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  1. Everyone knows Bill Gates founded Microsoft, but I bet you'd have to Google "Sony founders" to find out who they are.

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    2. Spaz


      RIP Paul Allen

    3. Berendsapje


      I can survive long enough without knowing who founded Sony tbh. 

    4. Sir_Bee


      Sure, but I would also argue that you hear a lot more from and about Bill Gates in this side of the world, so the average person has probably even seen his face, and would recognizer his name.


      I would say that it is probably true of most big companies, especially companies that are not native to the country you live in, that your average person would have no idea who founded them

  2. I see a lot of PlayStation fanboys panicking over Bethesda being bought by Microsoft and thinking Sony should buy a game company promptly to counter Microsoft's decision. These people don't seem to understand that Sony isn't going to just make a hasty decision and buy a company just to say "look we bought (insert big studio here) too"... I'll actually find it funny if any Fallout or Elder Scrolls games in the future are timed exclusives for Xbox, I doubt they'd be fully exclusive because Microsoft doesn't seem to go down that route often. Not to mention I kind of lack faith in Sony managing a large studio if they did buy something like Konami in retaliation to Microsoft buying Bethesda. Either way I am not big on gaming news these days, I just found it funny that people are scared of what Microsoft could do with this power.


    I'll say this though, I believe that every AAA game released within the last decade has probably used Windows Operating Systems in some way to assist in a significant portion of the development, so without Microsoft where would the gaming industry be today? People who bitch about Microsoft are probably using a Microsoft product to do that bitching.

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    2. Spaz


      I have used Windows for as long as I can remember.


      Xbox to me just isn't worth buying at this point. If Bethesda does come with timed exclusives, just keep in mind that Tomb Raider were exclusives before they came over to the PS4.


      I would of been happier if Microsoft or Sony would of bought Konami, but one can only dream.


    3. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      It will be years before a Bethesda game is a Microsoft exclusive, whereas Sony has their abundance of 1st party studios ready to go- what big 1st party games does Xbox have ready?

      Sony dominated last gen just by having the best games. Just as they did the PS2-era, and it is also why they were able to come back after the embarrassment of the PS3 launch.  That's just how it is no matter how many morons say that exclusives "don't matter". Microsoft dropped the ball big time last gen and to be honest, in spite of Game Pass, in spite of the acquisitions, in spite of (limited) backwards compatibility, in spite of all the clout-chasing YouTubers and journalists who are simping for a trillion-dollar corporation who they somehow see as the "underdog" crying about the PS4 controller not working on PS5 games (why would it?) and Spider-Man Remastered not being a free upgrade (again, why would it?) and their flagrant abuse of the term "pro-consumer" (in regards to a trillion-dollar corporation), they haven't actually shown anything that makes the Xbox worth buying any time soon.

    4. Alderriz


      @Stan Lee I don't think anyone here is saying that people should go buy an Xbox because of this deal.


      @Sergen Not surprising to see something like this on PS-related forums, but yeah. I don't understand why people have to defend Sony or talk trash about Xbox every time Phil Spencer does something. Maybe the console war mindset is alive, or maybe these people feel the need to justify their console choise in a form of a post.


  3. If people left complex disputes to the CRT then what's the point in the dispute being public and open to people leaving their opinion? The reason disputes are public in the first place is because some of them can be complex and the member of the CRT lacks the knowledge to come to a verdict on the game being disputed.
  4. There have been a lot of disputes recently and normally I come across as being critical of what the cheater removal team has been doing on the website, however in this instance I have to say that for the most part they've handled the influx of new disputes well. When there are hardly any disputes to tend to, they often get left there for days at a time, but now a lot of the 50+ recent disputes have been closed within a day, I guess the increased workload motivated them to look into cases quicker.

