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  1. lmao
  2. Metal Slug 3
  3. Thank fuck those weapon trophies are gone
  4. Dragon Age Origins, one of my all time favorite games.
  5. Mafia 3 also had a bunch of glitched trophies
  6. Exactly the same here
  7. Happy to hear that do you konow if there's any way to get the DLCs now?
  8. Yep, got it today after 3 hours straight of playing drift events 😁
  9. Any luck with lifer trophy? it seems to be glitched i ran through like 2300km and the trophy still doesn't pop
  10. Just to let you know that you don't actually need to be disconnected from your alt accounts, and the challenge doesn't need to be in "public" i got it pretty much doing that method but with one day of duration, this was purely because sometimes the sent challenges never appeared in the game so i had to wait in the menu until they pop out.