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  1. You don’t need a partner from your region to do missions, a lot of people I helped with the game were people who weren’t from my region. If your internet is decent enough and you use an Ethernet cable to connect to PSN then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem with your partner. The only people I had problems with while playing online were when I played with Australians or people from Asia, but even then I managed to help people from there as well. If you’re a twirler the connection also won’t matter for you since lag won’t affect that, as long as you’re able to spam L1 fast enough.
  2. You can continue trophy progress on a game regardless of which platform you started it on, if the trophy list region/console is the same as the list that is on your account then you can buy a copy of the game and finish it.
  3. This isn't going to stop people from wanting to share play. Every "hard" trophy has illegitimate achievers who cave in and beg other people to do the work for them, that's always how it's gonna be and you can't change that.
  4. Bulletstorm (PS3) and Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (PS4) would qualify for "Other Platforms and Regions" being indicated to the side of the trophy list, it is the same game but with various changes to specific trophies from the anarchy and echo modes. The Ninja Gaiden series also consists of the following games: Ninja Gaiden Σ Plus Ninja Gaiden Σ2 Ninja Gaiden Σ2 Plus Ninja Gaiden 3 Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z I wouldn't say that Ninja Gaiden 3 and Razor's Edge specifically qualify for an "Other Platforms and Regions" tag, as the difference between both trophy lists and games is highly significant. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and 2 Plus do qualify for "Other Platforms and Regions", however it may not be worth placing them together like that as NGS2+ has always been unobtainable. I'd appreciate these implementations to the series and region lists for the respective games
  5. You put yourself at risk of someone cheating on your account by letting them play the game on your account. What I see here is a bunch of unrelated trophies unlocking seconds apart on the game, unfortunately I don't see this game being unflagged. But you could hide the game by following these instructions: I guess it would be to do with these trophies being unlocked seconds apart: If it is possible to unlock those trophies together like he has done, it would be very difficult for someone to test, what needs to be tested is if you can spend your last bits of money during an applicable hobby/pastime, whether there's a stunt jump near the hobby or pastime and whether you can then explore the last bit of your map during that stunt jump. All of these requirements may not even be possible to replicate.
  6. There's a reason it's a high difficulty setting on the game, because it's not intended for people to do it easily. It's always hilarious to see people these days complain about games for being difficult, I've only seen it start to happen recently when Wolfenstein II got Mein Leben added. Aren't the Devil May Cry games known for having a very difficult hardest setting? You shouldn't have been expecting something so simple in the first place... If you're letting the difficulty of trophies decide whether you should play a game or not, you're not a true fan of the game/series.
  7. StarBlood Arena: Platinum #133 Difficulty: 5/10 Time Taken: 45-50 hours Firstly, the reason I did this game is because the server shutdown was announced. This game is going to shut down on July 25th, 2019... After the shutdown, every trophy on the game will be unobtainable. I'm very glad to have done this game, because it was my introduction to PSVR, as it is a VR only title. People often complained about this game for motion sickness, however I was able to handle it just fine, I'd be kind of annoyed having spent the money on a VR headset for it to all go to waste due to myself not being able to handle the headset. The only issue you really get with the headset is the fact that it can get hot, so it's best to take the headset off every once in a while. This game is an arena shooter, which you can probably tell from the title, however it is very unique in the way it implements shooting elements to it. You have 9 different ships at your disposal which all have unique features. I would say that games such as Unreal Tournament inspired this game, with an announcer who enthusiastically shouts your kill medals and random pick-ups on the map that can help you. The most unique aspect for me on this game is the fact that you need to aim on your screen by moving your head, so you basically point your head at the enemy you want to shoot and then fire upon them, this does surprisingly give you a lot of precision in regards to aiming, however I did lack a lot of head movement personally as my instincts normally force me to use the right analog stick to aim at things. Around half of the grind for this game can be done idle if you have a turbo controller, because you need to play 