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  1. You can help 100 people and nobody gives a shit, but the moment you say no to 1 person, everyone gives you shit.

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    2. Copanele


      That's why you don't help people in the first place xD it happens everywhere to everyone it seems

    3. Spaz


      Sign of the times...


      I'm more willing to help somebody in person..


      I've had too many encounters of pieces of shit on the internet who claim they need help, then turn around and backstab you on the internet.


      Social media is plagued with negativity. Pretty soon we will live in a dystopian society where nothing is okay and Big Brother is going to demand our credit card details and personal information.


      Makes me wish I was born 30 years earlier...

    4. PSXtreme_


      Trust me, it's still not much better.


      On the bright side though, eventually when everything goes in the toilet, I'll already be gone.