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  1. Multiplayer trophies count double, coming from the company who frequently makes them unobtainable
  2. It didn't work anyway @Helyx tried it a long time ago and it has a stats error.
  3. A lot of the shit talking I've been shown about myself by people in this community has to do with them assuming things about my personal life. I don't tend to go into detail about my personal life or seek attention, so everything they're saying is based on assumption. But I find it funny how people with such an amazing life in the real world have the time to look at someone's online activity and scrutinize it while assuming all the negatives they can. I feel like anyone who genuinely has what the haters deem to be a "life" would probably be doing other things instead of talking shit about someone who will only ever know them online.

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    2. SlimSanta94


      Pay no attention to them man, the fact they have to criticise things that you do says more about them as a person than you.. you seem great honestly!

    3. Spaz


      You guys are forgetting one glaring detail.


      Keyboard warriors will always feel superior behind a computer screen. They are the reason why I left Facebook and Twitter.

    4. GinjaPrgeKilaTPG


      I just block or put their comments to hidden. I don't have to deal with them afterwards. Happy days.

  4. I've decided to make this thread to detail exactly which Premier Towers in the Living Towers can spawn a Secret Fight for the Keep it Secret trophy. The trophy guide on this website only lists two potential towers that include a secret fight (edit: I am now a contributor and basically added the information from this thread to the guide), however I am aware of at least seven that can spawn them. Most guides online also don't detail all of the towers, if I was only to refer to the guide on this website or guides on other trophy websites, I would not have acquired the trophy currently, I kind of dug through the game a lot to make sure I could have the best chance to get a secret fight whenever I needed one. At times the game can take over a month before it ends up spawning one of the premier towers that has a secret fight. You must also have a connection to the game's servers to access the Living Towers. It is worth noting that the secret fight can only spawn in the Premier Tower and will never spawn in the hourly or daily tower, the premier tower lasts for one week and it begins on Tuesdays at 6:00AM GMT. Below is the list of the premier towers that have a secret fight and the requirements you must fulfil to trigger the secret fight. MORTAL KOMBAT I Reach the 6th opponent Get a Flawless Victory (No Damage Taken) in Round 1 Win Round 2 with a Brutality or Fatality. Alternatively, you can also win with an X-Ray Move ( + ) in this tower, but you must perform it after the words "Finish Him/Her" appear on the screen. MORTAL KOMBAT II Reach the 8th opponent Win Round 2 with a Brutality or Fatality. MORTAL KOMBAT III Reach the 3rd or 8th opponent, your choice Win Round 2 with a Brutality or Fatality MORTAL KOMBAT IV Reach the 7th opponent Win Round 2 with a Brutality or Fatality TROPHY HUNTER (PREDATOR TOWER) Reach the 4th opponent Get a Flawless Victory (No Damage Taken) in Round 1 Win Round 2 with a Brutality or Fatality THE DAY OF LOVE (VALENTINE'S DAY TOWER) Reach the 7th opponent Get a Flawless Victory (No Damage Taken) in Round 1 Win Round 2 with a Brutality or Fatality. Alternatively, you can also win with an X-Ray Move ( + ) in this tower, but you must perform it after the words "Finish Him/Her" appear on the screen. WHO'S NEXT Reach the 9th opponent Win Round 2 with a Brutality or Fatality. The only tower you can predict appearing within a specific time frame is "The Day of Love" which will appear during the same week as Valentine's Day (February 14th), but this tower only comes up at that period, whereas the other towers could come up at any time during the year. Credit goes to Leptonic and Powerpyx who made the guide for MKX and listed the MK1, 2 and 3 requirements: Credit to Roy Arkon on YouTube who made videos of some of the more obscure Secret Fights, below are the videos: Trophy Hunter Tower: Who's Next Tower: Day of Love Tower: If anyone else knows about other towers that might have a secret fight, feel free to inform me and I will add them to this thread. Another thing to note is that I have not played all of these towers, so I have only written what other people say has worked for them, so if I made a mistake, let me know and I'll correct it. Aside from that, if you want to be sure you fulfil the requirements, simply perform a Brutality or Fatality at the end of every match in the tower that you are working on, then you won't have missed anything, however I think the requirements only apply to the fight that spawns before the secret opponent. The best way to go through most towers easily is to use Sub-Zero and simply abuse the opponents with this combo: (Forward) + , , , Sub-Zero's Klassic Fatality (Head Rip) is also very simple to perform, the inputs for it are: , , + (Close to opponent) or Forward, Down, Forward + or what some will refer to as a Shoryuken input, however I believe the Klassic Fatality is a DLC fatality so if you do not have the DLC, you need to use a different Fatality. The Trophy Hunter Tower requires you to use Predator throughout the entire thing and you do need a Flawless Victory with him, in the comment section of this video: is a recommended combo by the uploader of the video, the combo outlined by them is: (Back) + , , + , Predator's simplest Fatality to perform has the following inputs: , , , + or Down, Down, Back, Forward + , to perform this Fatality you need to be up close to your opponent. The Who's Next Tower also requires you to use various characters, however this tower is the rarest tower to pop up on the entire game, the tower was made specifically to promote more DLC for the game and luckily if the tower does show up, it doesn't require you to get any Flawless Victories. You can refer to this list of fatalities if you want to see if another character's fatalities suit you more than Sub-Zero: Beating towers is fairly simple and AI seems to be set to Easy/Medium difficulty and should not cause you problems when you simply abuse them with spam combos. It is also worth noting that you can restart on the specific opponent you are on if you fail to fulfil the Flawless Victory requirement (if the tower requires that). To restart the fight, simply pause the game then choose your character again from the pause menu, this will spawn you back into the fight. It is also recommended to never skip a fight and to not lose any fights leading up to the opponent that you need to beat to get the secret fight to spawn. This thread will not inform you that a secret fight is ongoing, as I won't be checking the game, however people are free to make posts that do inform people that one of the towers is up. I hope this helps anyone who wants to get a secret fight.
  5. I've lurked the server shutdown thread for Battleborn a few times recently and every time I look people are getting false hope because the game works for a few hours and then goes to complete shit for a few days again. I'm glad I got that game done when I did and I hope for those who are struggling their situation gets better. When I started the game it was unobtainable for my first 4 days due to stats never saving, but after that the game worked successfully for around a month. Right now I think the stats error has lasted even longer than it did for me, which is absolutely pathetic.


