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  1. Some PS3 games got released before trophies existed and later got patched to have trophies added to them. A few of those games such as Need for Speed Undercover, GTA IV, Warhawk and Battlefield Bad Company 1 auto-popped some of the trophies for people if they fulfilled the requirement for the trophy before it became a trophy. I wonder if there's anyone who currently exists that fulfilled the trophies for some of these games but stopped playing the game before the trophies got added and could go back this year and auto-pop some of the trophies for the game. It would be a unique dispute if someone claimed to play one of these games so long ago and only just recently went back and saw that their trophies were auto-popped based on old progress.

    1. charxsetsuna


      It would be a interesting dispute but I fear the amount of evidence needed for people to actually believe the person would be ridiculous.

      It's not a impossible thing to happen in my opinion. I can see someone getting nostalgic for a really old ps3 game and buying it to play again or they now have a family and they want their family to experience the game too.

    2. Sergen


      I guess with any of these games they retain the online stats for the game on the servers so if anyone really cared about this website and got flagged for auto-popping trophies on an old game they'd likely just have to show a video of their online stats to prove that they accumulated those stats at some time in their life.