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  1. after finishing the main story i have 14/16 weapons. i am missing the rock that you get from a side quest but i dont know which is the last one i am missing. it might be the hand from the mma side quest. is there any spot for it where it spawns other then the side quest? i am going to write down the weapons and mark them one by one. i will post a message if i get them all I got the trophy. the ones i was missing was the healing spree side quest for the hand and the side quest for the witch for the rock.
  2. Are there any missable trophies in this one? Extinction had no missables since everything was doable in the end game. What happens when you go into the Netherworlds?
  3. This is called Nexomon because its the first game. Nexomon Extinction is the sequel (but still seperate enough to play in any order).
  4. if anyone is still asking them the same question. the farmers are located to random farms. This means if a guide says Joshua Allen has field 9 and 13 that means in that persons game he was owning those fields. your game save he might own field 5. but the group of fields are still fixed. one farmer owns field 17 and 21, its a random farmer every time but they cant own 17 and 30 or 21 and 2 for example. I hope this makes sense.
  5. I always have questions about difficulty trophies. Do they stack? how hard is hard? can it be done solo? etc... Also what give me kinda bad vibes is seeing a person having the campaign trophies but none of the difficulty trophies? does that mean a lower difficulty is there than the trophies, and do we need to unlock higher difficulties? But outside of that, looks like a good trophy list, small collectibles, some grind, difficulty trophies. all different style of trophies.
  6. Is there any map/tips on where to find specific animals? also having trouble with rabbits/hares because they dont show up as a icon but just run away in the grass. very hard to spot. Will the ranger help with killing every animal and work with the trophies?
  7. Sound shapes only unlock modes after i do the campaign which gives me a gold trophy
  8. nice suggestions, thanks for that. i will look into Sound Shapes and not do the gold trophy. i also have some powgi games that i can play just for the silver ones.
  9. Are there any games with loads of silver trophies? I got 1300 Gold, 6000 Bronze, 2168 Silver. Just a fun way if i could get a round number of 2200 without breaking up the other ones. it does not have to have a plat but my plat count is 196. so a 200 count would also be nice for that.
  10. yeah i think its a playthrough for each difficulty. in the time of writing this it has: Complete the game in Captain difficulty has 3,41% Complete the game in Gunner difficulty has 2,27% Complete the game in Ship's boy difficulty has 0% Complete the game once has 5,68% 3,41 + 2,27 = 5,68. Meaning the completed games only counted for the respective difficulties. And as you can see like you said, Ship's boy has 0% which is the easiest so it does not scale down. I dont know how long the story is, but for now you need to grind somewhat to be powerfull enough for some ships in the story. doing that 5 times might put people off.
  11. i will try the weapon lock. i only have like 7 or 8 maps to go for the plat. its a grind but i like it. the feeling is kind of like a rogue-lite, with upgrades you keep but you start from lvl 1 each time.
  12. i did 10 races with 10 gold medals and each took me 1-3 tries. i also dont play racing games as much. so i think the difficulty is fine for general purpose.
  13. thank you for this. i am also stuck on 13/15. i did not know they were allocated to specific areas. i have been doing area 3 over and over but got duplicates everytime. Yes i got it. I was missing 2 flyers in Area 2. This needs more upvotes
  14. Thanks, i will buy it someday then. maybe when its on sale to add to my backlog
  15. Does this game stack the different difficulty trophies like: We're growing bigger! Hire at least 50 employees. (Difficulty: Hard) I am a legend Have more than one billion dollars. (Difficulty: Legendary)