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  1. After the last few Wrestlemanias went waaaay too long, having basically a Takeover length show felt pretty great. Not sure if the logistics would allow for them to keep it a two night event from here, but I certainly wouldn't be against it. Match-wise, most of the first hour and a half was pretty solid. Only disappointing thing was probably Lynch/Baszler, which never really connected. Missed most of the ladder match, but heard they did well, and I thought the ending was super creative. Rollins/Owens was very, very good; a lot of the previous matches seemed to up the trash talking in order to make up for a lack of crowd noise, but those two did so well at it that it's the only match that actually got better due to the empty arena. Lots of strong character work by both men. Braun/Goldberg was basically a really bad version of the WM Brock/Goldberg match. Still kinda upset Braun's finally won the title right when I'm least interested in him. Boneyard match was unbelievably fun, definitely match of the night. Everyone involved seemed to lean into the craziness of it all, just super well executed. Undertaker especially might have found a new lease on life; best his character has been in a long time, and the cinematic style definitely helps cover up his physical limitations. Actually, this too might have benefitted from the lack of crowd - no way would the match have gone this long at an actual WrestleMania with a crowd that paid tons for a seat. Hell, it probably would have been a normal match. Hoping the Funhouse match tomorrow can live up to the newfound hype.
  2. If you didn't see Revolution, definitely try to check out Page/Omega vs Young Bucks. Top-tier action, amazing character work and storytelling by both teams, an easy MOTYC.
  3. Had to get through the horror known as Flappy Goat to do it, but it got done. Also, thanks! Link to trophy page
  4. #21 Oxenfree Leave Possible? This game is juuust the right amount of 2Spooky4Me that I'm willing to handle. A very tense atmosphere that kept me on edge despite being super light on jumpscares, especially outside of New Game Plus. That, the great sense of humor, and the teenage drama of the sideplots make it super accessible for people like me who don't really delve into games like this. Fan of the art style and music as well. When it comes to writing, Oxenfree's dialogue might be one of my favorites in all of gaming. Going through the multiple playthroughs for the plat was so much easier because of how interested I became in seeing all the things the characters could say. Even if the side characters could be slightly better fleshed out, they were all pretty likeable or interesting enough to enjoy. IMO, it definitely hit the mark for how teens speak without hitting the cringiness of something like Life is Strange (a game that I loved but did have some awkwardly constructed dialogue). Its more free-flowing dialogue and interaction system definitely helps too. Being able to interrupt and then easily return to what characters were saying while letting you keep control of main character Alex the whole time makes conversation feel very natural. This part of a video from Game Maker's Toolkit does a good job of explaining what worked and what can be improved about it. Solid plot for a 4-5 hour game. Some especially fun moments of messing around with gameplay elements. I'm a sucker for that kind of thing, especially when in service of storytelling. New Game Plus adds a couple of neat wrinkles too. All this makes the 3-4 playthroughs for the plat super easy to get through, although not enough changes for it to likely stay all that interesting afterwards for extra runs that unless you're obsessed enough to find the small differences in paths.
  5. Top 3 Games: 1. Persona 5 / 290 hours 2. Overwatch / 224 hours 3. Mortal Kombat 11 / 159 hours 58 games played total. First time something other than Overwatch was my most played game. Makes sense, my interest finally dropped about halfway through the year. I only really play it now for a quick shooter palate cleanser, the PvE Archives event, or if there's a specific costume I want (*cough* doctor Mercy). Meanwhile, two playthroughs of Persona 5 and almost 300 hours later ended with it tied for my favorite PS4 game ever. Days Played: 1573 hours in 246 days. Longest streak at 10 hours. Trophies Earned: Platinum: 12 Gold: 71 Silver: 193 Bronze: 747 Total: 1023 Shame it only counts partway through December, missing a handful of trophies off Control and Nier Automata, two of my favorites played last year.
