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  1. I've found a game that has two trophy lists for the same game that has yet to be marked. This is the international version: This is the Japanese version:恋姫演武
  2. They would have hacked it, it seems now that people can hack any PS4 trophy they want so it's only a matter of time until PS4 CFW also takes over.
  3. I appreciate that you added those Marvel games to the series list . I'm looking forward to seeing the series leaderboard when that comes along and when series progress can be viewed altogether I was simply surprised that Marvel vs. Capcom never got a series list but it's all good now, I'm surprised how fast you put it there to be honest
  4. In-fact, it might be becoming normal for people to pay for micro-transactions in a free to play game, even if it's just cosmetic and won't help them in anyway with winning. Some people want to support a game with that because they've enjoyed it for free for so long. The fact of the matter is that you tried to be a smart ass to someone saying they got a refund for another game that shut quickly by saying it was a free game, when it had in-game purchases. Either way, there's no point really discussing this further it's just best to consider what someone could have spent money on when they mention any game giving refunds. I also haven't paid anything towards a free to play game, but Marvel Heroes Omega is the only one I played altogether.
  5. The game was powered by micro-transactions, have you been living under a rock these past few years? Fortnite uses the free-to-play model, how do you think it has become one of the highest grossing video games of recent history?
  6. This is the only place I've found on the website that can possibly apply this suggestion. I will suggest adding the Marvel vs. Capcom and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance series to the side of the trophy lists. I assume the current implementation automatically specifies the amount of trophies the whole series has combined. Below I'll list the games from each series. Marvel vs. Capcom Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (PS3) Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (PS4) Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Vita) Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Ultimate Alliance Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (PS3) Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (PS4) Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (PS3 & PS4) and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (PS3, PS4 & Vita) would also both qualify for "Other Platforms and regions" appearing on the side, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 does have the same trophy list, the only difference being that the PS4 implemented the DLC trophies from PS3 into the trophy list requirement for the platinum. As series tracking is going to be updated, I am simply suggesting adding these series to the website, thanks .
  7. Just got 100% for Marvel vs Capcom Origins. 


    Although I'm not a big fan of getting 100% games done, I do intend to have every Marvel vs Capcom game at 100% and luckily I have access to all of them to make that possible. This game was delisted on the PSN store, so unfortunately it can't be bought anymore. The game is highly comparable to the layout of Darkstalkers Resurrection with the way that the menus are and how the graphics are. Personally I'm not a big fan of this classic style of fighting game, but I never grew up with them or anything, the game still has some fun aspects like being able to destroy opponents on Marvel Super Heroes with Juggernaut who is a complete powerhouse. 


    Posting about the game may get people to scrutinise my list and see that I got trophies for winning a match with all characters at the same time as completing a specific set of character's arcade mode runs, this can be done because of a trick that works in a lot of fighting games and that is: use an overpowered character(s) until you reach the final boss, then let the overpowered character lose the fight and continue the game then choose the character you want to complete arcade mode with. The game luckily gives you credit for an arcade mode run even if you beat only the last fight of the mode with that character. 


    While runs of Marvel vs Capcom 1 could have been done with 2 characters at once, the last boss is a big pain in the ass even on the easiest difficulty, so I had to do 1 character at a time by always using Megaman who has a small hit-box so the boss misses a lot of hits against him. With Megaman you can beat the final boss easily and carry another character through it to get credit for beating arcade with them. 


    The game isn't as easy as people make it out to be, I would say it's a 4-5/10 difficulty 100% but it's still complete pleasure compared to UMVC3 vita version non-the-less. I'll end up doing Marvel vs Capcom 2 later on and luckily that one at least awards ultra rare trophies for some trophies. 

  8. What I'm rather saying is that this will be the game that lasts the least amount of time for its online servers, since Pirates: Treasure Hunters only lasted a month and a half and this game seems like it's gonna last less time.
  9. We have the guaranteed winner of shortest lasting game server on PSN (if they're refunding people, they're surely gonna shut the game), the game has only been available since July 10th, 2018. In the market of PUBG and Fortnite, there's no room for other battle royale games, it's stupid for companies to jump on that bandwagon because it definitely is a very expensive kind of game to run. I always think indie companies shouldn't be making online only games when they haven't already established their brand.
  10. Then why are you talking like you own the website with your posts? If it's only your opinion, don't use "we" as a way of explaining what is right and wrong, it also wasn't naming and shaming since it didn't exactly point at that person's profile to say "this is horrible, they hacked the game" and anyone who looked at the 100% club before the guy got flagged would have seen the profile anyway. Either way, if their profile is on the website there's a good chance they added themselves to it. I simply recommend if you are going to leave your opinion, don't talk on the behalf of everyone else when you do, not everyone thinks it's wrong to bring attention to a profile that is already publicly available on the website and if they don't like the fact that it is available they can always choose to remove themselves. More often than not, if the person is messaged on PSN and they ask "how did you find me?" they'll get the response: "PSNProfiles" and then the person can look that up and easily find the removal option.
  11. I know his post is sarcasm but I mean, he wasn't exactly naming and shaming, he just poked fun at the new person who suddenly has this platinum who probably doesn't care about how legit their trophies appear, otherwise they'd look at any unobtainable trophies and avoid unlocking them. The trophy list is on the website publicly and if they don't like that, they can always remove themselves manually if they want to avoid being talked about on the forums. I already mentioned why it's contradictory to mention the naming and shaming rule for bringing up people's trophy lists:
  12. So it's the first trophy someone gets, because if it glitches then there's no point continuing with the game since there is no known fix for that trophy if it doesn't unlock.
  13. I just recommend you to find a match and rubber band your left stick (hold the left stick down and wrap a rubber band around your controller starting from the stick) because the game has implemented a kick to people who don't move in a match.
  14. I've had the platinum for over 3 years now and got Dedication on January 1st, 2015. If they can push the game up to January 1st, 2019 somehow then you'll be able to get the trophy on that day. What's rather funny about the game is that it feels like a long time ago since I did that game, but if I was working on the game and the server shutdown was announced, there would have been many people saying the same things they're saying today which is "this game was working fine a long time ago, you should have done it then". We all could have done most of our trophies earlier and I'm sure those same people would be upset about one of their games being screwed over due to playing it without expecting trouble.
  15. I always hate seeing those people who comment negatively about things not working, it only rubs salt in the wound of people who want to do the game. It's only really people who already have the trophies for the game who come along and say "you're too late, you should have done it when it was fixed" and so on. You started the game not thinking the trophy would be unobtainable and if you have the dedication to go for every other trophy, you should have the "Dedication" Trophy . I recommend not talking badly against those people though, keep calm and stay positive about your petition.