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  1. For Imperial City, there was an event recently so it populated the place a lot and it has become free on the crown store. In that case, similarly to how you probably earned Emperor, you can form a group with people that are within the Imperial City and they'll help you take down patrolling horrors and do all the arena events. Otherwise, follow the Werewolf build that I linked in the thread for a good solo build that gives you resistances and high health recovery with decent damage and you'll likely be able to solo most of Imperial City with the build.
  2. I've decided to make this status update to mention that after achieving 100% on Elder Scrolls Online, I have kept playing the game :) and achieved some feats that I am satisfied with. I am now the maximum champion point level which at this current time is 810 points, I've changed my role from healer to damage dealer and I've acquired all the best sets a magicka DPS player could have, excluding the perfected veteran trial gear. The sets I have access to for runs of dungeons are as follows: Siroria, False God, Mother's Sorrow, Spell Strategist, Burning Spellweave and the Maelstrom Inferno Staff. So in that case I have many options for what I can do with magicka on the game as I have fulfilled the meta. I have my good friend Aexzia for aiding in continuing to play ESO with me after 100%, as without them I don't think I'd care enough to pursue the BiS (best in slot) gear.


    This post is here to mention that I am willing to help trophy hunters with the trophies on the game, mainly the 4 player dungeons. The help is limited to people playing on PS4 EU because that's where all of my progress is.


    Below are the conditions in order to receive the help:


    1. You must be a healer and acquire the Vestment of Olorime set (Cloudrest trial in Summerset) and the Infallible Aether set (Craglorn trials), ideally you would want to have the Infallible Aether Lightning Staff and the Vestment of Olorime body pieces (excluding head and shoulders), both of these sets can be acquired on normal difficulty because I am not expecting you to get the perfected version of the Olorime set. Aside from that, you should have a healing monster set (head and shoulder pieces), which consists of any of the following: Troll King, Symphony of Blades, Nightflame or Sentinel of Rkugamz.


    2. Be respectful, the reason that I wish for you to acquire the gear I mentioned in point 1 is because Olorime's circle will give myself 258 extra spell damage and Aexzia 258 extra weapon damage for 30 seconds after we step into it... That increases our damage significantly when we do that, Infallible Aether allows you to apply minor vulnerability to a boss in a dungeon after you use a heavy attack on it, which makes the boss take 8% more damage. The monster sets either give us resources back or help with healing in clutch situations. Aside from the obvious benefits of those sets, it's also the principle of the help, Aexzia is also running a very close to BiS stamina build currently consisting of Relequen, Deadly Strike, the Maelstrom Bow and Maelstrom Dual Wield (Cruel Flurry set), which took many hours of grinding to acquire. Since both myself and Aexzia have been willing to pursue BiS gear for our builds, it's only fair people who want our help also do their best to pursue gear that is the meta for the role they are fulfilling.


    3. Have a minimum champion level of 300 points (400+ preferably), the 300 is required simply to enter the veteran DLC dungeons, 400+ helps give you more freedom of choice as to where you want to assign your champion points.


    4. Have patience, a lot of the dungeons on the game have difficult mechanics that take some practice, however since I've done all the dungeons you need I can explain a lot of the mechanics from memory in the real situation.


    5. Practice being a healer in other content such as normal trials and normal DLC dungeons, you need to know the usefulness of your skills in order to help us, simply spamming the same burst heal skill isn't good enough.


    Right now both myself and Aexzia can hit over 80,000 DPS (damage per second) on the raid dummy, that is more than enough to fulfill the damage dealer role in dungeons. The healer build you should be aiming to follow is one of Alcast's builds to the best of your ability, optimally you should be using the Templar class to follow a healer build, however other classes can still be a healer. You cannot join us as a damage dealer or tank because we have a tank who is often able to join us to help and his tanking is unlikely to be beaten by a trophy hunter who has never done the dungeon before and only the best groups on the game can really hope to do dungeons without a healer by their side.


