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  1. Asking why Sony allows this, when they allow every damn broken game on the platform. The simple answer is: money. Even if the game had a max frame rate of 10 FPS, it would still be allowed on the PSN Store. Sony doesn't give a damn what they allow their customers to be subjected to, if one of their games breaks online they never fix it and their fix is often shutting the servers for the game.
  2. There's a section of the website here: you need to create or join sessions for the game through that, individual threads for boosting get locked when a mod sees them.
  3. Prototype: Platinum #110 Difficulty: 6/10 Time Taken: 40+ hours Here's another ultra rare platinum for my collection. This game isn't really a special platinum, but I didn't really want to endure any multiplayer grinds with GDPR being on the way and potentially shutting servers, so I chose a single player only game to play and this was it. I took my time with this game as there was no rush considering it is single player only. I am a little bit surprised that it has some of the ultra rare trophies that it does, because all but one of them is easy to earn. This game really seems to take inspiration from comic books for this story, as it revolves around one super-human being that can shape-shift and demolish the entire US Military. The game is set in New York and a viral infection is taking over people's bodies and basically turning them into zombies and freaks and you have to kill a ton of them and stop the military from also destroying the city. The game is quite good and has some fun gameplay mechanics, but it did start to become very repetitive in the end, because you basically fight the military for alerts and run away from them to finish missions. The only difficult aspect of this game are the events, which require you to earn a platinum medal, which is sometimes a little bit difficult or annoying to do, any platinum medal that was annoying for me was simply due to the luck required, as some of them require you to kill a lot of infected enemies with a specific weapon within a set amount of time and they need to all spawn close to each other and not far from you for you to accumulate all those kills. Some of the kill events that require you to kill military would have been difficult, however you can actually cheat those by parking tanks that you find around the map in the location of that event, then when you start the event the tanks will be there and you can destroy them and get the kill points for destroying them. Movement events are the only skill based thing on this game, they're just time trials where you need to perform an obstacle course in the city within a set time limit, but you can still make plenty of mistakes in most of them and get your platinum medal. You don't see what is required for a platinum medal on the game until you get every gold medal, but you can still complete the platinum requirement before unlocking the platinum tier and it turns to platinum after you get gold in every event, I'm glad I didn't have to play them twice. This game's hard mode would have probably been quite difficult to complete, but luckily with this game, there is an invincibility glitch and when that is in a game, you can't really say you had a tough time beating that difficulty setting. If you want something that's not going to scare you over a server shutdown, I recommend this game as it has a medium ultra rare platinum for a single player game and the game is quite enjoyable.
  4. Congrats, now there won't have to be a petition to get the contracts server back .
  5. This didn't have to be a thread. There's a thread where you could make a post about your most recent platinum here:
  6. You need to earn a trophy for a game and sync it to PSN then update your profile on this website to get the game hidden from this website. You are hiding 102 trophies currently so if among those 102 trophies are two more flagged games (a trophy list normally has 51 trophies), then hiding a third game won't make a difference because 2 is the most flagged games you can hide. Having 3 or more flagged games gets your account permanently flagged from the website and hiding games doesn't make a difference. You will be allowed to use every other feature aside from the leaderboards if you are flagged for 3 or more games.
  7. @Soufwar, damn there's a thread about that very guide you criticised . I think the guide writer did just link that because @APCGrayLocked linked it in the comments section of that guide. I would recommend messaging Soufwar on this website though, because he has informed me about the comments he made regarding the guide and how it could be improved, so maybe you can be helped by him in private.
  8. I haven't asked this so I will now. 1. How many results do you need for the study? 2. By which date do you need to stop the survey and use those results? 3. Why didn't you include a brief (introduction) and debrief (information after completion of the questionnaire to explain aims of it)? 4. Is this your final year assessment for university or will you still be attending university after this questionnaire and assignment is finished? I have done your questionnaire but I am simply curious as to what the results will be used for after you stop collecting responses for it.
  9. Disappointing trophy list genuinely. The only classic fighting game from Capcom that I have played is Darkstalkers and while playing that, I was always in the mindset of thinking "I wish this could have had a platinum", it was another bundle of two games with difficult trophies. Considering they had a trophy for each character's combo challenges on Darkstalkers, they could have gotten a platinum list out of also including individual trophies for each character's arcade mode run. With any 100% game, I'd often wait until it gets a significant discount through a sale before buying it.
