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  1. unfortunately I tried this and it didn't work either. in your case was the " the great collector " the only trophy remaining for the plat that glitched ? or you had another individual collectible trophy no popping thus not triggering the great collector ? I say this because the great collector is triggered by your last individual entry collectable trophy. in my case I have all of those unlocked so I have nothing to trigger it for , was that your case aswell ?
  2. no , I have 20/20 in the tutorial section , 22/22 in the lore section , 94/94 story section , 8/8 recipes and 12/12 ingredients. unless some of the tutorial stage collectibles are not marked in any of this sections and I in fact miss them ? I also have each individual collectibles trophy. only the one for the accumulation of all of them didn't pop , I like to believe I did something wrong , but this is looking like a big ass bug , somebody else also message me with the same issue on PS5. some PC users have issues with both the story collectable trophy and the great collector as well but refighting the final boss seems to correct it for them but not for PS5 , I have fought the final boss 3 times already , granted I have 2 more to go , maybe a particular ending triggers the fix. who knows , I don't think the developers are even aware of this , if anybody could come up with a solution it will greatly appreciated. I will update if I do.
  3. Hello everyone , the gold great collector trophy for collecting all the collectibles entires didn't popped on my file. I've gotten every single trophy in the game including each individual collectible ones, my last trophy was memory weaver for collecting all stories bits and the great collector should have popped right after that one. has anybody experience this ? if so , any known work arounds ? for reference I have an uploaded file with just a couple of collectibles from each category remaining to be picked , I've downloaded the file and have picked then various times in different order and nothing. any inputs will be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  4. thanks for pointing it out ! I was definitely meant to be write community instead. fixed already. Forgotten Saga was Pretty fun to be fair. arguably the funnest so far , at least to me. its a game mode that emphasizes on game play, but still can be sluggish at times with nail pace walking and running speed of the character. if the character would move faster like in black flag the overall package would be more tolerable , yet people on their completion journeys are running out of carbs to push though yet more Vadhalla content. they really need to stop and simply put out a brand new streamlined game if anything.
  5. hahah, it seems like most of the completionist community can't wait for this juggernaut of constant , mostly boring extra content puking from Ubisoft to be over. (my self included).I believe somebody said and I agree with it , this feels like drawn out experiment from Ubisoft and we are their lab rats yielding free statistics. I've also heard there is " 2" more DLCs coming in the remainder of the year to fully close this game completely. I hope that was just a nightmare that I had.
  6. 100 % agree.
  7. If you defeat Queen Caniptei Boss while in multiplayer you won't be able to progress the game anymore. Make sure you fight her solo. The developers are aware of this and they will patch but as of now it isn't. I just thought I would let everyone from here know one about it , if you take your time to carefully explore and occasionally farm this progression bug is roughly 10 to 12 hours into the game.
  8. does anybody else have the cursed symbol artifact unregistered after getting it in Dawn of Ragnarok ? in my map it shows as if I haven't gotten it , but I did and it didn't register . any worksaround this glitch ? I have restarted the game , fast travel back and forth between the regular world and this one , turn the internet on and off , and restarted the PS5 all to no avail. Icon still appears in the map and I can't get it because I already did. any infomartion on this topic will be appreciate it. thanks ! ................................................................. update : found the artifact stone and it registered , I guess I hadn't found it yet. it turns out it was not the in the place marked by the map but rather near by. this seems to be because the developers intended for the 5 curses to be shot in a particular order so that the last one that gives you the stone is the one marked on the map , however since you can shoot them in any order you find them the last one was probably the third one for me and thats were the stone was. so not a glitch but quite misleading. I thought I would update for those who run into a similar problem in the future.
  9. you are 100 % right. But most people won't see your point , cause most people are not ready to see it , they are operating in a different layer of thought process. So I'm afraid you won't get a warm hug and positive feedback from the majority with your statement. It is absolutely valid nonetheless , don't stay off course , good luck on your journey.
  10. Hello Everyone ! I had a couple of games in my account that I never intended to play just test them, for that reason I've kept them hidden in my profile for while until recently I decided to unhide everything. Upon doing so 2 trophies remained unhidden. I've done everything explained in this forums , I've unhidden all my games from my ps3 , ps4 , ps5, waited to get a new trophy in my current game to update my profile and nothing , 2 trophies still remain hidden ? somebody suggested to hide all my trophies again and unhide them and did that too and nothing , all of that in the transit of getting trophies in my current games. I ran out of ideas , anybody else had a similar experience and possibly a solution ? thanks
  11. and you just uncovered the missing part to my puzzle. that's why it wasn't working for me. I was going to Updaam night instead of Frisrad Night. thanks for pointing out that excellent detail , I'm sure many others that haven't been able to get it is because of that as well.
  12. yes I did sabotage the fireworks , also have been playing in friends only mode.
  13. thanks. this trophy is not pooping for me. is closing the game after the morning Harriet section part of your recommendation or you think that part has nothing to do it with it ? also what kind of online set up for invasions you had ? were you in single player mode / online mode/ or friends only mode ? there seems to be some triggering aspects what we are missing given than none of the solutions out there are cut and Clear and successful for everybody. I appreciate your input.
  14. this method did not worked form me. Do you guys know if its necessary to do the other two endings for this to work ?
  15. same here guys , two loops and nothing. has a anybody also set up Frank's fireworks when killing Harriet in the morning post loop ? I haven't tried that cause he doesn't die that day but since he is a visionary maybe he is linked to that trophy. also if anybody can confirm that this is a glitch from the latest update maybe reinstalling the game and pausing it when it tries to update it does the job , of course this would only work for those with a physical copy. any feebacks on this topic would be appreciated.