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  1. The descriptions of the trophies say "Solo Only" so you won't be getting let off the hook for this. Your PSN ID kind of gives you away, so I wouldn't be surprised if there are more games on your list that have issues with trophies.
  2. The only time people have complained about it is in their disputes, nobody ever said "a modder put a bounty on me" until then. Other people said they could get the bounty trophy because they returned to the game with an old bounty that is still on their head. But what @B1rvine said indicates that they didn't get the bounty legit. Within the time it took them to get other trophies, the bounty trophy should have unlocked much earlier.
  3. I guess the thing with them is no-longer supporting new content updates, like the CEO update and so on. Anyway, I don't think it would be worth all the effort of someone deleting their user on PSN after backing up all their saves for every other game and avoiding syncing the trophies and waiting for Rockstar to reset their rank back to what it originally was. If they were working towards rank related trophies and it happened once, then it can happen again.
  4. Here's a link to removing your profile on this website, if that's what you wish to do:
  5. Your only solution unless the games get white listed is to make a new account that remains clean on the leaderboards. I know that's inconvenient for you, but the site has flagged you for 3 games, so it's the only way you'll see your name on the leaderboards again.
  6. I don't know how long ago you were asking rockstar but the game is no longer supported by them on PS3, so I assume if anyone asks them to fix their character they won't do anything. People had 2 and a half years to level up on PS3 then transfer it to the superior PS4 version.
  7. I think it was @ProfBambam55 who searched for them, since he needed to see if all the games he listed on the white-listing thread were suitable. It could be recent that Modern Warfare 2 has a mod menu, but the game also doesn't have an encrypted save, so people can simply find any save online and auto-pop most of the spec ops trophies.
  8. It doesn't matter if they were hackers, the games aren't white-listed at this point, so you'll remain flagged. Since it's three games that you're a victim of, you can't hide them, you're flagged permanently until the website potentially white-lists the games.
  9. People get unflagged for it because unlike other games with modded trophy lobbies, this game doesn't have an option to delete your user after backing up your saves, unless you delete the whole online character which is inconvenient over a mistake you didn't intend to occur. Nobody has proven that it's still possible for bounties to be set on someone legit and we recently saw a case of a guy making a gaming session on psnp asking for a modder to do the bounty for him...
  10. There's one thing I didn't pick up on when I originally did Injustice, now the second time around while watching Doomsday grab thin air, I couldn't help but notice that he has the perfect thigh gap. 

    1. skateak


      Beyonce would be sooooo jealous. . 

    2. Spaz


      You have a thing for fighting games.

  11. I do believe it's a good idea and anyone who complains just needs to mind their own business, it doesn't affect anyone, if someone changes their country to yours to get #1 in a country then you need to step your game up. I've known plenty of people who had issues creating a PSN account for their own country, one of my friends was Hungarian but Hungary wasn't an option so he chose Australia. Some people couldn't choose Latin American countries for a long time, so they chose USA as their country, some countries didn't have a PSN Store, so some people made their main account into the account that they'd use the store on. I've always thought when I see USA as a country on here that the person could be from anywhere, because a lot of the time those people create a USA account for the superior store. On Xbox Live, they allow people to change their country through the system, PSN is simply inferior to Xbox Live in a lot of ways, but I don't think it would breach any terms and conditions by Sony to display your country on this website as something different, I mean PSNP does say they're not affiliated with Sony in any way, so they can't be held responsible for people's display country on their profile.
  12. Not that, but you accumulate distance by doing A-Spec and B-Spec races and the only way to level up now is to do A-Spec and B-Spec races for their respective level 40 trophies, so the distance specific trophies would certainly have unlocked before they got level 40 in either A-Spec or B-Spec
  13. No, not that I know of at the moment.
  14. Unfortunately because it's a feature that Rockstar themselves discontinued, the trophy will still be considered illegitimate on your profile, thus meaning the flag will likely stick. You also have Rank 50 and Rank 100 earned seconds apart, this does get unflagged on its own, but all three is a bad sign. I feel like if you were to be unflagged for this, people who get flagged for games like Black Ops II and COD World at War should also be unflagged to make it fair for everyone. If what you're saying is true, I personally don't think you should be flagged but you probably will stay flagged regardless.
  15. Maybe if he's been seeking out a modder for the bounty, he probably looked for one to get him rank 100 quickly.