25 ranked matches with every character and simply spamming the X button on a turbo controller after choosing that character will take you through matches effortlessly. It was good that there was a lot of idling on this game, because it's not the kind of game I can really play for 12 hours straight, since the headset wasn't very comfortable after long periods of time. Most of the trophies on the game are tied to the in-game medals, you need to get most medals multiple times on the game, which can be a bit of a lengthy grind. The majority of medal trophies will likely come naturally to you if you play a lot of your ranked matches actively and while you're doing the Burn Circuits. Only the Shield medal and the Goalie medal really require boosting from another person, however I did boost a few more of the medals to avoid having to grind against annoying AI opponents. The only skill based aspect of this game is completing every Ultimate Burn Circuit with every character. This trophy could be one that scares people away considering it is a 0.44% trophy at the time I'm writing this, but throughout this game there are many sub-1% trophies that are absolutely unworthy of that rarity. When you've done one ultimate burn circuit, you're basically ready for all of them and for my last 5 or so characters, I breezed through the mode and did them all on my first attempt. The circuits are simply matches against AI which follow the exact same pattern for every character, the only somewhat difficult circuit is the first ultimate burn circuit because even if you perform very well in that match, your team can still lose and you'll fail to get first place. At least I got to find out that in the first ultimate burn circuit you only need to be first place on your team if your team wins and not first place out of every competitor. The Elsa AI regularly got the most kills in ultimate burn circuits so it would be annoying to not be first place due to her stealing all the kills. Another honorable mention for a "skill based" trophy would be for reaching wave 20 of the Invaders game mode, but it was actually very easy once I had leveled up my Alice and was able to deploy turret mines. Me and my partner managed to do the mode with only the two of us playing. This video shows the run that I had in Invaders mode from the perspective of my partner. Surprisingly I am the fastest achiever of the platinum, but I only beat that time by 5 minutes, that means that if I needed 1 more match for this game, I likely wouldn't have gotten the fastest time. I started the game not expecting to be fastest achiever, but I'll take it non-the-less. I'd like to thank Aexzia (Aela) and @Yuichiro-Akuhei who helped me with some of the trophies for this game, without Yui maybe I wouldn't be the fastest achiever because Aela asked him at a random time and he came on instantly, but he was the only person who could be asked at the time. Last but not least, I will say that VR trophies look absolutely horrendous when they unlock, maybe that's the reason for the rarity being so low on this game .
  8. It's the same trophy on your profile as people who exploited it, there's no way to distinguish whether someone used it or not. Your comment is irrelevant to the topic which is simply asking if it is possible to do the glitch and whether he's doing it right. Unfortunately having never played this game I can't give an answer to the original topic, but I think there are more important things to worry about in life than the way someone is acquiring trophies on PSN.
  9. Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition: Platinum #132 Difficulty: 2/10 Time Taken: 20 hours Special thanks to @Darkette who did the anarchy trophies with me, it was a lot of fun . Now this is it for me and Bulletstorm, for now. I must say that the anarchy trophies on this game are significantly shorter and easier on this game, which is good because the only real grinding aspect of the PS3 version was to get to level 65 and on Full Clip you only need to get to level 30, which comes naturally while doing all the other anarchy mode trophies. 40,000 points in anarchy mode is way more lenient than the 50,000 on PS3 and we got our 40,000 a few enemies before the end, whereas when I did the game on PS3 we had around 49,000 when the last enemy was on the screen, so we had to farm some revives for 50 points until we got the trophy. Aside from anarchy mode, the echo mode trophies are different, but on this version they demand more from you, because by default the DLC echoes from PS3 are part of this game. On PS3 you had to get 150,000 as a total high score in echoes and get 3 stars in 14 missions, on PS4 you need 250,000 and 3 stars on 20 missions. Aside from differences in those two modes, not much else has changed in regards to trophies, except the fact that DLC trophies from PS3 have become part of the main list on PS4. The game looks significantly better visually than the PS3 version, since they upgraded the game engine and took advantage of the extra power the PS4 can have. This is one of the only FPS games that I'd be glad to see getting a sequel, which is saying something.