    I don't see how a shooter somehow has an error on it that stops your stats from saving completely, I'd say that's the most important aspect of the game, not many people are playing a shooter to get nothing out of it... Back when I needed to contact support for the game, I mentioned how the stats error was giving me less content than a demo would for other games, because it wouldn't even let me progress past the first mission. The fact that they've been selling the season pass for all this time and keep fucking up the stats is unacceptable and if the game was more popular would probably create an uproar. Seeing how they handle the game at Gearbox makes me glad it didn't take off and become a hit, because while it is a fun game when they don't even let you experience the game that's a huge scam. I'm sure when the error got fixed for me, it was just a lucky fix and not something that required any manual work to fix it, I probably just got lucky that the error didn't last as long as it has now. To those of you considering Battleborn, I don't recommend starting it now because the errors come back too frequently for the game to be done without worrying.

  6. This is the only thing rescuing the game from being a complete ghost town... But watch out because people have gotten lifetime bans when attempting to boost those far-fetched online trophies.
  7. The Elder Scrolls Online is a game that has many events that would be beneficial to trophy hunters, but since most trophy hunters are afraid to play it, it doesn't get the coverage for those events in the trophy community. It's games like ESO that make me never fear the opinions of trophy hunters because people restrict themselves from games that they'd probably enjoy due to trophy hunters giving that game a bad reputation for trophy length or difficulty.

    1. Crispy_Oglop


      I think it's that Emperor trophy that puts most people off. I'd bet money on this game getting way more trophy hunter activity if that was either less of a torture to get or if it was removed entirely.

    2. Sergen


      Little do they know, the DLC has significantly more BS requirements than Emperor :D

    3. Crispy_Oglop


      Haha I had no idea :) I do really want to play it and I don't necessarily care about the trophy difficulty to be honest. It's mainly the time factor. It's the same as Final Fantasy XIV for me, i adore that game, but i have to either choose to play one game solidly for months, or enjoy a bunch of other shorter new releases.

  8. What made you think it was a good idea to save it until the very last day to buy the songs and try to download them?
  9. Imagine all the server shutdowns you'll miss if you're frozen for 1000 years
  10. What I've learned in all the years of disputes being public on this website is that a lot of flagged users have the worst family and friends a person could ask for. None of my family or real life friends were very aware of trophies, but some of the disputers have family and friends who intentionally hack games on their account... In all seriousness, how can someone think "if I say my cousin, brother, mother did this then they'll surely unflag me"? It's the classic "dog ate my homework" excuse, nobody believes it. The moral of the story is, if any of these scenarios actually happen then they shouldn't leave their account info saved on their console and they should lock their PS4 user with a pin number. 

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    2. SeedersPhD


      There should just be a big bold message whenever anyone tries to post a dispute thread that says: "If your justification for your dispute is that a family member or friend did it, you are liable. Hide the game and move on." It's not like getting the game will get unflagged anyway, it's still cheated regardless and this is why the 3 flag system exists anyhow.

    3. Hemiak


      I blame my kids. Not for hacking anything, but for adding shitty games to my account. 

