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  1. Watch Dogs (PS4) Escape Loop Escape 15 police chases Shoutout to this game's version of The Loop for helping me grab this appropriately named trophy.
  2. He's definitely a gamer, this isn't even his first Undertale entrance apparently. One Winged Angel is an FF reference, and I know he also references Street Fighter in the V-Trigger knee and he used the Hadouken as a move. Not to mention he and Xavier Woods actually played against each other during a fighting game tournament. Plus, a lot of his merch has game references. Not too familiar with his work, but I'm sure there's more. On AEW, was flipping around between that, NXT, and the World Series so maybe I missed it, but did the tag title match have entrances? Cause when I switched back, it looked like they cut entrances for time, not to mention the match seemed kinda rushed. That's actually one of the things AEW seems to need to work on, time management and pacing. I remember it bit them on the ass for their first PPV, when the big main event could only go like five to ten minutes. And sometimes, it's felt like the same happened on past Dynamites. On a positive note, that Moxley promo was it. It was kinda funny to see him be that aggressive and violent in his vibe when his opponent had just cosplayed as Sans earlier that night, but still worked due to Omega doing stuff like the barbed wire items on previous shows.
  3. I'll go 64 matches. Also, by "closest," since it's a Price Is Right game, are we doing their style of "closest without going over," or just straight up closest?
  4. Master of Time Komplete 250 Towers
  5. Not as strongly or tightly written as it's predecessor, but still a solid movie. Besides, Groundhog Day style time loops and multiverses are my jam, so I was always gonna be on board. Much like the first Happy Death Day, main character Tree carries this movie hard, and as unlikely as it is now, I wouldn't mind a third film in the series just so we get to see more of her.
  6. Have We Met Equip 5 different character intros Victorious Equip 5 different character victories
  7. Well as bad as that was, the good news is that still wasn't the worst Bears offensive performance I've ever seen. Certainly up there. But the #1 spot still goes to that infamous Jimmy Clausen vs Seattle punt game that gave us this graphic: Also, holy shit do we miss Akiem Hicks, cause teams are just running right through us without him at the middle.
  8. Sleater-Kinney - Banned from the End of the World
  9. Superhuman! Perform every character's supermove
  10. Is Something Wrong? Make a Spoon Sweat Can't believe a game made feel bad for a talking spoon.
  11. Kero Kero Bonito - Trampoline
  12. The "perform two different fatalities for (X) character" didn't auto-pop for me despite doing them with Erron in the demo version; I had to do another fatality with him in the purchased version to get it. Unfortunately didn't get far enough in the demo before buying to speak about the other trophies though.
  13. Teamwork Play a Group Battle with 2 other players The good news is that you don't have to actually win the match to get this trophy, just start it. This is good because I really suck at this game and lost it for us almost single-handedly, which is the bad news.
  14. Gotta be the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World game. It's one of my favorite franchises: the comics, the movie, and the game are all fantastic. And the game soundtrack is probably in my top five favorites. There's no plat, but that actually makes its situation even worse. The game and it's two DLC got delisted years ago, making me and many others unable to achieve the 100% instead. Shame for me, because I actually recently found the Knives Chau DLC in my PSN store; I forgot to redownload it with the rest of the game and never checked there before since all of my games come off a shared family primary account. So I eventually plan to grab those trophies as well as finish off the main game ones. But the Wallace Wells DLC and it's trophies remains out of my grasp. And until it returns to the store, I'll just have to keep on waiting, hoping one day this will be me and the 100% completion:
  15. Family Values Perform 2 different FATALITIES with Cassie Cage A better looking Sonya + the same voice actor as either Tiny Tina & Aloy (in MKX) or Futaba (in MK11) + an actual, fun personality = my favorite MK character tbh. She did have better fatalities in the last game, though Selfie was a top three all-time fatal personally, so tough act to follow.