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  1. Exophase can now be written off as a means of flagging people for play times on their games. The website gives you the option to manually edit those times, to demonstrate this I am editing all my currently tracked play times to 69 hours instead of their authentic value:

    1. Atoya


      Lmao that’s pretty stupid, well the PS5 shows play time as well, but I found some games tracked inaccurately there as well, so I don’t think both will help at this point.

  2. I don't see what Sony's reasoning behind requiring people who play on PS5 to have PS+ to back up their save files. I know to some of you it's surprising but there are still people who don't like multiplayer on games and want to play single player games and because of Sony's greed regarding wanting ALL of their customers to have PS+ those people will have to suffer with the concerns of losing their save files and having no back up options. I was also thinking that if someone's internet goes to shit for a bit of time they won't have the option to back up their PS5 save files during those periods although they might want to play an offline PS5 game. People who don't play multiplayer that often aren't going to be able to justify paying £50 a year for PS+ because to them that's £50 that is going nowhere due to their lack of using its features. I don't think Sony has the care or foresight to think "people will be able to copy their saves to a USB to then cheat games by editing them with software on their PC", most online games on the console have your stats saved to the servers rather than being save file based so hardly anyone uses their save file to do online cheating. They also don't care enough about trophies to try and stop people from finding ways to cheat them otherwise thousands of people would have been banned from PSN for the FUEL and SOCOM Confrontation save file usage back in the early days of trophy hunting.

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    2. enaysoft


      It is annoying enough you can't backup saves on USB to vita, but hey at least has no USB slot in it so it can slightly be excused. But PS5, no way. That is just a forced issue that can only be solved by you giving Sony money...

    3. Cleggworth


      @DaivRules I'm inclined to agree, they can't be that stupid surely

    4. Cobbsquatch


      PS4 save files on the PS5 can be saved to USB, I'm pretty sure.
      It's not implemented yet, because it's not fully suppourted, you can play games saves on an external HDD if ya want, but you might end up breaking the console. It will come with a future update I'm sure, when they got this shit figured out.

  3. I'm thinking that Aliens vs Predator, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Alien: Isolation (PS3), Alien: Isolation (PS4) Alien: Isolation (PS4 JP) should be made into a series because they are all part of the same franchise, similarly to how a Lord of the Rings series has been made and included the old EA releases with the Monolith releases. The series could be called "Alien" or "Aliens" if it is considered.
  4. The words that created an unobtainable platinum for some people unknown.png


    For those of you who don't know, the trophy is actually unobtainable because no enemies in the campaign can place proximity charges at all and doing it in a multiplayer mode without the servers doesn't trigger the trophy. Some people thought they had finished the online trophies without getting this one and can't platinum the game because of it. The moral of the story is: if a game is shutting down you're probably better off doing the entire platinum before the shutdown to feel completely safe about the trophies after the shutdown.

    1. BRKs_Eagle


      It's funny how the title of the trophy, "Minor Miscalculation," applies perfectly to this. A poor choice of wording that screwed up an entire platinum.

  5. I guess it's a dream team because the Arkham City on the list has a glitch where all the campaign and challenge map trophies unlocked seconds apart
  6. The dispute already admits to using someone else's save file to get trophies. This is also one of the most cheated trophy games on PSN. The flag won't be lifted because using someone else's save file regardless of where it was sourced is against the rules.
  7. Having it game shared to you by someone who has it on their download list. There's no way to purchase them otherwise because they were digital only releases for PS3.
  8. More often than not if you need help with a trophy for a game that is multi-platform the best solution for it is looking up the achievement on TrueAchievements. It is very much a night and day scenario sometimes where you see a very vague trophy guide write 3 sentences about a trophy and it's basically just an extended description of the trophy rather than being any help at all, then on TrueAchievements someone writes many paragraphs, supplies images and videos for the tips they provide and so on. I'm not sure what drives their community to be passionate about helping each other in that way but it's always great to see a game go multi platform because you know that a lot of the time someone on there will outshine any trophy hunter who wants to write a guide for the game.

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    2. BRKs_Eagle


      I think the problem is not having trophy tips. Here, you have to write an entire guide, which makes people focus more on one or two trophies (the most difficult or grindy ones) and then make a brief description of what you need to do for the rest.


      In TA, you can focus on any trophy you want without needing to write for all the rest, so people are naturally more inclined to write more, because it's probably a trophy they know anyway, and also, they want to be on the top (that is, have more likes), which is why it's important to have a good description.

