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  1. The 100% will be impossible, challenge mode is a DLC trophy so that won't affect the platinum. But it is an online trophy so people should be aware of it if they care to do the DLC.
  2. I froze 4 times in that same spot, all 4 times it froze were when I used an assault rifle to kill the last enemy before the LMG guy spawned. The time where it didn't freeze was when I let the last enemy come out of his office into the main area where you start the fight. I then shot him in the body until he fell over and kicked him while he was down until he died. Otherwise I recommend using only pistols in that room to kill every enemy. Good luck, the first time I beat the LMG guy is the run where I finished the whole game, so hopefully the nerves don't get the better of you when you pass the section. I guess another thing I noticed was also that there were textures that needed time to load before I went into the room, so I waited over a minute before entering and starting the fight in my successful run. You don't have to reformat the system and delete your save or any of that nonsense, nobody has proven that to work, this section of the game is just absurdly glitchy and it takes luck to get past it without a glitch screwing you over. I had the freeze on both digital and disc so that also makes no difference. Whatever trophy hunters say about avoiding glitches is all speculation without evidence, I simply believe you need good RNG and a lot of the time you can't do anything else to stop it. But try my pistol/melee method and get back to me next time you get to this section, then we might be onto something. Good luck!
  3. Most of the misc trophies for the online on the game are one off trophies that take a short amount of time to boost. The workaround to this would simply be to boost it with a full lobby of boosters, then you can lock it off from random people joining, you might add a bit of time to your boost by having to help additional people with the trophy but it beats spending longer looking for an empty room and having randoms interrupt it. The max lobby limit for Deathmatch is 8 people, there are 421 recent players on this website for the game, most of them are probably people who want to get the online trophies before the server shutdown. Any boosting session you want to make for the game would have many people interested in it so forming an 8 player lobby to safely boost annoying misc trophies wouldn't be troublesome because of how many people are trying to get it done before it shuts. Same with the Gang Wars "Sweep" you'd probably find 16 people willing to join and fill up a Gang Wars lobby to boost it without randoms interfering and it'd only take 30 minutes of everyone's time like that.
  4. You still have to beat the game in a completely different run in order to even unlock the ability to play challenge mode. The run you do before challenge mode can take around 10 hours, especially if you are playing on hard mode in order to save yourself an additional story run.
  5. Worst case scenario for Sweep: create a gaming session on this website for 16 players to join and be a full lobby for the mode. There's no shortage of people who will want to do the trophy now that the game is going to shutdown and it's a Rockstar game that got a lot of sales. Otherwise one of my friends got a sweep by spamming the button in a Gang Wars match with a turbo controller and the rest of the team got the sweep. The same goes for the 5 player trophy, no shortage of people who will want to get it and because you're thinking about this with over 40 days left, you'll have plenty of time to sort this out.
  6. Even though the PSN Store for PS3 and Vita didn't shutdown, Sony still ripped off vita developers who bought dev kits to continue development of their games on vita. I highly doubt that if companies like EA and Activision were still developing games for the vita that Sony would give them a deadline and randomly charge them money for a dev kit while likely knowing in advance that they had plans to shut the PSN Store. With what has come out about Sony's treatment of indie developers, their attitude is to walk over the little guy because the little guy can't do anything.


    Indie developers often aren't backed up by legal teams that can protect them against Sony's negativity. Unfortunately for these indie developers they can't afford to blacklist Sony consoles for their future game releases because every sale counts when their game doesn't have mass market appeal and I guess Sony also knows this and that's why they lack respect for their indie developers. I won't be against Microsoft shitting on Sony for the next console generation because they hold a lot of power right now with the gaming companies that they own, it's pretty much over for Sony if The Elder Scrolls 6 somehow ends up becoming a Microsoft exclusive, none of Sony's exclusives come close to the influence and sales potential that The Elder Scrolls 6 would have.


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    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Never in Microsoft's entire history has a singular game spelt doom for its competition and The Elder Scrolls 6 will not be any different. Will it make them more competitive though? Absolutely and I welcome the potential for Xbox to be a worthwhile platform again. 