    4. MidnightDragon


      I blame the politics in DC because why the fuck not?

  11. I don't believe all those challenge based trophies just conveniently glitch for someone and then unlock seconds apart as a "fix" to the problem. My guess would be that Perfect Knight Day 2 unlocks at the main menu when you use a save file, then the challenge based trophies unlock after you complete a challenge on that save file. This is against the flagging rules of the website, so your option will be to hide this game from your trophy list following these instructions: Aside from that, before a dispute thread lurker mentions that you cheated more games, hide any game you believe has suspicious time stamps from your trophy list because it only takes 3 flags to permanently remove you from ever being ranked on this website.
  12. It's still on the store here: I guess the game is just being stupid and screwing you over in the final days leading up to the shutdown. Contacting Sony wouldn't get you a response soon enough. All I can say is that maybe you should delete all your data and try all over again on PS3.
  13. Funnily enough, if someone is enough of a try hard on this game, they would be able to get the Level 10 and Level 100 trophies at the same time. There are plenty of methods that allow you to turbo your way to the Level 100 trophy, if someone was crazy enough to do the turbo method in a match with an unlimited timer as soon as they start the game, they'd be able to get the Level 10 and Level 100 trophies at the end of the match. Level based trophies on Injustice only unlock after the match has finished, however anyone who considers using this method is going to put their console at risk, because before you reach Level 10 you likely won't get access to any XP multipliers, meaning that you'd need to reach Level 100 with a method that takes over 100 hours. It is also uncertain whether the game would freeze or blue screen during that match, so do this at your own risk. At least technically if you did manage to get Level 100 in a match with an unlimited timer then you could be the fastest achiever on this game pretty easily if you already know what you're doing for Battle Mode and S.T.A.R. Labs.
  14. The person being referenced in this thread has some trophies out of order and an impossible speed run time. The person making this thread is bringing that up here probably because they tried to report the person who is being talked about and the report hasn't been successful yet.
  15. With their trophy order and time and the report option missing, I'm assuming that the list has already been reported by another person. Only 1 report can be submitted per trophy list, so two people can't report the same person, wait patiently because I assume that the person is gonna be flagged eventually.
  16. When I had my discord tag on my profile, the only reason people tended to add me as a friend were to ask me for help with trophies. Nobody in this community tends to want to add you for a genuine reason anymore, it's only "what can I get out of this person?" so for that reason I've taken my discord tag away from my profile. I'm happy to answer questions if the person asks it on PSN, but adding me as a friend on discord just to ask me something and never talk to me again was disappointing. Over the years I feel like I've done enough for the community in terms of participating in their gaming session for trophies, so I'll reserve the help to those who have demonstrated that they are a good person in this community. It is always satisfying to give back to people who I feel deserve it when they have demonstrated their good nature.


    The most recent person I helped by participating in their sessions was @VirtualNight on The Elder Scrolls Online and I'm using this time to say that I have no regrets doing that as he's also kept playing the game to get better at his role for future content and level up his champion rank. Aside from that, he didn't have to be there but he was at all times to help Meepy- get Emperor when she needed it, we had to push for those keeps as 3 of us because the alliance that was supposed to help Meepy turned their back on her and said they weren't gonna help. I feel like Virtual is the example of a person I've been very satisfied to help with a game because he has given back when it comes to helping people that need it themselves. Unfortunately people like him are few and far between and I doubt other trophy hunters would go to the lengths that he went to when it comes to being helped with ESO, so I do declare myself out of helping random people with the game unless they demonstrate that they're a fan of the game itself and not just looking to get trophies and never talk to me again.

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      You just  want to chat, share screenshots and stuff like that?  Just send message on PSN. No friend request needed, or help with trophies.

    3. PooPooBlast


      I feel your pain man. I've experienced that in real life but with regards to academic really feel belittled and it frustrates the living crap out of you because you feel like you were used essentially and that was that.. no meaningful relationship and non of that stuff. No gratitude, none of that was expressed. 


      On a positive note, I can attest to @ihadalifeb4this. He's a good friend to have! 

    4. Spaz


      @VirtualNight is obviously exceptionally skilled and talented with gaming. Some of the games he's done on his profile are just nuts.


      @Sergen is no slouch either. Got Super Street Fighter IV done really quickly, something I will NEVER FINISH because I don't have the skill to do those difficult fighting games.




      You guys just need to tough it out. I used to feel this way when I was in my teens and early 20s, but at this point I couldn't give a fuck less what people in general think about me. That goes for people on PSNProfiles.


      If somebody uses me then I will take steps to end all relationships with that person and block them. But if they're just trying to troll and be an ass, I just brush them off and move on with my life.

