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  1. I'm inclined to believe this is true because I bet this game stores all the data to the servers. Many people have problems with level based trophies for the game not unlocking, it isn't far-fetched to believe that more trophies on this shitty game could also fail to unlock. I think this would be a case of someone needing to crack a highly encrypted server for anyone to really cheat the trophies for the game, because it is online only and most likely using dedicated servers, so unless someone can prove that save file cheating on this game is possible, I believe the flag should be lifted.
  2. Never say never, it is always a possibility and if that day comes, people will have paid to experience a title screen.
  3. The issue this faces is the fact that the servers for the game will inevitably shut in the future, then you'll be left with nothing to do on it after that happens. Although the servers for the game will probably last 5-10 years when it does come out, I still feel like an offline mode should be an option for games that have content that can be done completely solo. I'm guessing the reason they've made the game online only is because on Diablo III, people can mod gear that can make themselves invincible and kill things in 1 hit, I don't think they want that to become a big thing on Diablo IV. Either way, I didn't like Diablo III at all, the whole idea of grinding gear to then use that gear to grind even more gear is boring to me, so I don't see myself buying Diablo IV any time within the release period.
  4. The real answer to this issue might be that you have to accept EA's old terms on a different game. Mercenaries 2 has an issue similar to this and the way you can fix that is to play an old EA game and accept the terms on that one. Games such as Battlefield Bad Company and Medal of Honor: Airborne allow you to accept EA's old terms, so if you have those games try to accept the old terms on them and see if FNR4 works after that.
  5. And anyone who calls it OCD is disrespecting the struggles a person who really has OCD is facing.
  6. I guess the game is giving you a last chance before you try to start it and sync an unobtainable game on your list. It is unobtainable because of belt trophy blockers right now, so save yourself the trouble and avoid the game now.
  7. If you add someone for free help with a trophy, don't expect them to come chasing you if you can't be bothered following up and asking for the help after they add you on PSN. People who offer the help aren't often begging to help people, it might be more annoying to them if you never ask for the help and expect them to do all the asking... If you feel it's gonna annoy the person for you to ask for help after adding them, then they probably weren't gonna help you anyway, so it won't hurt you to ask for the help when you have the chance.

    1. Rally-Vincent---


      The lands you plough are mostly barren, though, it must be difficult to sow fruit and hope for a nice harvest.

    2. Spaz


      This is why I very rarely boost any online trophies.


      I had to spend a few weeks to finally get somebody to log in to help me boost the online trophy in Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. Piss easy online trophy I know, but it was still a hassle.


      I can't imagine trying to boost Red Dead Redemption or those GTA V Heists. Must be a real nightmare, considering that both games require a lot of coordination with all the players. Easier said than done.

  8. I'll just put this out there that I apologize to anyone who wants to ask me for tips and strategies on SingStar XMB, however the methods I used were pioneered by friends of friends who do not want that information to be spread around. I have to respect the decision people have made to not want to publicly reveal the methods that were used to play songs easily on the game, however there are many publicly available guides that can piece together a method that you could use to earn the trophies. The principle given by the people around me are the fact that they tend to not like it when random people only add them to ask for help, then forget they exist which I can personally relate to. I just want to say that while I am fine with people asking me for help, I would genuinely prefer it if people these days were adding me for a genuine reason, the last few people who wanted to add me on Discord are doing it because they want to ask for help, then they never talk to me again after getting the help...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y


      I can totally understand and respect your point, it to me also way often🙃


      But also i wanna plat the Games also, i will figure the methods by myself, but just a quick question, how can i get the singstar ps3 NA xmb stack?😅


      Greetings from germany 🤙🏻

    3. Sergen


      It is on the NA PSN store listed as "SingStar digital" you can't have both PS3 versions installed at the same time because the data carries over and voids trophies.

    4. S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y


      Oh ok thanks for the extra Infomation Boss 😋👌🏻

  9. They got the game shipped to them early, Middle Eastern countries often break the street date for games because the stores don't get in trouble for that and can often make more money selling the game before it is released. Aside from that, if you're a content creator then you can get a review copy sent to you before the official release date if you are a big enough creator.
  10. If possible, I would like to see every forum merged together for all stacks of a game, I feel it is difficult to find the information you need about the game sometimes if you need to look through multiple forums in order to see what someone wrote about the game. Many of my games have more than 1 version of the trophy list, while the trophy requirements stay the same, it also helps to avoid spam because currently SingStar XMB has been announced to shutdown and on each of the forums for the 4 stacks of the game are threads about the server shutdown, if all forums for the game were merged, there would only need to be 1 thread for the shutdown. I feel like having multiple forums for stacks of games can cause spam on the website, as someone will likely post the same thread in all locations to get their information out there and I've seen this be the case a few times with the same title being present in the "Recent Topics" section of the forum homepage and all it normally contains is the same information but the person has posted that information in a thread on each forum for the stacks of the game. I feel that exceptions could be made for merging with some games, if the game is significantly different on one stack compared to the other, such as when a game has a Vita stack. Either way, I'd like to know people's opinion of this and the feasibility of this suggestion being implemented. It has been done with trophy guides, so I don't see why it can't be done for the forum of the game.
  11. Now the SingStar journey is finally over and I have the quadruple stack of the platinum for the XMB version <3. This has been my best week in terms of ultra rare trophy e-penis solely because of those plats, but I am glad that ultra rare plats like this aren't too frequent otherwise it'd ruin the fun of hunting for them. I don't know if I can keep the momentum up and do more ultra rare e-peening any time soon, but I'm glad I got those SingStar's done before their demise that occurs on January 31st, 2020.