    3. Sergen


      I'll admit I jumped the gun on that, however with the acquisition of Bethesda is also the Fallout, Doom and Wolfenstein franchises, all of which have a large fan base and can be system sellers if Microsoft uses their power to make those games into exclusives in the future. I'm a PlayStation gamer, but that doesn't make Sony exempt from my criticisms regarding their anti-consumerism. I'm more than willing to move my ass over to Xbox or PC if it becomes too much to deal with their shit. People on PC and Xbox don't have to worry about the company who runs the show cutting off access to their old content or stopping you experiencing old content.


      The foundations of Sony are built on their old content, without the God of War franchise on PS2 we wouldn't have the PS4 version of God of War, without Jak & Daxter on PS2 we wouldn't have Uncharted and The Last of Us on PS4, without the PS2 Ratchet & Clank games we wouldn't have Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart. So I find it funny that they do everything they can to bury their history while it's their history that carries their company in terms of sales of their exclusives.

    4. Slava


      @Stan Lee I think there was a short moment in the beginning of 360's generation when Gears of War was pretty much the coolest game ever, while PS3 launched with Resistance which was alright. But other than that, I agree.

  7. Having a high reputation count on this website doesn't make you above others. Everyone should  be treated the same regardless of whether they have 5 rep points or 5000 rep points... A lot of people don't have all the time in the world to use this website or they aren't interested and there's no problem with that. The reason I'm bringing this up is because through lurking on this website I've found a new low which is a member getting into a debate and then shitting on another member for having a low reputation count:

    The reason I'm bringing it up here is because it's publicly available on the website so I feel like it's fair to make light of it. I've seen people throw around the whole "this guy has a good reputation on this website, don't disrespect him" kind of crap a lot in debates. Your opinion on a subject shouldn't be invalidated by your lack of activity on the website, a lot of great posts on this website come from people that hardly use it. If you are someone who really uses your reputation count as a flexing tool on this website then you can count me out of ever giving you positive reputation for a post on this website again.

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    2. Asuka Takemi

      Asuka Takemi

      Rep points mean literally nothing, if you see someone with high rep, 90% of those liles came from the Most Recent Platinum thread, or a similar thread, I know moat of my likes came from those types of topics, and I know its the same for most. 

    3. AK-1138


      Oh, I say, this is indubitably some of the most pathetically transparent rep bait I have seen in a Botswanian panoply of fortnights... ah, but thou poor Unfortunate, have some anyway; noblesse oblige and all that. You will get good some day! Ta-ta! Royston, we shall now depart for the Gentlemans' Rep Club 🧐


      (Because I'm a hack with zero credibility I will indeed point out this reply was a poor attempt at gratuitous jocularity... because, really, does self-evident behaviour such as this really deserve serious discourse at all? ...Yes, probably. But I ain't gonna be the one to do it!)

    4. SnowxSakura


      Even on ebay the feedback number is completely worthless as a buyer since you can only receive positive feedback, regardless if you're scamming sellers or not. As for sellers the feedback number is pretty worthless as well after around 200 or so. Your feedback % is way more important, people aren't going to buy from you if you have negatives

  8. Yeah it's shutting on September 16th, maybe he got mixed up and thought it was August 16th lol. September 16th is plenty of time, the competitive multiplayer took me around 8 hours to do but I only had 1 other boosting partner and used 3 PS3's while he used 2. With more people I guess it's fair to say that the whole boost might take you 15 hours because you'd have to take turns for the M4 kills. The longest online aspects are definitely the solo grind for level 50 in arcade mode and the challenge mode story run because it requires you to complete the story of the game twice.
  9. There's not much to say about the base game online trophies other than Rank 50. All the misc online trophies for the base game are self-explanatory. I guess I'll add that the hardest base game online trophy can be done with a turbo controller just spamming the button because it will continuously search for Gang Wars matches and hopefully by then you'll get to find a team who can win without losing a round by carrying you while you aren't there to care about it. Most people who want to do the game before it shuts are also interested in the DLC and that's mainly the part that requires some explanation.
  10. Could Demon's Souls on PS5 be added as a stack for the Demon's Souls series? I believe that adding the "Other Platforms and Regions" sections to these games and then listing the PS3 EU, JP and NA versions is probably appropriate.
  11. A very stupid design choice of the PSN store has to be when you buy a PS4 or PS5 game season pass and instead of adding every DLC to your library you have to go back on the store and claim it while it says "Free" on the item. I can bet that some people have forgotten to claim things that they bought and later the items got delisted but they were too late and now can't get what they paid for because of this terrible design choice by Sony.