    I don't want to give the healer role a negative stigma and consider it a role that gets you carried, if you grinded the BiS healer gear, you definitely weren't leeching your role as a healer. The healer has to buff damage dealers on top of healing them, that goes a long way to seeing your group finish the dungeon. Someone has to do the role and if you're a trophy hunter looking for help then healing is the role I need you to do to receive my help, as I'm never returning to the role myself.


    As for crafting, I can also assist with that, I have researched 6 traits on all light and medium armor, excluding head and shoulders because a monster set often takes up those slots. Since I have 6 traits researched on most gear, I have a lot of options as to which gear sets I am capable of crafting. If I can't craft it, the tank of my group can because they have every trait researched on all of the gear. To have something crafted for you, you must provide the materials that can craft that item, I will not burn my materials for free...


    I have learned the two most desired buff food recipes by fishing in Artaeum, the Artaeum Takeaway Broth and Pickled Fish Bowl recipes. In order for me to craft these buff foods for you, you must send me the most expensive ingredients and I can fulfill your desires. In that case: Powdered Mother of Pearl and Torchbug Thorax are needed for me to craft Artaeum Takeaway Broth and Clam Gall is required for me to craft Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl.


    I am level 50 in enchanting, so I can create the glyphs for you as long as you send me your Kuta and in the case of the tri-stat glyph I will need you to give me Hakeijo as well in order to make your glyph.


    The reason I have made the status update in this way is because the status update will be linked to my thread about ESO, which is linked here:



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    2. Spaz


      We need more people like you @Sergen.


      It's extremely rare that I play any multiplayer at all these days due to the fact that I've grown tired of a lot of online communities out there and I have probably poured a good 10,000+ hours on online, a good chunk of that coming from Runescape and World of Warcraft.


      Still this is good advice for anyone wanting to play Elder Scrolls online.

    3. ihadalifeb4this


      Nice of you to offer help! I do like challenge that comes with trophy list, but i must have tried 10 different mmo games in last few years and i simple can't get into it. Good luck to whoever goes for this!

    4. ee28max


      This is some info right there. Great job! :) 

  3. It is Sony we're talking about here, their answer to "backwards compatibility" is going to be to force you to buy PS Now. I have lost all faith in their company doing right by the players, was it "for the players" to make PS+ cost more and reduce the amount of games we get from it? PSN for PS3 will shut down eventually and if I do lose my entire PS3 download list because of it then I also lose my will to continue supporting PlayStation with purchases in the future.
  4. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (PS4): Platinum #136 Difficulty: 2/10 Time Taken: 20-30 hours Current Fastest Achiever This platinum now completes a feat on my profile that I believe I am the only person to currently achieve. I now have every ultra rare Marvel platinum on PSN, which consists of: Marvel Heroes Omega, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, 3 stacks of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Marvel Ulfimate Alliance 1, Ultimate Alliance 2 (PS3) and now the PS4 version of Ultimate Alliance 2 . I also have 100% on the DLC for the PS3 version of this game, which I consider myself lucky for considering how quickly it got delisted back in the day. Anyway, onto the game... This time I did it entirely solo, which made it a very enjoyable game, back when I did it on PS3 it was in online co-op where you are restricted to the same screen space and the connection is peer to peer and susceptible to lag and disconnections with your online partners. As a solo experience all I could think was "I wish I did this solo on PS3 too" because it was a completely new experience that gave me a real appreciation for the effort that went into making this game. Ultimate Alliance 3 is currently available on the switch and in the past I'd have said I dreaded that release, but I hope some day it can be ported over to PS4, where I will probably buy it on release if it happens. I will say that when I did the PS3 version I was dragged into doing 3 full playthroughs of the game, because we thought team boosts could only be acquired by doing 2 full playthroughs on legendary, however doing the PS4 version all I had to do was use the mission replay option in the simulator to do the anti-registration missions on legendary after doing a pro-registration playthrough on legendary. One of the trophies was severely glitched on me, the "Undefeated Heroes" trophy, I saw a lot of people complain about that being glitched and the "fix" was to beat a boss in co-op, that didn't work for me so I wasted a bit of time trying to fix it. In the end my fix was to start my legendary playthrough, then the trophy unlocked after the Von Bardas boss fight there, although I certainly beat her without reviving teammates on Super Heroic previously. Aside from the Undefeated Heroes experience, nothing on this game really hurt me mentally in terms of attempting to earn trophies. This was a painful grind back when I did it on PS3, but on PS4 it was fairly peaceful, I guess a lot changed about my grinding mentality considering the game I did before this was The Elder Scrolls Online, which significantly shits all over MUA2 in every aspect of grinding. I reviewed the platinum for the PS3 version when I got it, that can be seen here: Now I kinda wish that the first game of this series had a stack that I could do, so I could see how different it would be to solo compared to doing it in co-op... Maybe when they decide to port it over to the PS5
  5. It would take exceptionally long and probably not win anything, considering the most popular game of the category that can be voted for in guides is the one to win every time... The fishing guide is likely the furthest I'll go with getting a published guide on this website out, but I appreciate that you like the thread
  6. A good day in terms of ESO progress today :D. I got 100% back after the Scalebreaker DLC dropped and @VirtualNight got Emperor when our master plan worked out, I'd say it took a good amount of emotional manipulation to get him his Emperorship, as we had to trick some pricks who blocked it for 20 hours a day, but it paid off in the end and he doesn't have to worry about the trophy anymore. His experience with the trophy took me back to how it felt for me, the stress is immense when you have no alliance buddies helping you and blues are online day and night blocking you from getting the trophy.