  17. I think if I got diagnosed with cancer then the last thing on my mind would be trophies. But you didn't give up hope when you found out and still pushed yourself to finish a game that was shutting, so you knew in the end you'd be cancer free. Congratulations for surviving the server shutdown and the cancer!
  18. Here I am again with another thread about The Elder Scrolls Online. This time I am showing off the potential for a person to be able to solo their way to becoming the Emperor on Elder Scrolls Online. However, there are some fairly BS requirements you need to be able to meet in order to make this happen for yourself independently without the help of other players. I must admit, theory-crafting below level 50 builds has been a fun thing for me to be doing recently because I have researched enough traits on various gear pieces in order to craft gear for the below level 50 campaign. This thread isn't very new player friendly, you probably won't be able to solo your way to Emperor using my build in your first week playing the game and as a new player you probably won't understand the gear setup. But at least this thread may help people who have experience with this game who are afraid of Emperor due to needing to rely on a group to help, you won't need a group if the keeps you're taking aren't being defended by try-hards or an Emperor of another alliance. This thread isn't going to explain how you earn AP in an alliance war campaign, there are hundreds of external sources that do that already, it is explaining how you could set up a character to solo keeps in a campaign. Becoming Emperor requires you to be #1 in your alliance while your alliance is holding all 6 inner keeps around the Imperial City, in that case you will often need to take those 6 keeps from another alliance who has the title. The rest of this thread is going to explain passive skills, gear, attribute points and Mundus Stone. All the gear is crafted, there's absolutely no point farming gear below level 50 so crafted gear is always the best option. Since there's no CP enabled in the below level 50 campaign, that's not going to be explained here. Character Level: 32 (Would work in some degree at level 26 as well, but you'd have less passive skills to use), the levels are this specific because the gear has to be crafted to these levels with your materials. Mundus Stone: The Mage (Increases Max Magicka) Buff Food/Drink: Crown Fortifying Meal or Spring-Loaded Infusion Buff Potion: Level 30 Tri-stat potion of health or Crown Tri-Restoration potion Attribute Points: Spend them all in Magicka when you level up Class: Templar Race: Has been tested using Breton (Daggerfall Covenant) and Dark Elf (Ebonheart Pact). High Elf (Aldmeri Dominion) would also work for this build due to its Magicka bonuses. This means that any alliance's races will be viable for this build without the requirement of purchasing the "Any Race, Any Alliance" bundle. Gear Quality: Purple weapons and body, blue jewellery Below is every passive skill I have invested points into. If you don't have enough points by the time you are level 32 on your character, you can collect skyshards in the zones that are available to you. Aedric Spear: 2/2 Piercing Spear, 2/2 Spear Wall, 1/2 Burning Light Dawn’s Wrath: 2/2 Enduring Rays, 2/2 Prism, 2/2 Illuminate Restoring Light: 2/2 Mending, 2/2 Sacred Ground, 1/2 Light Weaver Destruction Staff: 2/2 Tri Focus, 2/2 Penetrating Magic, 2/2 Elemental Force, 1/2 Ancient Knowledge Light Armor: 2/2 Evocation, 1/2 Spell Warding Heavy Armor: 3/3 Resolve, 2/2 Constitution, 2/2 Juggernaut Breton Skills (If you're playing as that race): 3/3 Gift of Magnus, 2/3 Spell Attunement, 1/3 Magicka Mastery Dark Elf Skills (If you're playing as that race): 3/3 Dynamic, 2/3 Resist Flame, 1/3 Ruination High Elf Skills (If you're playing as that race): 3/3 Spell Recharge, 2/3 Syrabane's Boon, 1/3 Elemental Talent Below is my gear setup and this is the part where the term "try-hard" really comes in, because the sets being used are Coldharbour's Favorite (8 trait crafted set) and Fortified Brass (4 trait crafted set) along with 2 pieces of Death's Wind Head & Shoulders (2 trait crafted set). 8 traits would take approximately 40 days of real-life waiting to research per gear piece, this is also considering having all the passive skills maxed out in the respective crafting skill lines. The reason for these set choices are as follows: Coldharbour's Favorite 5th piece bonus has a nice proc that can either do a lot of damage out of nowhere or heal you for a lot of health, on top of that it includes a spell damage bonus and a max magicka bonus. Fortified Brass is used because it is a tank set which has incredible resistances, making you incredibly difficult to kill, especially against human players using their below level 50 builds on you. All of this crafted gear has been crafted at level 32, level 32 gear will last until around level 40 before scaling badly and needing to be replaced. In brackets is the trait being used on the gear. Impenetrable is mainly a PvP trait, used to lower the amount of critical damage human players can do against you, making you even more of a pain in the ass to kill. Defending is used on one of the lightning staves to increase the resistances of the character, once again serving the purpose of being harder to kill. Every enchantment on the gear is crafted for level 30, since there's no enchantments specifically for level 32, level 30 enchantments become crap at level 40. "Light" is used to describe light armor, "Medium" is used to describe medium armor, "Heavy" is