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  1. Hello, excuse the English. if they are still looking for the trophy and they didn't find yvendra. you can fight her in zhul kari scout. the mystic boss appears. I played at level 10 but it should appear in all levels I think. I just got the trophy. if anyone knows how to get the trophy of the 10 cursed gnomes let me know greetings
  2. Hello one question. copy the money or add it to the one you already have. If you added it, you could do the glich several times from one account to another and double your money.
  3. hello. I have won 20 tournaments, I only play in the tournament in Japan and I use the double coin boat to the maximum that the 16 cups give you. I'm just 6%, according to calculations I have to win 334 more tournaments for the trophy. I hope it will give you an idea how long the trophy takes.
  4. Hello i finished Dragon quest xi Adk damashi Manual samuel Battlefield harline. Dragon ball xenoverse i missed 6 trophy
  5. Hello, how is the game divided, everything in dlc. It will never be 80%. I change it ADK Damashii 85%
  6. Hello, I would like to play. I want to bring my completion percentage to 65%. excuse me, my english is bad. 80% Hitman 2 Isle of Sgàil. is the last level of the base game 60% manual Samuel. 40% DRAGON QUEST XI: ECHOES OF AN ELUSIVE AGE 20% DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 0% BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE I hope the hitman serves I have no other game at 80%. The ones that I have left are from now and I no longer have the subscription Thanks
  7. just repeat at level 28. when the "next" menu appears, repeat or exit. select next. The credits will appear and the trophy will jump.
  8. hello you know how to get the trophies Highlight Reel Perform a 5+ damage combo in Practice mode. Speed of the FoxPerform a 5 damage combo as Setsuki. Truth and Justice Counter-hit the opponent into a 4 damage combo with DeGrey. Hex of MurkwoodStack poison 3 times as Argagarg. Thanks
  9. I ran away again in career mode once I had completed the invitations. Or Make a backup copy and try the code "showtime" to make the invitations you are missing.
  10. Hello, I had put an English version translated by Google, but since I have the translator incorporated, you can see that it was translated back into Spanish. Now I did it from another pc
  11. if you turn off the console and after a few hours when the clothes go to the trophies of the profile and let it synchronize with the playstation network. Then enter the game and play in career mode the trophies should come out while running Make sure that the trophies of this game are synchronized well, it happened to me a couple of times that the trophies of all the games were synchronized except this one. si apaga la consola y luego de unas horas cuando la prendas anda a los trofeos del perfil y deja que sincronice con playstation network. Luego entra en el juego y juga en el modo carrera los trofeos deben salir mientras corres asegúrate que se sincronicen los trofeos bien de este juego, a mi me paso un par de veces que se sincronizaban los trofeos de todos los juegos menos este.
  12. Hello halfway through the game I had a problem that when I entered a battle the combat menus did not appear and I could do nothing but exit the game. I fixed it by going to an embassy to sleep and the bug disappeared in case someone else has it. Sorry my bad english
  13. The trophy is poorly translated in the list in Spanish, German and Italian. You must finish the game with the 40 citizens to take out the trophy and it appears on the title screen. In the other languages, ask that you take the fighters to level 30, the trophy does not jump when you reach this level. ¡Lo hiciste! Completa el juego con todos los ciudadanos reclutados. Club de diplomáticos Sube a todos los ciudadanos a nivel 30.
  14. si jugué la versión 1.02 Digital