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  1. They did delist this game because the license expired with PSN but they did have the decency to announce that it was going to be delisted. But I wouldn't be surprised if the game was down now, I'm assuming most of the content is offline gameplay.
  2. I was using it as an example to compare that people with less trophies have at times still been a better player than those who have a lot of trophies. The only reason you’ve said that now is likely because you are salty that you failed Valor Grand Cross in an easy week and now there’s nothing you can do to get it.
  3. I actually meet all the criteria except having blonde hair, I have brown hair. I think I'd be kind of impressed to meet a woman who is above 5'11 though, that's quite impressive for their gender.
  4. You are hiding 87 trophies, I can't tell if that means you're hiding previously flagged games. But if this is your only flag then I recommend hiding the game and hiding any other games you know you cheated with a save file, because of this thread there will likely be people checking your list for more things that can be flagged. This thread gives instructions for hiding trophies on any console: You do need to earn a trophy on your profile before updating your profile on this website after hiding the games. If you get flagged for 3 or more games, you will be permanently flagged and hiding the games won't get you unflagged after that point. I can understand why you'd be annoyed about being flagged out of the blue and I think it is somewhat unfair to flag people from a time that long ago but I don't make the rules and the fact of the matter is that people hack games now while the rules are clear and people who hacked the games in the past also need to face the consequences of their actions.
  5. What do you think about threads like "The Great Australian Trophy Hunt" or whatever it's called? They don't get blasted for being primarily focused on one region in the world and it is also partly due to the fact that compared to other countries, Australia isn't very popular for trophy hunting. Let's be honest, people would only truly be offended if race and gender was involved if the target was white males from Europe or America. Nobody gets offended if white people are excluded and every other race is included because you're not allowed to be proud of being white anymore. You can make your own giveaway, surely £10 isn't that hard to come by unless you're living in poverty, but considering you have the means to post on PSNProfiles, I'm sure you have £10 as well. His giveaway isn't an indication of him saying people are beneath him, he is simply excluding around 20 games from being allowed on profiles of people who attempt to enter the giveaway. You can still enter with the 99% of other games that are available on PSN and the time period rule is for 12 months, I did recommend 6 months when he came at me with the idea for the giveaway. This giveaway isn't hurting anyone, people are choosing to interpret it in negative ways.
  6. Remember people, it's his money and he can choose how to spend it, it's not like he needed to make a giveaway at all, he isn't benefiting himself at all with the giveaway and is doing it to reward members of this website who have refrained from the simple temptation to unlock as many trophies as they can from incredibly easy and boring games. If you don't like it, make your own spin-off giveaway that rewards people for playing garbage games that anyone can do. I say to people not to judge people's personality based on what kind of games they do on PSN but the way the people who intentionally purchase games for easy plats are acting on this thread kind of makes me think otherwise. The funny thing is that he asked me for ways to word his thread to attempt to offend as few people as he could, but I remembered we're on PSNProfiles where you can offend anyone with anything you say. Either way don't feel bad @Zolkovo, you did your best and at the end of the day you can choose how you wish to spend your money. To the complainers: it was your choice to play My Name is Mayo and the other crap and it's Zolkovo's choice what he does with the giveaway money.
  7. Someone would be free to also make their own giveaway exclusive to the people who buy games simply to get an incredibly quick platinum. But it's not like this is a massive amount of money to bitch over, £10 can hardly buy you a meal at a restaurant these days.
  8. Oops, I should edit to say that developers don't care instead of the people buying it, they're the consumer hahaha. Either way, the developers likely don't look into trophies as a big selling point to their games because they wouldn't be, people still buy the NBA games every year although the trophies are barely attainable unless you really go out of your way and sometimes pay a lot of money to get them.
