Mastermind, if you buy the cheapest facility, but it will require a lot of extra time to travel. For Elite Challenges, there is also a time requirement for each finale and for Act 1 the host will most certainly need to have the Grand Senora Desert Facility which costs $2,525,000 to cut down travel time, because you need to get a time below 5:30 and you need to get 78 kills. Question: Can you only do Criminal Mastermind once, or do you need to do it 3 times (2 players, 3 players, 4 players)? Answer: You need to do it 3 times, if you pause the game and go to Stats, then go to Awards then choose The Doomsday Heist the three challenges pertaining to "Masterminds" are Criminal Mastermind II, III & IV, the game's description will indicate exactly what you have to do. Question: Can you do these trophies with me? Answer: No, I'm not offering my help by physically contributing to anyone's lobby for these trophies, I do not trust random people to survive the amount of time you need for each Criminal Mastermind. Question: Does the game balance difficulty based on the amount of people you are attempting a run with? Answer: No, playing with 2 people has the same amount of enemies and objectives as if you were playing with 4 people. Question: If you die, can you quit immediately for Criminal Mastermind? Answer: This is something I'm not entirely sure about right now, Rockstar might have done something to fuck with it, I've had friends who told me they had their progress reset even when they quit immediately, the only safe way to really do it is to actually never die or fail the heists, but of course that means you need to endure 10-12 hours of heists without a single death in three different runs. Question: Can you trip skip during Criminal Mastermind? Answer: No, it voids the challenge. Question: Can you trip skip during a finale for an Elite Challenge? Answer: No, the time requirement will be void by doing that. Question: Can you skip preps in an Elite Challenge run? Answer: Yes, but you need to pay a lot of money sometimes to purchase everything in the prep, it's a big time saver though. Question: Do deaths in preps cause you to fail Criminal Mastermind? Answer: No, dying in preps is still allowed. Question: Do I need to do all preps with the same people too? Answer: Yes, you need to make your entire heist crew into associates and do the preps with them in the same lobby as you. Question: Do Elite Challenges need to be done in the same run or can they be done separately? Answer: You need to do all the Elite Challenges in the same run, here are the requirements: Question: Can Elite Challenges be done on Normal? Answer: Yes, but each of them as a "Nobody gets wasted" requirement. You can press X to return to freeroam if anyone in your team dies, this will allow you to retry the finale after Lester sends you a text message or after you return to your facility. Question: How many people do I need for Elite Challenges? Answer: 4 players is recommended for all of them because there's a time requirement and Act 1 and 3 have a set number of kills required, which would be much quicker to rack up with 4 people killing enemies. But if you can't find a 4th player, 3 players will likely suffice, but you all need to know what you're doing for that. Question: How long did it take you to finish the DLC? Answer: Around 50-60 hours, 35-40 hours for Masterminds and 15-20 hours for Elitist People also frequently ask me for tips regarding Criminal Mastermind, so I'll list some here: Get snacks and get body armour before going into a setup, you can get snacks for free in your facility at the reception desk and you can get body armour from Ammunation. Buy an Armoured Kuruma and travel to each setup location with it, if there is an outdoor gunfight then you can kill enemies from within the Kuruma without taking damage. Stay near your CEO if you have low health, the CEO proximity bonus also gives you health regen over time. During gun fights, keep your snack menu open by holding the Touchpad button and going to Inventory then selecting "Snacks", the best snacks to use when you are taking a lot of damage are the EgoChaser snacks. To move around while the snack menu is open, you need to keep doing forward jumps. Use a Combat MG as your primary weapon and aim for headshots, enemies will die in half a second like this. Use an RPG against enemy cars or against Juggernauts, but don't use the RPG indoors otherwise you might accidentally blow yourself up. In the Act 3 Finale, don't blow up one of the supply crates if one of your teammates is stood near it, it will kill your teammate. Remember to remove your landing gear with L3 if you are flying a plane, jetpack or the Avenger. Land the Avenger by pressing L3 when you are close to landing, otherwise it won't land properly and will glitch your game out. With any four part objective e.g. using the Deluxos to hack vans and boats, assign each letter on the map to a person in your lobby, each person could simultaneously do all the hacks if they all go