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  1. I can say that if someone were to ever offer me a good amount of money to do trophies for them then I would accept the offer, anyone who would genuinely turn down a big money opportunity because of trophy integrity is being silly because there is no integrity when team accounts are already allowed on the leaderboards.

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    2. Spaz


      And you basically hid the vast majority of your trophies.


      This website is becoming more and more like a circus with each passing day.

    3. Sergen


      I hid most of my trophies because I'm only keeping what I'm satisfied with public for now, you're not putting two and two together when I believe I've proven myself more than most people when it comes to what I've done on my profile. I have uploaded a good amount of my difficult trophy feats onto YouTube for anyone to see. 

      And due to the toxicity of the community as of late, I am bored of trophies and if I continue to trophy hunt I'm not going to let a trophy website dictate my decisions. I'd like to trophy hunt for myself. 

    4. Spaz


      If this community becomes more toxic then I will just leave, because this combined with all the shit I’ve had to deal with what with my country going down the shitter, having to move to a new location, and having low income, I’m at my wits end. 

      Used to be enjoyable to come on here and read up what people had to say, but those days are past. We lost a lot of good people; panikooos, Phil, Bullstomp and a number of others. Others are thinking of leaving because of Sony drastically changing stuff for the sake of changing it. 

      You @Sergen I’ve always appreciated hearing your comments, and you basically came to make a note on my ban last summer. You’ve also helped me with your Batman: Arkham Knight guide, it was a great help in getting the Community Challenges done. 

      I’ve been here six years, saw how this community, and I will say I deeply miss the community we had when I first joined.

  2. I wonder, do any of the people who used the debug menu to platinum Jak II on PS4 in less than 5 minutes disagree with the white list idea for games that have modded lobbies? I would find it really hypocritical if anyone who has done the game like that is also someone who tries to be an elitist about cheating on this website.

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    2. Sergen


      Yes and multiple people can lie about games that they cheated that appear legit on their profile. As far as I am concerned I would rather see everyone not be flagged than see people who were clearly innocent be flagged.

    3. Spaz


      Most people don't care about Jak 2, it's an old game and a lot of people who platinumed the game on the PS4 probably just used the debug menu anyway to bypass all the bullshit.

    4. Atoya


      @Spaz I’ll be using it too soon, I played all of them before only jak 1 is missing and I finished it in 2017 when it was a bonus with uncharted the lost legacy so I am going to use the debug because I honestly don’t feel like playing all of that again, the only jak game I haven’t played is the racing one, I’ll be playing that for sure.


      but honestly it sucks for the people who did it legit, similar to sims 4 it was a long plat, now it can be done in less than 2 hours...

  3. No chance, Sony absolutely doesn’t care about trophies and certainly wouldn’t care to assist a trophy website when this website is profiting off their API without giving any of those profits directly to Sony.
  4. In the past before there was mass flagging for modded lobbies, if I did find myself in one of those lobbies I'd probably have synced the trophies and thought that a trophy website would have mercy on me because it wouldn't have been my fault that the trophies unlocked that way. I feel bad for people who may have had that faith in this website who got screwed over when they had to experience an indisputable flag that wasn't their fault.

    1. Rally-Vincent---


      Before I joined this site, I never knew that you could delete your profile on PS3 and redownload it, nor did I know that people could hack games and give you trophies that way. I find it weird that some people think that that stuff is "common knowledge". If I didn't hate multiplayer games, who knows what might have happened.

    2. Madara Uchiha

      Madara Uchiha

      Didn't you know the 3 guaranteed things in life are Death, Taxes and Deleting your profile when trophies start popping. Learnt that at school

  5. I think inevitably there will be modded lobbies for PS4 games where people can use a mod menu on the game to auto unlock people's trophies from within the lobby. My question here is: will the flag stick for any member of the website who finds themselves in this predicament? The reason I ask is because on PS4 whenever you earn a trophy while signed into PSN it will sync to your PSN account immediately and there's no opportunity for you to erase the trophy from your profile after it has synced. I am curious if flagging for modded lobbies on PS4 will be the same as PS3. On PS3 people are told to take measures to prevent the trophies showing up on their profile such as signing out of PSN and deleting the user from their console, but on PS4 that can't be done at all. I feel like on PS4 the rules should be different in this case because you'd be basically banning people from playing a game on their account if modded lobbies became common there and this website shouldn't dictate people's choice to play a game on their main account.
  6. That doesn't mean it can't be discussed by the community. I think a big reason a white list hasn't happened for current modded lobby games is because too many people got flagged for the modded lobby before anyone discussed it, so it was impossible to go back on all those people who got flagged to remove their flag. Borderlands 2 is a game on PS4 that allows people to mod their save file and host lobbies on the game where they can kill 1 enemy and it auto unlocks the level based trophies for someone, this isn't a CFW mod menu kind of thing, just a save file hack but it can still impact people who had no intention of cheating if they happen to find themselves in the lobby.
  7. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 was the game I played post trophies for a few years after getting the platinum and a few ultra rare trophy hunters made fun of me for accomplishing feats there and posting some of them to this website. Fast forward a few years and now the game I play after earning the 100% is The Elder Scrolls Online which is significantly rarer than NGS2 and has 60 UR trophies on its list, now the same people who made fun of me and thought it'd look good to poke fun at me for NGS2 are prying into the friends I helped with ESO in an attempt to get the information they need from them. My friends that I have helped see through the facade after the way I was treated and don't provide much information. Karma is a wonderful thing.

