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  2. Just to clarify, is this for winning both a ranked and an unranked race or just one of either?
  3. Think of playing this as it’s on PS Now and it seems a straight forward platinum. Are the online servers still going? Never mind, realised I could just check the recent trophy earners and there are recent ones so it’s clearly still open
  4. Can anyone confirm if someone playing the PS5 version of the game can play online with someon playing the PS4 version of the game?
  5. PSN ID: Phenomenal_Owl PS Systems: PS3, PS4, Vita, PSVR Accepts Blank Friend Requests: Just say PSN Profiles. Don’t really play too many multiplayer games but I like see what people on my friends list are playing and trophies they’re achieving. Happy to boost any game on my list but bare in mind all my games are digital and so I may have to wait for it to download