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  1. I notice on this site that the game is marked as a PS5 version game. I don't see a PS4 trophy list currently on the site. I am playing this game on a PS4. I see trophies popping on my screen when I earn them in game but when I got to my trophies list on the PS4 I am playing the game on the game does not even appear on the list of games I own so obviously no trophies are appearing. Every time I go to my trophies list on my machine a 'synching with PlayStation network' message' appears even though this is the machine I earned them on. The machine then syncs to 100% on the on screen bar but the trophies or game still don't get populated. My trophies also do not appear on this site. The game was marketed as a PS4 game that was compatible with a PS5 if you got the digital version but that the physical version was only compatible with a PS4. I am playing the digital version. Any ideas?
  2. Wow, just logged in to find both this and Minecraft Dungeons have new DLC lists this week. I have not even managed to finish some of the DLC on many games that came out last year and I only have about 70 PlayStation games on my played list. For people with hundreds of games it must be getting close impossible to get near to 100% overall completion rates.
  3. I have been having problems with the latest DLC so it's possible that has also had an affect on some of the older trophies as well. I am also having significant blue screen issues in the Ancient Hunts and also in the the new Nether biomes. I estimate I have done between 60 and 80 missions this week just trying to get 1/15th of the ancient hunt trophy. You usually have to do 2 or 3 regular missions to get the mats needed to summon the relevant hunt boss and then the hunt mission it's left so it's about 3.5 missions per attempt on average. About 50% of time the hunt bosses don't spawn by design. I understand I can improve this if I powered up more as I currently gear farm for hunts on A+1 for a speedy run. Over 30% of my hunts blue screen before I get to the hunt or the end of the mission and on the rare occasions I actually made it as far as the hunt the kill count glitched. After finding out from this forums about the pets kill trick I have tried several more runs but either got a nill spawn or blue screen so am now going to take a few days off. Not sure exactly how many ancients I have left to get but it's more than a handful. I was level 141 when I started on this trophy with all other trophies done and I am level 199 at the moment lol.
  4. I can confirm the April Fowl PVP event DID count for the 50 PVP wins trophy as I got the trophy whilst playing it. I am still not 100% sure but it does not seem to count for the PVP captures trophy. I am pretty sure I got more than 1,000 captures (500 are needed for the trophy) and no trophy and the in game achievement counter does not increment. It's odd in terms of the in game achievements as the event does count for several of them but not for several others. Anyway at least I got one trophy out of it but it took over 20 hours to get. I actually enjoyed the event, a bit of silly competitive fun.
  5. Ok.. I have spent the last hour experimenting. I can't speak for trophies yet but as far as in game achievement scoring is concerned captures in April Fowl are not adding to my stats but wins in April Fowl ARE increasing in game achievements progress.
  6. I missed April Fowl last year as I was concentrating on other games at the time. I had understood from other players that captures and wins in April Fowl counted towards the PVP trophies so this year I eagerly jumped in. They do not appear to be contributing to in-game achievements so I am sceptical they will contribute towards PSN trophies either. Don't know if I was misled, misunderstood or if they changed it this year.
  7. The game is still fairly new on the playstation but this is a tip for new level 28 players aiming for a platinum might want to prioritise the PVP trophies. I mainly play EU afternoons 'weekdays' on the EU server. I first queued for 1 hour 40 minutes before waiting for my first PVP game to have enough players and eventually gave up waiting for a queue. This was in the 15 vs 15 players mode as I think it's the only mode when the PVP trophies pop. I gave up and tried again in the evening and got a couple of games. I got one match within 5 minutes of queuing and the average was about 30 minutes. I decided to try at the weekend. I queued for well over an hour and gave up as I had to cook food for the family. Trying again now and have been waiting for 38 minutes. As the novelty of the games wears off not sure if the queue times will get better or worse just thought it was worth letting people know they might want to get this done whilst the game is still fairly new.
  8. Thanks I did him fine at level 31 GS 1,100 in about 8 minutes as melee so it was not as difficult as I thought. Used about 12 heals and regens and it went ok. Some of the videos out there made him look a lot harder than the fight was in reality.
  9. I have noticed when levelling that most (but not all) open world enemies scale up as you progress so an enemy that was originally level 10 will be say level 14 later in the game when you have levelled up yourself more. However in arena trials this does not seem to happen so the level 5 maiden in the maiden trial will still be level 5 even if you are now level 14. My question relates to the GIDEON boss in the solo instance. Does he scale up as you progress in the game. I think the base Gideon is level 28? Should players try to fight him as soon as the fight becomes available to them or should they xp farm to get to say lvl 35 or even 40 and get their gear score up over 1,000 or even higher. I don't want to leave it too late only to find I am fighting a level 35 version of him. I thought this question might be helpful to other players who are still levelling up as well. I have heard it's possible for skilled players to beat him with a gear score warning but I would like to make it as easier on myself by levelling and improving gear score first but only if he does not scale up as I do so.
  10. Thank you. I have taken out 5 of those so will try 2 more from your list.
  11. Does anyone know what 'field bosses' count towards the big game hunter. According to the trophy description you are supposed to kill 7 different ones. I have killed more than 7 so I assume some bosses in the open world do not count as 'field bosses' or I have suffered a glitch with the trophy popping. I have so far killed the following bosses. Wolf King Treant Grassland Giant Mountain Giant Shield Maiden Harpy Queen Stone Zephyr (in Navarra) Stone Zephyr (in Gnoll Wastes) Dustwind Sunpiercer Kolbold Bashal Flame Giant (both locations) Greenwarden Murderer Cyclops Ghoul I have not yet beaten the Frost Giant or Knight? in the fourth area of the game and have not fought any bosses outside of the first four location zones. All fights were in the open world.
  12. I love the anime and I'm an ancient of days. I watched the early seasons with my son when he was younger and later seasons with my youngest daughter in more recent times. I watched some youtube footage of the game and not sure I will hop onto the game at launch, maybe wait for a couple of years and a sale unless the reviews are amazing. If you can couch co-op that might swing an earlier buy. The graphics in thePS4 version look sweet but the trophy icon designs look terrible and I actually got a game earlier this year that I was unsure about getting just because the trophy icons were beautiful.
  13. Thanks for giving good advice to new players Isaac. I had no idea you could do this. Wish I had discovered this myself a month ago.
  14. Ouch. It's been over a year since I last played this. I did continue to play for a few weeks after getting the plat last summer but then other games called. I was never great at the game but was getting semi decent towards the end. All muscle memory is now lost and it took me three games to remember how to drop a weapon - darn. My nine year old daughter just beat me in a private friendly match -lol! I did just hop into a ranked game and won my second match in that so it's looks like I am not the only one who is cluelessly jumping back on board. I did manage to get one of the new trophies for double bombing or something in the first 10 minutes of play so it seems I was either really lucky or it's really easy (probably the latter) as I had no idea what I was doing. Good luck all fellow returners.
  15. Just had one more separate thought - does the Tiamat trial count? I seem to get this trial about 10 or more times every week just when random queue running for astral diamonds. If it does count is that supposed to give 1 kill per head or 1 per successful trial completion.