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  1. Seeing how great these screenshots are, this is an offer i can't refuse. Mafia I looks dope. Hope Hangar 13 won't fill this remake with bugs and stupid glitches à la Mafia III. Mafia II is nice too, too bad they only did a remaster of that game. Hope the 3 games can be bought separately, since i already own Mafia III.
  2. The bug is fixed. Tried Pachinko three times and it never crashed .
  3. I swear to God, every damn fight in this game sucks on Hard Mode. I am now in the middle of the Hitman missions and, oh my God, i've never experienced so much boredom and pain in a Yakuza game until now. I'm even scared of walking on the streets, 'cause even a random fight against 2 enemy makes me feel tired of playing... I really hope that the combat in Yakuza 4 is better than this.
  4. Skyrim I wish that, erasing that game from my list, would help me forget that long, endlessly grinding to reach Level 80 and have a Legendary Dragon to spawn....
  5. Unfortunately you can't buy the stuff you want directly and Grand Prix's items have the priority in the store, so you'll find those items every day, but ( i may be wrong) there shoud be 1 or sometimes 2 square containing old items, so you aren't forced to buy new stuff.