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  1. Would downgrading the game's patch not work for this? The guide doesn't indicate that it is an online trophy so I'd think that downgrading to a version where DLC isn't required would likely remove the requirement for owning DLC. I guess you can try this out for KOF XIV and confirm it @Vergil at least it will save you needing to buy the DLC if it works.
  2. How much did your e-peen stretch after you discovered you were the fastest person to do this game?
  3. You can unlock mentor difficulty by playing acolyte difficulty so if this is the only thing someone has against the person in the dispute then I think the flag should be lifted. Judging by everything else I've seen on the list, it looks legit.
  4. You can use adblock to remove the icon by clicking on the ABP icon in the top right corner of your browser, then choosing "Block Element" and click on the history icon, then it will be gone. I've tested it out and the icon is gone for every profile that I have looked at that I am aware of changing their ID. So at least for yourself you can remove the icon, but other people looking at your profile would see it, however you shouldn't care what other people who are seeing it will think of your profile to begin with.
  5. Battleborn: Platinum #142 Difficulty: 3/10 Time Taken: 81 hours, 31 minutes recorded by game, but around 95-100 hours realistically. Firstly I will give a big thanks to my friends Aexzia and @Darkette for enduring the co-op aspect of this game with me . We 3 player co-op'd hardcore mode, advanced difficulty and all the operations and that made the game very enjoyable in our story playthroughs. This was a concerning game, because on the first day I started it, the stats were saving 1 in 10 times, which then ended up becoming 0 times out of around 50 attempts. The platinum was unfortunately unobtainable for my first few days due to the stats error, but it got fixed in a funny way. All three of us sent in a support ticket to Gearbox in order for them to look into the problem, we all got the standard robotic response from support staff, however Darkette detailed exactly what the question asked when support got back to him, only for the support member to copy and paste the exact same message as the one they initially sent. This prompted Darkette to send "go fuck yourself" to the support staff member, which then made them wake up and mention how they were moving the request over to tier 2 support. Tier 2 support was a more reliable person to Darkette, the guy gave him free skins on the game for his troubles and seemingly prompted the fix of the stat error, since it got fixed the next day. I'm guessing support has a profanity check and if someone swears at them then it prompts higher-ups to look into what warranted such a response. I myself got a decent staff member, but they never confirmed whether the problem was officially fixed, so maybe the game is going to get the error I had again in the future. Normally that error lasts a few days and goes away for a few months, but the server shutdown is announced now for January 2021, so you never know if the developers will cut support for bug fixing altogether. Once the stats for the game were saving, I began to appreciate the game for its enjoyable characters and unique gameplay. It borrows a lot from Borderlands with the designs of the bosses and the dialogue, but doesn't have the violence or profanity that Borderlands would have and is locked into a linear story mode that has chapters rather than an open world map. Guides recommend against playing the game in co-op because supposedly the enemies have more health or spawn more frequently, however in 3 player co-op with my friends we did all of the game very easily, our group setup was 2 Kleese's and 1 Oscar Mike, the Kleese's could place the small sensor things that would shock enemies, Oscar Mike could go into stealth to revive us if we died. The enemies still died very quickly, the initial struggle of a mission is that you need to level up during the mission because there is a leveling system called "helix" that allows you to select various upgrades for your character. When you start a mission, you are only level 1 in the helix system and you need to kill enemies to get enough XP for another helix level, aside from that you need to collect shards in order to equip your gear, gear is very helpful for the passive skills it provides such as health recovery, skill damage, weapon damage and so on. Initially I thought the helix system looked complicated, but once you play the game you will understand the system quickly enough. Story missions for the game have a 120 minute time limit, but that is more than enough time to complete any mission, but the most annoying thing about this game is defense missions in story mode... Even though you get checkpoints, if the thing you were defending for the whole mission dies at the end, you need to restart the entire mission from scratch. Good planning for defenses is the key to success, buy all the turrets on the map, get your gear, place Kleese's rift network around the areas enemies could run to and always look out for trouble. My group planned well and we only ever failed The Experiment on advanced difficulty due to some bad luck with enemy spawns. We got a pretty amazing glitch for the Rendain boss fight where Darkette died and respawned, then Rendain was frozen in one place and was open to all our damage, before that the fight seemed like a lost cause because of the overwhelming amount of enemies and Rendain's spammy attacks. On advanced you need to beat 6 bosses before you can reach Rendain, so dying against Rendain would be a huge pain and make us waste around an hour of our time. The longest and most boring part of the game and the element that is most frequently prevalent on the trophy list is lore challenges. There are 30 characters who each have 5 lore challenges, these often follow the formula of playing with a specific character on your team 3 different times, doing a lot of damage with a skill exclusive to that character, killing various types of enemies, getting PvP kills against bots or real people and the list goes on. The most worrying looking lore challenge was "The Last" which is part of Thorn's lore and requires you to complete The Archive on advanced without dying, I overestimated the challenge though, because I was able to breeze through it with Darkette's help after he had solo'd it. You can buy the turrets in advance on that mission to survive the escort a lot easier, so in the end the main threat will be the final boss pushing you off the platform to your death. In co-op you can be revived by your partner when you go for that challenge, that is why I opted to be helped in co-op by Darkette and I appreciate the immediate help with it .
  6. You can help 100 people and nobody gives a shit, but the moment you say no to 1 person, everyone gives you shit.

