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  1. Are they still obtainable? servers look pretty dry, the "Real Nasty Habit" Trophy looks like a grind from hell.
  2. I religiously followed the guide on how to achieve this trophy but it just wont pop, i wanna know whats your take if you achieved this Edit: Ok so after a couple Saved Replays from "Fish Tank" i found out what i did wrong....In the Mission "on The loose" i was arrested by a generic cop not Blake.....Also I let Scott escape on his own by not touching the remote on the mission "Trapped". The guides and various walkthrough videos bypass or minimally mention the importance of these actions
  3. That is excellent really casts out a big net of options ..... when it says at the very end "in one go" does that mean one playthrough without quit to main menu
  4. okay i'll try that cause i had Jaden die at the blue lagoon, ethan get shot by the police and madison burn in the origami killers apartment
  5. After all these years i went back to collect some trophies i missed but im finding it really difficult to play let alone even start a chapter.... ● Long load times ● Story Animations that don't appear so you cant progress in the chapter ● Going in slow motion ● Freezing Im pretty close to platinum this game and have never experienced this much problems...even when i tried starting a new game to fix the problem it had Vito running around in the clouds, if anyone else is going through this or knows how to resolve it even the info would be great, also its not to console ive tried it a couple systems to see if thats the issue *Update* After quitting and relaunching the game about a dozen times i was finally able to get a stable performance which i didnt take for granted i found all the posters and did the other personal feats to get the platinum, with that being said that doesnt mean i didnt encounter some werid and annoying glitches.... i think by far the strangest but enjoyable was going the the garage to get a car and having half of Vitos body sticking out of the car while in his underware and wife beater, also i would continue from "chapter 13 exit the dragon" and if the whores were invisible at the begining of the missions cutscene i realized id have to quit the game or id be stuck in an endless loading screen... somtimes even if they did load in the cutscene joe wouldnt follow you but thankfully i finished the campaign back in 2016
  6. hi (sorry for bad english)
  7. a porn game with trophies 😜
  8. That sounds rough, i'm convinced that this game is slowing my system and making it stupid, trophies arent popping when i get them i have to press the psn button and check the notifications to see if i earned them after attemps
  9. i'm so glad this forum exists 😆
  10. I NEVER KNEW what those numbers meant, omg this is so satisfying to finally know what this over looked detail meant
  11. I admire your bravery but now i will destroy you for it 🤔 consider the following ● No wifi
  12. Really teaches you how to save frequently and that not every save should be an overwrite
  13. That VR bundle is really exciting but Ive had my eye on spooder man for awhile now and i think this is gonna be the month
  14. I feel like alotta easy plats do offer entertaining mini challenges like i am mayo clicking a shit load of times seeing how fast i can plat it or like Dig Dug which isnt that difficult but still gets me to rage a few times because i was almost there.... the reward definitely outweighs the work, although it is nice filler until you get to a milestone and really work towards a difficult game or cool trophy art so that it remains on your dashboard and not lost within the trophy log
  15. This is really really nice, next time i go to the casino i'm putting 100$ the roulette table
  16. Great Post 😚
  17. I remember getting yelled at by people for asking this question
  18. recently i went to attach a photo but it looks like the "direct link" option on Imgur is removed, the other 4 links dont seem to work....what other ways does everyone here use ↓ Below are the photos of what i see on imgur
  19. That's a really beautiful story, you should make your first Platinum a special one
  20. @RNumbers What?? since when, how can i delist it? 😮
  21. 2015 - [ 1 ] Modern Warfare 2 |PS3| (8.41%) 2016 - [ 1 ] Modern Warfare 3 |PS3| (4.52%) 2017 - [ 1 ] Black Ops |PS3| (4.25%) 2018 - [ 3 ] Batman |PS4| (63.85%) / Watch Dogs |PS4| (9.15%) 2019 - [ 27 ] Jax & Dill DX |PS4| (99.01%) / Don't Even Think |PS4| (1.46%)
  22. your reasoning at the end is very compelling but i don't think that justifies the disparaging of trophyless titles, after all what happens to a game when you've achieved all trophies? Do you still play MP or even splitscreen with a hunni on the couch or does it end up back on the self at GameStop im actually curious ^this trophy is totally for you
  23. Just one......Pinball Arcade, over 60 tables are not able to purchase anymore so now i'm stuck with an F and over 100 unobtainable trophies