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  1. I'll just throw my two cents in here. Over the 8 years i've been trophy hunting i have found that the community has become bad in 2 ways. 1. Inconsistent boosters. Back in 2010-2014 I would very rarely have issues with finding people to boost trophies with no matter the game. Today setting up boosting groups is not very reliable due to MANY people not showing up or willing to actually boost the game. I get that people have others things to do, so do i. But people tend to just join boosting groups just for the sake of it with no real intentions to be there. 2. Elitism. Back when i first started doing the trophy, mostly everyone tended to be very welcoming and not hate on people who didnt do the hardest games. Now I see A LOT of people being very elitist about ultra rare plats and how they are the only worth while games to go for. I agree that URs are very nice to have, but its also important to have fun and not make something you enjoy a chore. If you enjoy always going for the next big challenge, thats fine. But dont force that on others. I love gaming, and trophies have become a big part of that the past 8 years. But i really feel the community is more closed off nowadays and not how it was back on PS3Trophies.org. I'll still trophy hunt because i enjoy it, and i dont need others to tell me that. I just dont feel like being part of the greater community anymore.
  2. I seen people keep bringing me up on this site about me roasting/review peoples trophy list. First off, people ask for my to do it. Also it is a legitimate review even if you are too dumb to see that just because i make a few jokes and try to be entertaining. "Spaz" brought up that he would like to see someone debate me. what for? Im open to it, but i dont really understand what purpose it would serve.


    ech. drama is pointless and people stir up stuff just because they rustled over a joke i made. I'll continue laughing at forum posts on this site because it funny.

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    2. Crispy_Oglop


      Maybe I'm misunderstanding. A roast is effectively an event where a roastmaster gathers with a group of individuals to honor a specific person they all know and are familiar with - thus allowing for a specific form of comedy that would otherwise be deemed as inappropriate if it were a bunch of strangers.


      It's gone on for years and is largely made famous with celebrity roasts, but in those cases the audience are all relatives or friends of the person. So making jokes at their expense is all in good fun, because of that similarity.


      Based on the structure of the videos and how you are talking about the people involved, I don't think this is a roast as far as comedy goes, it's something else. It's alot of fun to watch though :) i've subscribed to the channel!

    3. Dr_Mayus


      Well it is more of a Riff on lists than a Roast but that is just the term he went with.


      I watched one and it was enjoyable enough. From what I saw he wasn't being mean or hurtful just pointing stuff out on the account. 


      Now a debate format would be interesting if he went after a list and had the gamer there to explain certain things could work.


      I know with my list you would have to go back and look at all the trophy comps I was in (Mega Mind, Man vs Wild, Kung Fu Panda 2), the fact I worked for Sony (EYEpet, Reality Fighters, Start the Party!), my reputation for creating guides for games that no one wanted to create guides for (We Dare, Tony Hawk Ride, Shred, Pictionary) and my odd completing habits (the A-Z plat thread I created, my affinity for going for bullshit plats for 100 and 200 and the threads detailing my journey to them) etc. Then my list makes a lot more sense :)



    4. Spaz


      I never meant to insult you or anything like that.


      I think you're a cool guy and I've followed your videos for the past three years because you bring up a lot of good points. Still waiting for the trophy review roast if you ever get around to that.


      I just tend to be outspoken.

  3. A lot of good guides for new and old games added this year. Keep it up! Guide of the Year - Monster Hunter World Exceptional Walkthrough Guide - Claire Exceptional Gameplay Guide- Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Medal Exceptional DLC Guide - Minecraft Expansion 10 DLC Exceptional Formatting - God of War
  4. I am making this post to dispute my removal from the leaderboards for FUEL being flagged on my account. I admit that FUEL is illegitimate on my account (the only game to that is), and I refuse to hide it due to reasons. I feel that having a 3 Strike system is somewhat pointless when you have to hide the games anyway. Also why do people such as Hakoom and MrUnknown625 get special treatment by not being required to hide their cheated games. I do not care so much for not being on the leaderboards, just want some answers.
  5. After looking through your list, I'm curious why you are so upset about Twisted Metal of all things when you have Warhawk and many other games that are unobtainable on your list. I dont get
  6. Alright I have been watching this thread for a while now and let me say a few things since I've been around the block and back in this community. 1. Servers for old (and sometimes newer) games are going to go down, Its the way of things. If you are really concerned about having something unobtainable on your list, you should probably stray away from PS3 games with multiplayer that takes more than a few hours to finish. Also try to get MP done first if you are planning on playing these games. 2. It's quite silly to see people making petitions and all kinds of fuss when a 7+ year old game gets announced to go down. You're doing nothing but whining about being too late to a game for trophies. It happens. I have plenty of games done and not done on my list that are shut down. So you or anybody else is not special. At the end of the day, its a trophy. Get over it. You making threads and harassing community managers is just plain silly and you should focus that energy on getting other games done before they go down.
  7. Thought I should make a post about my recent platins. Currently I am up to 125 to Plats now (pls end me). Also here on PSNP it may only show 124, now that's because some *poop thought it would be neat to flag me for Fuel. Now of course Fuel was game saved on my list, i wont deny that. But I WENT 6 YEARS WITHOUT AN ISSUE!!! anyways, I ended up having to hide it on my list to be able to be unmarked a "cheater" here on the site. WONDERFUL! ANYWHOS my 4 latest plats is as follows... #122 Madden NFL 17 - Another Madden plat was easy as always, just 1 trophy "Good On Paper" was a real pain due to it being 80% luck. But Im back to having all Maddens Platinumed, so there is that. #123 Riptide GP2 - nothing to say about this, easy plat, got it for $2. #124 Battlefield 1 - DEFINITELY the easiest Battlefield to platinum, and a game I 100% recommend. Been a BF fan for a LONG time so no surprise I would get this plat and enjoy the game. ech. #125 My Name Is Mayo - yup, I hopped on the bandwagon so to speak and got the plat in mayo. oh well, who cares.
  8. I was thinking today about how many games there are on the PlayStation store now and how many of them are just so far from even being called an "Indie" game. A couple that come to mind are "My Name Is Mayo" and "Inner Kung Fu Game". Now I'm not gonna go on a whole thing about how these games shouldn't even be allowed on the store nor do I wants this to turn into that. I'm just interested in what are some of THE WORST games you have come across on the PSN store, I'm talking about the bottom of the barrel digital only games that make you wonder how could such a game even be put on the store.
  9. from playing the closed and open beta, the game itself is not too hard. But this platinum looks like a HUGE GRIND for sure.
  10. 1. yall being finding this old post i made 4 years ago lol 2. if you ever want to chat with me, join my discord server - https://discord.gg/Xg8WDjM 3. thaanks
  11. Thanks! was a journey to say the least with all those grenades and infinite spawn............. That's awesome man!
  12. So after slight pressure to make one, here is my "Trophy Checklist". I don't have anything to say about this other than, trophies are nice. The platinums are listed by date earned, I'm a scrub I know. a few things about how I trophy hunt is that I don't double up. I don't have an issue with it, just not my thing. I also don't usually plat games just for the trophies. My favorite thing to do is to complete entire series/franchises. I haven't done many, but I hope to have a lot more done soon. A few FAQs I guess Q: Hardest Plat? A: Madden NFL 13 or Crysis 2 Q: Why haven't you done this game? A: I just haven't. Q: Next Plat? A: Whatever I get. Q: Homefront? A: pls W A L L O F P L A T I N S 100%'s SERIES I HAVE FINISHED! GAMES I WANT TO GET DONE
  13. trash. try harder but really, good job on that great job
  14. need a painted item for the last trophy if someone can help me out EDIT: got it