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  1. Ouch. It's been over a year since I last played this. I did continue to play for a few weeks after getting the plat last summer but then other games called. I was never great at the game but was getting semi decent towards the end. All muscle memory is now lost and it took me three games to remember how to drop a weapon - darn. My nine year old daughter just beat me in a private friendly match -lol! I did just hop into a ranked game and won my second match in that so it's looks like I am not the only one who is cluelessly jumping back on board. I did manage to get one of the new trophies for double bombing or something in the first 10 minutes of play so it seems I was either really lucky or it's really easy (probably the latter) as I had no idea what I was doing. Good luck all fellow returners.
  2. Just had one more separate thought - does the Tiamat trial count? I seem to get this trial about 10 or more times every week just when random queue running for astral diamonds. If it does count is that supposed to give 1 kill per head or 1 per successful trial completion.
  3. I just can't seem to get this trophy. Been playing the game for two and a half years. Optimistically I thought I had run caverns of Karrundux at least 500 times in the last 800+ days. Assuming at least 4 Dragons out of the 7 per runs are counting for me that would be 2,000 Dragons from that Dungeon alone, plus Chartraxis and his friends from the run up to Well of Dragons and then the heroics in the Well itself. Being a tank I was never good enough to solo Karrandux so last weekend I was determined to crack this trophy. I decided to be more pessimistic about Caverns. perhaps I had only run it 200 times (although I got the 50 Dragons trophy in about 3 days and 30 runs as a lowly level 54 character back in 2018). So if 50 took three days why does 1,000 take over 2 years? Anyway I figure 200 runs at 4 kills per run counting (out of the possible 7) that would still be 800 Dragons. If I assumed 100 from completing Tyranny back in the day as well as the odd other Dragon from Siege and elsewhere - surley I must be at or over 900 by now. So at the weekend I did 20 runs of Caverns taking about 5 hours. I counted 100 Dragons kills where I appeared to get the majority of the hits and a final kill. There were plenty more where I got in just a few hits but I discounted those. In the majority of those missions I was in the top 2 for kills and damage done on the leader board. Of course there was the occasional mission where I was with a bunch of 28K + IL people and ending up bottom. It balances out. So 100 in a single weekend. Still no trophy. So today for the first time ever I managed to solo Karrandux to the final arena. Stared at 11.00am, it took me about an hour and 30+ deaths to solo to the end. This is as a 20K tank. The two mini boss battles are the bane for me because as a tank the it takes so long to kill the boss that all the minions keep re-spawning over and over each time you take down a wave. Anyway I made the final arena by about noon. Being a tank it takes a while to kill the first two Wyrmling's so after 6 hours I managed to solo 125 of them. Having children I can't hog the PS4 all evening so I have had to come off now but I was getting pretty bored over 6 hours of repeating the same battle anyway. Although I was getting a kill every 2.88 minutes it was still taking it's time. At least I leant a lot more about how my characters stamina regen works by running this solo. My farming speed time kept improving by the hour as my knowledge of exactly when to half shield and when to rotate back into stamina regen improved. Assuming the kills were counting at least I am another 125 closer after today. In summary after 2 and a half years of trying and counting a further 225 kills in the last 5 days alone I still can't get this Plat. Maybe next week... (Addendum - I had to get my tank IL 23.5K with all three bonding runestones at rank 15 before I could finally solo the mission. - if you are just starting out on this you might want to DPS are invest in lots of pots instead)
  4. It's been a long time since I did that trophy so apologies if my memory is a little off but they have to be unique items of lore. So if character 1 has a piece of lore and character 2 has the same piece of lore then as Gimli told Legolas 'that still only counts as one'.