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      That's why you don't help people in the first place xD it happens everywhere to everyone it seems

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      Sign of the times...


      I'm more willing to help somebody in person..


      I've had too many encounters of pieces of shit on the internet who claim they need help, then turn around and backstab you on the internet.


      Social media is plagued with negativity. Pretty soon we will live in a dystopian society where nothing is okay and Big Brother is going to demand our credit card details and personal information.


      Makes me wish I was born 30 years earlier...

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      Trust me, it's still not much better.


      On the bright side though, eventually when everything goes in the toilet, I'll already be gone.

  7. The game has been used as a solution for people who have this exact problem with Fight Night Champion. EA doesn't use online passes anymore so the game would work online, not to mention that they might own it because it was on PS+ a few years ago. Just because a game isn't on someone's trophy list doesn't mean they don't have it.
  8. Until 2018, EA had gone over 5 years without shutting a server on PSN. But instead of pissing people off with server shutdowns, they went ahead and added microtransactions that were absurdly expensive for a lot of their games and broke features that were tied to trophies such as live events or uploading media to the servers. Sony should be your example of mass server shutdowns since they've had an itchy trigger finger regarding their shutdown habits. Regardless, people could also post about games that don't work as a heads-up to people who may be interested in buying the game. But until it is confirmed by the community people can assume the online still works. Fight Night Round 4 doesn't affect me, I have had the platinum for over 5 years now and the online still works on my main account. The issue the game has right now is that it fails to load up the ToS for new players, but for people who already played the game in the past it works perfectly fine and the solution for someone to fix this issue is to accept the terms on SSX.
  9. EA did develop a Tetris game in 2008 ! There are many online iterations of Tetris and when a game has never had an announcement for its shutdown, someone can go online on the game and see if it works online, but maybe they shouldn't be surprised if the game isn't how it used to be. However, I don't see why you had to come here and bitch about someone asking a question about this game when it has nothing to do with you. You only came here to rub salt in the wound because they're having trouble getting online by giving the generic killjoy response that I've seen hundreds of times before. And there are plenty of old games that have communities who play it online together, World of Warcraft is a game that was released in 2004 and still has working online functions, so you can expect some games from 2009 to have working online functions.
  10. I mean, NES Tetris is over 30 years old and gets people hyped up for a tournament and that gets millions of views every year. People can enjoy old games and there was no official announcement given for this game shutting down, when you pay for a product and it says "Online multiplayer" there should always be a warning prior to it being fucked. I hate seeing this kind of response because you're neglecting the fact that people can enjoy old games if they want to and a lot of old games still get attention from die-hard fans in the community.
  11. @PLATINIUMGAMEUR I think I've found the solution to your problem with this game... The solution is for you to the game: SSX online and accept the terms on that game, they are the same terms as Fight Night Round 4 and do load up on that game, once you do that then Fight Night Round 4 should work.