used to describe heavy armor, this specific setup uses 5 pieces of heavy armor, 1 piece of light armor and 1 piece of medium armor. Main Hand: Coldharbour’s Favorite Lightning Staff (Defending) – Life Drain Enchantment Back-up: Coldharbour’s Favorite Lightning Staff (Infused) – Shock Damage Enchant Head: Light Death’s Wind (Divines) – Max Health Enchant Chest: Heavy Fortified Brass (Impenetrable) – Max Health Enchant Shoulders: Medium Death’s Wind (Impenetrable) – Max Magicka Enchant Waist: Heavy Fortified Brass (Impenetrable) – Max Magicka Enchant Hands: Heavy Fortified Brass (Impenetrable) – Max Magicka Enchant Legs: Heavy Fortified Brass (Impenetrable) – Max Health Enchant Feet: Heavy Fortified Brass (Impenetrable) – Max Magicka Enchant Necklace: Coldharbour’s Favorite (Arcane) – Magicka Recovery Enchant Rings: Coldharbour's Favorite (Healthy + Arcane) – Health Recovery Enchant on one piece, Magicka Recovery on the other Now that gear has been explained, as well as the passives it is time to explain which skills go on my bars. Weapon switching is essential at times to utilize all of your important skills while in battle. Skill Bar 1 (Main Hand): Puncturing Sweep (Morph of Puncturing Strikes in the Aedric Spear Skill Line), Sun Fire (Dawn's Wrath), Toppling Charge (Morph of Focused Charge in the Aedric Spear Skill Line), Rushed Ceremony (Restoring Light), Restoring Aura (Restoring Light), Nova Ultimate Ability Skill Bar 2 (Back-Up): Shock Touch (Originally named Destructive Touch in Destruction Staff Skill Line), Force Shock (Destruction Staff), Unstable Wall of Elements (Wall of Elements Morph in Destruction Staff Skill Line), Soul Trap (Soul Magic), Eclipse (Dawn's Wrath), Rite of Passage Ultimate Ability Below is an image of my character stats on the Breton Templar with my buff food/drink active while also in Cyrodiil. With this build, to solo a keep you must first take all of the resources that are around the keep you want to take, these resources are the three tiny icons around a keep. Resource taking is essential for weakening the keep's AI as well as the doors that you need to destroy at the keep, to take a resource easily you must first run into the tower and kill the Mage that is stood there, then finally go down to the flag and kill the AI that is there, with my gear it will be simple enough to do that. You must purchase at least 10 Ballista's before going to a keep, place 5 of them close to each other and keep rotating between each ballista, shooting at the door. The Ballista method is shown in my video of the keep being taken solo, I would estimate it taking around 35 minutes to solo the entire keep including the resources, 5 minutes per resource and 20 minutes for the main keep building, as a solo player taking the flags at these places takes a while to do, which is incredibly tedious. Below is a video of myself taking a keep solo within the below level 50 campaign, done with my Dark Elf Templar. This thread was made to show that it is possible to solo keeps in Cyrodiil, I haven't seen any other videos of players on this game taking keeps using their own siege weapons and going in through the front like I have done, this is not meant to be a brag but rather showing that technically you could solo your way to Emperor if you prepare yourself as I have done with this build. Magicka Templar isn't exactly a requirement to pull this off, it is just the class I am most comfortable with using, I am sure a theory crafter with knowledge of other classes could make a build viable for soloing keeps with other classes. I must say that if I was able to do this during my first Emperor attempt, I'd be able to get the trophy easily because the campaign was regularly dead enough for the keeps to be there for the taking, it was unfortunate nobody was around to help me take them at the time and I had no knowledge of the game prior. This thread may be a mess but I will proof-read it and tweak it later to try to be as understandable as possible.
  19. Breton is probably better because you don’t max out racial passives until level 50. The benefit of Breton is magicka recovery and a lower cost to magicka abilities, whereas a Dark Elf has weapon and spell damage. Either way, both work well for achieving your goals.
  20. You've said enough to show that the person making the dispute isn't legit. I guess this dispute is a classic example of a report message only mentioning one of the reasons why the list should be flagged, so it throws the disputer off and makes them only focus on the original reason. There are plenty of things wrong with the Injustice list that is being disputed here. They already hide 120 trophies, so there's a good chance that among those 120 are more flagged games. However, @Coalhaif you aren't already flagged for 2 games, you should hide Injustice from your trophy list to get a leaderboard rank again.
  21. If you dislike me because of how I have posted on website or because people you know have talked shit about me then I have no respect for you. It's an incredibly common theme that people in the trophy community only look into the bad and never the good, they see someone helping people with a guide or participating in their gaming sessions and the first thing they think is "this person only wants to gain a good reputation". I don't believe I've been controversial on this website since around late 2017 to early 2018, so if people are still clinging onto that as their means of convincing others that I am a negative person then I don't care because there's nothing I've done in a while that I'd deem worthy of hate.