  9. I think I'd probably be getting into achievements on Xbox if there was an Xbox version of this website, with ultra rare achievements and fastest achievers for Xbox games. I'd still be moving to Xbox if Sony fucks up big time and gets rid of PSN for PS3, but I'd like a good achievement tracker. If I played PC games, I wouldn't be getting into the achievements because PC modding is very popular and people could use it for achievements, so it wouldn't really be a fair system. It's not really a good place to ask people about Steam Achievements when the website mainly focuses on PSN Trophies. But the sales are leagues above PlayStation, but that's likely because of the hardware required to run PC games, you do need to meet certain requirements for your hardware to play the games, but when you own a console every game should be running on it.
  10. But if you intend to use the forums, you surely want to use it to talk to people on here and some of the people who might get along well with you could also be someone who only really goes for junk trophies. I will say another thing and that is: trophies don’t define gaming skill. I have seen profiles of people who specialise in various games like fighting games and COD and more often that not, the people who own those profiles don’t have any platinums but they win thousands of dollars and are sponsored for their ability in those games. I spent hundreds of hours playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 with trophy hunters and helping them get the co-op trophy and a lot of times, the people who had less than 10 platinums were better than the people who had over 200 platinums. If you’re not interested in the person behind the profile then what’s the point adding anyone? The whole point of adding someone should be to talk to them and play games with them.
  11. My most recent 12 platinums haven’t been “junk”, one of them is 0.09%. I just don’t like people who only take into consideration the kind of trophies that a person has been going for. I did take this a bit more seriously than I should have, because I knew someone who was similar to this but on opposite ends of the spectrum. He was accusing me of using tools to acquire trophies because his retarded friends were saying that. Either way, in the end he said “I’m deleting you because of trophy whoring”, he’s someone who a lot of people on this website are aware of and I thought he was my friend until he decided to pull that bullshit. Someone really shows they’re not going to be a good friend to you if they delete you over gaming activity. There could be like-minded people in the sense that they don’t like seeing profiles that are only going for easy games, but you shouldn’t judge a person for how they choose to play their games. Nobody is going to add you with the mentality of “I hate people who go for easy trophies”, you never know if some of the “junk” games are ones that the person enjoys like the telltale games. @Trophessional I think you should only judge the profile, but not the person, you won’t make a lot of friends here by using their profile as a way of determining whether they’re a good person.
  12. It was an easier looking week than I expected it to be, but congratulations to everyone who got the trophy, most specifically @simpgraus who has really seemed to have gone through a lot to get the trophy, I think he tried out most options to go for it e.g. trying to get people to go for a lower score together, creating alts and so on, but a decent score got him there in the end. I don't know what to expect for next Monday but I'll say that I think the cut off points haven't been in the 100,000 range these past weeks because most people who were capable of surpassing 100,000 in a week probably didn't want the pressure of trying to go for it in the final weeks. I did say in the past that I thought the final week would be the highest scores of all time for the weekly leaderboard so we'll see next Monday.
  13. It's a front for their drug dealing business, anyone who buys the £150 option is also getting the cocaine that they ordered, they just know the average person isn't going to opt for that delivery price so when one of their buyers orders drugs they know which option to pick to get the drugs.
  14. I think it shows a severe lack of personality if someone is only interested in the type of trophies another person has. Some of the better people I've met or played games with have hardly any trophies on their PSN Account. I'm also sure some of the biggest trophy hackers on PSN are probably even nice people away from that, you can't judge someone's personality based on what they did for their trophies. It also shows that you have a jealous mindset if one of the reasons you have for not adding people who play "junk games" is because you can't afford those games yourself, I'd kind of guess you're probably a kid at that rate, or unemployed. But I won't make it personal, we'll never be friends and a lot of people on this website wouldn't accept your proposal to become friends because your introduction was as unwelcoming as you could be.
  15. I can't tell if this is a troll account that you made, however I don't think anyone would really be interested in adding you if your judging criteria for adding people is "don't add me if you play junk trophy games". I've never declined someone simply because their trophy list is lacking, that is a very elitist mindset to have and if you keep behaving like that then not many people on this website will accept you in the community.