  5. I am a little confused what we actually paid for in this DLC. This paid DLC introduces these changes.... . The equipment power cap is increased from level 108 to 113 (everyone gets this for free) . One new mainland map has been added (everyone gets this for free) . A few new armour items and weapons have been added (some of these everyone gets for free) . Three new island maps have been added (Only customers who paid for the DLC get this) There are no new trophies to aim for and as far as I can tell (and if we strip out all the stuff that everybody gets for free anyway) that just leaves us with just three new maps that we got for our cash that will typically take us 20-30 minutes to complete total. The maps are beautifully designed granted but somehow I was expecting more from a paid DLC than 30 minutes new gameplay.
  6. This would not pop for me in peaceful survival mode. I tried taking some fall damage and also by walking into one of those small fire things in the Nether both times whist wearing the armour. Problem was SOLVED when I then went to the overworld and changed settings to easy survival mode. Stood in front of a spider, took a couple of hits and trophy then popped.
  7. I completed my first blind guideless playthrough of the game over the last few days. I really enjoyed playing through the game without a guide and enjoying the story without stressing about trophies. I then needed 13 outstanding trophies on a 2nd playthrough and started using a guide. The first trophy I had missed playing blind was the 'no prohibition' trophy where you have to pick a lock to enter a shack to obtain some liquor to bribe some sailors into assisting the protagonist. I had tried to pick this lock on my blind playthrough but failed to 'roll' under this skill check percentage. Wow I really got hit bad with RNG on this one. My character failed to 'roll' under the skill check a whopping 7 times. Playing the game as intended by the Devs this would have meant having restart the whole game from the beginning and replay chapter one and part of chapter two seven times in straight succession. The problem being that being fairly early in the game you don't have much in the way of skill points to nudge the RNG to work in your favour a little. Having finally succeeded in the skill 'roll' after so many attempts and accessing the shack RNG got it's immediate revenge on my success by failing the spot hidden skill 'roll' meaning my character could not spot the hidden clue in the shack. I wonder what the devs thoughts were about having something like this where to get one of the first trophies you need to be so lucky with the RNG and essentially making players have to repeat chapter one perhaps 5 to 10 times in straight succession if you played the game as intended. If anyone else is having such bad luck with the RNG as me you can take a big short cut on re-attempts by saving to the cloud after taking to Mitchell at the bar and then each time you fail the skill check you can download from the cloud and overwrite your local save file and try again without having to play chapter one again you just have to walk from the bar and past the shark then over to the shack and try again quite quickly. Because a save takes so long to load in this game this is still a bit of a lengthy process if you have to do it multiple times but is better than the alternative of replaying chapter one each time. I found you have to do this by a cloud save rather than reloading your last local save as failing the skill check results in your local save being instantly overwritten by an auto save and the game will not then let you retake the skill check.
  8. Has anyone seen artefacts pop above level 107? I have seen gear above 107 bit no artefacts. Do they exist or is 107 the current artefact cap? Earl.
  9. Perhaps I got lucky but I got this to spawn in about 15 attempts and it was with the 2 secrets on the map when it spawned. It's not very interesting when it does so I would not worry too much. I much prefer running the creepy crypt or the underhalls out the secret levels plus cow for levelling for enchantment slots. That said I am now waiting on the DLC as I found there was not much replayability in it for me once most of your items are at level 107 or better. I am only playing occasionally now to help my young daughter finish off her game.
  10. Thanks for this topic. Picked up the physical release from a local selling cheap this morning but will hold off playing or sell it on again after reading this thread.
  11. Binatone ZX Spectrum Sega Mega Drive PC X-Box 360 PS4
  12. So far it's taken me half an hour to figure out the menus, another half an hour to work out how to pick up a single bag of wheat with a tractor and well over an hour trying to work out how to get water to the chickens only to find out they don't need any in this game. Good job I never went into farming in real life. I can see this game taking me over 100 hours if my beginners stupidity continues.
  13. Tried dropping and eating 250 food at the star of a level using the armour and still did not pop the trophy so I completed the mission anyway getting more food along the way and still no trophy. I was playing in offline couch co-op mode with one other controller also spawning food so I could get 6 food every 45 seconds. Perhaps it needs to be done in an online mode game?
