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  1. Maybe Im wrong but I just checked the game and there is no nightmare difficulty. After that I checked zombie spawn and there is spawn for 1-4 players and NIGHTMARE. So I guess nightmare is for zombie spawn only and we can play it on easy?
  2. I try them in main game because I cant trigger the challengea in Undead nightmare dlc so I just hope they are not glitched in main game too. Just started to play the story but I hope it will be fine. Thamks for the information man and happy hunting
  3. Just Quick question. Did you unlock both trophies in goty version of the game?
  4. Tomahawk yes but Explosive rifle challenges are available in Undead nightmare too. I have CD version so I instal the game again without patch. Thanks a lot for the info
  5. Hi, got explosive rifle in Undead Nightmare DLC but no challenges unlocked. I have goty version. Any idea how to fix this problem?
  6. Yes Im gonna buy the DLCs right after platinum but good to hear my friends can help me without owning the DLC. Thanks a lot for the information
  7. Hi, I started the game today and checked dlc trophies. I need to jump over 6 players. I have few friends who are ready to help me but they dont have the DLCs. So my question is... do they need to buy dlc or they just join me and I jump over them in the spot requested for the trophy?
  8. I got platinum few days ago and missed 2 memories in depths so thank god it wasnt bugged. Thanks for the respond
  9. Hi, I restored all of the vestiges and didnt get the trophy. Any advice? When I talk to Io in home base and press restore vestiges it writes me: You do not have any vestages to repair so I guess I restored them all but trophy bugged or something
  10. hi guys, is it possible to farm all MP trophies in private matches with friend or private matches against bots? Because I started to do MP trophies but the online is really dead
  11. Just got the platinum guys. Thanks for help
  12. Ok I passed her but she was still doping weird moves... I never saw her moving Like that when I played it on nightmare.
  13. Ok I try it now Im with Ethan NPC in 10 15 minutes I will be there
  14. I did the same thing yersterday and it worked... and she have no chance to move there because only one there to her teleport posision is where I passed so she just teleported there somehow and idk why
  15. Hi guys Im playing Outlast 2 for platinum and I have teleport glitch with Marta. When she lost me and I want to go back to wood cart she always teleports next to it... I restarted the game few times but it didnt help... Im posting video as a proof