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  1. When you report a trophy list, it's probably best to be 100% certain that the trophies can't be earned legitimately. I think more evidence than "I think these trophies are earned too close together" should be supplied with reports against people that you think have cheated... The person has to live with the consequences of disputing publicly to this website, a place where people get their salty popcorn ready to devour while watching the circus that is putting a person on blast for their dispute. 

    1. AihaLoveleaf


      When I see some of these disputes with poorly-written, wishy-washy reasons that barely pass for English, all I can think is "Somebody actually approved this flag? You've gotta be kidding me"

    2. Darkette


      “hmm strange, i thought you couldn’t do that” will be the new report meta in 2030

    3. kevao97


      I've always defended that reports should have consequences, literally psn applies that. when trying to report something, you are warned that false reports are banable if analyzed and found in bad faith. psnp doesn't work on almost anything it should. I'm here because of your posts and just a few other things, like the upcoming shutdowns thread.

  2. People like to compare real courts to dispute threads on this website. Well if you're pissed off because your dispute took longer than a week to be addressed on this website, remember that real courts can sometimes take years to go to trial to find out a verdict on the crime. You wouldn't wanna wait years for your flag on PSNP to be resolved now would you? It's not as easy for the CRT as you might think because they can't know everything about every game and sometimes have to see every side of the story before making their decision. 

  3. The one time people tried to hoard a "server shutdown" before it happened in Overwatch 1 on PS4 and now instead of making an Overwatch 2 plat for PS4 they've decided to make it a DLC pack for the original Overwatch list so it now has new DLC trophies... That'd piss me off if I did play the game because I wouldn't wanna play Overwatch 2 immediately so I guess I'm rescued by the fact that I won't touch the game at all. But I assume this means that Overwatch's original trophy list is still possible to 100% by playing Overwatch 2 on PS4 which is good for people who might have been too late originally.

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    2. Copanele


      I'll write a brief "platinum" history, from my perspective only @enaysoft  (not speaking for others because you can bet someone will quote me and say I am a monkey for not knowing his hidden opinion or something)

      When Overwatch was launched, it was honestly a great game. You could just jump into the game, pew pew, zap in a 6v6 match. Trophies were tough, true, but as long as you could instantly get into a game there wouldn't be any major problems.


      Then...."improvements" happened. Long ass queues, that stupid Role only queue where you had to wait for 10+ minutes to play a character like Soldier 76...releases of busted characters with abysmal requirements. It was a pain. They eventually managed to return to Quick Matches aka queueing super fast but it wasn't the same. Plus somehow the game just wasn't fun anymore, the balancing for a lot of heroes kinda ruined the initial wacky woohoo feeling of the game.


      Anyway, I was done with Overwatch, 100%, beautiful, time to let it sleep. Now I wake up with my Overwatch list converted into Overwatch 2, with new characters that are apparently hidden behind a battle pass OR you have to grind for 30+ hours to unlock one (according to a friend, could not confirm this). Not to mention that they switched the game to a 5v5 which reduces the chances to accomplish ...whatever tasks they required (but makes boosting slightly easier).


      SO that's why I personally don't like this change. I will try and see what's the deal with the new heroes later on, but if it ends up being a headache I won't bother with the 100% anymore. Plus they will keep adding heroes, means more DLC.

    3. AihaLoveleaf


      I tried to hoard Jump Force before shutdown - along with several other people - and the list ended up remaining obtainable. Great that people will continue to be able to earn the Platinum, but now I look like even more of a clown for going after a mediocre game. I guess the moral of the story here is that I, personally, should just play all the shutdown games. By my massive sample size of one, I can determine that I'm able to rescue all these poor lists before they become unobtainable.

    4. Sergen


      It really aged well when you said that you'd have a valuable prestigious platinum by doing Jump Force ;) hahahaha

  4. The search function for games on this website sure takes me back to 2003. When you type a game name and it ends up showing you every game title that has that word in it. So if you're looking for God of War, you'll get Shadow of War, World of Tanks and so on just because the word "of" is included in the game title. When you wanna look for Ninja Gaiden by typing that game title and it isn't even on the first page of games that begin with Ninja that's not fun either. Remember this when you make QOL suggestions to the website, if the search engine isn't even being updated what hope is there for functions that simply make the site more enjoyable to use? PSNP+ has to address issues with the site that should have been fixed by the site years ago. 

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    2. starcrunch061


      And yet, somehow, it's still better than the search function on the console store for PS4.

    3. Jeanoltt


      The same happens in the PS4 store, I'm not surprised lol.

      - Ghost of Tsush..

      - wait are you trying to find F1 2015 DLC Arton Senna Model 1994

    4. CelestialRequiem


      Man. 69, Hatsune Miku mechs and Sergen? 


      This status update has it all. 