  10. Bulletstorm (PS3): Platinum #131 Difficulty: 3/10 Time Taken: 30-40 hours The first thing I have to say about this is that I am thankful to have been able to get the opportunity to have done this game. The servers for the game were officially shut down, however a knowledgeable person in networking had this game incomplete on his trophy list and pursued bringing back the servers to make the platinum obtainable again. Instructions for being able to return to the online for this game are here: I wanted to do this game as soon as Gonespy was revealed publicly, but I didn't have friends who were willing to set up Gonespy until recently. I may currently appear as the fastest achiever while I type this, but my partner for this game has a faster time than me, he did the whole thing in one sitting without sleep so it will be a short lived time when it is synced... I previously used Gonespy to make Unreal Tournament 3 possible again and I must say that Bulletstorm was the more enjoyable game of the two, on Unreal Tournament 3 you can't play online with other people, it is fixed because the online trophy can be done with bots. On Bulletstorm only the private matches work, but that is enough to make every trophy obtainable again luckily. It does have issues with freezing at times, but considering I never got to play Bulletstorm on the official servers, I can't confirm if those issues were present in the online, Gamespy had a reputation for providing bad servers to players at times. A funny thing about the co-op for this game was that it wasn't clear who had the higher score out of the two of us, since while you play the game your ID will be displayed as "BulletstormPlayer". As a host myself, I froze at around wave 13 or 14 while trying to reach wave 20 to get Anarchy Master, this was a slight frustration, but it was overcome when my partner was able to host, at least I got to find out that Gonespy supports late joining someone's private lobby because I froze while my partner hosted and was able to re-join without the lobby needing to be hosted again. The team challenges are also a guessing game, because the stat for those do not load correctly in the game, but luckily the game is still counting them and awards the trophy at the appropriate time. The co-op for this game definitely requires good communication with your partner(s) because you need to perform team kills for the highest amount of points. For Anarchy Master, we did it in Dead Rock where the tornado is and one person would stand at the bottom part of the map while the other person stood above it, we would slide kick our enemies toward the tornado and the other person would grab the enemy with the leash to get a lot of points per kill. When we could afford it, we also bought the Flail Gun and shot the enemy with it before kicking them to the tornado, as that also gives you bonus points. When I went to buy the DLC for this game, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was cheaper to buy a $20 Canadian PSN Card and use a Canadian PSN account to purchase it, since their currency is weaker than the US dollar and PCGameSupply was selling a $20 card for £12. Conveniently, I went to America last summer and was able to buy an NA retail copy of Bulletstorm for $3 at a gamestop, that saved me having to buy the digital version of the game. I could go on a lot about mechanics of this game and such, but I feel that the game has been available long enough for people to know a lot about this game. While the memory is fresh, I will likely soon do Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition, they definitely made the Anarchy trophies a lot easier in that.
  11. I knew the site wouldn't have shut down out of nowhere, I'd hope the owners have the decency to announce that, then it would probably give us time to archive every trophy guide in the way back machine. In terms of community engagement on the website, I feel that it kind of is dead, threads that you make on the website hardly ever get responses unless the game is popular at the moment you make the thread. Recently I've seen that the website has called upon the community to collaborate to make a Red Dead Redemption 2 trophy guide, a few years ago there would be around 8 people who all independently write a guide for RDR2 who are trying to be the one who gets published. I believe the decline in guide writing could simply be because old members who were writing guides lost interest in trophies, then new people don't like having to use the BB code to write their guide, PSNProfiles makes it simple for anyone to start writing a guide with its own tool. As long as people are still using the trophy guides and clicking ads on the site while doing that, the site probably won't go down.
  12. I'll never let the difficulty trophy hunters put on games determine whether I play a game or not. If the game looks good then I will play it, but what I will avoid is games that have already become unobtainable, I won't start a game that I know I'll never complete. However, I wouldn't say that an unobtainable game is "too hard" for a person, it just wasn't within my interest until it was too late. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 became my favourite game while I was working on the platinum, had I taken trophy hunter's opinions on difficulty for games as a reason to avoid the games, I'd have never discovered how great that game was. I don't think a lot of difficult games are made simply to be difficult, I think the developers also want people to buy the games for enjoyment, if you let the opinions of trophy hunters scare you away from doing a game, your profile probably isn't worth looking at in the first place.
  13. The person with the trophy on January 21st, 2019 hacked it... A bunch of their games have trophies earned in the past synced after their most recent trophies. If you can't get on it, nobody else can. Since the game now has a remake, I doubt they will go back to fix aspects of the PS3 version and they've had since May 2018 to do something about it.
  14. I agree with what you say here. The reputation system is good to have for various things that a person could post. I have made plenty of threads where I give advice for a particular aspect of the game and the reputation system would let me know that people appreciate the effort I've put into writing that thread. It is a good thing to have simply for showing appreciation for something without being spammy and saying "thanks for the help" or "good work" to everything. The number shouldn't be shown on our profiles and from other websites I've seen that use this exact forum design, I can say the option to omit the number from a profile is available. A funny thing is that the forum design also allows for a down-vote button, which negates a reputation point from a person if the decision is made to down-vote them. I never look at the number as a way of judging how important a person is on this website, some of the best people I've met across PSN don't use this website much and have less than 100 points.
  15. Unfortunately this is way too wishful thinking. Sony doesn't own the rights to every game that was shut down on PSN, they allowed companies to release their games to their platform, but for the most part they weren't involved any further than that. A lot of servers that have been shut down have been heavily encrypted with cryptography keys, making it currently impossible to get back online on those games, unless the company who made the game removes those checks from the game by re-making the entire multiplayer for a game. A lot of companies with servers that went down are now defunct and former networking staff have likely moved on. Also, if this could be done in any way, I don't feel it would be profitable for Sony, not many highly popular games get shut down, it's not something a company would want to take the risk doing because there'd be no simple way to test the market for it.