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  1. update was retroactive , it worked. last glitched missing seed showed up in the map.
  2. I semi-agree. Enemies can cash in little mistakes very quick and the combat pacing seems weird but its got a rhythm of itself. all the weapons hit different in terms of strength and speed , the gaps and times to hit with each weapon is different so according to which one you use the most fundamentally changes your play stye and rhythm in itself. Once you are proficient enough with your weapon of choice is like a dance , you will know when to press and when not to. and yes, a mistake could get you knocked-back and stun-locked at times but if you throw in the right combination you can do the same thing to enemies and even some bosses. in that regard thats fair imo.
  3. An easy difficulty playthrough should be quick but not as quick, given that the seed that we need and the other subsequent trophies tied to it are also tied to 100 % all maps. So it won't be a run and kill all the bosses kind of playthrough , except for the kung fu training trophy we would have to 100% the entire game again. lets just hope thats not case because as much fun as it was honesty I rather not , but kudos to those that don' t mind.
  4. thats great news ! does anybody knows if the patch is going to be retroactive to people that already have a 99% file with only 1 seed missing ? or will it require a fresh file to obtain ? thanks for the news @Optinooby
  5. yes I was actually able to do it , 30 barrels is whats needed for the trophy. the red barrels count as well and they can be shot with the gun. thanks for reply
  6. hello everyone ! I did the 12 barrels challenge , then gave the weapon plan 3 to the challenge giver and he allowed me to do the same challenge but with 24 barrels instead. I beat that one too and he gave me the last upgrade for the weapon but the trophy for beating the challenge did not pop. I repeated the 24 barrels challenge multiple times and no trophy.did anybody else experience this ? or am I missing something for this trophy to pop ? thanks update : the trophy pops in 30 barrels. the challenge says 24/24 so it was confusing, it might seem counter productive but they key is to hit the red exploding barrels aswel with your gun as they also count and you can pop multiples at once. it should very easy like that , I did 36 barrels.
  7. can you specify which trophy you tried it 10 times for ? or when you said 10 times you meant 10 times spread out through a playthrough? I would appreciate your input , thank you.
  8. Hello everyone , this might be be little worksome me but it might help. learn exactly the requirements for each new dlc trophy and upload your data to the cloud right before getting it. if said trophy didn't popped then download the data back to the system. rinse and repeat until it pops. do that for every single trophy , it might take a few uploads and downloads tries but it sure as hell will be less time consuming than starting the whole thing from scratch for a chance of getting or not getting your missing trophies. I hope this helps , haven't tried this myself yet , I will report it when I do but it seems logical so I wanted to share it.
  9. update for those who might need it ! trophy popped after selling around 45 pieces above the required 300. I also started changing vendors around and the trophy popped with the first vendor of the game. there is a chance the trophy initially got bugged for using the same vendor all the time but who knows. I hope the info helps to whoever might find themselves in the same situation. good luck hunters !
  10. Hard Bargainer trophy for selling 300 items stuck at 99 % with 298 items. I've sold around 30 times above 298 and screen still shows 298 at 99 %. Anybody else has experienced this glitch ?
  11. I think they removed password invasions so players can't manipulate world and character tendencies like that. to change my world and character tendency all I had to do was tell me friend to invade me via password and then I would kill him or vice vera for the opposite effect. there is a chance they realized that and removed it. after the update I haven't been able to invade him via password anymore , I can always go to his world as blue phantom and assist him but not as a red phantom anymore. this is all via password.
  12. I agree with you , that extra patience is a an ultra-rare platinum trophy in itself , very few have it , but having that little extra makes the difference between a good guide and a extraordinary guide , because ultimately the guide's purpose is to guide the player through the experience in the most efficient way. I think you do a great job at it and you deserve more subs. I just checked through a couple of your guides and you do have quite a few I've also played most of the games that you have guides have guides for
  13. thanks a lot mate ! I will definitely try this.I still got some grinding to do I suppose but been level 40 post game is not the same as starting over , I'm definetely saving a lot of time here, its great how you looked at this aspect of the missables from a deeper perspective that most guides and found a way to do them anyways , I got a similar attitude in that there is gotta be another way towards things , thats why I keep searching and asking questions for the sake of time saving. I I followed your collectibles guide for the mummy demastered and it was great , keep up the good the work ! , this is a great community , thanks everyone , cheers to good gaming !
  14. wow ! thats amazing , thanks a lot guys. I will definetly try this out , I had read like 6 guides and all 6 said the same thing , 3 missable trophies , and they explain why. I suppose I can always upload the data and download back to after the last two trophies so I don't lose my orcs. have you guys officially confirmed this ?
  15. hello everyone ! I played and beat shadow of wars when it originally came out and was considering going back to it to clean up what I needed for the platinum. reading through the guides I realized that I don't have the 3 missable trophies in the game and since I'm post chapter 4 I can't get them. since this is a big game and I don't quite like the strategy aspect of it for a second run , my question for you guys is : is there a way around to get this 3 missable trophies post game ? or can I even get then playing in some of the dlcs ? the trophies names are "vandal" "the operative" and "it came from within " thanks a lot guys , any inputs will be appreciated.