    The debates I've been involved in that may have made people salty are myself arguing to see white-listing be implemented for games that have modders unlocking trophies for people out of nowhere, wanting to see Gonespy be approved for use to earn trophies before I used it and seeing the account swap trick be allowed on vita. I don't need the approval or respect of people who are such killjoys that they'll deem something "cheating" simply because they take pleasure in reporting people's trophy lists. Disputes are a terrible part of this website where in most disputes even when the person is innocent there will be various members who look for any excuse to keep the person flagged. Disputes were also a controversial part of my activity on this website but I don't really post in them too often and when I do I try to give my fair opinion, I don't discriminate against a member and look for ways to keep them flagged, if I can give you evidence for or against the dispute then I will.

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    2. Neputyunu


      Nah man. I do not really know you but you seem like an okay guy to me. I like it when people are honest and state their opinions, without using flowertalk.

      Just ignore these haters. I had some of them here too (and they even made fun about me having Aspergers) and I left PSNP because I felt really uncomfortable... But I came back, because I do not care anymore. Rise your head and walk your path. It does not matter what other people think. You are  just yourself, that is important. You should not bend for other people.

    3. FawltyPowers


      When you say what you think some will appreciate and respect it, others won't like it and take it very personally, we're all different, you don't know who is typing the text you read. I've agreed/disagreed with your opinions, the same as Spaz, then I move on, can't agree on everything.


      If you write something controversial expect to be challenged, nothing wrong with that, but personal attacks only highlight an issue with the person making them, try to keep that in mind.


      Keep calm and carry on.

    4. Cleggworth


      I've no interest in playing it but I've read all the guides/help threads for the Elder Scrolls online you've written and the amount of effort you have put into just that game alone is crazy, never mind all the others. Anyone who finds fault in that is an idiot quite frankly. Keep up the good work 👍

