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  1. Hey milindb 😀 I also had it once with Wreckfest. But this might be a general problem of the PS5 and not depending on the game. The trophies were displayed on the screen but not updated in the trophy list. After 15 minutes and another trophy, everything was back in order. Back to Topic: I have looked at the last achievers and there are some gamers who have also received the trophy "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" although not all missions have been completed. Will hopefully be no reason for a flag :-)
  2. I completed the mission Institutional Cleanup and also unlocked On Her Majesty's Secret Service although i did not complete the big bang theory mission and did not locate the bomb as a hacker. Has something similar happened to someone? I installed the latest patch 30 mins ago.
  3. Sorry to hear that Vault-TecPhantom 😓 I got the Edition-Button after upgrading the old version to 2.18. I tested it with the Bedrock-Edition too. After upgrading to 2.18 still no Edition-Button. I am using the EU version.
  4. For those who are just starting out with Minecraft and want to reach 100%. Avoid the Bedrock Edition. I can confirm that with the Bedrock version the Editions button is missing. But with the PS4 Edition the button is there. Version: Link Edition-Button Link
  5. Did this too. I managed to get gold on the first two challanges but on the third (Suzuka) i always ended in silver -.- But the grind on level 40 A-Spec is so tedious. Which level do you have right now? I am 39 now and have to drive the Nürburgring 4h circuit 5 more times.
  6. Yes it works with jan. I bought two special weapons and gave them to two of my team players. After that we killed a supply zombie and everyone equipped the weapons. hen the trophy popped up.
  7. True, the game would constantly try to update itself. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the hint. Btw I don't know if it was already mentioned (skipped a few pages). If the Charles window for the 30 minute timer is displayed, dont close it. My Playstation is loading the update since 2 hours without interruption ;-)
  8. Thank you, Golden Devil Gamer, worked like a charm. 😀 File size for the EU version is exactly 30.071 GB. Can you just tell me or someone who has already downgraded if it is possible to play all DLC's except Episode Ardyn with version 1.26. This should also include the Royal Pack right? Thanks a lot.
  9. Subscribed for a lifetime membership. Great site. ;-)
  10. Thank you, Bushod_Cypher, for this excellent guide. It took me about 4 hours because this was my first sims on the console. The game is technically a disaster. So i am glad it took me only 4 hours. And btw I'm the ultimate sim guru :-)
  11. I will start to play the game today and i'm looking for a crew for the trophy. PSN: FantasticZro Thanks.