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  1. I believe what you're asking for is against the rules. But I personally think game sharing delisted games and DLC is completely acceptable, if the company delisted it then they shouldn't care if people are game sharing it and if they wanted to keep making money for the product, they should have found a way to keep it on the store. The only way you could find it is if someone game shared the DLC to you.
  2. I don't think it matters what percentage you have, as long as the game is visible on your trophy list.
  3. Unfortunately it would be people who cheated it. In_Her_Own_Words has the most cheated trophies on PSN and has 100% on this game, so it's likely that is who is contributing to the 0.1% on PSN, because Sony doesn't remove cheaters from the XMB rarity. A lot of games also get the trophies auto-unlocked by developers while they're testing the game, so a lot of AAA games get a platinum achiever before release and the rarity is affected on PSN, however those accounts hardly ever end up being visible on trophy websites and if they were then they'd be flagged.
  4. If the game is on your trophy list then you can flag it regardless of whether you're premium or not. Flagging hasn't required premium for at least over a year now, surely if you think they cheated, some of the games have to be on your trophy list.
  5. You need to delete the account that your PSN account is associated with because you won't be allowed to sign into your PSN account on a new user otherwise. You won't get missing time stamps from earning trophies on a blank user, that only happens if the PS3 has never been connected to the internet before.
  6. You'd have to delete the user that your PSN account is associated with if you want to do this, because your PSN account can't be associated with 2 different users on a PS3. There won't be any issues doing it though, since the PS3 has connected to the internet before the time stamps of your trophies will be accurate.
  7. The store is quite stupid and often won't give you results when you search for the name of the pack. To find the DLC myself, I clicked on the full game, then at the bottom I clicked "Add-Ons" and it found them all, I recommend doing that for any game you want to find DLC for. Otherwise the DLC will often show up on the initial search page.
  8. Looks like it's still on the UK Store... What were you doing that made you unable to see it?
  9. The game is also cross play between PS3 and vita so you can boost all the online required trophies like that too. The demo for the game works for the adhoc trophy, I have a vita and a PS TV so I'd be using the PS TV with the full game and the vita with the demo to do that.
  10. Star Wars Battlefront II: Platinum #129 Difficulty: 3/10 Time Taken: 80+ hours Special thanks to @Potent_Delusions who endured the whole grind with me on this ! Now that's it for the duo of Battlefront platinums. I started this game because there was an XP event that awarded 1.5x more XP than normal, this event lasted from December 17th to December 27th and I managed to finish the rank 50 grind entirely during that event. I was aware of the XP glitch that people discovered early in this month which allowed people to get 200,000+ XP in a match, I didn't want to risk being banned by EA for using that glitch, so I held off until the December 17th event. I don't regret doing it during the event, as it was better safe than sorry, the last thing I'd want is to be banned from EA's network of games because I took advantage of a glitch, based on how they have been with a lot of their games I wouldn't put it past them to ban people for using the glitch. The only somewhat challenging trophies for this game are the online trophies and luckily the single player is incredibly simple and only requires you to complete every chapter and get some misc trophies that are doable within minutes. The other non-online aspect is Arcade Mode, which puts you into matches against AI where you have to win with heroes and villains, the mode is incredibly simple because you only need to play on the 1 star difficulty, I'm glad there wasn't a 3 star requirement since it was a bit annoying to do Master difficulty on the first game and I'd hate to have that here. I doubt anyone is a stranger to EA's antics at the release of this game, but luckily now it's not full of microtransactions, instead of pay to win, it becomes grind to win because the star card system favours people who have spent more time playing as that class than you, this can be annoying because at this point many people have played the game for 1000+ hours and have likely levelled up every class to the max level which gives them the advantage against a new player. Rank 50 on this game is around 2x longer than rank 100 was from the first game and 10x more boring, I won't go into details about it but you can see from the many forum posts about how long people spend on rank 50... I'll say I'm glad it's over and here's to waiting 1 year after the release of Battlefront 3 to then do that one, a game like this definitely doesn't appeal to me on release date.
  11. This might be a bit of a rant, but I felt like getting this off my chest. I have to say that the trophy hunting community in my opinion is the most toxic community I have ever been involved in online. I and many other people have spent countless hours helping people with trophies for games without asking anything in return, however whenever I get reminded of having helped people, it's with the comment saying "you treated people horribly". I will admit, I did have a go at people who messed up when they were asking me for help with Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, but they were messing something up that I could set up AFK with my turbo controller, if I can turbo it, surely the person can do it manually as an active person. 