  8. It wasn't something I really wanted, I simply got approached by a member who regularly viewed dispute threads and saw my contributions and thought that I would be a worthy addition to the team, similarly to how Spaz has mentioned me. But overall I think not being involved in the cheater removal team was better for me, I know you try to do what you believe is right and that also impacts people's opinion of you as a person. I think I dodged unnecessary hate from not being accepted onto the team, you may not want me but I don't want you either, a few staff members of this site have retired recently and I hate the idea of helping someone else improve a product that they earn money from when I am working for free to improve it for them.
  9. I think most people probably don't care about their rank on the leaderboard, they just care that not having a rank on the leaderboard will make people believe that you are a cheater when they look at your profile and the ranks are missing.
  10. The rule can exclude PS4 modded lobby games from being flaggable or the white list that 90% of the members have wanted for 4 years can finally come into effect whenever PS4 modded lobbies become more prevalent.
  11. Could you really trust the members of this website to use a down vote button only for things that actually warrant it? Even the nicest posts would be down voted by trolls who are annoyed by the person making the post.
  12. I believe that South Africa is the only African country in which you can create a PSN account... I find it rather pathetic that Sony excluded an entire continent except for 1 country from having the ability to create a PSN account with their own country, then it is against the TOS to create an account using fake information... Do they expect everyone from Africa to play games in the 21st century without using PSN?

  13. The meme you never knew about until today is the fact that there are some countries on this website that have hardly any trophy hunters with a high trophy count, so people create an alt account for that country with the sole aim of taking the #1 spot in that country.


    Equador, El Salvador and Nicaragua are the three examples I have found recently but I'm sure there are more.

    1. ahmedelebiary


      That's pathetic as fuck

    2. ahmedelebiary


      I spotted one in Honduras but he still a few ranks to climb, I believe they're all the same guy based on the same list of games

    3. Lorajet


      Hmmm, I was going to try to create a country so I could be number one.:awesome:

  14. .

    Basically with one full stop this person is proving to us the game is legit. It is a message, a vague one but I believe it gets the point across nicely. Normally when people like to emphasize their point, they'll say "I am telling the truth full stop", right now I must interpret this thread as conveying a similar message, however in this case I interpret it as "I did the game legit full stop". Whatever happened here, I believe that Danny deserves a chance to not have a flag on this website.
  15. Your country on PSN is Saudi Arabia and you say you are gay, do you actually currently reside in Saudi Arabia or is it your country of origin? In that country I believe being openly gay is illegal, so I am curious if putting it as your country is a joke or a true representation of your location. If this is too controversial of a question then a moderator is free to delete it.
  16. If you ever feel bad about yourself just remember there are people who play The Elder Scrolls online PvP who already reached max level on the game but opt to make new characters and play in the "Below level 50" campaign instead of campaigns where people of their level decide to play.

  17. Below is a video discussing this: I am mentioning this before someone creates a fear-mongering thread with click bait. The delisting of the Scarface Character Pack will only impact the Tony Montana character and some miscellaneous weapons and perk trees, while the Scarface Heist Pack will remain on the PSN Store. If they decide to delist the Scarface Heist Pack then that will affect trophies because the Commando 101 Rocket Launcher is included in that pack. Aside from that, I am going to mention that as long as the host owns the DLC they can invite you to play heists that you have not personally purchased and you can earn the trophies with them, delistings for this game going forward will only impact you if a weapon that is exclusive to that DLC is also a trophy within the pack.
  18. No, none of the animals that only spawn in Guarma count towards the Zoologist trophy, you must still study all of the animals that are on the main map to get the trophy.
  19. Yoostar 2 had some absurd online trophy requirements which would have forced people to use around 250,000 alt accounts in order to rate their uploaded content in the game, the servers were shutdown less than 2 years after the game was released. I wonder if the servers lasted until today whether people would have earned the fame related online trophies by now, the game was released in March 2011.

  20. That feel when you see people get flagged for trophies that were cheated before the majority of the members of this website were even born.

    1. MidnightDragon


      I remember once seeing a game that took 2,000 years to finish.