  22. The reason the game shut in the first place is because of THQ's bankruptcy in 2013, I doubt that's an option at this point. I can't tell if your post is rather trying to add insult to injury here.
  23. Alright, so this thread is mentioning two things that currently aren't outlined by the trophy guide on this website, so for anyone to come here and bitch at me for mentioning things like this about the game is really uncalled for. The methods in the trophy guide have recently become obsolete because you are now unable to delete the patch from the game, because deleting the patch for the game will delete your save from the game if you load the game back up, if you want to use the methods outlined in the trophy guide, you will need to start this game and never use the patch. All this thread is here to do is help people with methods that allow you to get Cat Call and also Level Up your characters. It is highly recommended that you have a turbo controller if you wish to employ these methods while grinding the game. Aside from that, you will also need a second controller if you do not have online help for the Level Up method. Firstly, for Cat Call, the game now includes a Legendary Multiverse, if you go to Single Player from the main menu, then select "Legendary Multiverse" and press once, you can select Catwoman and the challenges are there. The "Just Kitten" Legendary Multiverse Event for Catwoman has a reward of one random Catwoman ability and you can keep replaying it by paying the 50,000 Guild Credits after your initial completion of it. Unfortunately, getting Cat Call without relying on RNG instead becomes an absurdly long grind, below is the list of Catwoman Legendary Multiverse Events and below each event name is a list of requirements you must fulfil in order to get the opportunity to play that challenge. Luckily once you've unlocked that challenge, you can allow your AI Catwoman to fight for you, below I have mentioned how you can use AI to fight for you in the multiverse. Super Suspicious Level 20 Catwoman Required Give 1,000,000 credits specifically to this challenge 150 Damaging Environmental Interactions Used with Catwoman 200 Villains Defeated as Catwoman 50 Multiverse Boss Events Completed with Catwoman Complete Survivor Battle Simulator Multiverse Event with Catwoman Hidden Treasure Level 20 Catwoman Required Give 100 Regen Tokens specifically to this challenge Perform 150 Arena Transitions with Catwoman Accumulate 3,000,000 overall damage against opponents while using Catwoman Complete 100 Multiverse Events with Catwoman Complete the Super Suspicious Legendary Multiverse Event Scratching Post Level 20 Catwoman Required Sacrifice 250 Rare or better pieces of Catwoman gear specifically to this challenge. Win 1,000 matches with Catwoman Win 100 matches with Catwoman with the Pounce as the final hit Accumulate 3,000 Minutes (50 hours) of play time specifically as Catwoman Complete the Hidden Treasure Legendary Multiverse Event Just Kitten (The Cat Call Event) Level 20 Catwoman Required Spend 50,000 Guild Credits specifically for this event (Guild Membership required) Complete the Scratching Post Legendary Multiverse Event Completing Just Kitten will give you Cat Call eventually, as long as you have the 50,000 Guild Credits to pay towards it, my first time completing that Legendary Multiverse Event got me the Cat Call that I so desperately needed. You will never have to play the "Quick Game" Legendary Multiverse Event, unless you want to get Kyle's Whip of Bad Pain on this game, which is a Catwoman Legendary Item. I believe all of the requirements for Legendary Multiverse Events must be fulfilled within the Multiverse, or Guild Multiverse. You do need to accumulate the Guild Credits within the Guild Multiverse (only accessible if you've joined a guild), so you will need to play there eventually. Because gear is random, I don't feel it is necessary for me to really mention the gear I used, as it's unlikely you'll really find that gear yourself, so all I suggest is to put the best gear you have unlocked with Catwoman on your AI Catwoman. You can edit your AI loadout by selecting "Customize Characters" from the main menu, then selecting Catwoman, and choosing "AI Loadout 1", from there you can assign all the gear you want to Catwoman. Aside from setting your gear, you should go to "Multiplayer" from the main menu, then select "AI Battle Simulator" and choose "Customize AI Characters", then from there, select Catwoman and click on "AI Loadout 1" then press and adjust your attributes as specified here: 30 Points to Combos, 30 Points to Counters, this will ensure that your AI Catwoman does the most damage it can possibly do. Below is some advice for accumulating various statistics. Other things will likely come naturally to you along the way. 1,000 Wins and 3,000,000 damage: It is recommended that you play the Endless Battle Simulator Event in the Multiverse, you can find this by selecting "Battle Simulator" in the Multiverse and pressing until you reach that event. You can let AI do the work for you in this event, by pressing while hovering over Catwoman, then you can cycle through the loadouts for your character until you come to "AI Loadout 1". You will need to press or turbo it to keep going after a fight, so be active if you do not have a turbo controller. Your AI will likely last 40 minutes to an hour in the Endless Battle Simulator, so simply check back on the game within that time to see if they're still going. 3,000 Minutes Accumulated: For this, it is highly recommended that you have a turbo controller, otherwise you will need to be fully active to get this done. Firstly, if you have a turbo controller then you should assign the button to "Meter Burn" by selecting "Extras" from the main menu, then choosing "Options" then finally going to "Controller Config". After assigning to Meter Burn, go to the Multiverse and choose the Novice Battle Simulator Event. Select Catwoman with any of your player loadouts there and set the difficulty to "Very Easy". When you start your first match, find a rubber band, or anything that can hold your left stick back (), this will make you block attacks from the AI from your starting position. When you have the rubber band in place, assign turbo to your button and you can AFK the 3,000 Minutes from here. For any of the miscellaneous moves e.g. Pounce Victories, it is recommended to simply play the Master Battle Simulator Event on Very Easy difficulty with a player controlled Catwoman. While you're doing the 1,000 Wins, it is highly likely that your AI Catwoman will have already done a lot of the work for you so you'll likely just have to do some cleaning up before going for the 3,000 Minutes. For the 1,000,000 credits requirement for "Super Suspicious", you can fulfil the requirement without losing any credits. The way to do that is: back up your save to a USB flash drive or the PS+ cloud, sign out of PSN and turn off your internet connection and spend the 1,000,000 credits. After spending the credits, quit the game and get your backed up save back, sign back into PSN and you'll have your credits back, but the 1,000,000 credits spent requirement in "Super Suspicious" will be