  5. I'll say that one of the things that has ruined trophies for me over the years is the way that the leaderboard rules are enforced. I've always had to make sure that when I'm playing a game I know exactly when a story based trophy is supposed to unlock because if it somehow won't unlock at all then I might have to do damage control on this website and immediately document that glitch. It only takes one glitched trophy that you didn't cheat to get you branded as a cheater and once again people need to stop saying "being flagged here doesn't mean you're a cheater it means you didn't follow the leaderboard rules", get Sly to change the "cheaters removed" statistic on the leaderboard to "flagged users". Doing this damage control about trophies ruins the game because you have to remain active on PSNP while playing the game to get your point across before your flag. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. enaysoft


      I still hate looking for missable trophies before I buy a game.


      Like I used to on purpose just think fuck it, I will play the game anyway. Then afterwards I find a missable trophy 20 hours in a 40 hour game. On something very bullshit like, I went through the blue door instead of the green one and quite literally there was no difference in choosing either.


      Having random and nonsensical missable trophies is such a dick move.


      So then later I think shit, if only I had looked up the missables. I could just ignore it, but my OCD goes in my head YOU MUST PLAY THE 20 HOURS AGAIN. And then during those hours I find myself honestly hating the existence of trophies.


      Getting 100% on an offline game and then 9 months later online only DLC trophies being added, often with completely new game genre added, or one DLC trophy playing the game on NewGame+ super wanker kick in the balls hard difficulty when the base game is playable on easy or normal.


      That is also fucking annoying too.

    3. Sergen


      Talking about Ghost of Tsushima there? Hahaha. I enjoyed the legends mode but I was thinking "I bet people felt annoyed that they bought this game for single player to see an online mode with a co-op raid" at least I knew what I was getting into. I was gonna add the missable trophies here as well because time is valuable but next time I play a single player game I will try to enjoy it without caring about the trophies until I have to clean it up because at least the trophies will always be possible to go back to get and you're not under a time limit and could always take a break before playing it again. I don't care about completion time on this website at least and anything could be cleaned up at a later date but I don't think I intend to clean up any of the terrible games I have started for rarity at this point. 

    4. enaysoft


      Aah, I was talking about another game, but yeah there are a few free games I got on PS+ that I was going to start and then I saw DLC come out and thought, nope fuck it. Days Gone was one.


      Days Gone and Dying Light also had bullshitty DLC. I enjoyed playing Dying Light anyway but still, I do find the lack of 100% completion a bit annoying. But I bought it in 2018 and started playing in 2021.


      Ghost of Tsushima indeed, I was going to buy that too but yep, I avoid online games these days and when I saw it on sale and new DLC comingout with online, I thought nooooppppeee.


      I was also annoyed at Resident Evil 7, that had a mish and mash of really hard DLC and you know, I like poker as much as the next guy but having to play a really hard poker game for 10 hours on a game that's about survival horror.


      I also bought Doom on a sale, which looks awesome, like everyone loved it, and apparently the platinum was not too bad.

      But I got it on a flash sale and after that a shit ton of online battle arena DLC, so yeah, it is so weird seeing a ton of games that I bought which I will probably never play.


      These days I care more about 95% overall completing since maintaining 100% is mpossible


      Of course in reality I haven't ever written off playing any of them, far from it. It's just that I have a list on my PC, no kidding, in notepad! Where I move games up and down the list depending on my mood, I usually pre install 4 or 5 of them on PS4, so when I get a 100% on a game I can start a new game. Of course Doom, Days Gone and other games, they are so low on the list, like literally at number 37 and 44 and counting... And this DOES NOT include all the games I have yet to get 100% on lol


      Like I have Yakuza Kiwami 1, Kiwami 2 and Japanese version of Isshin, just the Yakuza games preinstalled I am looking at like 6 months of my time.


      Honestly, if I was trapped in a jail for 365 days and able to play games literally all the waking hours. Even then I don't think I could catch up on my backlog. lol


      All because of trophies....

  6. When you're a member of PSNP you have free access to some great comedy and there are some chumps who decide to buy tickets to see Kevin Hart or Jimmy Carr for their comedy fix. You just have to browse the PSNP forums for 10 minutes and you've gotten more laughter than 10 stand up shows of the world's most renowned comedians. 

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    2. AihaLoveleaf


      That free entertainment is why I keep the Activity Feed open while I'm playing video games, and why I take a few minutes to catch up if I've been away. Shame on me if I miss an episode of PSNP Comedy Theatre.

    3. enaysoft


      Been in bed all day sleeping off the effects of my 3rd jab, sods law that the day I do, I miss all the action on here..

    4. VoidVictorious


      Yep! I love hearing “The 90’s, Jim Ryan, and California” within less than a paragraph. You can always count on it!

  7. The game forces you to be online all the time to play it at all so you can't use any trick to avoid the glitches, you just have to get lucky that it won't happen to you. It is usually a problem that affects a small percentage of the people who play the game but if the problem does happen to you then there's no way to fix it because the game doesn't have the option to wipe your online stats whatsoever to restart it.
  8. I like how we're just trading profile views today. 