  14. I am still struggling to solo Karrandax and don't really understand how the game now adjusts your character down on lower level missions. Karrandax is supposed to be a level 59 mission. I took a break from the game in June 2019 because of all of the major changes at that time and only returned about 6 weeks ago with all outdated gear, discontinued items etc. I was level 70 with an item level of 9,000 and no companion gear or any of that type of stuff that had been introduced in the last 9 months. Anyway I tried to solo Karrandax, died several times in the first fight but got through to Pyraphenia eventually and kept getting no where. So I decided to level up and get the new stuff. I was to low item level to access the Juma stuff so I spent the last several weeks faming seals of the deep to get to 20K and am now farming chaotic writings. Along the way I kept trying to experiment with Karandax. After failing so badly with 9,000 IL, level 70 and no companion equipment I went back in at 16,000 IL, level 80 companion equipment and level 11 bonding stones and was surprised to find fared little better that I had at 9,000 IL and much worst stats. I died a few less times and managed to take out Pyraphenia's first wave of minions this time but did not seem much more effective. Having finally been able to farm Chaotic writings this week I have got to IL 21,000 and should be at 23,000 in a week or two. I tried Karrandax again this morning and it was slightly easier but I still died several times on my way to Pyraphenia and managed to get her to half health before the second wave of her minions swapned. With much more potions and a little luck I suspect I could have won but I doubt I could meat Magera if I did and based on my current performance the Wyrmlings at the end are likely to take me as much time to take down as farming the big Dragons in the Well of Dragons. The heroic encounter Dragons are no use any more as they last less than 5 seconds to a horde of high level DPS types and as a tank I rarely seem to do enough damage to get a 'great success' before the fight is over. This morning when I tried Karrandax I did a comparison between my normal stats and those in Karrandax to see how much the dungeon was nerfing me and in a week ot two when my character is at IL 23,000 I will try the dungeon again and see if added another 2,000 IL has really helped my stats in the Dungeon at all. Here is the position at 21,000 IL. I am a Fighter tank which is why my offensive stats seem low and yes I know I have a big problem with my crit avoidance at the moment which I am working on. I don't yet have a legendry mount yet which I am saving AD for but it will be a while as I have been spending on bonding stones and the like. Anyway here we go (21,000 IL). I have rounded to nearest thousand below HP normally 386,0000 nerfed to 142,000 in Karrandax Power 82,000 nerfed to 32,000 (ouch) Armour Pen 66,000 nerfed to 27,000 Defence 65,000 nerfed to 25,000 Crit Strike 43,000 nerfed to 23,000 Crit Avoid 43,000 nerfed to 19,000 ***These two are interesting as they start off around the same but one takes a much bigger hit suggesting that stats coming from certain types of buffs, equipment, enchantments, companion gear are getting nerfed at different percentages. No idea really*** Accuracy 65,000 nerfed to 23,000 Deflect 35,000 nerfed to 17,000 Combat Adv 56,000 nerfed to 29,000 Awareness 40,000 nerfed to 17,0000 *** Here note how Deflect and Awareness but end up at the same level in the Dungeon even though Awareness is normally 5,000 higher*** So I only have a few bits of 1,000 gear items so far so I will be interested in seeing in a week or two when I have better kit and 2,000+ more IL if working on that stuff in any helps by Karrandax stats rise much at all or even go down in some areas depending on where any improved stats are coming from. And they really should have added slayer tracking on Dragons by now. I am sure I must be past 500 by now and may only need a couple hundred more but once you get past 50 kills they stop showing you the progress you are making. Dragons are the only creature this seems to happen with that has an achievement attached to it. Good luck with your Dragon farming.
  15. I finally solved my problem by going to another village some distance from where I got my 5 identical maps from and finally got a map to a woodland mansion at a different location and the trophy finally popped so 100% at last. Did take over an hour to travel to the mansion but glad it's done now. Earl.