ticked off. You will need to amass the fortune regardless, but this method simply allows you to keep the credits to use them for something else if you need them for anything. This method also works for any of the other requirements for the legendary multiverse that require sacrificing items/currency, credit to realironyuppie for posting about it. For 50 Boss Events completed as Catwoman, try to find a Multiverse world that has a boss fight that allows you to replay it, beating the same boss multiple times still increases your stats toward that requirement. All the yellow planet events that update every 4-hours also count towards this statistic and this event type should be why you always have some credits on hand, because sometimes a world that costs 150,000 credits can offer one random ability and if you're lucky then you'll get Cat Call through that world rather than having to do the entire Legendary Multiverse as Catwoman. For 200 Villains Defeated, Villains are the characters that would be a villain in the DC Universe, such as Harley Quinn, The Joker, Scarecrow and so on, you simply have to defeat those kinds of characters to count towards this statistic. Along the way to getting 1,000 wins with Catwoman, you'll likely surpass this requirement anyway. A more reliable way to get the 250 Rare or better Catwoman gear to sacrifice to Scratching Post is by becoming Level 30 with Catwoman. There's a trophy for becoming Level 30 with a character anyway so there's no reason not to get your Level 30 with her. But once you've become Level 30 with Catwoman, you unlock augments for your character, these range from giving you more profile XP and other things. One of the augments for Catwoman is a character gear drop bias, meaning that once you've finished a fight you're more likely to get gear to drop for Catwoman instead of any other character on the game. Aside from the augment, it is also recommended that if you ever spend your credits on motherboxes, you only buy Gold motherboxes, as these drop more rare or better gear, also have a look out for any events in the Multiverse that have a reward that consists of Platinum or Diamond motherboxes as these can't be bought, but do drop more rare or better gear within them. Now that I've explained how you can grind your way to Cat Call, I will explain the Level Up Leech method that I referred to. This method allows you to grind XP against a high level player/account that is assisting you. Firstly, ask one of your friends who has a Level 30 character on this game if they would be willing to help you out with it, as that is the shorter way to go for this. Otherwise, the only other thing I can recommend is getting one of your alt account characters to Level 30. To achieve Level 30 with a character on your alt, simply keep playing the Endless Battle Simulator Event in the Multiverse, it will take a few hours to do this, but it is worth it for the eventual XP amounts you will be getting from beating a Level 30 alt, simply select "AI Loadout 1" for any character after pressing while hovering over them. You can get Level 30 with any character on the game for this method to work, but I personally recommend either doing it with Batman or Superman, as these characters are the game's default picks whenever you initially have to pick a character for Player 1 or Player 2. You will only need to press or turbo after every fight in this event and eventually pick the event again to grind again. If you want to completely AFK Batman to Level 30 with a turbo controller, then an effective way to do that would be to assign the button to your light attacks, then hover over the Endless Battle Simulator Event and turbo . Turboing light attacks with Batman will cause him to frequently keep doing a 2-hit combo and damaging AI, he will win around 8 fights with this method, then after you have finished the battle with him, the button turbo will auto-select Batman again for you to keep levelling up while you're AFK. Batman is the default pick for every Multiverse Event, so unfortunately the completely AFK levelling method only works if you want to turbo him. After getting your alt to Level 30, select "Multiplayer" from the main menu, then select Versus and with the Player 1 Controller, just choose whichever character you want to level up, with the Player 2 Controller, sign into your alt account that has a Level 30 character, then select the Level 30 character that they have. Once the match has begun, just win the matches as fast as you can with your Player 1 Controller, and after you've won, you will accumulate around 1,200 XP, you need around 66,000 XP to reach Level 20 with a character and I'm unsure how much you need for Level 30. Depending on the character you use, it will take around 30 seconds to win a match and you can immediately rematch your alt after winning, so you can keep this method up until you achieve Level 30 with a character, then you need to get Level 20 with every other base game character on the game. The character I recommend getting Level 30 with is Catwoman, because one of the Augments on the game is a Gear Drop bias for her, which is useful for getting Rare or better gear to sacrifice to the "Scratching Post" Legendary Multiverse Event. Below are the settings you need to use for your game to maximise the amount of XP you get with 2 controllers, all of these options are available in the "Gameplay Settings" menu in the Options menu from Extras on the main menu: Round Time: 300 Rounds to Win: 2 Everything else doesn't matter Alternatively, if you do not want to get an alt account to Level 30, you can play online with someone else who already has a Level 30 character. You can do that by playing Player Matches with them, you'll get maybe 100 less XP online than you would with a second controller, but that's not a big loss whatsoever. You can easily challenge the other person to a Player Match by creating an Online Room and both joining it, then one player challenges the other to a match and you're good to go. I only recommend doing the Legendary Multiverse for Catwoman if it is your last resort, otherwise just keep trying to open as many motherboxes as you can until it eventually pops up, I personally used the Legendary Multiverse simply because I have a turbo controller so it didn't affect me much to do the grind there rather than grinding for motherboxes any further. The level up method I have mentioned is the best method I could find and I did run Endless Battle Simulator with a lot of characters frequently until I thought of trying to beat a Level 30 alt. Constantly letting AI do Endless Battle Simulator for you will award you with more motherboxes, but the leech method allows you to get level 20 with a character quickly, giving you more time to play as Catwoman in the multiverse to fulfil her Legendary Multiverse requirements.
  24. The worst case scenario this year will be having to wait until the week of Valentine's Day (February 14th) because the Valentine's Day tower has a secret fight and surely has a 100% chance of spawning in that week.
  25. The towers in my thread are the only ones proven to spawn a secret fight. I think if others had a secret fight they’d have been discovered by now.