    I will update my thread about Scalebreaker, luckily none of the information there has become outdated due to the new patch :)

    1. VirtualNight


      Thanks for all the help, I will never be able to entirely return the big help you've given to me.


      The worst night of my gaming... where my internet had to drop also, then I woke up in the morning after sleeping for like 3 hours and had to push for hours while being half-asleep... I'm glad that in the end after all my unluck (also the enemy emp appearing after I broke the second door of the last keep) I have finally achieved this trophy.

      Is a shame that Steve will still be around with his weird mindset and hypocrisy to keep his e-penis against weak alliances in below50 though, I would recommend to anyone going for Emp to stick with blues for now.

  7. I don't like to be the kind of person who follows the crowd and dislikes the people who are disliked by the masses in this community. I tend to allow the person a chance to engage with me privately to see if that is what they are truly like. A lot of people who seem toxic on this website might be a decent person off the website, they simply find amusement in triggering people who will certainly react to their negativity. If you're a "hated" member, don't be afraid to approach me and talk to me as I'm not one to allow people's opinions form my opinion of the person. Anyone who dislikes you because other people told them to isn't worth your respect or friendship to begin with. Of course, if you're a person involved in severe criminal activity or a pedo then I want nothing to do with you.

    1. Spaz


      I don't exhibit the sort of toxic behavior or mannerisms as I used to.


      Over a decade ago I used to go after people who would outright attack me for my views and opinions point blank. Then as I grew older into my mid 20s I finally realized that all of that was for nothing and I simply backed off.


      I have experience when someone attacks me for my opinions, I either try to respond without sounding too hateful or just ignore it. I didn't have that experience when I was 14 years old, because I was very young and it affected me deeply when somebody felt superior on a computer screen to the point where they wanted to toy with my emotions.


      I can't get everybody to like me and I'm not even going to try. That's life. You brush off the people who dislikes you at every turn and form relationships with people who like you.



    2. Rally-Vincent---


      To be fair, there is a difference between not to like someone because someone else doesn't like them and not to like someone due to their behavior. Sure, someone can be a great guy even if they trigger people on purpose just for "teh lulz" - but is that likely if they do something like that?


      It is different with @Spaz. Many of those who attack him here are not distinguishing between him and his opinions, which is a shame.