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    2. ArmoredSnowman


      @Sergen like said before, there's that Shinobi Striker, if you're really in need of a grindy ultra rare.

    3. Conker


      Thx for the songs, will that be enough to start or do I need 10 songs to start game?

    4. Sergen


      You need 10 songs total, so after those 4, you can get 6 random songs from the PSN store and work on the trophies with them.

  12. Why did you just assume the gender of a person who hacks trophies? Women could hack trophies too but you only used the "he" pronoun ... In all seriousness, maybe it's removed so elitists of the game the person is flagged for don't harass them for hacking trophies on that game, by not showing exactly what the game is. The website does an alright job of avoiding embarrassing a person for what they do on their profile, considering all that is done is removing their leaderboard rank from the website. In the past there was also a "Dirty Leaderboard" where people who cheated were on it too, I guess all of this is done for the benefit of the person who is flagged, by downplaying what they've done as best as possible. We're all human, so a person who is flagged shouldn't be treated like shit about what they've done because people make mistakes. I guess it could be a semi-whitelist to indicate that the person is flagged for bad luck in a modded lobby rather than actually cheating by their own choice. I also think that it shouldn't be something a person is embarrassed about if they cheated on FUEL and SOCOM back in 2009/2010, as it was common and more people cheated those games than did them legit back then without having any website around that moderated it.
  13. I once again have 100% on The Elder Scrolls Online after the release of the Dragonhold DLC <3! I'm unsure if I am officially the first person to 100% that DLC, but it is an incredibly simple DLC, the easiest one on the game... I expected it to be similar to Murkmire's requirements with having to do a set number of quests, defeat all the world bosses and complete the delves, but instead all you have to do is complete 9 story quests. I guess a big issue people may face is the fact that before you can unlock the 3 final quests, you need to have done the Northern Elsweyr zone story, which requires the Elsweyr expansion for the game, but other than that the DLC only requires you to complete a linear zone story in Southern Elsweyr. I skipped through all dialogue as I normally do because I wanted to be done with it as soon as I could be. Now I can have a break because there probably won't be new DLC until next year :D

  14. Another SingStar plat out of the way with PS4 EU <3! The size of my e-penis has grown a little bit knowing that I am half of the way there to getting the whole set done. This version was longer than PS3 EU, because I didn't have access to "My Lovely Horse" due to it being a PS3 exclusive song, so I had to use a fan and keep playing "Everybody" by the Backstreet Boys, as it is the shortest song aside from My Lovely Horse, aside from that I used "Amazing Grace" by Susan Boyle around 100 times to get some Perfect Pitch for that trophy.


    I reviewed the PS3 platinum here, I don't find it necessary to post the same shit 4 times about the game but I am simply letting y'all know that I am probably gonna audition for the X-Factor after this, because it truly puts my voice to the test :D


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    2. SlimSanta94


      Good job!

    3. Rally-Vincent---


      Looks like Backstreet's back (all right).

    4. DamagingRob


      Gonna be fun getting those songs out of your head. :lol: Congrats!

  15. Singstar XMB (PS3 EU): Platinum #138 Difficulty: 2/10 Time Taken: 14 hours, 9 minutes A nice and easy ultra rare platinum to add to the collection . I did this game in anticipation for the upcoming server shutdown, on January 31st, 2020 the servers will be shut for this game. Only 3 trophies on the list are online specific, however on PS3 accessing purchased songs from the PSN store won't work anymore after that date, so if you give a damn about this game at all, just do it. Before the shutdown I intend to do all 4 version of the platinum, as it is all simple to endure and easy ultra rare trophies. I will firstly give credit to @Darkette who talked to me for most of my experience on this game and sent me links to videos on YouTube that could be played alongside various songs that made the song into a joke, most specifically frequencies that could be used to make M. - Pop Muzik incredibly simple to achieve over 2.8million points on 20 times. I was very surprised by how much of this game can be cheated with various audio online and also with a fan blowing into your microphone, but I have no shame in admitting that I am not a great singer or a fan of the music that I had downloaded on this game, so I would rather take the easy way out. You need to own 10 songs for this game before you are allowed to earn trophies, I bought the songs that I saw people say were the best for various trophies such as Amazing Grace by Susan Boyle for Vibrato, Under Pressure by Queen & David Bowie for Perfect Harmony, Father Ted's My Lovely Horse for fast plays of 400 songs, M by Pop Muzik for an easy perfect score and 2.8million on 20 songs. I got very lucky with my perfect score trophy because I got it on my first try with the cheese method that Darkette showed me. Most of this game was turbo'd after doing very easy miscellaneous trophies, while using a fan against my microphones. The microphones I used were an iPad and an iPhone 6S with the Singstar app, because none of my USB microphones worked for this game, so the guide was full of shit for mentioning that "any USB mic works", because the USB mics I had were brand new until today. Either way, the app worked for every trophy on the game, however the iPad was terrible at picking up sound and I had to push it against the speaker that was playing any audio, so I don't intend to use the app for other versions of this game, I have ordered a duo mic kit for this game that I will use for future versions. This will be a painfully boring experience to endure all versions, but I will be glad to see 4 platinums for the price of one .