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  1. A very stupid design choice of the PSN store has to be when you buy a PS4 or PS5 game season pass and instead of adding every DLC to your library you have to go back on the store and claim it while it says "Free" on the item. I can bet that some people have forgotten to claim things that they bought and later the items got delisted but they were too late and now can't get what they paid for because of this terrible design choice by Sony.

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    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      This is why I always claim the DLC as soon as I buy the Season Pass. It offsets this risk but I agree that it is a dumb decision that they really should have fixed by now or better yet had never had in the first place.

    3. Sergen


      As far as I'm aware it was never an issue for PS3 and vita, so I don't see why they made it an issue on PS4. When you've already paid for the content I don't see what benefit there is to them making you then return to the store to claim it instead of instantly adding it to your library. There's no good reason for this to be a thing except them making a huge oversight in the design of their store and deciding to not bother fixing it.

      I guess they're hoping that on your return to the PSN Store you see that you missed another game in the series or they want you to see more products related to the one you just bought as a form of exposure for more games.


    4. FreshFromThaDeli


      Another inconsistency that annoys me is when you own the digital game but can't buy the reduced on sale version of the game that includes the base game + DLC.


      I want to buy BO3 season pass and Zombies Chronicles for a year now and they never individually go on sale. They recently went on sale through Zombies Chronicles Deluxe edition which includes the base game + all DLC. It says 'not available to purchase' as I already own the base game through PS+. 


      Tried contacting Sony and there is nothing they can do for me to make it purchasable. Only option is to buy it on another account but I lose out on the bonus Liquid Divinuim the season pass grants (account specific). Crap store.