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  1. Half Life 2
  2. WOW the recently Browsing on this thread is LIT
  3. The trophies “ This is my rifle” “ This is my gun” & “ Damn, I look Good” aren’t popping..... I have attachments equipped I even went as far instead of equipping the basic attachments spending the in game currency to rent some of other attachments and it still hasn’t popped, is there somthing simple I’m missing? or is it a problem that others have may encountered edit: okay so after doing some research there is only one YouTube video showing how to get it, it’s very strange some attachments can stay as default and others require you to Rent attachments for One day and equip them (credits to YT user @rustymillion) Unfortunately I still have been found a solution for the “damn I look good” achievement
  4. Subtle nod to the 1982 song
  5. ^^ in that case why hasn't most users who got the trophy after it became unobtainable having their trophies hidden or stats adjusted
  6. It's important to mention that you unlock this car after you complete the world tour campaign
  7. That is excellent really casts out a big net of options ..... when it says at the very end "in one go" does that mean one playthrough without quit to main menu
  8. okay i'll try that cause i had Jaden die at the blue lagoon, ethan get shot by the police and madison burn in the origami killers apartment
  9. I religiously followed the guide on how to achieve this trophy but it just wont pop, i wanna know whats your take if you achieved this Edit: Ok so after a couple Saved Replays from "Fish Tank" i found out what i did wrong....In the Mission "on The loose" i was arrested by a generic cop not Blake.....Also I let Scott escape on his own by not touching the remote on the mission "Trapped". The guides and various walkthrough videos bypass or minimally mention the importance of these actions
  10. hi (sorry for bad english)
  11. a porn game with trophies 😜
  12. That sounds rough, i'm convinced that this game is slowing my system and making it stupid, trophies arent popping when i get them i have to press the psn button and check the notifications to see if i earned them after attemps
  13. i'm so glad this forum exists 😆
  14. I NEVER KNEW what those numbers meant, omg this is so satisfying to finally know what this over looked detail meant