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    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      This is why I always claim the DLC as soon as I buy the Season Pass. It offsets this risk but I agree that it is a dumb decision that they really should have fixed by now or better yet had never had in the first place.

    3. Sergen


      As far as I'm aware it was never an issue for PS3 and vita, so I don't see why they made it an issue on PS4. When you've already paid for the content I don't see what benefit there is to them making you then return to the store to claim it instead of instantly adding it to your library. There's no good reason for this to be a thing except them making a huge oversight in the design of their store and deciding to not bother fixing it.

      I guess they're hoping that on your return to the PSN Store you see that you missed another game in the series or they want you to see more products related to the one you just bought as a form of exposure for more games.


    4. FreshFromThaDeli


      Another inconsistency that annoys me is when you own the digital game but can't buy the reduced on sale version of the game that includes the base game + DLC.


      I want to buy BO3 season pass and Zombies Chronicles for a year now and they never individually go on sale. They recently went on sale through Zombies Chronicles Deluxe edition which includes the base game + all DLC. It says 'not available to purchase' as I already own the base game through PS+. 


      Tried contacting Sony and there is nothing they can do for me to make it purchasable. Only option is to buy it on another account but I lose out on the bonus Liquid Divinuim the season pass grants (account specific). Crap store.

  12. Max Payne 3 isn't region locked, it's just a buggy mess of a game in many different places and takes multiple tries for some maps to load properly. One of my friends I helped with the competitive grind used an NA copy while every copy I used was EU, we managed to get every trophy to work. This is going out to everyone who wants to boost in the future, don't worry about the regions of people playing with you, the trophies will work eventually.
  13. If you ever feel bad about yourself remember that there are people who signed up for PSN in 2006 that would have named their account something like Batman278171 when they could have named their account "Batman" and it probably wouldn't have been taken. 

    1. IntroPhenom


      I bet several of the cooler names were reserved or gobbled up by internal folks at Sony before the public had a chance to select anything.

    2. starcrunch061


      starcrunch061 is an institution, dude! How DARE you mock it?!?

  14. Sometimes while I was doing the 4-1 grind for rank 50 it'd not allow me to blow up cars when I shot them many times and that was enough to make not unable to get a platinum medal. The game overall is just absurdly glitchy in a lot of places and the only thing you can do at that point is restart the game and hope it won't be as glitchy.
  15. Some PS3 games got released before trophies existed and later got patched to have trophies added to them. A few of those games such as Need for Speed Undercover, GTA IV, Warhawk and Battlefield Bad Company 1 auto-popped some of the trophies for people if they fulfilled the requirement for the trophy before it became a trophy. I wonder if there's anyone who currently exists that fulfilled the trophies for some of these games but stopped playing the game before the trophies got added and could go back this year and auto-pop some of the trophies for the game. It would be a unique dispute if someone claimed to play one of these games so long ago and only just recently went back and saw that their trophies were auto-popped based on old progress.

    1. charxsetsuna


      It would be a interesting dispute but I fear the amount of evidence needed for people to actually believe the person would be ridiculous.

      It's not a impossible thing to happen in my opinion. I can see someone getting nostalgic for a really old ps3 game and buying it to play again or they now have a family and they want their family to experience the game too.

    2. Sergen


      I guess with any of these games they retain the online stats for the game on the servers so if anyone really cared about this website and got flagged for auto-popping trophies on an old game they'd likely just have to show a video of their online stats to prove that they accumulated those stats at some time in their life.