  5. I helped Meepy with the online for this game as I have an alt account that I ranked up to First Lord prior to starting the game myself. You do not get the "Brave New World" trophy by participating in an 8 player lobby, you must play an online match to unlock the aforementioned trophy. The 8 hour time accomplished by Meepy was done by completing 79 missions on the game before getting a single trophy, to lessen the time required to complete 320 missions, you can make progress on this game without earning any trophies.
  6. There's no statute of limitations on cheated trophies, if the trophies are cheated and get caught then you get flagged regardless of how long ago it was. Congratulations to @MMDE & @B1rvine for unflagging this and being uncertain, I think the post I'm quoting is the confirmation you need.
  7. I've seen a few disputes on this website where people feel like they've one-upped another person by supplying a screenshot that comes from a Discord server that the person is in. I personally believe that Discord messages should not be used as evidence within a disputes to prove that a person cheated, you can fake someone's messages very easily with inspect element and you can make your own username the same username as them and say whatever you want to frame them for something. All in all I feel like the only evidence that should be considered would be PSN messages sent directly to cheater removal team members from the person who cheated, anything else should be taken with a grain of salt because you never know which piece of shit is pretending to be a person due to being jealous of the person's trophy accomplishments.

    1. Kittet3


      I'm a firm believer that the only evidence that should be considered during disputes is the trophy timestamps. Are they possible to recreate? Are they from a weird glitch? If no to both, then they shouldn't be on the leaderboard. If yes, then it shouldn't matter if I go on 100 trophy websites and talk about how I cheated The Last of Us, my timestamps are possible. 

    2. starcrunch061


      @Kittet3: Agreed. Finding posts on other websites doesn't really prove much. 

  8. Double post but necessary... Below is a list of trophies I see that should come naturally before "Twisted Gold: Earn a gold medal in every campaign event and boss fight on Twisted difficulty" that were earned after said trophy on joust25's list: Truly Twisted: Complete the Story mode on Twisted Difficulty ...and I thank you for playing Twisted Metal: Complete the Story mode on any difficulty Watch Me Shine!: Complete the Doll Face story on any difficulty. Grimm's Dark Trip Back: Complete the Grimm story on any difficulty. The reason I have posted this is because I looked at their profile and the rank says "Soon", why is this being unflagged when it is clear that the trophies are out of order and certainly not in a legitimately earned pattern? Does Twisted Gold glitch and unlock early for people? The only glitch I’m aware of that benefits the trophy is an infinite ammo glitch but using that glitch still forces you to play the story in the linear order to finish it.
  9. There are story related trophies on this game that require you to complete the Dollface storyline and the Mr. Grimm storyline through natural progression of the game. One of the first trophies joust has earned on the game is for completing the game on Twisted difficulty with gold medals on each event, Mr. Grimm and the Dollface storylines are included in the requirements for that trophy and unmissable along the way to getting gold in each Twisted event. I highly doubt those 2 story related trophies are glitched.
  10. Seems like you hit the nail on the head with that. Unless those two trophies are glitched in a negative way and do not unlock while you progress through the story... The time that this was done on their profile was during a server shutdown announcement and you must complete Twisted mode to unlock the Warthog vehicle that counts towards the "Any Car Will Do" trophy. Maybe in a panic prior to the server shutdown they decided to use a save file to unlock Warthog and grind the online with it while overlooking the fact that there are trophies out of order on the list.
  11. It is shit when people who did a trophy legit need to do damage control on this website and worry that they'll be flagged although the method they did on the game was legit but their pattern doesn't perfectly match the average person on the game. There are millions of people who play video games, eventually someone is going to have an issue that might be uncommon to the average person who chooses to play the game. It's funny to see the stat that indicates people who were removed from the leaderboard mentioning how it is "cheaters removed" and the people who approve flags are called "cheater removal team", but then they respond to a dispute saying "being flagged doesn't mean you cheated, it indicates that your time stamps are not wanted". This could be rectified by changing their staff role to "Trophy Flagging Team" and then changing "Cheaters Removed" to "Flagged Users". At least then you can explain flagging as not being an indicator of cheating, rather than shoving it in our faces and saying that the people are cheaters, while immediately contradicting those claims when the person makes a dispute.

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    2. Darkette


      @FawltyPowers I don’t think the name should stick just because most actually fit to the description. It isn’t fair for the ones who aren’t. There’s always a guinea pig to a glitch in a game and that person has to hope that someone else runs into it or else they’ll be flagged and accused of being a cheater. All of these types of glitches rely on the person knowing how to either replicate it or hope that somebody else gets it and can explain. 

      it would be a lot more suitable to have a name that’s fit for everyone than one that accuses people of something they haven’t done. Of course it will be a minority in comparison to people that actually cheat, but you can’t compare those with statistics.