    3. Potent_Delusions


      Thanks for giving me a chance back in 2014 when I was in the position you described in this post. I was lucky you are like that, and so are others who meet you through that openness. 

  8. It's exactly this scenario that made me wait until the game had an invasion on the day I started during the week of a secret fight. I lack faith in things like this being fixed at all these days, but I won't discourage people by saying the generic shit plenty of trophy hunters say which is "there's no point, they won't fix it"... This is an EA-tier mistake, it's normally EA who fucks up and fails to keep updating timed online events. If you have Mortal Kombat X, I recommend keeping an eye on the Premier Tower and at least getting a secret fight done, I made a thread about all the towers that can spawn a secret fight, so you will know which ones to look for and their requirements. In the unlikely event of invasions being fixed, you don't want them to have stopped adding premier towers and to not have a secret fight done in that situation.
  9. You won't get "10 people boosting it from both sides" because too many people are try-hards in the below level 50 campaign. Not to mention that you won't get the chance to help that many people get Emperor in a week. With 2 players I would be capable of taking all keeps in around 3-4 hours if no humans were defending, that's what I tried last week but there were always blue no-lifers who defended late night to avoid us pushing for the keeps. All alliances but blue were dead this week and the blues who were there were on for 20 hours a day. The "no good PvP player will seriously play below-50 PvP" is a true statement, I consider the people who stay in the below level 50 campaign after already reaching level 50 on other characters as people who look for easy targets, that's what the blue players have been doing for months now. 10-20 people have a high chance of taking everything in below level 50, but most of the time there's no more than 5 people playing in your alliance. In my first week trying Emperor I played with the reds where my biggest group was around 6 people and people would quit the game as soon as 1 keep was taken or as soon as 1 keep got defended against us, so the players had no drive to keep playing, as a new player I had no friends who played ESO who could help me with an emperor push so I was stuck with a shitty alliance and decided to not bother with them after my first week. In my 2nd week I changed my alliance to yellow and got the trophy the day after reset because the yellows cared about helping me get it and didn't give up because a keep was defended against us or after taking 1 keep... The people I got both times were completely different and that's the whole situation with getting emperor, if your alliance is shit, you're shit out of luck.
  10. I'll also add that at times a person will have to pay 100k AP to leave the campaign, AP can be used on a variety of items on the game aside from equipment needed for the alliance war... In some cases people play below level 50 for the easy AP you can get and send to other characters, so a random you've never met isn't gonna sit aside and leave for you unless they're your good friend. In the previous patch Emperor could only be "traded" by having a person leave the campaign and then their alliance maintains all 6 inner keeps for a night without any of them being taken, however I don't think that works anymore because I've seen it be done and not crown a new emperor. In that case, the only way your alliance can get emperor back is to lose all 6 inner keeps and then get them all back but in below level 50 there aren't many active people in your alliance who will help you push more than once a week a lot of the time. Emperor is a participation trophy, however it also requires human participation in terms of people playing and helping you push the keeps. The blue emperor of below level 50 has had it for 8 days now and has been on the game at all times, with probably like 3 hours of sleep all week. His character is a tanky werewolf with emperor buffs on top of it, meaning that any push with less than 10 people wouldn't stand a chance against him as he can solo kill most people with his overpowered character and buffs from being emperor. Not to mention blue has all the buffs right now from other keeps taken, such as additional weapon and spell damage and so on. Every recent trophy hunter I am aware of who got the trophy has had a lot of help to get it and most people go in as a stranger to the game and need to rely on people who were active in their alliance in the week to get it. In my case I joined a group of people who were helping in the Aldmeri Dominion and they have all stopped playing the game now. Aside from that a guy in the Ebonheart Pact got emperor before me and didn't defend the keeps himself, as that was our deal since we took a very limited opportunity and pushed for keeps when blue was inactive. Either way, it's not overrated because people experience it in different ways, just because one person's week was hardly competitive and then a push happened doesn't mean that it'll happen the same way for everyone.
  11. Why don't you have the trophy yet?
  12. I'll just say that leaderboards for a single player game shouldn't be considered as evidence to flag a person. There's no requirement to be ranked on the Super Meat Boy leaderboards when you work on the trophies because you could just do them offline... I'm not going to be involved further in the dispute but I am simply leaving my two cents in regards to that.
  13. This week I have discovered I am capable of doing keeps in the below level 50 campaign of The Elder Scrolls Online as 2 players with the crafted gear I have made for the campaign, as I have been assisting a friend in his Emperor endeavor. But during that experience I have discovered how shitty the Daggerfall Covenant players are... They have had Emperor for around 1 week now and full domination of the map with people who stay up for about 20 hours a day surveying the map to make sure no resources or keeps can be taken away from them.


