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  1. Hi all, does anyone know which DLCs got trophies? I find it a bit weird that there's no specific title for them in the trophy list, they're just called 'DLC Group'. I am thinking of buying a cheap disc + Path of War, or the rather expensive Ultimate Edition bundle on PSN if necesary.
  2. I've been waiting for the Ultimate Edition to go on sale but it seems like that isn't happening before the competitive servers shut down. So, does anyone know if you can play on those servers without owning the DLC that came with the 'Test your Mettle' trophy? I've read that you can but you won't have access to DLC guns and other DLC modes.
  3. Does anyone know for sure that all the DLCs are included in the physical release of the GOTY version? I looked it up and found some comments about how there's a DLC voucher and some others saying it's all on disc.
  4. Is the Pirates DLC delisted from the Korean store now? I remember being able to check their store via browser, but now that PSN got updated to hide PS3 games, I can't check on my own without creating a Korean account which would cost money.
  5. I've been reading in the Known Sever Shutdowns thread that the servers went down more than 2 years ago but people are still able to get all trophies, including the ones from DLC. Is the platinum still available? I am thinking of buying the Ultimate Bundle since it's on sale.
  6. Does anyone know if you can pop all the Pirates DLC trophies if you play with someone else who has it?
  7. I saw that Armored Core 5 had its severs shut down, is it the same for verdict day? How is online play as of now?