    3. Sergen


      @FawltyPowers the below examples are what I am referring to when I talk about people needing to do damage control regarding trophies:

      Being someone who has experienced a glitch that other people might not have experienced required the people in the 2 posts above to need to clarify it beforehand and make sure that they had documented it before being flagged incorrectly.

    4. B1rvine


      The staff title is correct. Being labeled a cheater means that there needs to be pre-defined rules, so being flagged means you're a cheater "per PSNP definitions." Even if you "earned" trophies, that doesn't necessarily mean you've followed the rules, for example, deleting your profile to manipulate the fastest speeds in various leaderboards.


      Also, if your posts are being deleted, it usually means people mass reported your posts, and were likely not relevant to the dispute itself, as moderation is extremely strict in dispute threads. ( @Spaz )

  12. Maybe the hotdog cart counts towards that trophy but killing a mini boss with an environmental object doesn't count towards "Like A Boss". Or because the map you used to get the hot dog trophy was originally a DLC map on PS3, DLC mini-bosses don't count towards the "Like A Boss" trophy. Either way, your PS4 saved the screenshots so keep those handy in-case some scumbag decides to scrutinize your list and attempt to flag you even after you've explained this.
  13. Sure this game is old, however I feel like it is necessary to mention this about the game as I have not seen another thread regarding this. I am going to mention that to 100% the trophies for Payday 2: Crimewave Edition you may not need to purchase all of the DLC for this game yourself, only 1 person in your group must purchase the DLC and they must host the lobbies that you play in. As long as the host owns the DLC, they will be able to invite you to play any DLC heist and if you fulfill the requirements for the DLC trophy with them, you will also earn the trophy without needing to buy the DLC pack that the trophy belongs to. This allows you to save money by either asking someone who already purchased the DLC to host various trophies for you, or it allows you to split the price of DLC packs with your group members and give that money to whoever you would like to host the heists, instead of all of you needing to buy those packs. Below is a list of DLC packs in which every single trophy in that pack can be earned without paying any money for the DLC: Infamy 2.0 The Point Break Heist The Alesso Heist The Golden Grin Casino Heist The Goat Simulator Heist Wolf Pack Hardcore Henry Heist Pack Biker Heist Seasonal Pack John Wick Heist Pack Classic Pack That list is significant because there are 17 packs and 11 of them can be done without yourself needing to purchase any of them, as long as the host helps you with each trophy. Infamy 2.0 is simply 2 trophies for leveling up to infamy 10 and 25 so not a traditional DLC pack. The reason you will need to buy the 6 DLC packs not listed above is because they include weapons that have a trophy tied to them and the weapon included in that pack requires you to purchase the DLC pack to use it. If by any chance this information is no-longer relevant to the current patch I shall request a moderator to delete this thread, back when I played this game 3 years ago it was possible to earn all the trophies in those packs without buying the pack yourself and simply having another person host for you.
  14. Below is a video discussing this: I am mentioning this before someone creates a fear-mongering thread with click bait. The delisting of the Scarface Character Pack will only impact the Tony Montana character and some miscellaneous weapons and perk trees, while the Scarface Heist Pack will remain on the PSN Store. If they decide to delist the Scarface Heist Pack then that will affect trophies because the Commando 101 Rocket Launcher is included in that pack. Aside from that, I am going to mention that as long as the host owns the DLC they can invite you to play heists that you have not personally purchased and you can earn the trophies with them, delistings for this game going forward will only impact you if a weapon that is exclusive to that DLC is also a trophy within the pack.
  15. Gonespy was a project that was made to fix the online servers for Bulletstorm by a third party, this thread suggests that similar work is being done on SOCOM Confrontation. @Helyx seemed to initially assume that the thread was advertising a franchise reboot in the form of a re-release, I am aware that he tested out most games that used Gamespy's server to see if Gonespy helped so I informed him in my post that the "reboot" previously mentioned in the thread was comparable to what Gonespy had done for Bulletstorm, rather than being a Battle Royale re-release that he initially posted about.