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  1. You can always check what trophy lists belong to a speficic franchise. Here is the Bioshock's: And actually "Collection" means you buy the three games in a bundle, but that does not add other trophy list to what each title already has.
  2. The original post has been updated, thank you for your kind patience. Agreed, that is the real case.
  3. Yes, still working, but needs a slight update. Gonna make that in a day.
  4. PSNow is not available in my country, so I cannot test it. However the method works fine with Remote Play as of today - I am currently running it with no issues. But the script needs to be updated, I am going to add the current version of that. Sorry for the late answer
  5. Also bugged for me in 1.06, this is the only trophy I have left - i am very suspiciuos about the "For my Son" quest. There is no way I am making a new 15 hour playtrough to fix it, maybe a patch will help. Edit: Went back to an early save file, made the whole territory in one sitting and it popped. (You must be above level 25 and 50 street cred) Used Powerpyx maps not to miss anything.
  6. Yes, they should do that, rhis is how they lose possession. In this method you want give away the ball, to let the AI take it and score as fast as it can. Anyways, if you can jump into another match without any intervention, that is a sign that the script is working.
  7. The games should be played by the whole team. (Meaning you control the playing having possession) This ensures that you give away posession constantly, just to let the AI attack you accordingly. This might not be clear (so I will edit the original post) but the macro is programmed to work for an inactive window. So you should click down the Remote Play window to taskbar to let the macro work. This feature lets use your computer for any other purpose you have in mind while doing the afk farming. You check your progress anytime clicking up the window, but you should click it down to continue the farming. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
  8. It might be possible, however I was unable figure it out properly. Please note that you need an input that is consinstently working. It means you cannot rely on the actual events in the game. How would you do the timing? How many X inputs needed before and after a Left input? These are things to consider and I could not come up with a solution yet. 😃 For example if your player is out of position (as he may be eventually) he goes straight to the border of the pitch and messes up the whole process - you may not notice this as you might have been afk long ago. This appoach is granting you that your players will give away possession and the AI is going to score 3 goals in 2-5 minutes and the games keep on playing repeatedly no matter what happens. So you have a good point but I cannot see how we may figure it out.
  9. I cannot tell surely as I played quite a lot games before starting to automatize the gameplay - I played like 6-8 hours with booster and still did not finish. (However I match the required stats in defender position, so I am real close to the trophy) Considering this I would say somewhere between 15 and 20 hours.
  10. For those who find this trophy to be a platinum blocker, here is a solution to save time and even more nerves. First of all, every credit goes to its respective owners - those guys who took their time and effort to make experiments on the exact requirements of this tropy. @Rezzua for making the first useful guide and keeping it updated @KKrischanz for his pioneering approach @Pieckenhagen4 for pointing out the "own goals- technique" @Djeheuty for mentioning afk methods and last but not least @HusKy for working out a full afk tutorial for any game needing to spam the X button Preparing: You need your PS4 console switched on, and and an available device to use PS Remote Play. Official guide: https://www.playstation.com/hu-hu/explore/ps4/features/remote-play/ Completing the Volta story is not required but strongly recommended. From this on, I am quoting @HusKy's guide with appropriate modifications, all credits go for him EDIT 2021. 03. 23. The original script is obsolete. Open the ahk script as a txt file and replace the commands with this: With this method you have a macro, that keeps spamming X (Enter button on the keyboard) for every second fo the Remote Play tab. It means that you can play endless matches while you are away from the console. Go to work, go to school, go to sleep, whatever. You are going to lose every game as the AI is aggressively attacking you, and the AHK is making sure that you keep playing matches. Nearly every match is finished in the first half, meaning you play 2-3 minutes per match - but if not, the AI surely beats you the second half. EDIT: The booster is programmed to work in an 'inactive' window, to let you use the computer for any other purpose. This means you should click down to taskbar the Remote Play window to actually begin the farming. You may check your progress any time by clicking up he window as the macro stops in an active application window. Click it down again to continue. EDIT 2021. 03. 23. It works in an active window just as well. Please also note that using the booster may restrict you from using some keyboard inputs. It may be solved, but i couldnt figure it out already. For me I had issues using the Shift button while the booster was active. EDIT 2021. 03. 23. It is still a minor issue. Please consider reading some relevant topics on trophy to find the settings that suit you best. You may finish this trophy with less effort than you would have thought. Cheers!
  11. I arrived late to the party, just got the 3,6 mill, but cant seem to get the 100k farm working anymore... Can I?
  12. It works now, thank you very much!! I already loved you for the Compendium script I guess the script should be updated for this one as far as this works in any language.
  13. I guess it is not working in any languages sorrowfully With this method I should change the script to "PS4 távoli játék" and the "á" and the "é" letters are messing it up, making it unavailable for me-
  14. There are lists of course, but you can easily manage it yourself. Every mission with the 3 tree symbol in a yellow (sometimes white) triangle is a must-do story mission, everything else can be left undone. Check the upper-left corner of this screenshot.