to one location each for things like that. Always use "Player Owned" as an outfit choice. Get the Heist: Heavy Combat Outfit and Bulletproof Helmet from various clothes stores. Never jump off a high ledge, always choose the stairs to get down. Don't worry too much about Elite Challenges during a Criminal Mastermind run, it's not worth farming Headshots in Act 3 if you're also in a Criminal Mastermind run. Never buyout a prep, you need to actually complete them. Don't phone Lester to remove the cops in a prep if the objective is "Lose the Cops". Now, the controversial thing with this game, I would say you are going to help yourself out significantly by using a microphone to coordinate with people who play this game with you. There are plenty of instances where the game has enemies that sneak up on you and they are far behind in the mini-map, so it takes a lot of map rotating to see the red dot, having a mic would allow for someone to warn other players of the enemy heading toward them if they're in a position to do that. Having a mic also means you can decide on the spot what everyone will do without having to completely memorise everything. You will also be quickly be informed that you're going the wrong way and so on with the mic compared to in text. I tend not to associate myself with toxic people and if someone added you with the intention of getting the trophy and they talk on their mic, it's likely they wouldn't want to do anything to make you leave. The people I played with were: Potent_Delusions, Nuttro93, Smithy_Reborn_86 and Tello_beast_1 and they all helped out significantly and I couldn't have really chosen better people to go for the trophies with.
  5. Using old save data to manipulate time stamps isn't allowed on the leaderboards. You can see that here: You've also been flagged for more than 3 games, so you're permanently off the leaderboards with your current account, even if Max Payne 3 was legit.
  6. 1. Dying in preps doesn't count, only setups and finales. 2. It is only player deaths that should count for it, something like destroying a vehicle while nobody dies wouldn't negate it. 3. Some people have told me they have lost progress when they try to XMB quit the game, so I wouldn't bank on it being a reliable method.
  7. Yeah, but it's significantly less than the previous Criminal Mastermind, I think it was around $1.5million per Criminal Mastermind but you also get a lot of money as a host in the finale or as a crew member in setups. The game balances payment by not giving the host any money during setups but giving them the most money by default in the finale.
  8. I've decided I won't be answering questions through PSN anymore. It's not actually been as much as I thought it would be, but I don't mind answering things within this thread. PSN messaging character limits are incredibly annoying... It's also kind of annoying to answer the same question 10 times. I can kind of understand how GrannyTranny felt when he got Mein Leben on Wolfenstein II, he hid his list to let things die down after he was the first achiever for it. That makes me also surprised that I've not seen a petition pop up to get Rockstar to change the trophy requirement. I personally did think it would be fair if the trophy unlocks by doing the 2-player requirement, because 2-players requires twice the work to get done, the game doesn't balance difficulty based on the amount of people you are playing with.
  9. We re-did the whole heist, but eventually it got to a point where we were just bored of Lester, but we weren't dying. If you look at your mini-map, you can take out most oncoming threats and a lot of objectives are in an outdoor area and you could take an Armoured Kuruma to a lot of those and not get hit. Indoor objectives on the other hand are something you really need to be very careful with, slow and steady wins the race. There's a way to keep your snack menu open while playing the game, but you can't sprint while your snacks are up, you need to press Square and jump to move faster, everyone on the team should keep their snack menu up so they can instantly heal if they get shot, you get a lot of snacks that re-gen health quickly. Armour on the other hand felt kind of useless since when I played it, our armour went down in half a second if we got hit. Aside from that, I've read people having someone in their crew reset to 0 while they're attempting it, I guess that's what happens if people quit out, you're taking a chance doing that if you die. The Combat MG is also the best gun for fighting most enemies, even shots to the chest with it normally do a lot of damage, but of course headshots are what you should be aiming for most of the time. The other thing I never see people mention is the fact that Associates can get health when they are stood near the CEO during a heist, so if the objective isn't timed, all Associates could camp near the CEO before moving on to get their full health back. The CEO just needs to utilise snacks to the best of their ability.