    1. enaysoft


      I'll leave a stain here too, if you don't mind. Well I guess too late, already typed it. lol

    2. Sergen


      I think it might be a good idea to turn my PSNP Profile into an NFT and then you buy it and I buy yours and then we've officially traded something that is viewable by the public by financially investing in it. 

  9. If you wanna make your stalkers feel comfortable, make sure you press the X on your "Recent Profile Visitors" box and then it removes your ability to see who your most recent profile viewers are. It always makes me feel great to see that box not there because that means the person probably isn't aware that I just saw their cute little profile on here. But all in all I view people randomly because I'm bored and viewing you is something to pass the time and sometimes I find some hidden gems on random profiles that I click the profile picture of. You're more likely to get my view by using a cute anime girl profile pic because usually those pics resemble what the person would look like in real life and that makes a lot of you very beautiful people. 

    1. Show previous comments  20 more
    2. Cave Johnson

      Cave Johnson

      @XchocomanX I don't know, but I'm sure I'll be finding out firsthand soon enough. If I end up volunteering to fight in WWIII, then it wasn't actually voluntary, I can assure you.  

    3. Jeanoltt


      So cool that people think I look like madonna😅

    4. daftprophet
  10. Somewhere out there is some ratalaika trophy whore who flexes that they have over 1000 plats to their friends who don't trophy hunt and probably have less than 10 plats and their friends think that the person is an insane gamer with a load of skill to accomplish that many plats when that casual friend of theirs won't ever discover the PSNP community that shits all over those games and the profiles that spam them. In-fact myself when I barely had 100 plats had people saying "damn 100 plats that's a hell of a lot" then I told them to look at Hakoom at the time to see that I'm barely scratching the surface in platinum count. 

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    2. Nebnit


      @enaysoft "Kate" and Lynch? Is that like Samantha & Max?

    3. Cleggworth


      @PooPooBlast I remember the 200th plat thread. I also remember that it descended into an argument about the word elite and how many ultra rares you had to have to be classed as elite. So it was going on back then too 🤣

    4. Rally-Vincent---


      Trophies do not exclusively fuel the ego of the high-number-racers.

  11. If someone uses USA as a country for PSN account creation that means they could be from anywhere. You see it as the most common pick for people who can't create a PSN account for their actual country so it never surprises me when I see someone who says they're from a specific place and then USA is their country on PSN. But I'd like more originality here, where's the love for using El Salvador as a country? The USA is for the basic people. 

    1. AK-1138




      Ain't no shame about representing what was the pop cultural center of the 'verse for some sixty odd years

    2. AihaLoveleaf


      Basic Murican reporting for duty.

    3. kevao97


      These days I saw a profile with a flag that I had never seen in my life. It was an extremely small country in the east, which I don't remember the name of now. I don't know how this country is available for psn account creation.

  12. When I'm very tired, I sometimes miss entire words out of my sentences for some reason. Maybe you could call this phenomenon "phantom writing" where you think that something is there when it isn't really there. Unfortunately on this website you can't edit status updates so if you forget a word you have to forget you made that mistake. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. enaysoft


      This happens to me, at all times of the day, I have to proof read everything I write AT LEAST once, because I can talk almost as fast as I can think the words, somehow words either go missing, are in the wrong order, or even a wrong or completely unrelated word goes in by mistake.

      (I proof read this passage 3 times lol)

    3. AK-1138


      That's so haha

    4. LC-Fraggers


      Always. I can even proof read what I've written, post it, read it again and think " the fuck?" 

  13. The funniest thing about PSNP is when people act like smart asses and only ever read the thread title and never the actual post that goes along with the thread title. So I see someone's thread where it starts off with a title like "Trophy Boosting" and then the content of the says "How many people are required to boost the online trophies here? The trophy guide doesn't mention it" and then people who post afterwards assume that it's a boosting thread and decide to send a link to the gaming sessions section of the website instead of helping the person who made the post by actually answering their question. This shit happens a lot because it looks like a lot of PSNP members hate reading. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Nebnit


      Our literature teacher always told us not to write ambiguous titles.

    3. Raidou Kuzunoha XIV

      Raidou Kuzunoha XIV

      I see it happen on other forums and social media to be fair. I've had it happen to me plenty of times over the years, to the point I'll usually try to be as succinct as possible, or include a TL;DR that consists of a single sentence or two at the top of my post, and I'll STILL get people that clearly only read the title. I don't know why they even bother replying tbh, especially when they write a fair amount so they clearly put some time into their response, but it's completely useless because it doesn't address the actual question at all.

    4. ihadalifeb4this


      Reading is for noobs. 🙃

  14. Then I'd suggest altogether to completely avoid the vita version hahahaha. You can't 100% the game on vita, it has some unreleased DLC but that same DLC is available on the PS3 version and it's not a stackable trophy list so at least the OP can do the game on PS3 for a better experience.
  15. This place is a lot more quiet without your status updates.