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  1. Any word on NG+? I would be WAY more eager to start a survival run if weapons/bike upgrades carried over...
  2. Hi! If anyone can drop Havel's Ring and all NG+/NG++ rings that would be so awesome. Thank you!
  3. I read the first book before playing the game and that got me super invested in Geralt & Yen. Playing on Death March also makes the first third of the game very intense
  4. I crafted/used as many molotovs as I could before looting bodies. Felt like most bodies had the objects required to craft them
  5. My thoughts exactly
  6. I used the 6 settlers/6 clinics method and it worked just fine. Took about an hour altogether
  7. Thanks for the tip! I got most of the power related trophies during my clean hands run, utilized the save/quick load function a bunch
  8. Same! I pause the game and wait ten seconds in anticipation 🙃
  9. Can't say I'm looking forward to playing it a second time. Maybe i'll wait a few months after the DLC comes out...
  10. My first video game, so glad I got a chance to revisit
  11. Just finished without using the shop. Required a ton of grinding but fun nonetheless
  12. That's insane. I got 150k and was thrilled lol
  13. Look for a dead body ('X' on the minimap), that's usually where the question mark is