  10. That was the case with the previous heists update, but doing that is completely pointless because you need to do every prep, setup and finale three times to get the Masterminds trophy.
  11. The game doesn't specify that you need to do Elite Challenges on any difficulty, so I assume they can be done on Normal.
  12. Now I've also seen what all the Elite Challenge requirements are and I should be starting them as soon as my team is back online. I can safely say anyone without a mic for these is going to struggle a lot. Elite Challenges are only specific to the finale of the heist. These are the requirements for Elite Challenges Act 1: Complete within 5:30, Nobody dies, 78 kills Act 2: Complete within 15 minutes, Nobody dies, Less than 5% damage to the Avenger Act 3: Complete within 30 minutes, Nobody dies, No failed hacks (Finale Mini-Game), 150 Headshots I'd say because of time-constraints, at least one person needs to direct people with a mic, unless every person you're playing with has memorised every part of the finale. One of the things we had to all decide on at short notice during Act 3 during the Criminal Mastermind run was which target each of us would shoot with the Orbital Strike at the end. A lot of it will also require splitting up, especially Act 3 when people need to destroy those supply crates. The trophy definitely isn't as big of a threat as Criminal Mastermind because you can pay your way into the finale straight off the bat and you can keep retrying it by choosing the "Continue" option. All the kill requirements also seem like they are based on the entire crew's performance and not individual, of course with 4 people in the lobby it would make it a lot easier to rack up a lot of kills quickly.
  13. He's not talking about backing up a save here, he said he lost his save but he had to re-do the game, so his last challenge trophy didn't unlock at the same time as the titles and icons trophy. I took a look at his time stamps and none of them are illegitimate based on what was said in the initial thread. I think the flag should be lifted.
  14. It depends what kind of thing you are trying to do when you need a mic or not. At least when I was helping people with NGS2 most of it was done with the PSN text chat because it was simple to type what was needed because pressing the PS button brought up the chat immediately. I wouldn't exclude someone immediately just for not using a mic, I'd give them a chance first for something like GTA V. I did the original heists without a mic because I didn't have a good enough mic for PS3/PS4 but none of them had a Criminal Mastermind trophy requirement. One of the people I played with has been a good friend of mine for over 3 years and we've done many games together with mics, so it wasn't exactly talking to randoms on the mic when I did it. I'd say my attitude on the mic might be different to how I type my reactions, on the mic I'm quite calm, I wouldn't shout down the mic at anyone. The move people used on NGS2 is an invincibility exploit that allows them to keep spinning and I got all the kills, if we were half way through a mission and they failed the twirl then you should understand I wouldn't take it kindly after I'd already done most of the killing in the mission, I might have been annoyed but for the most part I didn't quit out on people. Sometimes I left people prematurely if they showed no signs of improvement and it was more towards the end when I was burnt out that I started removing people from my friends list before they were done with the trophy. At the end of the day, if they didn't like how I was behaving then they should have left and found someone else, they only talk shit after they're done because they were using me for the trophy.
  15. I think if someone looks for my help with a trophy but won't learn a simple move that I tell them to do before we play, they shouldn't expect me to be Mr. Nice Guy, it was time I was taking out of playing other games to help trophy hunters finish the game and I can already guess who it was that mentioned it because I confronted him verbally too. I played hundreds of hours on NGS2 to help trophy hunters get the trophy and I also stopped helping people half a year ago, a post like yours makes me glad I really stopped helping people with the game because if the only thing they can say is "You're horrible" after I spent a few hours helping them with a trophy, then it was a complete waste of time. If someone said they have a problem with using a mic because of a verbal impairment, I wouldn't make fun of them for it, I think it's fair to treat everyone equally and I think more people with a disability would rather be treated like anyone else rather than treated differently. I have a friend who knows a guy that has Cerebral Palsy, but that guy still uses his mic although he has a disability.