  21. Today I'd like to suggest this website to remove the exact number of hidden trophies a person has whenever you hover over the "H" icon on their profile. You may ask why I am suggesting this and the reason is because I see plenty of people get bashed by the community of this website whenever they are hiding more than 50 trophies from their profile as that is often the number of trophies that would indicate the person is hiding some games that they cheated. I know that the website must adjust stats accordingly, but I feel like the "H" icon should simply be used as an indicator that some trophies are hidden without mentioning how many of those trophies are hidden from a profile. I don't think many people would go through the effort of checking a person's profile on PSN simply to scrutinize how many hidden trophies the person has. Just today I've seen a baseless suggestion that someone was cheating with the only evidence being the number of hidden trophies on the profile: EDIT: Mods deleted that post, but it was a post where someone in a thread said something along the lines of "I've not cheated a game before and wouldn't cheat" to then get the response of "any reason why you're hiding 1100 trophies then?" So TLDR: I'd like to see the stats be adjusted accordingly on the website while not specifying the exact number of trophies that are hidden on the profile as it will likely lessen the toxicity regarding people scrutinizing profiles solely to bash them for hiding a lot of trophies. The "H" shouldn't be a mark of shame on profiles, but this website is making it into that when people can reference the number of hidden trophies on the profile as an argument to claim the person is cheating.
  22. Everyone knows Bill Gates founded Microsoft, but I bet you'd have to Google "Sony founders" to find out who they are.

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    2. Spaz


      RIP Paul Allen

    3. Berendsapje


      I can survive long enough without knowing who founded Sony tbh. 

    4. Sir_Bee


      Sure, but I would also argue that you hear a lot more from and about Bill Gates in this side of the world, so the average person has probably even seen his face, and would recognizer his name.


      I would say that it is probably true of most big companies, especially companies that are not native to the country you live in, that your average person would have no idea who founded them

  23. I see a lot of PlayStation fanboys panicking over Bethesda being bought by Microsoft and thinking Sony should buy a game company promptly to counter Microsoft's decision. These people don't seem to understand that Sony isn't going to just make a hasty decision and buy a company just to say "look we bought (insert big studio here) too"... I'll actually find it funny if any Fallout or Elder Scrolls games in the future are timed exclusives for Xbox, I doubt they'd be fully exclusive because Microsoft doesn't seem to go down that route often. Not to mention I kind of lack faith in Sony managing a large studio if they did buy something like Konami in retaliation to Microsoft buying Bethesda. Either way I am not big on gaming news these days, I just found it funny that people are scared of what Microsoft could do with this power.


    I'll say this though, I believe that every AAA game released within the last decade has probably used Windows Operating Systems in some way to assist in a significant portion of the development, so without Microsoft where would the gaming industry be today? People who bitch about Microsoft are probably using a Microsoft product to do that bitching.

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    2. Spaz


      I have used Windows for as long as I can remember.


      Xbox to me just isn't worth buying at this point. If Bethesda does come with timed exclusives, just keep in mind that Tomb Raider were exclusives before they came over to the PS4.


      I would of been happier if Microsoft or Sony would of bought Konami, but one can only dream.


    3. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      It will be years before a Bethesda game is a Microsoft exclusive, whereas Sony has their abundance of 1st party studios ready to go- what big 1st party games does Xbox have ready?

      Sony dominated last gen just by having the best games. Just as they did the PS2-era, and it is also why they were able to come back after the embarrassment of the PS3 launch.  That's just how it is no matter how many morons say that exclusives "don't matter". Microsoft dropped the ball big time last gen and to be honest, in spite of Game Pass, in spite of the acquisitions, in spite of (limited) backwards compatibility, in spite of all the clout-chasing YouTubers and journalists who are simping for a trillion-dollar corporation who they somehow see as the "underdog" crying about the PS4 controller not working on PS5 games (why would it?) and Spider-Man Remastered not being a free upgrade (again, why would it?) and their flagrant abuse of the term "pro-consumer" (in regards to a trillion-dollar corporation), they haven't actually shown anything that makes the Xbox worth buying any time soon.

    4. Alderriz


      @Stan Lee I don't think anyone here is saying that people should go buy an Xbox because of this deal.


      @Sergen Not surprising to see something like this on PS-related forums, but yeah. I don't understand why people have to defend Sony or talk trash about Xbox every time Phil Spencer does something. Maybe the console war mindset is alive, or maybe these people feel the need to justify their console choise in a form of a post.


  24. If people left complex disputes to the CRT then what's the point in the dispute being public and open to people leaving their opinion? The reason disputes are public in the first place is because some of them can be complex and the member of the CRT lacks the knowledge to come to a verdict on the game being disputed.
  25. There have been a lot of disputes recently and normally I come across as being critical of what the cheater removal team has been doing on the website, however in this instance I have to say that for the most part they've handled the influx of new disputes well. When there are hardly any disputes to tend to, they often get left there for days at a time, but now a lot of the 50+ recent disputes have been closed within a day, I guess the increased workload motivated them to look into cases quicker.