  12. It is obtainable now, but when I started it, for 4 days it had an error where it was unable to retrieve match history. This error made it impossible to save the stats you accumulated in a match/mission and required me to replay the prologue on the game around 10 times in order for it to register and allow me to play Episode 1, then after 5 runs of Episode 1 with no success saving any stats I fucked off for a few days and contacted support. The issue is fixed now, the only issue that currently exists is that you can't do 2 matches in a row without getting an error starting up a mission/match, but you can reboot the entire game to fix the issue. Some people you play online with may have issues connecting with you altogether though, the less people you play with, the less likely the error is to happen. If the stats error comes back any time soon, I'm not sure if 2K/Gearbox will give a shit to fix it considering they're intending on abandoning the game. I recommend anyone who cares to do the game to do it before February because they'd have less motivation to fix any errors that make the platinum unobtainable if they're no-longer making money from the game whatsoever. In-game if you choose to buy platinum, it sends you to the store page and it is still purchasable. They're intending to stop microtransactions for the game in February 2020. I'll also add that the DLC is account locked, so after it is delisted game-sharing also won't work for the DLC so once it's gone, it's gone for everyone.
  13. Well, disputes have people like you in them who love to bring people down for being flagged and look for any excuse to keep the person flagged. I think it helps to have someone who has experience with the person in question who can leave their opinion, since dispute lurkers also assume that the person is guilty by default. I know that Ninja Gaiden 3 is probably among the "10 games" that are reported and I helped Meepy with it. I'm not sure what every other game is, but I am sure that Meepy is legit and hasn't cheated the games because we talk often about a lot of these speed runs where Meepy would explain how to do the game quickly. Just look at Meepy's profile, the most recent post is someone else asking for help with Battle Fantasia, one of the games that has probably also been reported by a jealous hater, yet you see there that when asked, a detailed response was given by Meepy. I think if MMDE was involved in this dispute, it would be lifted by now, because Meepy used to be active in the PSNP chat where a lot of the games she did were discussed and MMDE was also in the PSNP chat the whole time and talked to Meepy a lot.
  14. I'm here to vouch that I don't think Meepy cheats trophies at all and look at all the information she left in this thread about the game. I've done Bulletstorm with Meepy and helped with Ninja Gaiden 3, GTA V and Mortal Kombat X. For all these games except MKX, we had a long session playing the game together for around 15-20 hours sometimes, Meepy has some of these fast times because she doesn't sleep while doing them, or looks for ways to make progress on the game without unlocking any trophy and sometimes practices the game on an alt account. The first time someone suspected Meepy, @MMDE PM'd me about it to make sure it was true or not, I would take people reporting games with a grain of salt because there are many people who just look for any excuse to flag people, especially when that person probably demolished them on the fastest achievers list. Meepy doesn't trophy hunt a lot, but when she does, she goes for the fastest time on the game and I'm sure with any of the games that she does, she can give you all the information needed to replicate a method that was used. Some of those methods might come down to being good at the game and knowing how to play it prior. Before we did Bulletstorm she beat the campaign on very hard on an alt to understand how to do the story mode faster for the speed run and did do the whole game in 1 sitting without sleeping. @Darkette helped her with all the online shit for Twisted Metal by AFKing the lobby and can probably vouch that she did the whole online for that game without stopping. Some people don't understand that you can make progress towards a trophy tracker without unlocking any trophy on the game if you plan it correctly, how else do people have 10 hours on Twisted Metal? Either way, I don't know anything about this game, but I'm sure it'll be unflagged in the future and whoever reported 10 games is jealous of the speed runs Meepy has done.
  15. AWP

    I don't think so, I'm pretty sure as long as you win the race then you will get the trophy. Of course, if the trophy doesn't unlock after you do everything, you should make note of which race this messed up in and then you can re-do it without destroying your car.