    Those people make new characters if one of their characters reaches level 50 to repeat blocking below level 50. The only people who are still playing the game now who were playing it back when I went for the trophy are people who play in that alliance. As a trophy hunter you may think that means their alliance is the best pick, but when you're up against people who stay up for 20 hours a day and watch the map and can solo resources to get them back, you won't be able to maintain the #1 spot on the leaderboard against them, so that is why I recommend Aldmeri Dominion or Ebonheart Pact in below level 50 EU. This week has given me flashbacks as to how shitty it was for me to endure Emperor when my alliance was dead, but we kicked blue's ass twice in the week that I got Emperor because me and 1 other guy from my alliance got the title that week.


    The people who keep playing in the Daggerfall Covenant to block other alliances from getting Emperor are only powerful in the below level 50 campaign, I have spent time playing in the 30 day standard where high level people play it and the Ebonheart Pact has won every single month in the scoring for the past 4 months and the Daggerfall Covenant has come in last in all those months. I can't respect "skill" that a person has when all they do is craft some decent sets and go into below level 50 to face new players in PVP, I believe a good stipulation to prohibit people returning to below level 50 would be to only allow people to use crafted gear in the campaign if the character they are using has crafted the gear, rather than allowing gear to be sent from one character to the other.

    1. Spaz


      Just another reason to skip this game.

  14. I have decided once again that it is time to make my PSN messages "Friends Only". If you're someone who wants to contact me privately then my discord is Sergen#0968 and I am active there. I tend not to bother to clean up my PSNP inbox often, but sometimes there might be a chance to message me on this website.



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    2. DamagingRob


      But you don't know what it's like to pay 70 Tomans for games. I can afford every new release, now. ;p

    3. PooPooBlast


      @DamagingRob 2¢ Rob!! It's 2¢! Deal of the century man I think Sergen should take it :P


    4. Spaz


      Who can blame you with a shitty name like that?


      That's basically some gold farmer bot or someone trying to grab hold of your personal information.

  15. Recently I have realized that a person can earn "My Kung Fu is Strong" and "My Kung Fu is Stronger" on this game within seconds of each other, although the former trophy requires you to master one character and the latter requires you to master all characters. People will assume that in that case there must be a minimum length of time between those trophies, but I will explain why that isn't the case... So, the reason why those trophies can still be legitimate on a trophy list and within seconds of each other is because the respective trophies do not unlock immediately if you fulfill the 24 hours of devotion time with a character as your last statistic for that character, to make the trophy unlock you must finish a match with a character you have mastered and the trophy will then unlock after that match. That means that if you did all the X-Rays, Blood Spilled and -alities with all characters and chose to do 24 hours with each character last, but without playing a match where a winner is declared, you will be able to get all of the 24 hour requirements done without unlocking a trophy, then to finally get both trophies at the same time you just have to complete a match with one of the characters on the game. So if you're one of those people looking through this game and wanting to flag people for it, consider this information before you send in a report against a person you believe to have cheated. I will give credit to @ChristIllusion12 for posting his status update about the game today as that prompted me to now know that both of the trophies can be earned at the same time without being against the leaderboard rules.