  6. It's A Me Jump the crazy chasm in the woods.
  7. #20: Control Director of the FBC When it comes to collectibles, most games end up with the process of finding them eventually feeling like a chore. Control, on the other hand, might be the only game I've played where the collectibles were one of the best parts of the game. I continued searching long after receiving the trophy for finding around half of em, and it's not like they benefitted my stats or gear any. Instead, it's a credit to the world Control creates that I searched high and low for all sorts of documents and tapes, each dispensing its own interesting bit of lore. The trope of organizations in charge of paranormal objects has been portrayed before in media, but this game does a great job of marrying the supernatural and those everyday objects with the stiff bureaucratic government setting. Combine this with a gorgeous artstyle and foreboding atmosphere, and Control really stands out as one of the best looking games I've played. Combat is solid; nothing too different gameplay-wise in the powers, but the destructible environment and impactful hits make the Launch attack endlessly entertaining to use. Levitation also adds some nice wrinkles and visuals. There is a lack of difficulty options, though as someone who generally plays on lower difficulties, I only really had issues with certain boss fights. The "endgame" boss battles (while they're available before finishing the game, it's definitely not recommended until you're stocked up) can be especially tough but mostly fun. However, I can't gauge how truly difficult they are since three of them were beaten thanks to glitches: one stopped attacking when I happened upon a certain floor spot, while the other fell to AI issues (enemies generally find it difficult to fight or target you when you're on higher floors). Performance-wise, I didn't have too many issues on a normal PS4. Some slowdowns here and there, especially noticeable when coming out of pause menu. The only section that it really hurt gameplay was a fight in the Archives where it slowed down enough that I couldn't time dodges or see the enemies well, which almost got me killed. Characters were generally pretty solid, with Dr. Darling, Emily the assistant, and Panopticon supervisor Langston being personal favorites. The player character Jesse also has her moments, with some very funny internal monologues. I do wish her relationship with brother Jesse - her main reason for finding the place - was better developed; while it was probably better pacing wise for the majority of the exposition in the first half to be all about the Bureau, it did mean I didn't quite care as much as I should have for the more personal storyline. The final battle could've been done better, kinda disappointing and anticlimactic. But there were enough satisfying moments throughout the campaign and side missions to make up for it. Favorite bits of the game were probably exploring the Panopticon, the Ashtray Maze, the end credits sequence, and especially Darling's Dynamite video. Overall, Control is definitely in the top tier of PlayStation games I've played, very glad to have it as the #20 platinum milestone, and I'd definitely be interested in a return to this world whenever Remedy puts out a sequel.
  8. #19: Nier Automata Final Words Getting 2020 started off right! I came into Nier knowing well in advance about the true ending and it's overall structure, yet I still found it a fantastic game with moments and designs that blew me away. Really interesting world and fun characters that peaked my interest early and kept it throughout. My favorite was Pascal, who I love and who deserved much better. Speaking of Pascal, his village's theme is one of my favorites in what was a really solid soundtrack. Other faves: Emil's shop theme, the Resistance Camp music box version, and Weight of the World. The amusement park song as well, a big reason that area was the far and away the standout zone for me. A fantastic atmosphere and a major "wow" moment the first time I saw it. Combat was great, with the plug-in chips and the different styles of play for the main characters helping keep the experience fresh. The auto-chips were also nice, it's a good way to let people enjoy a game they wouldn't be able to play otherwise; plus, you're able to pick and choose what exactly you want to auto. I know personally auto-evade came on quick one things got too bullet hell for my ass to handle (looking at you 9S hacking scenes). Story-wise, some things didn't feel as fleshed out to me as I would have hoped - though I'm open to the possibility that I just straight up missed things - but I cared enough about the main characters to easily go along for the ride. Did use the trophy shop in the end, but only once I felt satisfied with where I was at. And while I knew about the final ending, actually playing it out and personally making that final choice at the end was one of my favorite moments in gaming.
  9. Control Non-Standard Issue Upgrade any Weapon Form to Level 3
  10. Ready to Let Go - Cage the Elephant
  11. #18: The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Master of Unwritten Tales Thank God for walkthroughs and trophy guides, cause there's zero chance my ass gets through a game like this normally without getting crazy frustrated. Didn't really have any emotional attachment to the story or characters, though I suppose it's hardly the game's fault that my first game in the series is a sequel, and the game did a good enough job of bringing me up to speed. A few parts here and there surprised me, but most everything else seemed to play out as I expected from first impressions. Of course, predictability isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I generally don't expect much to stand out or be memorable to me when looking back. Humor had it's highs and lows. The reference humor especially, started off as a highlight but definitely hit a point of diminishing returns as it seemed to replace actual comedic writing and possibly even influenced plot points. Like, maybe I'm wrong and I'm sure it wouldn't have been the sole reason to do it, but it sure did feel like they wrote the ending the way they did just to allude to The Empire Strikes Back. The fourth wall breaking bits were usually pretty fun though, especially the time travel sidequest, which was probably my favorite part of the game. Tough for me to speak on the gameplay when I so heavily used the guide. I'd be so lost without it. Do wish they let me use fast travel in more parts of the game, that and the huge amount of loading screens you'll have to go through dragged the pace down hard. That said, the trial-and-error gameplay and slow pace might all just be part of the genre, and I lack the patience for that type of thing. Overall, an okay game I don't regret my time with, but I'm not all that interested in an Unwritten Tales 3 unless it also shows up on PS Plus as an easy plat.
  12. Nier: Automata Resuscitated Body Stare into space from the Bunker.
  13. Persona 5. Of all the PS4 games I've played, it's by far the one that's stuck most with me the most. Great cast of characters, a very memorable style and aesthetic, and especially the music, which sits firmly in my top five game soundtracks. Even after 200+ in-game hours, I still cant get enough of that world. Which is why I'm also thankful for the upcoming Royal and Scramble, Dancing Star Night despite me being garbage at rhythm games, and Joker showing up in Smash.
  14. I'll go with 183 games in total.
  15. Yup, that was the 2010 Seahawks, who won the division at 7-9 but beat the 11-5 Saints with Marshawn Lynch's Beast Quake run.