    3. cckerberos


      @BRKs_Eagle is absolutely correct, IMHO. Having to do a full write-up for a bunch of trophies you don't care about/think any one should need a guide for really means you need a lot of motivation to make a guide here.

    4. Cleggworth


      Could not agree more, I'm finding myself on true achievements more and more for guides these days. Actual text guides instead of just video's all the time. I'd take a well written collectible guide over a video every single time. I've never liked video guides for collectibles but these days they seem even worse.


      "Hey its me doglicker5000 back again with another guide hit the sub button blah blah blah" then a quick cut of 2 second clips picking stuff up with no explanation on where any of this stuff is 🤷‍♂️

  9. Even if the guide for the game claims that the game has no glitched trophies, whenever I am close to getting a progress based trophy for a game I often back up my save file. So if there is a trophy for completing the hardest difficulty of the game, I will often back up my save file right before the final chapter or if there is a trophy for a set number of kills with a weapon or whatnot I will back up my save a few kills before getting the trophy. I say it's better safe than sorry in these situations and better to only have to revert back to a save where you were already close to the trophy compared to redoing the entire thing. Not all glitched trophies get documented on trophy forums so it's a good practice to always back up before finishing off a grind.

    1. Copanele


      Agreed there. Some glitches just decide to mess around when you least expect it. That's a lesson learned from Assassin's Creed, there's only half of glitches documented on forums, compared to how broken the games can get(any entry in the series really) . 

      Backups are a blessing. 

    2. zizimonster


      Yes. Glad to say that I do back up save files regularly. Usually, after every session of play. :)

  10. I'm not sure if this is currently fact however I've heard that people who cheat trophies can return to the leaderboard with the following method:


    If they are flagged they can remove their profile from the website and then change their PSN ID and add their new PSN ID to the website and the website then treats it like a different account rather than recognizing the old account. I've been told this by some people however if anyone who knows about this can confirm it then that'll be interesting. I guess if this works and there's no way to fix it then if you report someone for trophies you should watch out and make sure those same time stamps don't show up under a new PSN ID.

    1. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      @B1rvine Watch out for sneaky cheaters!

    2. B1rvine


      I'm pretty sure this doesn't work anymore. But if anyone wants to do an experiment with me, we can see.

  11. You're mistaking the dates and thinking that dates for December 10th are within the last week. There haven't been any secret fights for the game in over a month now... To answer your questions the tower has a preset difficulty setting that you can't change but the difficulty is very low and beating the tower is very simple. If a tower you are playing requires a flawless victory then you can pause the game and select your character again to retry the requirement, however this seems to not work in the Trophy Hunter (Predator) tower if you fail to get the flawless victory requirement there. I'll suggest looking through the forum of this game to see my thread about the secret fights because you're trying the trophy in vain now, the tower that is currently on right now (Tuesday, 12th January 2:53am GMT) doesn't have a secret fight whatsoever. @Smashero the whole world shares the same towers so there's no difference between any regions and the towers that spawn, it'd be funny if there were because then that'd increase the sales of the game by making people buy multiple region copies to try and look out for a secret fight.
  12. You have a nice thread going here, I looked through your difficulty ratings and I was surprised to see you rate Persona 4 Arena as an 8/10 difficulty platinum and then the Guilty Gear games you've rated 7/10, what makes you think those two plats are within only 1/10 difficulty of P4A? I've done those games myself and I'd say that those two Guilty Gears are around the 3-4/10 range whereas I'd give P4A a 9-10/10 difficulty rating. I'm interested in your reasoning behind it.
  13. A strange one because PSNProfiles has actually corrected a typo that was done for a trophy on PSN... However the trophy "Lost Memories" for Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-Tered: actually appears on the official trophy list as "lost_memories": The "World Class SP Skills" trophy on the Persona 4 Arena Ultimax list is incorrect, the real name is "World Class Bugs" and if you click on the trophy then it displays the correct name, it simply has to be changed on the main list.
  14. is a very popular website that tracks people's fastest times to complete various games or levels and they have an insane verification process for runs to be accepted. I see various people want this kind of verification system on PSNProfiles for trophies, but I will explain reasons why it wouldn't work on this website...


