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  1. If the time stamps aren't legit, proving they can do the game legit doesn't really matter. The leaderboard doesn't judge people by how good they are at a game, it judges how legitimate their trophies are. He has stacked the platinum for the game already and that time it looks like he did the game legitimately, so at least you know he has done one of the platinums for the game legit. He does unfortunately have to hide the one where the time stamps were messed up though.
  2. People have told me that PlayAsGod is the same person, it's his new account. I can't say it's really relevant to the dispute since it is for his Just_Amaz1ng account.
  3. While we discussed things like Gonespy and the vita account swap trick not having rules on the website, so people shouldn't be flagged, the difference between those methods and what you've done is the fact that Gonespy and the vita account trick would still require your time stamps to look legitimate when the trophies are synced. What you've done for Injustice is create time stamps for the game that were not legitimate so you'd eternally remain as the fastest achiever for the game, your method can't even be repeated anymore because while working on the online trophies for the game your trophies would now auto-sync. What you've done for the game was intended to get time stamps in the fastest looking way possible, nobody else did this before you on Injustice. This is also his 3rd flag and the 2 flags before it are on PS3, where hacking was available. While we can't prove PS4 hacking didn't exist back then, what we can prove is that your time stamps aren't legitimate. The case with your trophies is the fact that I saw plenty of people being flagged for doing something like this, but your time stamps for Injustice went ignored for a long time and to remain consistent with flagging you'd have to flag everyone who has done this, or not flag anyone who did it. The only thing I'd really agree with in regards to illegitimate time stamps caused by the person's own mind knowing what they were doing, would be allowing them to hide the game or allow them to keep one of the games unflagged, but this opinion mainly applies to people who used a save file for FUEL or SOCOM before this website even existed. This website was well established and flagging people for all illegitimate time stamps on PS3 before you did this and on PS3 a lot of people would say the exact same excuse as your dispute thread but you can't believe all of them who say it.
  4. People get flagged for the "file sharing" aspect on this website because their time stamps for the trophies are seconds apart... But when you complain about people boosting, your issue is that when someone boosts, or plays the game legitimately for the trophies it doesn't necessarily show up on your profile and is always going to be the same trophy on your profile as the people who boosted. If the game gives you the option to send invites to people directly after you have found a match in the mode, then you can help each other out in that lobby then you are doing it within the game environment. Sure, it's not what the developers hoped for when they made the multiplayer but every game is going to be boosted so people can get the multiplayer out of the way. I am saying there's no point really complaining about it, because at the end of the day it's the same trophy on your profile as other people who have boosted.
  5. No matter how much you love to inflate your e-penis and look better than everyone else with what you've done for your trophies, just remember that the trophies on your profile are the same as the people who boosted, there's no special tag for your trophies to say "Did it without boosting, like a king". When a game is too hard for you, you have no trouble leeching off someone else's skill for the game and using an invincibility exploit to get through it (NGS2 Rachel's twirl), but you're so heavily against boosting, it makes you a hypocrite.
  6. The proof is there in the time stamps that they have for their trophies, but if there is any legitimate way to achieve those time stamps then the trophy list gets unflagged (in the boundaries of the game without manipulating time stamps). I haven't seen anyone who has completely proven their innocence not get unflagged later on for the game they were disputing. Unfortunately a lot of these cases are tainted by people who do cheat multiple games, but use the same excuse for every flagged game, it takes away from the credibility of the people who dispute and automatically makes people think that the disputer is guilty without seeing their side of the argument.
  7. I'm really glad with this news, while I don't expect to be a first achiever of the platinum, the game will inevitably have multiplayer trophies and them adding the multiplayer late will mean everyone who gets the game and wants to platinum it will start on equal terms, people who get their copy 2 weeks early from a shady independent seller won't get a head start for the platinum.
  8. The ideal thing to do, that won't happen would be the game having a platinum solely for the single player, then a platinum for the multiplayer and I'd be happy to do both. But multiplayer trophies are just going to be part of the main list regardless, but an unobtainable platinum at release isn't going to scare me with that game, because even if nothing were to be fixed it would affect millions of people if the platinum always stayed unobtainable. But considering they fixed Rank 10 on GTA IV 6 years after release, they'd fix any issues RDR2 has with multiplayer on release. I expect it to have trophies that are similar to GTA V, such as reaching a rank online that becomes a lengthy grind and having a challenge type like the platinum awards and requiring a specific number of them. I'm just hoping it won't have the equivalent to the Doomsday heist within it. Even though they're planning ahead for it, I won't be surprised if it's launched like GTA Online with broken character creation, lobbies freezing and infinite loading screens on its release. I won't care if it's filled with microtransactions, as long as the microtransactions aren't necessary for trophies.
  9. It is the excuse used by hundreds of people who have made a dispute thread. Why did they all remember to back up their save file before their console broke, but forgot to sync the trophies? In this case the guy tried to do a show off method, but wasn’t aware of every legitimate time stamp he should have had for the game. In the attempt to make the trophy list look easier for him, he screwed up and got time stamps in the wrong order. It complicates things less for the flagging team to assume people didn’t do the game legit when their time stamps aren’t legit. The disputer already says he can’t prove what he did was legit because he wasn’t documenting it with evidence and it’s not the best thing to blindly believe everyone who disputes flags when a lot of them lie about blatant save file use in an attempt to get unflagged.
  10. They just want people to look at their trophies for Dark Souls II and think "wow, he did that game without deaths", considering the game is designed to be unforgiving and people die hundreds of times. Although it might be getting personal, this guy makes a lot of posts in threads down-voting difficulty of trophies and telling people he did things the "hard way". But yeah, I think by messing up the time stamps, you can safely say this does breach the rules of the site, I do think he's a legit achiever but not legit with time stamps so it has to stay flagged regardless.
  11. I mean, he did say it was because he "seems to be up on everything that is the Dark Souls series" and I can agree with that, but still people can make mistakes in their judgement and that's why disputing flags is an option. In this game, the flagged user also skipped the very first trophy that everyone gets, one that is even more common than having your first death on the game, so what @MMDE is looking for is an explanation of how they'd skip that.
  12. The PS3 WipEout games lasted nearly 6 years after Studio Liverpool was shut down (I'm saying that as an example of a studio going down while their servers were still up and Capcom are 100x better at keeping servers up than Sony), so I don't see Capcom shutting the servers for these games either. Capcom has never chosen to shut any game servers in their entire existence as a company and when the GameSpy shutdowns were occurring, they migrated the servers for all of their games except Age of Booty, which was definitely purely dead for them to decide to do that. I'll be shocked whenever any game gets shut by Capcom, I feel like the only way their servers will go down will be when their company goes bankrupt altogether.
  13. You forgot to mention that Gauntlet: Slayer Edition is $4.99 in this sale, it would probably be the thing I'll get from it. Anything else that would have been good is something I have already bought.
  14. When they break the coding for a trophy with a patch, I guess you could say it was "poorly coded", so yeah it did let me in with a lower version with a retail copy and the patch blocker, I just started it too late due to the delivery taking forever on my copy. It's not really a platinum I'm that upset about as the rarity wasn't magnificent, but it would have been nice to do it.
  15. Maybe it's worth mentioning that the server for Demon's Souls was also independently revived by someone and they've explained how you can go back online for it: it is also allowed by this website if you want to use it. But I will say it still is unnecessary if you only want the trophies, but I guess if you and another person who can help you with the game want to do it, you can do it through the custom server for the game.