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  1. hi (sorry for bad english)
  2. a porn game with trophies 😜
  3. That sounds rough, i'm convinced that this game is slowing my system and making it stupid, trophies arent popping when i get them i have to press the psn button and check the notifications to see if i earned them after attemps
  4. i'm so glad this forum exists 😆
  5. I NEVER KNEW what those numbers meant, omg this is so satisfying to finally know what this over looked detail meant
  6. I admire your bravery but now i will destroy you for it 🤔 consider the following ● No wifi
  7. Really teaches you how to save frequently and that not every save should be an overwrite
  8. That VR bundle is really exciting but Ive had my eye on spooder man for awhile now and i think this is gonna be the month
  9. I feel like alotta easy plats do offer entertaining mini challenges like i am mayo clicking a shit load of times seeing how fast i can plat it or like Dig Dug which isnt that difficult but still gets me to rage a few times because i was almost there.... the reward definitely outweighs the work, although it is nice filler until you get to a milestone and really work towards a difficult game or cool trophy art so that it remains on your dashboard and not lost within the trophy log
  10. This is really really nice, next time i go to the casino i'm putting 100$ the roulette table
  11. Great Post 😚
  12. I remember getting yelled at by people for asking this question
  13. That's a really beautiful story, you should make your first Platinum a special one