    1) opens up many more opportunities for the players featured there compared to what PSNProfiles can do for a trophy hunter. Two very popular events: Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) and Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) were hosted throughout the year, they are massive charity events that garner thousands of viewers and allow a speed runner to promote themselves for a brief time slot. Trophies don't have this kind of event and never will because let's face it, most trophies don't take enough skill to warrant anyone's interest in seeing an event for it. could be used by organizers of these events to seek out players to join the event by viewing the leaderboards on that website and contacting the player through social media platforms to get them involved in the event. The best that can maybe happen for a trophy hunter would be interviews with some journalism website and even then that will only happen for people who are in the top 10 who have spent thousands of hours and years doing this hobby.


    2) A bunch of trophy lists have over 100 trophies on them whereas a speed run is normally only one run that must be verified. If you were to have to prove your trophies in the same way that expects people to prove their speed run you'd probably have to submit at least over 20 different videos for the same game to prove yourself.


    3) Trophies are tracked on the platform that you play on already, there's no "word of mouth" situation where you can say you've done something that your profile doesn't reflect e,g, saying you've earned a specific trophy but then you don't have the trophy on your profile. Nobody would believe a speed runner who says that they've beaten the world record time for a game unless video evidence proves that, whereas on PSN if you sync your trophies you'll have the time stamps that back up your claims and as far as I'm concerned that's good enough for me.


    4) Trophies become unobtainable and as a result you lose the opportunity to ever document them whereas speed runs for single player games will always be possible to submit runs for.


    5) has multiple moderators that are selected per game to review runs, PSNProfiles has 4 cheater removal team members, the workload would be too high to have a strict verification system in place on this website. Also I'd say that there aren't an abundance of experts for trophy games who would volunteer their time to participate in the elitism of verifying people's trophies after the time stamps have already done that. Nor would I trust enough members of this website to take it seriously enough to actually be fair in their judgement.


    6) requires the person who has done the run to submit the run themselves whereas on PSNProfiles I could add a random person who isn't on the website to the website without their permission and the website would track their trophies and put them on the leaderboard.


    All in all I consider it a bad idea to add elitism to the website with further verification being necessary for people to prove their legitimacy. The reason various elitists have come up with this idea is because the PS5 now saves people's trophy clips by default, however I've disabled the feature on my console because my SSD space is more important to me than some elitist's opinion of my trophies. I have a YouTube channel where I've documented hundreds of hours of gameplay and in that case I've probably proven myself more than most of the elitists, but even I won't bother to cater to their bullshit if I don't have to. I've literally seen people say shit like "you'd only defend this person if you're a cheater yourself" but I'll say that there's a legal term, "reasonable doubt", where you're not allowed to find someone guilty if there's even the slight possibility that they're innocent, this should probably be applied to this website, however unfortunately there's a mob mentality where people are assumed to have done the worst because they know the details about the worst things. Some people like to expand their knowledge which may make them delve deeper into the dark side of trophies, but if they're transparent with people about their knowledge of these things then a lot of members of this website believe that they engage in such activities themselves e.g. knowing how to CFW a console makes people think that you use CFW to cheat trophies.


    I guess I've waffled enough now and this came out of nowhere but I thought I'd get this off my chest for fun. Have a good day.

    1. starcrunch061


      A long read, but a good one. I agree with this. I think our system of trophy verification is flawed, but fine. No need to add this additional nonsense.

    2. dude


      I believe there's absolutely room for trophy hunting speedruns to become a hit. They'd be on the longer side, but there's plenty of speedruns that are both popular and quite long. I just don't think they're enough people doing it. Or enough people competing one game for spectators to watch, purely to enjoy the competition. 
      Verification seems pointless right now, as the site doesn't even support "fastest platinum" times. only 100% and there aren't even people speedrunning for it to even to be that serious yet. 

      If you get 100% in skyrim in 10 hours though, I would definitely need to know what steps you took to get that done. Especially given the context. We know hacking trophies is possible and decimating the previous fastest time and cutting it in half, would atleast need an explanation with steps that are replicable. 

    3. Sergen


      I see your point about cases like your Skyrim example. People generally want this kind of thing to happen for all trophies rather than obscure scenarios like extremely fast and impressive speed runs. Posts like this one came up when trophy clips were shown to be a feature for the PS5:


      I thought maybe the guy who made that post was trolling but because we're on PSNProfiles there would be people who agree with posts like that and think that all trophy clips should be verified before people are considered legit.

  15. On PS4 you can just quit a match as soon as you have joined it (after the 10 second timer has ended) and the anarchy and bagman modes only require 2 people to start the match. There is no 250 win trophy on PS4, you only need to get 250 matches played.