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  1. I’m curious if any moderator who stumbles across this status update can answer this... 

    Recently this website has stopped showing people’s old usernames for privacy reasons, however if someone were to change their username or PSN ID, do they keep their old private messages? In that case I’d consider it a privacy concern because people would be able to easily identify who they were speaking to after they’ve changed their username because the person’s new name would show up to anyone who had used the private messenger with them. 

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    2. gruffiiti


      It will change the private msg string to show conversation between you and the new username.

      I don't believe any messages would be lost either.


      This is true for a forum username change. I cant say the same for a PSN name change as I do not know for sure.

    3. ahmedelebiary


      I've checked a conversation with a member that changed his ID and his new ID shows up with the same old messages.

    4. B1rvine


      Sly has mentioned, it's impossible to be completely 'private' since the your account is always associated with your original PSN name.