  10. All of this is all over the place so unfortunately it looks like you'll remain flagged. The thing you can do to restore your leaderboard rank is to hide the game, which has instructions here: You can only hide two flagged games and considering what you did for Killzone 2, there's a chance you also did more games like that, so while you have the chance I do recommend hiding anything else that could get you flagged, if you even know about it. Being flagged for 3 games that you can't successfully get unflagged through a dispute will flag you permanently on this website for your current username. Edit: Yeah... I see that MAG has trophies earned in 2017 although every trophy for the game was unobtainable because of the server closure. Considering you haven't taken care to even look up server closure dates for your trophy cheating, you are likely already flagged for more than 3 games.
  11. I do doubt that the only place he's put this survey is on PSNProfiles, it's an easy place to find people who would quickly do your study and have an interest in gaming, but to get enough responses to the study, I believe you need to get over 40 responses, my own study got over 100, it's a bit unlikely over 100 people on this website will complete the survey. It could be included in his study where he sampled the people to participate, by explaining how he got the participants, maybe a question like "where did you find this survey?" would be fitting to include in his results and he could then mention gaming forums have a higher likelihood of having hardcore gamers whereas the university campus may not, of course with evidence to back up the claims if he can find any papers that researched that in the past. But aside from that, people might really want to know exactly why those questions are being asked before answering them, my own study survey had a brief and a debrief at the beginning and end to explain those things.
  12. Normally at the university there are designated areas to place any informational flyers in the university, such as library study rooms and other places. Aside from that, if the person is so desperate there's also a chance that when someone desperately needs a study to be done for them a lecturer will sometimes email people with a bunch of studies at the end of the year for those who were falling behind. Also, the university might have its own designated website where the study could be submitted, when I was in my first year of university we had to participate in some people's studies as part of an assignment and gain some points for doing the study. Either way, there are plenty of things out there to get responses from the university students. Another thing about my study was having to include contact details of myself as a researcher and the tutor from the university who was overseeing it, this was so people who did the study had an opportunity to withdraw their results or contact us about it.
  13. For the most part, it doesn't matter where you get the participants as long as they are human and over the age of 16, because I recall having to instead get parents permission for an under 16. At least on his university campus he would have more reliable results as those people are going through the same thing, trying to get participants for their own study, so they'd be less likely to troll him. There's a high amount of people who are gamers in this world so there'd be no shortage of gamers in the university. I will say one thing and that is, when I made a study I also needed to get clearance from an ethics committee and informed consent to perform my questionnaire and I made a cover page which detailed what the results would be used for and so on. All these things are missing from his study and it is simply a link to the questions. I don't know when his semester ends, but a lot of people who have only just started collecting data for a study at this time of year are leaving it too late when for the most part they have until June to write an entire paper about their work. This all does depend on whether this is his final year at university and the final project he's doing though, I know I'd feel fucked if I left doing my survey only weeks before writing the paper.
  14. What I'm genuinely looking forward to is when hackers can find out ways to unlock trophies for profiles without any account information, that will be the day where this website likely has to white-list trophies altogether, especially if it happens to affect any of the mods. Either way, I just never respond to most people through PSN as most people who can communicate with me are on another platform that is easier to use. I don't like the PSN messaging interface. It's not necessarily that the account can be dodgy, but instead the message is dodgy, so I would grief report any message that is trying to acquire account info or something and I would ignore any generic basic messages from accounts that don't look like they've been used much.
  15. I don't see why this wouldn't be allowed. However, I will warn people prior to doing this that I believe submitting your survey results to the website does give the survey host the opportunity to see your IP address, this is often done to ensure that all responses are unique. I kind of doubt it would be used maliciously against you, but since this is the person's 2nd post on the website, you never know so it's worth mentioning that. Aside from that, good luck with your project, but I do kind of recommend you to do this survey by emailing people within your university for their opinion, when I was at university our project was due in April, so if you've only just started collecting results I hope you have enough time to write your report or whatever kind of paper you have to do.