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  1. I still play Alien: Isolation, The Evil Within, Little Nightmares and the Outlast games.
  2. I love Alien: Isolation, but letting the alien kill me over and over again to get to 100 deaths was annoying.
  3. The Road - Cormac McCarthy
  4. Survival horror and post apocalyptic fiction have a calming effect on me.
  5. Hereditary
  6. I'm not surprised by anything Capcom does to Resident Evil anymore. They are very out of touch with what the fans want, and it's a shame.
  7. The Evil Within because of Akumu mode. I knew it was going to be difficult. After all, everything in the game that causes damage kills you instantly. To make matters worse, in certain areas there are bear traps spread around that simply aren't there on Survival. Some of them are very well hidden and are obviously there as a Gotcha! moment from the developers. Since I went straight from Survival to Akumu and skipped Nightmare, I wasn't expecting that. Chapter 11 has a godawful slow moving cage thing that is only there to give you grief. You have to ride across in this thing, meanwhile there are guys shooting at you and throwing molotovs at you while you're trapped in this incredibly small area with no place to hide, and if you get hit once, you're dead and have to do it all over again. The molotov guys are Satan himself and thinking about them still infuriates me. Despite all that, there are a few things that make Akumu even harder than it needs to be. First, you have an incredibly small window of opportunity to dismantle the bomb traps compared to Nightmare, and you need trap parts in order to create bolts for the crossbow. The bomb trap difficulty seemed unnecessary since Akumu is hard enough as is with the one hit kills, faster and more aggressive enemies, and limited ammo. Second, the default sprint time in this game is absolutely horrendous. It's very noticeable and frustrating on Akumu because of the aforementioned faster enemies. Third, Sebastian sometimes refuses to light a match to burn downed enemies. This is a messed up gameplay mechanic that is only a little annoying on Survival but rage inducing on Akumu since it's so easy to die. Sometimes you press O and he just won't do it despite being nearly on top of a downed enemy. Sometimes I have to press the button multiple times before he does it. Other times he does it instantly with a single press. I don't understand this one, and I also experienced it on the 360 version. Lastly, the AI partners in this game are awful and need to be babysat so they don't kill themselves and make you fail the mission. Joseph got himself killed so many times in Chapter 6 by running straight into a trap or running towards a huge group of enemies with his axe. This is a problem I never even noticed until I played Akumu. He can die very quickly and it gets old fast having to save him from enemies he runs into, all while being careful you yourself don't get hit and die. I didn't mean to type this much, but apparently those Akumu woes are still with me even though I haven't touched the game in awhile.
  8. I kinda figured someone would bring that up lol. I've had rats as pets for years now in a family that's creeped out by them, so yes. My entire family calls me Rat Girl, and I'm fine with it. Rats are amazing and misunderstood creatures, just like me. 😌
  9. I've never cared about streamers in any way, so what they do doesn't bother me. I do despise the term Gamer Girl though.