    The trophy hunting community is the only place where I've seen people oppose the idea of a game server being revived by a third party and it's either the people who have already earned the trophies that can be fixed by that revival or the people who have a hard-on for increasing the number of removed profiles from the PSNP leaderboard. It's also the only place where I've seen people give out a strategy for something and be told "you only told people that strategy so you could look good", if the person is trying to help people then by all means they should be allowed to look good, it shows how much of a bitter person you are when you are trying to look for any excuse to look down on a person who is trying to help others. 


    The trophy hunting community also acts like spoiled brats who feel entitled to everything, you see people bitch about the Fight Night Round 4 belts whenever a thread is made about them, because the belt holder isn't helping people. When you say something like "you're being a dick for not helping us", why should they help you? I would understand being bitter if every person was nice about it, but for the most part the nice people don't ask for the belts so we're left with the brats who bitch about them. 


    I might have demonstrated some of the negative trophy hunting behaviour on this forum in the past, however I often try to avoid conflict if possible, but I leave my opinion about any matter. If someone says "you're shit at this game for boosting", I will come along and say "it's the same trophy on both profiles regardless of whether they boosted or didn't". The people who hate me on this forum hate the fact that I'm not afraid to tell you how I feel about something. 


    The majority of the "hard" games I've done have been a result of toxic trophy hunters telling me I couldn't do it... Because people take trophies too seriously and probably haven't played a game for fun in years. I don't doubt anyone's ability to get a trophy and I will often leave advice for any "hard" trophy game that I've done in the form of writing the trophy guide for this website or making a thread about the methods I used. It's also only on this website that I've seen people be alienated or mocked for having a low completion rate... I'll only get defensive about my own profile if someone starts shit with me, but otherwise I try not to flaunt what I've done to other people. 


    I've also had people lie about me plenty of times and assume the wrong thing about me. Like not too long ago a certain YouTuber that a lot of you will know of went on his stream and showed my profile on this forum to people and said "this guy did Champagne on MotoGP 09/10 and wants to keep the rarity low", when in reality I've referred around half the people who have that trophy to a discord server that was able to help them. The other one was assuming people who were doing Twisted Metal got their boost invaded by me, I don't think highly enough of any platinum to try that, especially not Twisted Metal, it's a game that basically any noteworthy trophy hunter I can think of has done by now, I also spent a few hours helping people finish off the last trophies they needed for the game only to have people say the opposite without any evidence to back up their claims. 


    I have seen people in discord servers who say "we encourage shit talking Sergen here" because of what I post on this website, but I think a good number of people agree with what I say for the most part. It's really the few bad eggs that ruin the experience for me. As of now, I don't specifically target and harass other members and none of what I say should be taken personally, however we're on PSNProfiles and if you disagree with anything someone says, they get incredibly bitter and tell all their friends about it and give them misinformation about the situation in an attempt to tarnish your reputation. I get to know the person before making a judgement on them as a person, I don't take anyone's opinion because that person might be alright if you get to know them. I think most people who have me added on PSN can say that in my case, I would have their back if they need help with a trophy, most of them have me added because I helped them with a trophy that I had already earned.


    I've also seen friends back stab each other in order to get a trophy or attempt to get a trophy, this mainly happened with people who wanted the belts, but were friends with people who dislike the belt holder, they'd give the belt holder information about that person in order to look good and get help. 


    Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good people on this forum and in the community and the reason I keep using the website is because of those people. I don't mind being made fun of in a satirical way, if it is accurate, but telling people behind my back that I block people's boosts or look to keep rarity low, when I've been doing the opposite is a bit annoying. I know for a fact that all the people who bitch about me in that regard haven't even spent half the time I've spent helping people get trophies after already earning the trophy myself. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MidnightDragon


      Don't let the assholes get to you. Sorry things have been rough for you at times.

