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  1. Okay so I have no idea how to complete this damn section. Not only is it frustrating but I can't find any information on any type of guide. For those that have completed this section what has to be done in order to progress. I refuse to give myself a brain aneurysm over this.
  2. Does anyone know who the composer is for this game because I played through it and holy crap is the music amazing. The pixel art combined with the amazing music is actually what helps me power through this difficult game.
  3. Okay so I just acquired 100% of the Data Collection this morning however the trophy associated with it didn't pop. I'm on the PS5 version. Edit: okay so it isn't glitched apparently in order to get it to pop you have to click on the final side story option that appears after completing Equals. It's called Test VM and it doesn't say that in the guide. Thought I'd point that out.
  4. Does anyone know what those weird orbs are? They only seem to be in the Overdrive version on PS4. I found 2 orbs so far. A yellow one and a red one. But I can't seem to pick them up. It says GET right above it with a flashing arrow pointing directly at the orb. If anyone has any information on these things. Please let me know. Edit: Found out what they are. They're Special Move Orbs. And you pick them up by holding down on the D-Pad.
  5. I had the same issue too. Did this and boom the platinum trophy popped
  6. I thought I'd make a note here regarding Shank and it's fate. Shank was delisted from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace back in July 2018. This angered many people including myself and the developer refused and continues to refuse to bring it back to console. Below will be the systems it's on and can be on. PS3 - Delisted Xbox 360 - Delisted Steam - Available The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions can get relisted if klei releases an update for the game which will alter it in the worst way possible because the Butcher's Death scene didn't need to be altered. If anything klei made it worse. PS4 - Possible Resurrection Xbox One - Possible Resurrection Nintendo Switch - Possible Resurrection A possible resurrection for Shank would be to put it on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch and have it come out late 2020. As a way to celebrate the game's 10th anniversary.
  7. @totallycrushed Not properly at least. I've tried it with some in real life friends and it doesn't work. One account can only be utilized up to one PS4. However the same account can be used up to two PS3 systems. For PS4 you'd be constantly setting your PS4 as the primary for the account. Yes it could work with very close friends but someone could easily steal your account if you aren't careful.
  8. Only available on Steam unfortunately. For those that want the console version will have to resort to doing GameShare with your closest friends. I've seen the GameShare Subreddit and people are so ignorant. You can't GameShare PS4 games. You can only have up to one PS4 as your primary. And I highly doubt that Klei will bring this brilliant game to PS4. And it was delisted back in July 2018. But yeah. I don't condone doing GameShare but that's literally the only method left if you want it on console.