    3. Spaz


      If you want a real torture session I would suggest going on GameFAQs, 4Chan or Reddit and starting up shit there. People will tear you up for your opinions.


      You make a valid point here Sergen and I can tell from your posts that you're a bit of an analytical person who takes the time to write out detailed responses. But I can also see some people seeing you as taking trophies far too seriously, when the vast majority of people simply play games to have fun. Things like achievements and trophies are just icing on the cake.


      I took a break from trophy hunting recently and played some classic games on Steam. It gave me a sense of fun and thrill that I haven't experienced in over two years. Even better because none of those games have any achievements attached to them.


      You like to look at my profile so obviously I did something that you enjoy doing. Don't take this the wrong way, I think you're a great guy and if more people out there were like you we would be in a much better place.


      For one, I respect some of the games you've completed, such as the Street Fighter games and the Injustice games. That's real dedication.


      To quote part of your status update...


      "Like not too long ago a certain YouTuber that a lot of you will know of went on his stream and showed my profile on this forum to people and said "this guy did Champagne on MotoGP 09/10 and wants to keep the rarity low", when in reality I've referred around half the people who have that trophy to a discord server that was able to help them. The other one was assuming people who were doing Twisted Metal got their boost invaded by me, I don't think highly enough of any platinum to try that, especially not Twisted Metal, it's a game that basically any noteworthy trophy hunter I can think of has done by now, I also spent a few hours helping people finish off the last trophies they needed for the game only to have people say the opposite without any evidence to back up their claims."


      This is the same guy who wrote a status update about me when I made it a point about trophy review roasts. Yet he continues to make livestreams criticizing the PSNProfiles community and unfortunately you happen to be featured in a lot of them. Early last year he did a livestream where he criticized you for boosting Killzone 2, because I know you have several PS3s that you self boost with. He definitely could of gotten all the online trophies for that game and kept quiet about it but instead he bitched about the game and bitched about you in a random livestream.


      Some of the videos he has done on YouTube I think are funny and original. He has gone back on his promises to deliver future videos on several occasions and while I don't like to openly criticize a guy who has been trophy hunting for a long time, it's clear he has issues.


      I don't hate the guy, but after watching him for the past three years on his YouTube channel it's if he's just there to stir up trouble and grab attention. I'm all for people wanting and getting attention on their live streams, but not if they spend the last two - three years bitching about how much the trophy hunting community sucks and how bad PSNProfiles is.


      Hopefully though, you don't see me as a bad person. I just happen to get caught up in the drama that has been going on for a while and it's made me a bit angry.



    4. TheBritishBaron


      Im in the other camp, I think you're a legend.


      When boosting a few games where the group in big, I have had people disappear as soon as they got their trophy. Was as I will wait until everyone who was in the group before me get theirs before me.

  12. The last thing Sony gives a shit about is trophies, they have made more trophies unobtainable than any other company. If they banned trophy cheaters, we'd see thousands of people be banned for the old trophy hacks for FUEL and SOCOM.
  13. Unfortunately the leniency limit for flagged games that you are allowed to hide is 2 games. Since this is 3 flagged games, you are permanently flagged and hiding won't help you, the only way to get back on the leaderboards would be to make a new account.
  14. This game probably has titles that unlock for you as soon as you have started the game and my guess would be that those titles don't count towards the trophy. Keep unlocking more titles and the trophy should come with time, it should only become a concern if you get over 70 titles and the trophy still hasn't unlocked by that point.
  15. I think every digital game in existence would come with the online features enabled if the online servers are still up. The reason online passes existed is so Sony could make money from the games even if people bought a used copy, because most used copies come with an invalid online pass. It was funny when last gen people were saying "PSN is better than Xbox live because PSN is free", when if you calculate the price of all the online passes that were on Sony's games it would come to a price that costs more than the yearly Xbox live subscription.